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Whatever You Do, Don’t Be a Celebrity

Our culture celebrates celebrities to a fault. We place such a high priority on being famous that any other social status is unacceptable. But what does it mean — to be a celebrity — and is it worth the cost?

Don't be a celebrity

Photo credit: Jim Hutchison (Creative Commons)

The search for meaning

We all want to be “epic” and don’t know why. Want to be important, to be needed.

We look at celebrities — famous people — and we envy them: their money, possessions, and prestige. We want their lives. But why?

What do celebrities seem to have that others do not? An audience. People who love them. So when we want the lives of actors and rock stars and millionaires, what are we really saying? That we wished someone loved us.

The tragedy

It goes without saying that this is tragic. Because not everyone can be a celebrity, and not everyone should. But we all should have someone to love us.

Success isn’t fame. And fame is hardly ever success. Success is about more than superficial standings or the number of Twitter followers you have.

Follow the latest celebrities, if you don’t believe me. See what “success” as done for them. Their stories are rife with pain and suffering and heartache. Abuse and addiction, divorce and failed relationships.

And this is what we want? Really?

Why not redefine “celebrity”?

If we’re envious of the lives celebrities seem to have, why not reconsider what we think it means to be famous? To earn attention? What about starting small with stardom?

Here’s an idea: Try being famous first in your own home before heading to Hollywood. Why not live a life worthy of praise from your friends and family before you try to appease critics?

Well, then. You might actually have something to make the celebrities envious. You might be rich, indeed.

Have you ever wanted to be a celebrity? Why or why not? Share in the comments.

*Photo credit: Jim Hutchison (Creative Commons)

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  • I agree. Too many people are scrambling for the attention and recognization of strangers and society as a whole and missing out in the opportunities to bless those around them in their personal life. To experience the joy of victory over false illusions and attachments and the freedom and peace experienced through an enriched devotional life and walk with Jesus.

    If God wants us to be famous before men, then so be it…if we seek and follow His will, it will happen. I guess the whole point is seeking out God’s will for our life and living it to the fullest.

    Thank you for this post. A good reminder…and a reassurance to those of us that live much less than glorified lives in the eyes of society…like me…a stay-at-home mother who feels sometimes silent and unknown in the world. But then I see my children and the seeds I plant in them everyday..the seeds of obedience, of hope, of love and of compassion, and know that that’s my true legacy.

    •    True. God might be able to use us in certain situations, but we have to be careful to let HIM do the leading and not let love of adulation (see also; PRIDE)  take the wheel. 

         Jeff mentioned in another post that writing for EGO rather than enjoying and sharing the talent God gave will mess up both the work and US.  There are good Christian writers who were celebs and are….sort of, but they don’t let that get in the way.  The reminder that Fame is Fleeting might not be believed if you’re talking about someone like Jack Nicolson or Barbra Streisand, etc, but for the most part, it comes and goes and you need to keep it all in perspective, if you are blessed with an opportunity. 

  • Jeff, I find a peculiar irony in this; namely, it seems to be human nature to always be wanting what we don’t have. Women with straight hair want curls, and vice-versa. Celebrities, having achieved success, want their anonymity back. Little guys like me want to be noticed for more than just fixing computers. And so it goes.

    The world, society, teaches one model of success, but Jesus teaches a far more subversive one: give it all up to get something intangible, but far more lasting.

    As an aside: what a different world it would be if we paid our entertainers a pittance, and teachers the millions.

    • Roy Eynhallow

      Chad – Amen to that! And Jeff – once again, you pull another string of my conscience. We all want to be famous, but few of us want to be famous for being remarkable. Because being remarkable implies doing something remarkable. It implies hard work! And this is the part we don’t like.

      Many of us would like to be a famous athlete, or a TV star, or even a model or a great actor, a public speaker, a musician… But how many know how much hard work you have to put in to achieve even a tenth of your desired fame?

      I think we many people can become famous, but for that they need to become awesome first. And that means awesome not only in what they do for yourself, but also for others. If anyone has the drive to be awesome not only as a professional, but also as a person, they deserve to be a celebrity. Because I know they can handle it. Some people just can’t bear the burden of fame.

      •  I like that, Roy. It seems to me that the dangerous part is when people grow in their influence and fame too quickly.

    •   Ain’t that wacky?  Some of these people have jumped through hoop after hoop to get where they are and now they just want to be able to go shopping without being mobbed!  

         And I agree…. it’s all out of kilter. Teachers get jack for trying to instruct the next generation. Celebs get millions for making movies that end up becoming questions on Double Jeopardy! 

         I knew an actor who wasn’t as BIG as  Jim Carrey or Jack Nicholson, but the movies he WAS in ( one in particular) he is phondly remembered for!  I’d sooner make a difference in my own little world than be flashy guppy in a big ocean that ends up getting munched by ‘the next big thing’. 

         Celebs are like…. disposable gods.  One minute, you’re WHOEVER  in capital letters. Next minute it’s like, ‘whoever!’   If you are fortunate enough to get that ‘five minutes’ in the limelight, use it wisely and enjoy it. The ride only lasts for so long and then the carnival is over.


  • Thanks for the comments, guys.

  • Mike Zserdin

    Celebrities are paid money to tell us what’s cool and worth attention and what to buy. (product endorsements). What’s crazy is, we believe them. We actually look to others to tell us a lot of “whats…”

    Then we look to them to tell us what to believe.

    Finally, we look to celebrities to tell us who to be.

    “We” is a generalization.

    I like your thoughts Jeff. Our home and our friends and our communities need us to genuinely act on our own convictions and represent them in confidence where we’re at. Aspire to be the hero the world needs in our own home, business, little league ball club, community and church.

    Thank you. I’m going to replace a bathroom faucet with my boys today. Teach them to use a wrench and not curse when I get it all put back together and it leaks–I’ll let you know how that goes.

    Thanks for the good word today.

    Have a great day.


  • I think people want the validation that they think being a celebrity represents. They also want the perks. I want people—especially young people–to want to be leaders rather than celebrities. A leader achieves success through thought and action. Their celebrity status(if that happens) ends up being a byproduct. 

    There is a section in Seth Godin’s free ebook Stop Stealing Dreams that features a poll that kids took. The highest percentage(something like 40%) chose the option of being a personal assistant to a celebrity over being CEO of a company, being a navy seal, a united states senator or president of a university like yale or harvard.

    Scary. The kids chose the reflection of fame over anything else.

    • Mike Zserdin

       Wow. “the reflection of fame…” well said.

      Houston, we have a problem.

      In the absence of the correct role models (parents, family, trusted friends and mentors) defining the next generations’ identity it’s left to the celebrities.


      • Matt and Mike, you’ve both hit on something that weighs on my heart, too.  Far too many parents these days are either missing or are more interested in being “friends” to their kids than in equipping them to be strong leaders, thinkers, and creators.  Further, the problem does not simply reside in the urban centers with low income families, it is everywhere and it comes from our generation’s focus on fame and misunderstanding of success.

        Sure I want my words to be read and to make a difference in the world, but numbers for the sake of numbers?  No, thanks.

        • I have some of the same fears, but also hope too. The tools available to people(young and old) today to pursue their own dreams, communicate directly to the masses regardless of location or economic advantages and bypass all the old guard gatekeepers are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. 

          What it takes are people—teachers, parents, authors, artists, businesspeople, etc—to communicate this and demonstrate this so that others can learn and emulate. I see this blog as doing that. That’s how I found it. That’s probably what attracted you here too.

  • I’ve always wanted to be a professional athlete. I still do, but it’s not happening! Hollywood has peaked my interest too, however I think I’d rather be a director/writer.

    Anyway, incredible idea about being famous to the people who really matter in your life. Those we love are far more valuable than a fan club, and takes a lot of pressure away! 

  • I love what you’re saying here, Jeff.  My desire is to bless people with my writing/speaking, that’s it.  I come from a ministry background where it seems everyone’s fighting for the ministry celebrity title.  Who will be the next “Joyce Meyer”?  Who will  have the next “big idea” etc.  Your message is so needed to combat that mentality.

    My only concern that I’m finding is among friends/family.   Although we don’t speak much of my writing, speaking, ministry – I find I get much more response from people who don’t even know me.  I’m not saying my family/friends aren’t supportive, it’s just different.  Its almost like our relationship doesn’t involve that, per say. Does that make sense?  Yes, there have been haters, but they’re aquaintences (spell check, where are you?? lol)  and not close friends and family.

  • Here’s how fame can change…This really happened, and it shows the fleeting nature of fame meaning it’s far better to go after a real legacy …helping others, being ‘famous’ for good in your little circle. On the other hand, we all want to feel we’ve made a positive difference in the world.  It’s just today’s young must be confused with what’s positive…There are few strong leaders in the celbrity world and the wrong things get pumped, as ‘the way to go.’ http://biddybytes.com/?p=7705

  • Pilar Arsenec

    A big Amen!

  • I only want a comfortable living from doing what I love.  The last thing I want is to be a celebrity on any scale.  Too many ‘long lost’ family members would show up!
    Great post!

  • Daniel

    celebrities aren’t loved, they’re ogled.  People care more about the celebrity spectacle than about the people involved.

  • I think we all have wanted to be celebrities. The problem is the fame, notoriety and power ends up going to most of our heads.

    •  yup. I agree, Larry. Or we want it for the wrong reasons.

  • I’ve never wanted to be a celebrity, for me the message is more important.

  • Susan48

    I’ll take riches over fame any day of the week. Fame can suck the life out of you but a ‘rich’ life is beyond price. 

  • Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Success
    brings admirers. And if you surround yourself only with admirers you are bound to lose perspective.

  • peasanspod

    The irony is Jeff,  having spent many years in the music business, staging very large events usually means, or the “business” demands, celebrities of all kinds to draw people to the events- but those celebrities are creations, mythical constructs, of ..you guessed it,  penultimately writers.  Starting with the biography reconstructed and heavily laden with with some fact and lots of filler and bs, to the desks of publicists whose job is “create” celebrity, in order to sell a handbag, or a magazine, or tickets to whatever event is on, and keep the “airhead” or “the personality” in the papers each day.  A great deal of it is smoke and mirrors.  Celebrities, those with not much talent, usually start to believe the crap we, writers, journo’s, write about them.  From the staged photo opportunity, and the rest.  But there are those celebrities who can claim their celebrity crown legitimately. Unique artists and creators of music, art, and the like. We marvel at their skill and talent. 

    Viewing it from the other side, most promoters know, that the celeb is just pure commodity.  The industry feeds this and the momentum grows.  All based purely on words!!! Some people really have talent, and celebrity grows organically, then there are those with no talent, who have been manufactured to the tune of ca-ching of cash registers.  What people do not see, is that many times the celebrity, does not draw flies to “some” events, depending on timing and who else is in town.  Only skilful marketing and publicity will make that happen. Many is a time when the celeb’s manager promises the promoter  instant success,  and as you survey  the crowd all you see is two men and a three legged dog, and a lot of money from many stakeholders  lost.  Notably the “celeb” is paid first. What we read, is not always what we “see” in reality.  

    The celebrity is only effective with a team of great marketers and writers to sell “the construct”.  They age, fall out of favour, and a new one is “created.”  

    Some celebs, are great role models, and some are not.  Using your “celebrity” wisely means that you also have the opportunity to raise money for charities that need it, that people have forgotten, or are buried on page 342. 

    Notably, though it could fill a whole other post, is the advent of the “celebrity”  in churches.  Singers, cd sales, celeb preachers, all using the same marketing and staging event tools,  smoke bombs and video screens.   All geared to the attraction of young people, to “the message”, “bums on seats”, and ultimately wealth creation to survive and market the message to more people.   

     Sometimes it turns people off Christianity, and sometimes it attracts them.  On what basis? It’s for each individual to judge.  The reality is- celebrity is fleeting.  One would hope, that those who are attracted to   Christian events are there because they have some measure of discernment, get the “message” and stay longer, even after the light show , the huge amps are packed away, and the emotions and stimulus of the moment fades.  

    Personally, I don’t think Jesus needs a light show. The message is simple, but churches need to be filled.  “Celebrity” sacred or secular?  The methodology is the same. 

  • I would not mind if I were famous and on the other hand I am perfectly fine without being famous. I can enjoy my life either way. Nice post, Jeff! 

  • Wow, straight to the heart Jeff.

    My goal is to help people. If “fame” comes as a result, then “fame” is servant – serving for greater good.

    Thanks for this reminder today

    •  you’re welcome. i like the idea of fame serving a cause, instead of us serving fame.

  • Ed

    Yeah I do want to be a celebrity kind of…I always want people around me. :)

  • I’ve been placed in high visibility jobs and plenty of people know who I am. Not sure if I’m comfortable with that idea. 


  • Tonight my wife and I went to a 10th anniversary celebration of friends. Loads of children were present and all of them came running up to us. They said, “Miss  Ellen. Miss Ellen.” One mother asked me, “What’s it like living with a rock star?”

    I said, “It all depends on the age group.” Ellen’s tops with the grade-school-and-under crowd. From being a volunteer coach, I get a similar response with the high school crowd.

    Serving our community has blessed us both with “rock star” status and I wouldn’t trade that for anyone else’s fame for anything.

  • Ljoeneff

    It is much harder to be famous at home than in public. You can hide your warts and embellish your strengths for a short time outside home. Those who are applauded at home are the real successes! The folks at home know.

  • While I was growing up, I found myself among a community of musicians. All struggling to become the next big hit. Some went on to succeed, many did not. It peaked my interest in the world of celebrity status and, for awhile, I wanted to obtain the fame and status of celebrity.

    But looking back on it, it would have been fleeting. With no real reward.

    Now, I just want to have and leave an impact on those that I interact with. 

  • Jeff: Congrats on the 5 figures in the tribe!

    I wanted to be a baseball star when I was a kid. That and maybe a drummer in a band. But lacking in the talent department on both accounts.

    A couple of years ago I was hitting a baseball to my son and he would remark how far I could hit it. I said I can hit the ball, but others can hit way, way better than me, like Troy Tulowiski (we’re Rockies fans here in Colorado). I realized at that moment, it doesn’t matter if I can hit a 300 foot homer or not. All that matters is I can look like an all star home run king to my son. That’s it! If I achieve some kind of celebrity status with no one other than my kids, well then, I’ve arrived.

    My life is about glory to my Creator. But any glory I might have in this life, I want to because I’m a good parent to my kids and my tribe.

    Success and celebrity, while not mutually exclusive, are often separated by a huge chasm. I firmly believe there are only few people who can actually handle true fame, fortune and success and still keep their head on their shoulders, i.e., remain humble and know the world doesn’t revolve around them.

    Here’s to true success!

  • At first Lady Gaga was an ideal for me. I adored her every song, and knew that by heart, I was in my sixteens during that time. Though later I understood that there is no point in worshiping someone who does not even know about your existence. So I started to think quite different at my 18s. 

    • Peter Tancordo

      lady gaga? seriously? why not just praise the devil then?

  • Kelly

    Such a great post! I struggle with this myself, and the “am I good enough?” virus.

  • Love – “why not try being famous in your family first” It all beings at home- service, love, being authentic!

  • JasonThomasCormier

    Well said my friend, well said.

  • Never really wished to be a ‘celebrity’ but I love being appreciated. 

  • Ben

    I write for a, let’s say well-known (maybe not in the US), automotive title. For me I don’t desire celebrity. I want to be recognised for my work, not anything else.

    You say to be famous at home first, but often times friends and family can be your harshest critics as well. I suppose some people find validation in fame because they can’t find it at home. The sort of “I wanna prove them wrong” theory.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that actually.

  • marwa chehab

    I’ve always wanted to be a singer, dancer or an actress but my society is too closed especially my parents. It’s hard for me to fit in in my society. I think in a very different way from my friends and for me being a celebrity can help me feel excepted by others. It can also give everything I’ve ever wanted, since my family is broken and we’ve been like that for years. I am sick of feeling like this and celebrities don’t have to think about  small things like money, and they are excepted by everyone no matter how weird they are. And it’s not a bad thing to be wanting this to happen for me is it?

  • Peter Tancordo

    I think some people try there hand at acting, singing, whatever, and some, not all, are truly good at it. some can succeed very well because of there talent, there savvy. but not everyone can. no harm in trying, if that’s really what you want to do, but its always good when it comes to artistic ventures, to have do the art because its what you love and enjoy doing, NOT because your looking for ultra fame or massive success. people who are successful, usually love what they are doing more then anything else. its not about the fame, its about the art form. people that are just looking for fame or attention from people, well any braindead idiot with a laptop can get that.look at all the moronic youtube “stars” (nostalgia critic, losers like that). they are just known by people for being really stupid. that’s not talent, that’s just being a obnoxious attention whore.

    anyway, if your one of the lucky few that do become famous, its very hard to not have it go to your head. and like the Bible says, its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich (or famous) man to enter Heaven. that is true of celebrities. they may have all the earthly “rewards”, if you can call cheating, drug and alcohol abuse, failed relationships, backstabbing “friends”, overwhelming fanbase, the paps, lack of privacy and other terrible side effects of the fame machine, but you’ve lost a lot of other things. I would defiantly not want to be a “celebrity”. I wouldn’t last long anyway, because I would use my fame to tell people about Jesus, Hollywood would get all evil on me and toss me out because of my beliefs, and we all know how evil Hollywood world is.

    • Ana Davila


      But brilliance
      Takes belief and a will that can’t be deterred
      It is as simple as breathing
      Without a dream u are really death

  • Victoria

    I never actually considered being a celebrity; but I did considered being known for my talents and wanting to change the world. Now; I don’t even want to think about fame, because that’s like an abyss that captures you quicker than life could ever take a short breath.

  • soundsofepip .

    Grandicide is the disease of our generation. Everyone wants to have it. I think it is a lonely existence. Having value in your self and loving others is truly a noble effort. I never wanted to be a celebrity; I want to help others and change the world, but that begins from within not without. If being a celebrity is so great why are there so many recovery centers from drugs in Los Angeles, Hollywood.

  • EmaLee

    Most people that want to be a part of Hollywood have no idea what it’s actually like. Tabloids could not be more clear about how screwed up the culture can be, and people still act like it’s this slice of heaven because you mite run into a celebrity at Starbucks.

  • WithheldName

    Think of Chester Arthur. Ever heard of him? He was he most powerful and famous person in America 1881 to 1886. Most Americans today barely know his name. What is his legacy? A few sentences in the history books? An old portrait on a wall? A nice headstone in an obscure local cemetery? A plaque on the sidewalk in some small town where his childhood home formerly stood? Like most every successful politician, he probably obsessively pursued his career goals nearly every waking moment of his life. But was he ever very happy? Was he ever truly loved? Could he even say that he truly deserved his rare level of success…or was he mostly just a beneficiary of lucky circumstances? Did he get any of more life, any more fulfillment, any more meaning, any more happiness, than most of the rest of us? Over 100 years later, what was so special about him? Nobody remembers him. Nobody knows much about him. He’s just some old dead guy.

    Yet he was richer, more famous, more powerful, more influential, and more successful than 99.9% of us will ever be. But does it matter?

    Don’t waste your life. Don’t waste a precious moment of this short life dreaming for something worthless like fame, power, or riches. Trust me, it doesn’t make a difference.

    We dream of these kinds of things when we’re tired, lonely, and feeling defeated and unappreciated. Like any other fantasy, it’s an attempt for our minds to fight off despair. But it’s an investment that gives nothing back in return. It’s nothing worth pursuing. Don’t waste your life. Live your life focused on the things you can realistically change and become: your family, your neighborhood, your school, your workplace. Focus your efforts there. In the end, that’s all you will have.

  • Benjamin Peter

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  • Net

    I would love to be in the movie industry. Working behind the
    camera. Directing. Yes I would.

    Still may do it, someday.


    I like to help regular guys feel good about themselves.

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  • Mrs. Mom

    Great article

  • bryan willie

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  • Margret

    Honeslty is a bit disgusting to see the amount of attention and fawning over Kate..must because she dated and married Prince william. They make every other woman seem unimportant. If she even shakes hands with a child, the media makes it seem as if she’s truly made a difference in someone’s life. I am actually a nurse here in the UK and I work full time at the hospital and part time at the children’s hospice. When kate was asked to come for 1 hour to visit the kids, I thought, okay, that’s nice. Before she showed up, the photographers where packed outside the building, people started to gather with flowers to give her, when she arrived, she was waving smiling and collecting flowers. She walked in with the fakest smile I’d ever seen, reached across and shook my hand, I said “hello, thank you for joining us today”. – for about 45 min she walked around the room shaking hands with the kids and listening to the staff explain the work we do. She seemed clueless but still had to make herself seem happy and interested. She left, everyone waved and said thank you. ….. It was all fine until The parents of some of my patients walked up to her and told her “thank you for all your doing for the children”– that was the biggest stab in the heart I had ever felt :( I put my heart into caring for those poor children, not once, not once, has any parent walked up to me and handed me flowers or said something like that to me or the other nurses. They were saying so many nice things about her to the reporters, the next day all the news papers called her “the children’s princess”- they said “she’s so amazing with children” – “she’s a great humanitarian”. It just hurt me because we all work hard and all she did walk walk in and smile and shake hands. It hurt most because I know we were the ones that had called in and asked her if she wanted to stop by since she signed as a Patron. It wasn’t something she did “because she felt the dying need to” and she only only made about 2 visits out of the 10 scheduled.
    —–It’s all PR to make the Duchess seem perfect so the monarchy can last, but i find it completely disrespectful to all the hard workers who actually give their time. Kate is simply there to meet and talk to the “actual humanitarians” .. Yet the world is so gullible, they actually give her all this superficial credit, and she seems to love it becuase when the parents went up to her and said ” thank you for all you do for the children”…. She actually responded “oh, your very welcome, please, it’s a pleasure, I enjoy it” — really, kate you know you haven’t done anything life changing. I used to adore her, until I met her and realized she’s all PR. She made 2 visits to an elementry school, each visit was 1 hour.. She’s been on vacation ever since and still is, she’ll retun this week because she has a visit to a factory to look at mugs and vases, which are made by another company who donates the money to the hospice.. She’s just there to look at the mugs being made. It’s all PR, she’s fake and it hurts.

  • Tanguelor

    I remember the first time I wrote a poem ans it was fantastic. It was more than fantastic, it was a “masterpiece” in the makings. The reason being is because after wditing my piece”Lost and Turned Out” I deired to preform this piece with an audience and I must say it was a success. So, why did I feel like something was missing? It was almost like an erie feeling, the reason it frightenes me so much is because The feeling I was recieving was the same replication in how I felt about myself and this challanged me, I couldnt get it into words. I donnot know if there are people who pray or believe in God, however in this saddened moment I began to pray out to God. I told him that what was “missing” in my writing and also myself felt like a tree.. A tree comes in many shapes and forms, on the outside we can see the face if a tree, but what goes on on the inside, there is more life inside of a tree our minds wouldnt be able to fathon. There is a entire world that a tree goes through and wede never know about it ubless we become a tree itself. I prayed and askes God to make me and the inside of my writing exactly like a tree. I want to be felt inside of my words, I want tp go through life in cycles just as the tree does,

  • Micky

    i like celebrities on tv except their real lifestyle.. because celebrities don’t have privacy… u know paparazzi following them everywhere..picking people’s attention..and not freely movin in the country..always hiding from public…it sucks…but it’s the price they have to pay…….

  • Satan

    sorry mate but this is fuckin gaaaaaaay BOI

    • GS


  • Robmizer

    I’ve always wanted to be a celebrity and a voice actor. However, I’ve mainly wanted to do it to meet my “crushes” some of them include Ashleigh Ball (Sorry if I spelled her name wrong) Andrea Libman and others of my little pony. I have crushes on all of them and I was hoping to meet one of them, become good friends and then later on, maybe become even more. I also wanted to meet Tabitha ST. German. I follow a lot of the MLP actresses on twitter and some of Tabitha’s tweets; well let’s just say that the aren’t really kid friendly. “Sometimes she says weird stuff like, “Hope this bird doesn’t fall in poop” Also, one case in Andrea where she (Andrea) goes, “Friendship is magic” and then she has a tweet from Tabitha where Tab said that “I’m glad that Andrea lets me “puke” in her purse when I’m not feeling well. Pretty creepy, huh? Haven’t seen any weird tweets from Ashleigh (She plays Applejack, God I love that pony, lol.) Sorry. Got a little carried away. So, at the same time I want to meet all of them and get close, I’m sort of scared. I mean, here are people who act in little kid shows that teach everyone not to seek validation from everyone else and not to be stuck up. But then after they are finished with the show they all act the opposite of what the shows say. I mean, really? So, I offer a suggestion: if you’re going to be in a show that teaches you not to boast or seek validation from everyone, if you are just going to do all of those things; then, even if you are actors or actresses, why the hell do you even sign up for the show if you’re not going to bother exercising the lessons that you learn from them.

    • Jacob

      Let me guess, you wear a fedora?

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  • Tracy Dixon

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  • Tracy Dixon

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  • Gareth Beckley

    I work for the NHS. I’m not a Dr or a Nurse (Dr’s, especially the young ones, adorn themselves with stethoscopes as a kind of badge of celebrity, even if they never ever use them) I support the infrastructure that helps Dr’s etc perform their work. I am proud to do this, I don’t want any recognition. I get paid well for my work. I could earn 3 times as much in the private sector, but, even though it sounds twee, I feel I am making a contribution far more important than David Beckham or Katie Price pouting in front of a camera. The world has gone mad, confusing making a valid contribution and celebrity.

  • Juan Ignacio Luque Sugrañes

    Unlike celebri-fuck them, we have FREE WILL. It will be conserved and granted to every man or woman,

    and I will not let being called a terrorist stand in my way. -Jujuy, Argentina

  • is it that y we want to be famous bcause this is what we have been exposed to.. via chilhood, eg the lightbulb inventors, dicovery of gravity etc etc…..we were conditionally thought that is how we would be recognised?

  • Tete

    I have wanted to become a celebrity, mostly because I want to become a role model for others, spread positivity, give advice, entertain persons, give back to charities etc.

    I think that most of us wants to or would like/love to become a celebrity because, we are all looking for attention. We all want to be noticed. We all want to stand out. We all want to be looked at as someone who is important, or has purpose, because we associate fame with being successful or being accomplished.

    But that is NOT the case at all.
    13 |

  • Bronyman

    Oh Andrea Libman and Ashley Ball, actresses of my little pony, please get out of the limelight and become a normal person such as me. I know that you two value your privacy and you’re always being followed by your fans, but don’t you wish to have your privacy back? Join me and we can all have our privacy again. Don’t let the starlight road take away who you are. You are people. Please don’t let Hollywood hold the both of you hostage, even though they kind of already are. I know that you are actresses, but please don’t let yourselves forget your identity.

  • Jason Meadows

    Ehh… When you think of celebs its usually people who work in the entertainment industry. I mean the owners of Walmart have all that stuff but nobody cares about them because its a retail industry. People seem to forget that anyone working in entertainment whether an actor, musician, artist etc… When it comes down to its just a job like any other same as being a fry cook at McDonalds. I mean a cashier at a Home Depot is seen by hundreds of people every day so doesn’t that make them famous too? All jobs are equally important. Being a comedian for example is simply a job to make people laugh so they feel happy and to relieve the stress of people’s daily lives which is just a service same as cutting grass as a landscaper. There’s really no reason to be jealous because like any job anyone can apply. Any person can get an audition for a movie or play. Any person can pick up an instrument. Anybody can get up on stage in front of a mike to tell jokes. Fame is not magic, its just marketing same as when driving down the street you see that big Taco Bell sign to let you know a Taco Bell is around for some food. Entertainers don’t have an audience or fans, those are just customers. You could say all of the customers at Shell gas station are Shell’s audience or fans. Movies, songs, paintings, tv shows, cartoons they are all just products like dogfood, apples, and toilet paper design to fullfill a need. People make it out to be way more of a bigger thing than it really is. You try standing in front of a thousand people on a stage and making them laugh for an hour. It’s hard! People in the entertainment industry that make a lot of money have worked hard to get so good at what they do that the value they provide has earned that kind of cash. A guitarist would never make a million dollars if they didn’t know how to play a chord ya feel me? It’s because they have put in a lot of time and work to learn everything about it and to get good at doing it to create a pleasing sound to people’s ears in the form of a song which is just a product like a hamburger with the purpose of making people happy.

    • CandyPerfumeGirl

      first of all, I wouldnt consider someone making 8 an hour to someone making 2o MILLION a picture. They are both not just jobs and comparable – on any level. Secondly, not everyone can get an audition for a movie. Where have you been? First you need to be in the guild so you can even get a speaking role (and you cant get a speaking role if you are not in the SAG) and secondly, getting auditions is impossible without representation and no one will want to represent you if you have not done anything (unless you are super model material). So no, not everyone can just show up to an audition. You need a manager

      Finally, I disagree that people in the entertainment industry DESERVE the kind of obscene wealth they have. Jennifer Lawrence doesnt DESERVE 60 million earnings in one year. She didnt cure cancer, she did not solve the energy crisis, she didnt find a new propulsion method to get us to Mars. She performed in a couple of high grossing movies and got awards, mostly thanks to the casting directors and producers that kept promoting her. if you wan to talk about value of work you do and deserving the income: brain surgeons dont make as much as celebs, people who volunteer in war torn regions dont, people who do humanitarian or environmental work (you know, help keep the air you breathe, water you drink and food you eat clean) dont make millions. Hell, people who are researching cures for disease are not making that much – on the contrary, they depend on grants and the funding of others to further their work and I promise you, finding a cure for cancer is far more relevant and harder than being a thespian.

      I am not saying actors shouldnt be compensated or that their job is easy. But I dont think their jobs is deserving of 20 million or 3 million even paychecks (or 500k per episode for a series).

      • Jason Meadows

        DESERVE money? Do you believe there is a magical money fairy with all of the worlds money who decides who they think “deserves” it and gives it to them? Well I hate to break it to you, but there is. And that fairy likes Jennifer Lawrence a lot more than brain surgeons. Now some people would have you believe that it’s a numbers game. That the reason is that millions of people willingly of their own free will buy a ten dollar movie ticket to see Jennifer Lawrence in a movie. And a million times ten is ten million thus paying her paycheck. Or that a brain surgeon only operates on a few people a day, as opposed to the thousands a day a movie reaches, which is why a brain surgeon makes less. Because at sixty million dollars a patient nobody could afford brain surgery. Or even perhaps brain surgeons don’t do what they do to make money but genuinely want to help people. Some people might even go as far as to say that making money has nothing to do with who deserves it but instead it is just business meaning whoever provides the largest amount of people value gets the largest amount of value in return. Heck some people might even point out that the reason you have the opinion that Jennifer Lawrence does not deserve so much money is because you probably determined that after watching one or more of her movies that you paid to see either through buying a movie ticket, buying a DVD, paying for cable or satellite TV, or perhaps pay money for a Netflix account. Meaning you yourself are one of the many people that paid her that large paycheck you believe she does not deserve and you can really only be mad at yourself. But those people are wrong. Because the truth is that magic money fairy has the hots for Jennifer Lawrence and doesn’t find brain surgeons sexually attractive. I say we all band together to hunt that magic money fairy down and make them give the money to people we arbitrarily want it to be given to based on our OWN ego driven selfish desires! Give it to people like… ME!

        • jessica

          Excuse me who are you?

          • Jason Meadows

            A cartoonist!

  • Eric Roxas

    Hi, Jeff. This article is very thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing this.

  • CandyPerfumeGirl

    People who are famous do not have all glorious lives and being famous in and of itself is not as fun. Their lives are under the microscope all the time, they have virtually no privacy, they are always exposed and every single thing they do is scrutinized and can become a tabloid headline next day. Every thing in their past is dug out and divulged, and in the digital age they get hacked all the time. They dont know who their friends are as they can no longer discern whether all these people really like them or their fame in whose light they are basking. They cant take a piss without someone recognizing them, be it paps or some person who is using the bathroom in the same restaurant you go to. Being famous is not as grand as most people think. I cant imagine navigating life where everything I do is on display and part of the public debate at any given moment. It is not something I envy celebrities for.

  • Palyga.danil

    Very bright and beautiful life at Actors and celebrities I like to watch it. here naety site networthcelebrities.com

  • Toni

    Hello Jeff Goins,

    Thank you for your writing here. I appreciate your perspective that the driving force behind celebrity admiration and/or worship may come from being wished to be loved. Yet, that concept of love is a tricky one and might as a cause present only a portion of the story.

    What is it to be loved? In the entertainment industry, being loved actually works out as to be needed by a people. The people, their audience, have a need for distraction, escapism and ironically relatability. They are helped to escape a reality that feels unhappy or unfulfilling or so on, and yet ‘their’ entertainer somehow, magically reaches through that artistically crafted fog of escape and connect right to their being.

    What actually is love? Is it to be appreciated as a person? Is it to be needed? To be wanted? And the devil is in the details. The nature of being loved, appreciated, needed and wanted is where things get tricky. All that can work out to feel like chains crushing and suffocating the life out of the being.

    What if it isn’t love that’s being sought after? What if it is instead joy? The perception of joy of a kind of idyllic childhood, utterly carefree, able to just breathe and to just be, no pressures or demands of any kind, no worries, no responsibilities, to be able to be cared about without knowing any conditions to that care, where love can be a simple hug, where the only thing one needs to fly is imagination.

    What if it isn’t love that people seem to desire but some kind of freedom from what they feel is a kind of imprisonment?

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

    Toni …

    Hello Jason Meadows,
    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you cracked me up (re: Magical Money Fairy; that was funny). More to the point though, I appreciate the perspective you offer. That at the end of the day being an entertainer or being a mechanic or so on, is the same thing – it’s a job, it’s what they do.

    I believe entertainers who attain that level of being “worth” so much (versus the entirely different actual cash in hand) money and who manage to stay in the industry for the long haul in fact do so because they work from that perspective of their audience as being their customers, so to speak.

    With the entertainment industry’s pressing, entertainers generally gain a keen understanding that without their audience they would have nothing. And, in some cases, are psychologically pressured into believing that without their audience, they would ~be~ nothing. That the value of their lives is completely dependent upon an audience’s appreciation.

    Edith Piaf (Paris, France) in an interview was asked the question typically asked of well-regarded performers, ‘If you could not sing, what else do you see yourself doing?’ Her answer was honest, plain and rather sad. She replied, ‘If I could not sing, I would be dead.’ Some performers out there feel likewise; that if they could not entertain in whatever ways they do, that they would have no purpose at all. So they take the one thing they feel they can do and try to make a living at it. The entertainment industry can be a treacherous way to make a living for as much as one can be propelled dizzyingly into some sort of heavens, likewise can one be just as rapidly plummeted into a hellish state of perceived worthlessness.

    The entertainers who find the way to succeed and survive appear to be the ones who find a larger purpose beyond their own being and just their craft. They either find or create a cause and to that pin a modus operandi which carries them through the storms that often accompanies being a celebrity.

    Actually I wish what entertainers do could more universally be considered just a job. A job that they work a certain number of hours and then, like everyone desires and should be able to do, have that space of time of not having to work, where they can just be. The entertainment industry tends to cultivate (and certainly has in years gone by) a culture of expectation where entertainers are stripped of their humanity and instead expected to be a machine continuously and untiringly working. The other side of that program is in training the audience to buy in to that expectation. The industry works both ends of the field, performers and audiences, to a middle field of gain for themselves.

    I see some hope though in the future for entertainers. That what they do will some day be more simply understood to be just a job and that the audience are just customers who, once they’ve purchased their product so to speak, go home, happy and contented and let their entertainers do the same. That any entertainer can casually go into a coffee shop or library and not have to have a security team surrounding them. That an entertainer could sit down next to any one, just chat, just be.


  • jessica

    Hi im a teenager with a dream of becoming a singer im in love with music and that’s what i wanna do for the rest of my life but my parents say i have to become a doctor i mean im very good at studing and my grades are so good but i still have this dream and its killing me! Im so confused and i don’t know what should i do follow my dreams or do what is good for me as they think! Would you please help me! I never had a chance to ask a famous person is he/she okay with their lifes and did they do the right thing? Or would they never do this if they had a second chance so please would help me choose thee right way?!!!!!

    • Brody Mccain

      I’d get a few karaoke songs and sing along see if you have a voice. You might be fooling yourself. Record the songs with your phone. Don’t go into some pricey studio until you show the phone recording to as many friends and random people that you can. If you get responses like “that’s nice” then you ain’t got what it takes! YET! Now if instead you get very favorable responses like “that ain’t you, no way!” Or “OMG is that you?!!?? WOW! Or “We need to get you into a recording studio” Then you might have something.

      Now if after you show your recording on your phone you start seeing people come out of the woodwork wanting to pay for a studio recording then you might really have something Or someone..anyone..is attempting to get coffee houses or clubs to let you perform meaning someone believes in you. This could be the beginning of stardom for you.
      So again, if people are just saying “that’s nice” then you have some work to do still. If they can’t believe what they just heard and attempting to book you in some club or coffeehouse or party anything, then you might have something.

  • Anthony Bowler II

    I could Careless about having the fame to be honest. Because to me all fame is to me is nothing but trash though. I can get famous if I wanted to go for it myself… Thing is I would say it like I did seconds earlier it’s trash when it comes to having fame.

  • Agnieszka Sibley

    I had really big dreams about being famous in the past, but I wasn’t brave enough. I think if you know that you are good at something you should work on it no matter what. It is nice to hav
    e dreams. They keep us going. ..