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“Pow! This is a good one, a wake up call and just what you need to read. Thanks Jeff, for sharing your art.”
Seth Godin // Author, We Are All Weird

The Very Best Way to Get Rejected Every Time

Get Rejected

From my experience as a freelancer, I’ve learned that it takes more than good content to become a published writer.

You need relationships. You need connections. You need to learn how to pitch your work.

When you’re getting started (at anything, really), you’re scared. You’re insecure. You don’t want to come off as some kind of arrogant jerk.

So what do you do?

The Most Important Part of the Creative Life

Creative Space

There are countless books, products, and resources geared towards aiding the creative process. There’s so much to learn and consume. What’s an artist to do?

If you make art, your skills have never been in higher demand. There have never been more people willing to help you do your work and vying for your attention. There’s just one problem:

You will still be misunderstood.

10 Things I’ll Never Forget About Uganda


Last night, I hopped a plane from Kampala to Mombasa, and now I’m blogging from my phone in the bush. It’s all part of my African adventure.

As I look back on the past whirlwind of a week, there are a few things I will never forget.

The Worst Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making

Kids in slum

In high school, I had a teacher, Mrs. Kuntz, who was so tough on her students that we all feared failing her class.

Never before had I worried so much about earning a passing grade, but her high standards made me wonder if I had what it took.

Little did I know what I was about to learn.

The Dirty, Messy Part of a Writer’s Life

Slum Shadow

I had a real job once. Before I became a writer, I worked for a nonprofit where I learned that the best work is the kind that costs you something. Even though I don’t do that anymore, it’s still part of who I am.

For me, this job of being a writer is not just about the writing. It’s about the difference-making.

The Meaning of Life in Three Parts

Places quote

On the other side of the world, fighting jetlag and a little bit of culture shock, I’m surprised not by the differences I see, but the similarities.

On this trip, I’m struck with a truth that sticks to my soul: No matter where we go, people are just people, and despite our differences, we have more in common than meets the eye.

We all want essentially the same things in life, and today I saw them more clearly than ever before.

What Hope Looks Like

Africa hut

I’m not sure what I was expecting when visiting my first mud hut in the middle of Africa, but this was not it.

I wasn’t expecting hope.

“Is this where you live?” Wess asks the little girl as we march up the dirt path to her home.

Why I’m Going Halfway Around the World to Blog


Today, I leave for Africa. I’ve never been there before, and honestly, this is the most nervous I’ve been about overseas travel in a long time.

So why leave my family for a week and half with nothing but a backpack, my laptop, and a few changes of clothes?

For the next 10 days, I’ll be visiting several cities and villages in Uganda and Kenya and writing about the whole experience. Here’s why.

Writers Don’t Write to Get Published

Writers Don't Write to Get Published

Real writers don’t write to get published. They write just to write. Real writers don’t write for recognition or fame or notoriety.

They write, because they simply cannot not write.

Stop Being Afraid

Scared little girl

You need to do something for yourself: Make the decision today to stop letting fear rule your life.

Stop hesitating.

Stop wavering.

Stop questioning.

Tell the voices of opposition to shut up. Refuse to be ruled by Fear. And then, get on with what you were born to do.