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“Pow! This is a good one, a wake up call and just what you need to read. Thanks Jeff, for sharing your art.”
Seth Godin, Author, We Are All Weird

The Surprising Self-Discovery Lessons of Blogging (Plus a 21-Day Challenge!)

Self Discovery Blog

I am a writer. It’s what I do. But the truth is I didn’t learn this truth about myself and then go do it. Confidence came slowly and awkwardly. The epiphany didn’t precede action; it followed it.

I love writing, not just because it’s my job, but because it’s a tool to help you better understand yourself. Sharing my thoughts on this blog helped me understand that writing isn’t just something I do; it’s who I am.

025: Saying Yes to the Best Things: How Do You Balance It All? [Podcast]

Rhythm of rush

Inevitably in life, a certain level of success will mean embracing the necessity of saying no. I think we all know this. But when and to what do we get to say yes? That’s what we cover in this week’s podcast.

In this episode of The Portfolio Life, best-selling woman’s author Lysa Terkeurst shares with me her story of learning to say no and how it led to her eventually getting to say “yes” to the best things.

Three Steps to Start a Daily Writing Habit

Writing Notebook

It’s one thing to call yourself a writer; it’s quite another to actually write. So what separates the pros from the amateurs? Is it God-given talent? Natural skill? Or something else?

Of course, we all have gifts that we’ve been given. This is a grace, the fact that we have things we are good at — and don’t deserve them. But what we do with those gifts is what separates the outliers from the rest of the pack.

Yes, You Can and Should Self-publish (Here’s Everything You Need to Know)

Yes, You Can and Should Self-publish (Here's Everything You Need to Know)

Recently, I released a paperback version of my first book, which had been available previously only as an eBook. The process took longer than expected, but I learned a lot.

Here’s the deal: I think everyone should publish a book. That’s a bold statement, I know, but the lessons you learn through the process are invaluable. And since you might be waiting a long time before signing a book deal, why not just get on with doing it yourself?

024: Getting a Book Contract is Hard Work (But You Can Do It) [Podcast]

024: Getting a Book Contract is Hard Work (But You Can Do It) [Podcast]

I am a big fan of self-publishing. There’s never been a better time for writers to get their words out into the world without waiting for permission from gatekeepers.

But what if you still dream about a traditional book deal with a Big Five publisher?