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048: How to Write a Book in Five Drafts [Podcast]

048: How to Write a Book in Five Drafts [Podcast]

We all want to write a book but most of us don’t even know where to start. Here is the five-draft method I use for writing my books: the junk draft, the structure draft, the first draft, the surgery draft, and the last draft.

The Art of Work Is Here (or, Why Book Launches Are Sometimes Selfish)

Art of Work

“What everyone does wrong with book launches is it’s such a selfish moment,”a friend told me yesterday when I asked for some book launch advice. Then he continued, “And it has to be.”

The words stung, because immediately I knew they were true.

The Story I Didn’t Tell about My Free Book Offer

The Art of Work

You may have heard me mention I have a new book coming out. And you probably heard I’m giving that book away for a limited time. But I left something out.

I’ve never been happy with the way my previous books have sold, so I wanted to do something big this time. It was important for me to do everything I could to get the book into as many people’s hands as possible.

Before You Decide What You Want to Do with Your Life, Do This First

Picture of a hiker

Many people wander through life, unaware of their purpose, blindly following the whims of the world. To them, those who reach their potential seem to possess an extraordinary gift. But what if pursuing your calling wasn’t a luxury reserved for the elite? What if it was needed to live life, fully alive?

Where would you start?

047: The Seven Stages of Finding Your Calling [Podcast]

047: The Seven Stages of Finding Your Calling [Podcast]

Finding your calling usually isn’t a defining moment of clarity. It’s a hard, long process to discover what you were meant to do with your life.

Each step of finding your own calling is difficult in its own. To find your calling you must walk through the seasons of awareness, apprenticeship, practice, discovery, profession, mastery, and legacy.