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070: Redefining Your Identity Through Action [Podcast]


If someone were to ask you, “Who are you?”, you’d probably answer with your name and occupation. But that’s not the whole story, is it?

Much of our identity is tied up in how we allow other people to define it. Parents inform our initial concepts of self, followed by friends and community, and finally our accomplishments. Or at least the value others place on them.

The trouble is, once we accept our identity, most do little to change it. Whether from fear of rejection or change, we get comfortable and settle for less than our true selves.

What to Do When You Feel Left Out, Unlucky, or Just Plain Ignored

What to Do When You Feel Left Out, Unlucky, or Just Plain Ignored

Last week, I shared some surprising secrets I’ve learned about creative success and why it’s sometimes unfair. My intent was to show you how the “system” worked so you could use it to your benefit. What I didn’t realize is how discouraging that could be.

069: Balancing the Soul and Schedule of a Creative Life: Interview with Emily Freeman [Podcast]


A strong sense of community is diluted when we hide our true faces behind a screen. What if there was a way to create space for deep connection online and offline?

People used to sit on their front porches and talk for hours with friends and neighbors. Now, we rely too heavy on social media to stay connected, but we’re not often experiencing community.

We get caught up in the hustle of a busy life when what we really need is a break before we breakdown.

The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed

How Creative People Really Succeed

Last week, I was invited to a dinner hosted by a friend. Those attending included some of my favorite writers, bloggers, and communicators, people I’ve admired for years. Halfway through the dinner, I silently asked myself, “How did I get here?”

068: 3 Steps to Become the Superhero You Were Meant to Be [Podcast]


The true identity of most superheroes doesn’t include a cape. Superman, however, was born “super” and conceals his authentic self behind the black-framed glasses of Clark Kent. Turns out, he’s not the only hero hiding.

As adults, we compartmentalize our identity so much at work or home we forget who we’re called to be. We get caught up in mundane routines and lose sight of our gift. We hide behind the excuse of “I’m just a ____.” while we slowly die inside.