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093: Stop Chasing Your Dream (the Wrong Way) [Podcast]

Stop Chasing Your Dream the Wrong Way

Every creative who leaves a day job to pursue their craft professionally is blindsided by a plague of time. No one ever sees it coming and no one ever warns you about it.

The same thing happens to high school graduates who go onto college. One day their lives are regimented from dawn to dusk with school, sports, homework, and chores. The next day they have a few classes and untold hours of free time that no one taught them how to manage.

How to Influence People: The Most Overlooked Secret

The most overlooked secret to influencing people

Anyone can be a leader. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not. Because most people aren’t willing to do the one thing that would cause their influence to grow.

Why do some people have a larger following than others? Is the playing field really even? Or is their something the world’s best leaders aren’t telling us? And how do you do this whole networking business in a way that doesn’t feel totally sleazy?

The answer may surprise you.

THIS is How to Get Big Time Influencers to Promote Your Book

THIS is how to get big influencers to promote your book

We can talk about blogging, Twitter, podcasts, Facebook, Goodreads, and everything else you can do to launch a successful book, but there is one thing that works the best AND is the hardest to do.

092: Pat Flynn: Validate Your Idea Before You Leap [Podcast]

Validating Your Big Idea Before You Leap: Interview with Pat Flynn

Creatives have no shortage of ideas. We get them in the shower, during a workout, washing dishes, or driving. But not every idea is a good idea. People have wasted years on an idea that sounded good at the time but ultimately flopped.

Where do good ideas come from? How does innovation happen? When do you decide what new project to start and how? I asked Pat Flynn these questions, and he shared his whole idea validation process with me. It was fascinating.

The way great ideas come in to the world is not the way we would expect.

What Nobody Tells You About Being a Best-selling Author

What Nobody Tells You About Being a Best-selling Author

Book launches do weird things to you. They can cloud your judgment, even make you a little selfish. As the author of four books, I’m speaking from experience. In the long run, it is better to try to sell and help a lot of people with your book than to chase some best seller list.

Being a best seller doesn’t mean what you think it does. What do I mean? Well, here. Let’s take a look at three hard truths about bestsellers.