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073: The Best Authors Never Write Alone: Interview with Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne [Podcast]

Steven Pressfield Shawn Coyne

Instant access to a wealth of information and digital tools broke down the walls of traditional publishing. The good news is anyone can write a book. This is also the bad news.

The Internet provides the means for anyone to write, market, and launch their own book. Anyone who thinks they are a writer can self-publish a mediocre title with relative ease.

People who fool themselves into believing they’ve found a secret hack to writing success are cheating. And in the long run, cheaters never win.

When Friends Die: The Clarity & Confusion of Grief


Two people I knew died this past week. I feel compelled to clarify these were people I met first online and then in real life. But then again, that happens to be just about everyone I know these days.

Why I’m Killing My Email List and Changing Everything

Why I'm Killing My Email Newsletter and Changing Everything

I’m killing my email newsletter and resurrecting it as something I can be proud of. Why am I doing this? Because I can’t think of an unselfish reason not to do it.

072: The Rebirth of Renaissance Thinking and Modern Day Polymaths [Podcast]

The Rebirth of Renaissance Thinking and Modern Day Polymaths A

Few people realize Leonardo da Vinci was more than a painter. He was sculptor, architect, inventor, scientist, and musician. Da Vinci remains a historical figure because he chose mastery of more than one skill. What if you face the same choice?

You are not stuck on an assembly line. You have varied interests, talents, education, and skills. The trick is to find where a few key elements intersect and empower you to become more than a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of some.

Designing Your Own Apprenticeship: How to Build a Team of Mentors

The Art of Designing Your Own Apprenticeship

A friend of mine wrote a book about how she’s always longed to go to Paris, to live the romantic life. But recently, she resigned to the fact that she won’t go to Paris. At least, not right now. And she’s okay with that. Because Paris, for my friend, is not something out there; it’s what’s right in front of her.

I love that. She’s given up on the veneer of a life captured on Instagram and in blog posts, rejected the promise of fulfillment that a certain city can bring. And instead, she’s embracing the life she has to live right now, where she is. And I think there’s a secret to success buried in there: What if the thing you’ve always wanted was right in front of you?