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122: The Most Important Decision You’ll Make as a Writer

The Most Important Decision You'll Make as a Writer

Life is full of choices. Between the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and the words we speak, we make hundreds—if not thousands—of choices every day. But out of all of the choices we make, there’s one important thing you have to decide when it comes to your work.

121: Why You Need to Let Go of Your Ego with Ryan Holiday

121: Why You Need to Let Go of Your Ego with Ryan Holiday

Many writers strike a fine balance between ego and self-deprecation. As creatives, we need to be confident in who we are while fighting off the temptation to belittle ourselves after writing a blog post, editing a scene in our book, or facing rejection for the umpteenth time. So, how do we manage ego as writers?

120: The Hidden Benefits to Writing Daily and Blogging Consistently

For many years, I accidentally stunted my growth as a writer. You see, I had a bad writing habit that was unexpectedly hurting my growth. And it’s one that many other writers have, too. What is it? Inconsistent writing.

I used to set aside just one day per week to write for 3–4 hours. During this time, my productivity was poor, and my creativity was woefully lacking. But I didn’t realize this was the case until I made a commitment to write daily and blog consistently.

If you write inconsistently, then your ability to master the art and skill of writing will be inconsistent at best. Like me, you’ll struggle with developing your thoughts, finding inspiration, and completing articles, blog posts, and even books.

So, to improve yourself as a writer, you will need to write daily, publish consistently, and relentlessly persevere.

This week on The Portfolio Life, Andy Traub and I talk in detail about why I teach people to write every day, steps you can take toward developing a daily writing habit, and why you should blog consistently.

119: How to Build Your Personal Brand the Smart Way with Chris Ducker

119: How to Build Your Personal Brand the Smart Way with Chris Ducker

This week on The Portfolio Life, Chris Ducker and I talk about what it means to have your own brand, and steps you can take toward building your brand the smart way. Chris goes into detail on what you need to do from the outset, how to attract the right people to you and your message, and how to make your writing and business unreproducible.

118: 3 Writing Habits, Blogs, and Books You Need to Succeed as a Writer

You will not become a successful writer accidentally. You will need to develop yourself as a writer and learn from others better than yourself if you want to succeed. So, where should you begin?