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091: Steve Kamb on Why Nerds Should Rule the World [Podcast]

Steve Kamb on Why Nerds Should Rule the World

In high school, nerds were the kids everyone secretly envied and feared. Perhaps because we knew that one day they’d sign our paychecks, and invent cool stuff like the iPhone and Twitter. One nerd in particular, is flipping the multi-billion dollar fitness industry on it’s head.

Steve Kamb is the most physically fit nerd I know. In fact, he’s the most physically fit person I know, period. He is ripped. And he thinks Zelda is the best video game ever made. Cool, right?

As the founder and rebel leader of Nerd Fitness, Steve is dedicated to “helping desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.” His unique program applies video game principles and behavioral psychology to physical fitness, and has transformed the lives of over 5,000 rebels.

The Gift of Criticism: Why Writers Should Read Reviews

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The other day I was trolling through Amazon, looking for an excuse to quit writing and become a janitor. In other words, I was reading book reviews. Yes, it’s a terrible habit. But bear with me for a moment, because I discovered something surprising.

First of all, anytime you start reading reviews of any product on Amazon, you inevitably will find the typical trolls, critics, and people who are mad at you because the USPS never delivered their book to the remote island on which they live — and somehow that’s your fault.

But buried in those pieces of feedback are occasionally some gems worth digesting.

Launch a Bestseller with This Free Book

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A few months before my latest book The Art of Work was about to launch, I called a handful of people asking for advice. One of those people was Tim Grahl, and the advice he gave me resulted in a best-selling book.

090: 3 Stages of Creative Collaboration You Can’t Ignore [Podcast]

3 Stages of Creative Collaboration You Can’t Ignore

Looking at the author’s name on a book cover, it’s easy to think they did it all on their own. But when you turn the last page to find the acknowledgements, you quickly discover just how success is always born of community.

Without a network, creative work does not endure.

If you think you can tackle your craft alone and hope for sustainable success, then you’re kidding yourself. Be it writing, music, or business, you need people to reach people.

Want to Get Paid for Your Passion? Do This First

Want to Get Paid for Your Passion? Do This First...

Every week, someone emails me asking how they can become a full-time writer, start an online business, or work for themselves in some capacity. It is, I think, the dream that defines the 21st Century.

We are living in an age when more people have the ability to work from home, pursue location-independent careers, and build a business around their own passions and skills instead of just doing what they need to do to get by.

But the truth is this isn’t easy stuff. I thought about doing what I’m now doing for years. And I failed for a long time. What finally changed for me was I got serious about the direction in which I was headed and started making significant changes.