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What We Learn About Life from Fairy Tales

fairy tales

At the beginning of every great story, before anything exciting happens, we see something that looks a lot like normal life. Long before the protagonist slays a dragon or the heroine embarks on a quest, we see her in some unsuspecting place, dreaming of something more.

062: How to Launch a Professional Podcast on Your First Try (and Get Sweet Revenge): Interview with Jeff Brown [Podcast]


Your fingers tremble with adrenaline as you grip each hold. Each time your foot slips your heart jumps a little higher. At last you’re on the edge of conquering the peak. But, instead of reaching the summit, the guide tells you, “No, this mountain isn’t for you. Go back down.”

The death of a dream hurts. You invest your heart and energy toward climbing a mountain you thought was yours only to face rejection at the top. What separates you from the rest of the dejected climbers is how you learn from failure and tackle a new mountain.

Why We Are All Secretly Superheroes

Why We Are All Secretly Superheroes

Life is an epic adventure. We possess some secret power the world needs but over time lose sight of it. We spend most of our lives avoiding what we’re really meant to do, because it just seems too scary. Instead, we assume false identities based on our performance, because that’s safer than being who we really are.

061: 3 Myths We Believe About Finding a Calling [Podcast]


I believe everyone has a calling. But the way you find that calling just might surprise you. This week on The Portfolio Life, Andy and I talk about the myths we believe about finding your calling. Listen in as we debunk those lies we tend to believe, so that maybe you, too, can take another step closer to your purpose.

The Necessary Habit You Need Before You Can Write a Book

Writing Habit

Every day someone emails me asking a question about getting published. I try my best to point them in the right direction but often the advice I give isn’t what they want to hear.

I certainly didn’t want to hear it when I was starting out. But this thing I tell people is nonetheless entirely necessary if you ever want to publishers a book.