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065: 4 Reasons Good Books Don’t Sell Anymore (and What to Do About It) [Podcast]


Children are born utterly helpless and dependent. Parents prepare for months in advance, but the real work begins after they leave the hospital. Once the kid is born, you have to raise it. A book is no different.

Many authors think after a book is written all the hard work is over. But writing a book is like giving birth to a baby. A baby can’t take care of itself and neither can a book. Both require supervision.

Much like parenting, the book launch process is an arduous and rewarding journey. You’ve produced a living thing, but now you’ve got to make sure it survives and thrives.

The Surprising Path to Becoming a Professional Writer (+ a Free Class!)

You’d like to write a book some day. You’d love to get your words out there. Heck, you wouldn’t mind even getting paid to share them with the world. But that’ll never happen, you say. This is just a hobby, something I do for fun. I don’t have what it takes to turn pro. And that, in the words of Yoda, is why you fail.

064: Amy Porterfield on How to Use Your Day Job to Build a Business (Without Getting Fired) [Podcast]


Hamsters are the spirit animal of most entrepreneurs. They “spin their wheel” trying to hustle, but never make any progress. They end up burned out and sweaty. Pursuing a passion requires a little more than hustle.

063: Get Paid to Pursue Your Passion in 48 Hours or Less [Podcast]


When you see other people chasing a dream, it’s natural to think they had it easy from the start. You imagine they were born with a camera, football, or typewriter in their crib. Reality tells a different story.

Just like no one sits in the driver’s seat for the first time and instantly maneuvers a car like Dale Earnhardt, no one begins pursuing a passion and becomes a legend out of the gate.

The Importance of Changing Mediums: Why We Need More Polymaths in the 21st Century

Photo Credit: Tim McFarlane via Compfight cc

When Picasso got bored with painting things as they appeared, he began experimenting with colors and shapes — an endeavor he would pursue for the rest of his life.

Picasso learned the rules before he broke them. And as he got older, he needed a more creative challenge. Maybe we all do.