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How to Never Worry About What to Write Again

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In my near-decade of coaching writers, there has been one question I’ve been asked over and over again. In fact, this is something I often ask myself: What should I write about?

The problem is that’s the wrong question.

The First Question You Must Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Professional Writer

Professional Writer

I waited seven years to do this. I read dozens of books and wasted hours upon hours every week meeting with people, trying to learn this simple secret. It was the answer to the question my heart was asking. Maybe you’re asking it, too.

034: Create Balance, Create Better Art: Interview with Mars Dorian [Podcast]

034: Create Balance, Create Better Art — Interview with Mars Dorian [Podcast]

We’re all trying to find the balance in life allowing time and space for relationship development, financial income, and artistic expression. But sometimes you have to ignore your work in order to become a better artist.

In this episode of The Portfolio Life, Mars shares how he’s finally found balance for his creative process, in his daily routine, and as a support for building a self-sufficient career.

033: Is That It? How to Create Experiences, Not Just Exchanges [Podcast]

033: Is That It? How to Create Experiences, Not Just Exchanges [Podcast]

How can we make a difference in someone’s life? Really, it doesn’t take much. Just a few small gestures can make a big difference.

In this episode of the podcast, Andy Traub and I talk about creating wow experiences for people and what it really takes to exceed expectations.

The Best Blogging Advice I Ever Heard and Why It Ultimately Failed Me

Best blog advice

It was the one thing everyone seemed to say. The crucial piece of advice that I was hesitant to take. And as great as it was, it just wasn’t enough.