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Before You Decide What You Want to Do with Your Life, Do This First

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Many people wander through life, unaware of their purpose, blindly following the whims of the world. To them, those who reach their potential seem to possess an extraordinary gift. But what if pursuing your calling wasn’t a luxury reserved for the elite? What if it was needed to live life, fully alive?

Where would you start?

047: The Seven Stages of Finding Your Calling [Podcast]

047: The Seven Stages of Finding Your Calling [Podcast]

Finding your calling usually isn’t a defining moment of clarity. It’s a hard, long process to discover what you were meant to do with your life.

Each step of finding your own calling is difficult in its own. To find your calling you must walk through the seasons of awareness, apprenticeship, practice, discovery, profession, mastery, and legacy.

Want to Know What You’re Meant to Do? Listen to Your Ache

Listen to the ache

Recently, I met an ex-musician who told me every time he sees a band perform, he feels an ache. It actually hurts him to listen. Why? Because it reminds him of the pain of an un-lived life. I know that ache. It used to come to me every time I read a book or saw a speaker step up on stage.

Two Lies We Believe about Success

Two Lies We Believe about Success

There are two stories we often hear when it comes to pursuing our life’s work, two lies we believe about success, and neither of them is very satisfying.

These are the stories my parents told me. Maybe they’re the ones your parents told you. Chances are, you probably heard at least one or the other at some point. And sadly, these are the very things that hold us back from achieving our dreams.

046: Learning to Savor: An Interview with Shauna Niequist

046: Learning to Savor: An Interview with Shauna Niequist

Is more always better? It’s tempting to believe. It’s easy to get caught up in always striving to be more and achieve more, but when we’re constantly chasing after the next best thing, it becomes impossible to savor the moment.

This week on The Portfolio Life I have the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite writers: Shauna Niequist. Shauna and I talk about the life of a writer and the pull to do many things, as well as the discipline of soaking up every moment.