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068: 3 Steps to Become the Superhero You Were Meant to Be [Podcast]


The true identity of most superheroes doesn’t include a cape. Superman, however, was born “super” and conceals his authentic self behind the black-framed glasses of Clark Kent. Turns out, he’s not the only hero hiding.

As adults, we compartmentalize our identity so much at work or home we forget who we’re called to be. We get caught up in mundane routines and lose sight of our gift. We hide behind the excuse of “I’m just a ____.” while we slowly die inside.

Last Day to Join Tribe Writers + Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Tribe Writers

So today is the day — your last chance to sign up for Tribe Writers until late fall 2015. After this, registration closes and won’t open up again for a while. And don’t forget that I’m doing some exclusive live teachings and Q&A sessions during the course.

How One Unassuming Parenting Blog Reached a Million People

Million Readers

Every writer creates content in hopes of their words reaching the masses. But we often doubt that will happen. I recently spoke with one writer whose words reached one million readers, and he did it in a surprising way.

The 5 Platform Personalities: What Type of Blog Is Right for You?

personality picture

We’ve talked before about why you need to build a platform. In today’s noisy world, there’s just no other way to be heard.

To get your message out to the masses — to connect with your personal tribe — you need a platform.

But there’s more than one type of way to communicate. A professional speaker doesn’t connect with an audience the same way as an author. So how do you decide which type of platform is right for you?

067: The Unlikely Partnership of Profit and Philanthropy: Interview with Willie Morris [Podcast]


People think the rise of digital products spells doom for physical goods. In reality, the popularity of e-commerce reduces the amount of tangible junk and makes room for artisans to surprise us.

With the pervasive use of mobile devices and growing digital platforms people forget the romance of holding a work of art that isn’t measured in pixels.

Predictions are made about the death of printed books and physical goods. Instead, digital products have raised the standard for luxury items and special editions for us to enjoy.