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036: The Secret to Setting Goals That Get Done: Michael Hyatt Interview [Podcast]

The Secret to Setting Goals that Actually Get Done: Interview with Michael Hyatt [Podcast]

How does fear fit in with a happy life? Fear and discomfort are usually avoided at all costs. But according to Michael Hyatt, those are key indicators that we are on the right track

Who Else Wants the Audience Their Words Deserve?

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For years, I looked at mediocre bloggers making a dent in the Internet and grimaced. I seethed and passed judgment, quietly growing bitter. I told myself (and others) that I could do better.

I wasted a lot of time talking about writing, even thinking about it, but did very little of it myself.

I was a fake.

035: What About Me? Avoiding the Comparison Trap [Podcast]


Let’s be honest for a moment. At times, we all want what other people have. We long for the fame and fortune we seem to be missing out on. We are envious. This envy often leads to guilt and shame. But is it always such a bad thing?

Here’s a Simple Way to Get People to Care About What You Create

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There’s a question every person is asking when they pick up your book, glance at your website, or consider buying your product. And it’s something we creators don’t often think about.

How to Never Worry About What to Write Again

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In my near-decade of coaching writers, there has been one question I’ve been asked over and over again. In fact, this is something I often ask myself: What should I write about?

The problem is that’s the wrong question.