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Every Story of Success Is a Story of Community (Plus a Chance to Join My Media Team)


When I wrote my latest book, I did it all wrong. It was all my ideas and experience and when the thing was finished, I didn’t like it very much.

The first draft of the book was all about me. And I hated that, because the book was supposed to be about finding your calling and neglected the most important part of the process: community.

043: The Power of Free: How You Can Profit from Giving Away Your Work [Podcast]

043: The Power of Free [Podcast]

The best way to get someone’s attention is through generosity. If you have a message to share with the world and no one’s listening, the best thing you could do is give some of it away for free but that is not without challenges.

Three Things Most People Don’t Know About Book Cover Design

Three Things Most People Don't Know About Book Cover Design

So far, I’ve written four books: three traditionally published and one self-published. And every time I’ve been involved in the design process, as I think every author should be.

I know this is the digital age and all, and here I am telling you these things on a blog, but I still prefer print books. I love the typography and interior design, how the use of artwork can tell a story.

Most of all, though, I love what a book cover communicates. Books don’t just speak with words. They also speak with the way they are designed.

Why I’m Practically Giving My Book Away

Why I'm Practically Giving My Book Away

“You’re giving your book away?” My wife asked the other night in shock. Yep. And that’s not so crazy as it sounds.

I’ve long held the belief that an author’s greatest enemy isn’t people ripping off her work. It’s anonymity.

042: Everybody Writes: Interview with Ann Handley [Podcast]

042: Everybody Writes: Interview with Ann Handley [Podcast]

Everybody is a writer. To be a good writer you have to add value for your audience. In this episode of the Portfolio Life, Ann Handley and I talk about adding value as a writer, dealing with common writer struggles, and the importance of deadlines.