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Sharing Time: What Did You Write This Week?

Remember in grade school (maybe it was kindergarten) when we had “sharing time”? You’d bring something in to school that you cared about and share it with the whole class.

That’s what we’re going to do today.

Sharing Time: Share Your Writing

You’re going to leave a comment, sharing about something that you created this week. It may be something that you wrote or designed or did at your job that you’re proud of. But you need to share something.

This blog is about more than me and my writing; it’s about us and the creative journey that we’re all on together. And sharing is a great way to connect members of this community.

If I may, allow me to get up on a soap box for a second: It’s important for creatives to share their work. Especially writers, who are renowned for hovering over keyboards for hours in dark rooms and locking their work in the dungeon for no one to see.

Just like you learned in kindergarten, you need to share.

This is not always easy, and most creative people struggle with this, often because of fear and insecurity. (I definitely do.) And that’s understandable. If no one but you has ever seen this piece of work, it can be anxiety-producing to bring it in to public light for the first time.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do it.

In writing, sharing your work is essential to improving your craft. It helps you do the following: discover blind spots in your creativity, get used to criticism, and grow as an artist. (Which is what you are, by the way.)

So, without further ado, you have the floor…

What’s something you wrote or produced this week? (By the way, this is an excellent time to promote your blog or book or website without feeling like a totally selfish jerk.) If you haven’t written something yet, go do it and come back to share.

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  • http://www.felicitywhite.com Felicity

    Thanks, Jeff. This is a great idea.

    My writing this week has been on my blog. I’ve been challenged by your blog to be more consistent with my own. I write about spiritual formation, using my own life and family as my main fodder.

    My favorite post this week was yesterday’s about the Discipline of Celebration.

    Any non-blog writing I’ve done this week has been for my work as a teacher or on the imaginary computer in my brain. So far that’s where my novel lives and I’m more than a little afraid that I’ll be out of hard drive space soon! : )

  • http://www.bensayin.com Ben

    Fear of taking that step out on faith is definitely something I sometimes struggle with, yet I push through and still produce.

    This week I posted something, and through the comments I am learning about being honest with ourselves, and our family:


    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      great post, ben. thanks for sharing.

  • http://worldofmusick.wordpress.com/ Ashley Musick

    Interesting that you should ask this question Jeff. I may have… might just possibly have… made a brand new blog this week. Crazy. I haven’t really shared it with anybody yet, but feel free to take a peek.

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins


  • Michael

    I’ve been trying to do some different stuff.

    And today’s is what I came up with: http://theperkinsblog.net/2011/03/03/there/

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      I love your “scribbles” Michael. Some of the best blogging you do, in my opinion. Definitely a uniqueness.

      • MichaelDPerkins

        I appreciate that man.

        • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins

          I appreciate what you create. Keep it up.

  • http://douglasryoung.net Doug Young

    My experiences in full-time church ministry launched me into graduate studies in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. I have since stepped away from pulpit ministry to work with a non-profit Christian children’s home. I recently became a certified mediator, and have reoriented my blog in this direction.

    This being said, this week I wrote about the importance of Listening and how to recognize someone who only wants to argue.

    You can access my blog at http://douglasryoung.net.

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      Thanks for sharing, Doug.

  • http://www.alise-write.com Alise

    I feel like this was a pretty good week of writing for me. The piece that I’m probably the most proud of is my post from today. I’ve been working on this for a long time and it’s subject matter is really close to my heart.

    My Big Gay Post

    • http://www.alise-write.com Alise

      ITS subject matter. Not it is subject matter.

      Apparently my ability to write ends at the blog. Sorry.

      • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

        Wow. That’ll ruffle some feathers.

  • http://www.pianolessonsmn.blogspot.com Laura

    My writing this week revolved more around musical notes than words.
    I wrote a new piece of music for my piano students this week. You can check it out here: http://pianolessonsmn.blogspot.com/2011/02/thoughts-of-spring.html

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      Thanks, Laura. I think we have a few musicians in the crowd (I’m one of them).

  • Evan

    This always feel like a shameless plug, but you asked for it ;-) It’s been a good while since I actually had something published to the site: CLICK HERE to read…

    ps- I read you every day, Master Goins (and I don’t care who knows it!)

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      I always like a well-placed “shut up.” Great post, Evan.

  • http://www.randomlychad.com ChadJ (randomlychad)

    Far and way my most-trafficked post this week was Two and a Half Men: Charlie Sheen and Rob Bell

    In fact, it is my most-read post ever.

    Thanks for letting me share, Jeff! Love what you’re doing here!

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      Like my tweet said, the post I wanted to write this week…

  • Terry Smith

    Wrote a post today at my blog asking you what you’re worshiping. Check it out.

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      Good post, Terry. Worship is a funny thing – easy for it to become rote, even when you’re listening to melt-your-face-off guitar solos.

  • http://mandythompson.com mandythompson

    LOVE this idea! Can we do this more often? I don’t even care if anyone ever reads my comment, but to feel like someone is asking me–that’s gold right now.

    Here’s part of a lyric:
    you can paint your walls any old sunset scene
    but it’s still cinder blocks and beams
    and there’s no way back to the water’s edge
    and concrete jungles crack at every seam

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      Sure. Love your lyric. Reminds me of one I wrote a long time ago:

      and bracelets
      are all I have of you

      and fairy tales
      won’t bring me back to you

      it could be
      before i see you again

      (Wow, this sharing stuff is hard. I had to gulp real hard before sharing that.)

      • http://mandythompson.com mandythompson

        I like it! Great imagery.

        And, yes, sharing is not so easy, now is it? ;)

        • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

          thanks, no. (eating my words)

          • http://uppside.blogspot.com/ Susanupp

             I liked it too.

  • kevin

    Love this. Still trying to find my voice/hone my skills at writing. Don’t consider myself a creative…but trying to get there.

    Here’s a post this week on perspective:

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      thanks for sharing, kevin. everyone is creative.

    • http://twitter.com/andreamv Andrea Meyer

      Hi! I liked the photography and the message. I also checked out your ‘about’ page. OK for a mom to be a reader? I tend to like daddy blogs a lot. Have you read the Dadler on Babycenter?

  • http://seekingpastor.wordpress.com seekingpastor

    Others got more attention, but my favorite post this week was “Grown-up Band-aids” where I offered suggestions for who could be featured on band-aids for grown-ups and blow Swiper’s cover. You can see it here: http://wp.me/p52ry-kw

    • http://about.me/jeffgoins Jeff Goins

      It’s always interesting to me — the divergence between the posts we authors like and the popular ones. not always the same.

  • http://www.joannechantelau.com Joanne

    I felt so inspired by this rainy Saturday morning that I sat here and wrote a blog, which I’ve just posted: http://www.singingwaters.blogspot.com.

    On the professional side of things, this past week I put the finishing touches on a training class I’m teaching next week. This is the culmination of last year’s main project: create technical writing standards for our team. I am so proud of my 70-page manual and look forward to sharing it with my team next week.

    Thanks for listening! : )

    • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins

      I was inspired by the rainy day today, too.

  • http://twitter.com/andreamv Andrea Meyer

    I read this article, then Amber’s, and I got motivated to get a new blog post done. Thank you and here it is: http://www.avassallo.com/?p=340

    Let’s see if I can get some momentum now!

    • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins


  • http://thinkspurlove.blogspot.com David

    I was working on a sermon on Worship (for Lent, the church I serve is not giving something up, but rather taking on a different Spiritual Discipline each week). It dawned on me as I was working with the phrase, “true worship is done in Spirit and in Truth” that false worship is done in Spite and in Opinion. That’s about as creative as I got, but it was all the catalyst I needed to get started…

    For what it’s worth, a year ago, I came across my writer’s notebook from my freshman (HS) English class where we had to do this exercise daily. I need to dig that back out and look through it!!!

  • http://myownbuttons.wordpress.com/ Melanie

    I wrote today about what I will be giving up for lent. I’m a new blogger and hopefully during these next 40 days, I will become a more fluent blogger. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time!

    • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins


  • Mcedo1

    I wrote a song entitled, All That Is Within Me

  • toni

    I read one of your rubberneck-worthy posts and here’s the result, or results, 62 of them actually

  • Stacey

    I wrote a few things this week at http://www.inmywritermind.blogspot.com … And I started on my “free” work. I am outlining an ebook on Living with Forgiveness… I am additing to my already published work of A Bag Lady In the Throne Room of God… Thank you for the opportunity to poke my head out of my darkened room behind my keyboard.

  • Terry Morgan

    I wrote about threats to living out our calling – trying to encourage others (and myself) not to let others – or even ourselves – hold us back from being all we were meant to be!  
    http://maturitascafe.com/ Thanks for encouraging me!

  • http://uppside.blogspot.com/ Susan Upp

    Having a house full of sick children is the worst.
    4 things help me when life has me in the trench: Laughing, Writing about it, Painting, and Praying.

    I laugh about it here: http://uppside.blogspot.com/2012/03/when-it-rains-it-poops.html?utm_source=BP_recent

    I pray about it here: http://uppside.blogspot.com/2012/03/prayer-for-healing-and-restoration.html?utm_source=BP_recent

    And this is what I painted (to escape on, maybe) http://uppsidepaint.blogspot.com/2012/02/red-boat.html

    Jeff, your name tag should read Jeff Goins the writer’s teacher & therapist – you make this blog feel like a classroom – safe. challenging. encouraging.
    I really appreciate that.  love it here.

  • Becca

    With so many blogs floating around about people leaving their churches and struggling through where they belong, I wrote my experience: 


  • Heather R. Nelson


    We have a little brew ha ha in Arkansas, and it has caused an avalanche of discussions on leadership. This is the second post I did tied to the subject.

  • Sharon

    Hi all, I began the week by writing about how the calla lily’s lily-like appearance tricked botanists into believing that they were true lilies and belonged to the Calla genus. Advanced scientific testing has since proved that neither is true. On Tuesday I turned to tweaking the chapter in which I explain the events that led up to me leaving England for Sicily. This led me to considering my book’s epigraph, which consists of a couple of lines from Jim Morrison’s poem, ‘An American Prayer’ and I digressed into writing about the how I would replace  ‘reinvent’ with ‘reinvite’ if I Morrison told me I could change one word of his poem. Then I realised I was digressing and got stuck into my book’s first chapter and am still at it, writing about a Komodo dragon called Flora.

    Thanks for the invitation to share, and for sharing.

     Write on!


  • http://timewithtracy.com/ Time With Tracy

    I wrote a new blog post this week called “Let Them Fail” http://timewithtracy.com/2012/04/13/let-them-fail/

    Why do you think we’re so afraid of failure?

  • Gloria Cadder

    Check out my most recent story, The Class Artist: http://soundoffwoman.com/author/gloria-cadder/

    A few days ago, I also created a recipe for a flax seed cake entirely from scratch.

  • Michele J

    Why I loved toxic people http://jones1976-micheesrandomthoughts.blogspot.com/2014/10/why-i-love-toxic-people.html
    One of many short blog I wrote recently. I ruffle some feathers on some of them but if I didn’t then Im not doing it right.