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Last Day to Join Tribe Writers + Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Tribe Writers

So today is the day — your last chance to sign up for Tribe Writers until late fall 2015. After this, registration closes and won’t open up again for a while. And don’t forget that I’m doing some exclusive live teachings and Q&A sessions during the course.

What Actually Works: How to “Make It” as a Writer


As we get ready to close registration for this round of Tribe Writers, I’m getting some questions on whether or not the program “works” and what kinds of success previous students have had. And I realized something: those are the wrong questions to ask.

Two Moments That Define a Writer’s Life

Two Moments That Define a Writer’s Life

Looking out at the audience in front me, the bleachers full of anyone who had ever made fun of me, I took a deep breath and held it in. This was it. All the preparation, all those long nights of studying and preparing—it was all going to be worth it. And then I exhaled.

3 Reasons You Should Take Ownership of Your Writing Career Today

3 Reasons You Should Take Ownership of Your Writing Career Today

Fair or not, the most popular authors, bloggers, and speakers aren’t always the ones with the most talent or even the best ideas. And if that bothers you, it should.

The people who succeed are those who understand how the system works. And those that don’t sadly miss out. But the good news is we writers have more control over our success than ever before.

099: Austin Kleon on the Challenges of a Creative Career [Podcast]

How to Write an Overnight Best-seller in Under a Decade: Interview with Austin Kleon [Podcast]

When you set out to do creative work for a living, there are all these unexpected obstacles you face, things like finance and admin and marketing. Which add up to a lot of work that doesn’t necessarily feel creative. So the question becomes: Is getting paid to do what you love really worth the cost?