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“Write Drunk, Edit Sober” Is Bad Advice

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway never wrote drunk. Despite the quote being misattributed to him, the famous author apparently never said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” And if he did say it, he certainly didn’t practice what he preached.

One Habit That Will Help You Get Healthier, Create Better Art, & Live a Happier Life

The other day, I woke up early, got into my workout clothes, and did the worst thing ever. I checked email. An hour later, I had to peel my fingers from the keyboard and get dressed for work. I was out of time.

But that’s not exactly true. The truth is I had about ten minutes left before I had to start moving. So I had a choice…

020: Navigating the Maze to Become a Full-Time Writer: Interview with Margaret Roach [Podcast]

020: Navigating the Maze to Become a Full-Time Writer: Interview with Margaret Roach [Podcast]

The path to becoming a full time writer isn’t always a straight one. Sometimes your career will wind through a maze of experience. Are you determined enough to persevere?

019: Andy Andrews: What a Change in Perspective Can Do for You [Podcast]

Andy Andrews headshot

In this interview, I talk with New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned speaker Andy Andrews about his new novel, The Noticer Returns.

We also talk about what it takes to tell a great story and why we all need a little more perspective.

Andy Andrews has been called “one of the most influential people in America.”

How a Daily Writing Habit Makes You a Better Person

Notebook photo

When people ask me about my writing habits and I tell them that I write every day, they sometimes reply, “Oh, I could never do that.” As if it were a choice. The truth is it’s not. Writing, for me, is more of a compulsion – something I have to do. Otherwise, I just don’t feel like myself.

The Small But Soul-Crushing Word You’re Using Every Day


I am notoriously bad at over-committing to things, at misjudging my time and packing my schedule full of tasks I can’t possibly accomplish. My wife will tell you this. So will my calendar. I am obsessed with yes.

I don’t know why I do this. Maybe it’s my people-pleasing nature, my need to be liked and accepted — some accomodation for never being the popular kid in middle school, I guess.

018: Gretchen Rubin: The Habits That Lead to Happiness [Podcast]

Man flying in the air

When asked what we want out of life, many of us respond with a simple answer: “I want to be happy.” But what we often don’t realize is what we need to actually transform our lives.

Have you ever taken a moment to clarify what being “happy” means to you? What if there were actionable steps that you could take to day to reach it? That’s the very question that sent Gretchen Rubin on her journey.

017: Why You Should Solve Your Own Problems: The Story of Designing My Own Blog Theme [Podcast]

Solve your own problem

The most important life lesson I’ve learned from the Internet is this: solve your own problems and then share the solution.

If you want to get the kind of attention your work deserves and build an audience around your words, the best strategy is to share your struggles and talk about what you did to overcome them.

016: Lewis Schiff’s Road to Success: Monetization, Innovation, & Failure [Podcast]

Photo credit: Mark Sebastian via cc

I’m often challenged to think differently about a long-held belief. It’s scary, but I experience growth every time I face the fear and rise to the challenge. In this episode of The Portfolio Life, Lewis Schiff challenges our ideas about becoming successful in our chosen careers.

The Secret to Having a Marriage That Never Goes Stale

The Secret to Having a Marriage that Never Goes Stale

After a recent life-changing trip to Italy, I called my best friend to—well, let’s just be honest, I called to brag.

We had traveled together during college, and I wanted to relive some of those memories with him, while sharing my latest experiences in Europe. After finishing telling him about the trip, he said the saddest thing I had heard in a long time.