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Seth Godin, Author, We Are All Weird

How I Used Writing to Heal My Depression Without Taking Drugs

Used Writing to Heal My Depression Without Taking Drugs

You might think that writers are naturally inclined to use writing as therapy. But that’s not always the case.

I used to be super depressed.When I say “super depressed,” I mean like don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed depressed and go-to-bed-for-the-night-as-early-as-4 p.m. depressed. And although I’m a writer, writing wasn’t particularly therapeutic for me.

023: What Unfinished Projects Teach Us About Our Life’s Work [Podcast]

picture of unfinished street painting

This essay is an unedited excerpt from my upcoming book, The Art of Work, which comes out next March. Here are three stories about unfinished projects and what they can teach us.

Every artist faces the ultimate insufficiency of her work. Every worker, if he is wise, knows the limits of his labor. So what good, then, is it to pursue a calling if the pursuit will end in disappointment?

Why We All Need Journeys

Road Trip Photo

I began my adult life as a traveler; in many ways, travel has made me who I am today. I think we all could learn to see our lives more as a journey than a destination. We would be better for it.

022: How to Succeed as a Writer in an Era of Change [Podcast]

Recently, I heard that the word literally no longer means what it used to mean. This bothers me, but that’s the way language goes — it’s always evolving. In this week’s podcast, we discuss the constant state of flux in the writing world and how to survive the changes.

How to Write a Book: The 5-Draft Method

How to Write a Book

Not too long ago, a friend asked me to read his book. He’d written a rough draft and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it after that. After reading it and making some notes, I explained how writing a book involves five different drafts. He was surprised to hear that. Most people are.