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An Online Course to Help You Find the Audience Your Writing Deserves

Dear fellow writer:

Let’s face it. The world’s best writers aren’t always the most popular ones. And if this bugs you as much as it does me, then it probably means you have good taste.

But this frustration isn’t enough. We need to do something with this angst; we need to apply it to improve our craft and sharpen our skills. And maybe, just maybe, we can learn a thing or two about what it means to earn a reader’s attention…

That’s what Tribe Writers is about: finding the audience your writing deserves. It’s a course that helps writers discover their voice and build a platform that gets them published.

This online membership program will teach you everything you need to know about honing your voice, establishing a platform, expanding the reach of your network, and publishing your work.

When you join the course, you get access to a 1400-member community, 30 multimedia lessons, 12 expert interviews, 8 weekly emails, and over $160 in free resources.

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A Little About the Teacher

Jeff Goins

Hi. My name is Jeff Goins, and I’m a writer. But for the longest time, I wouldn’t admit it. I had been writing and coaching other writers for nearly a decade, but still I was scared to share my words with the world.

Then something incredible happened: I declared myself a writer. And in less than a year, I built a powerful blog, got a book contract, and found an audience of over 100,000 monthly readers.

How did I do it? I found my “tribe.”

A tribe is group of dedicated fans that helps your message spread and reach a larger audience.

Thanks to this group, I was able to make my dream a reality and launch a writing career. It also allowed me to replace my wife’s income in eight months.

What could finding your tribe do for you?

“Tribe Writers blew my mind…”

“With every click, I was astounded at the amount of content. But more importantly, the progression and quality of content. There is a semester’s worth of high-level thinking and exercises here. It’s deep. Not only does Jeff deal with super-practical writing tools, he gets inside the head of a writer, and helps us make peace with this weird craft.”

—Mike Loomis, MikeLoomis.CO

In this course, I’ll teach you exactly what I did, the lessons I learned from building a powerful platform, and how you can glean from my process to reach your own goals.

What You’ll Learn

This course is broken up into four modules, each designed to be two weeks long (although you’re welcome to go at your own pace). At the beginning of each week, you’ll get a link to a video or audio lecture, teaching the next part in the Tribe Writers process.

Then you’ll receive three to five written lessons per week, plus additional audio and video content to complement the lessons and walk you through the process. Just to make sure you’re on track, I’ll send an email or two per week to help. Here’s the breakdown:

Module 1: Honing Your Voice

In this module, you’ll dig deep into the craft of writing and learn how to write for an audience. You’ll also find out what it takes to connect with a worldview and carve out your niche.

Module 2: Establishing a Platform

In this module, you’ll learn what it takes to really build a powerful content platform, including the ins and outs of blogging and social media.

Module 3: Expanding Your Reach

In this module, you’ll tackle the secrets to guest posting, getting published in magazines, and getting your book published.

Module 4: Getting Published

In this module, you’ll have a choice: choose yourself and start self-publishing or learn how to get noticed by publishing houses. You’ll also learn what it takes to create a manifesto that spreads and get an eBook on Amazon.

“Within minutes, I was taking notes…”

“This course gave me the meat I needed to distinguish my voice, get heard as a writer, and reach an audience. Jeff Goins sheds incredible insights and encouragements to help you write more effectively and purposefully for the tribe you serve.”

—Jodi McKenna, Granola Mom 4 God

What Students Are Saying

“I can honestly say Tribe Writers is the best course I’ve ever taken. Jeff organized the modules to take the writer on a logical journey: finding & honing your voice, establishing your platform, and getting published. I gained all the tools necessary to take my blog to the next level and grow my readership. Taught with passion and a humble spirit, this course should be taken by every writer!”
—Maria Morgan

“Jeff has provided invaluable material at a frightfully low price. I may have a Master’s degree in writing, but now I feel I have the tools necessary to reach my readers.”
—Eric von Mizener

“I believe this course helped me through the fear of writing and gave me the confidence boost I needed. I learned through the community I was not alone in my fears. And the content is priceless. So clear and concise. Well worth the investment to further your writing career. Jeff Goins is a genuine and a true leader in this craft. I tell every ‘wanna be’ writer and blogger I meet about the value of Jeff and his passion for helping writers write!
—Becky Wilson Lusk

“The course has provided encouragement and connections with others who share the hope, fear, and pride in doing what they love.”
—Rick Gibbs

“This course gave me the courage to move forward with my writing. The encouragement among fellow classmates is invaluable.”
—Joan Hall

“This course has been invaluable on several levels. Unlike other nuts and bolts of being a stronger writer, I learned to take it further and pin down ‘who’ I was writing for! Just THAT was worth the investment, as I won’t waste time on what isn’t my gift. I also gained the confidence to take myself seriously as a writer, now. Not after countless published pieces, because I have something to say today. Tribe Writers gave me the push to recognize that. The best surprise was the support of having a group of writers supporting each other actively. I would recommend this class to all writers, and plan to retake the class until the details become habit.”
—Christa Sterken

“As a former high school physics teacher, I take education seriously. Jeff did not disappoint. His attention to detail and desire for excellence impressed me. Rigorous lessons. Thought provoking homework. Classmates that cheer you on regardless of your writing or technology level. A teacher who is present and active. Expect this when you join the Tribe Writers experience. You will not emerge the same person as you started, I know I didn’t.
—Jennifer Humble

More Stuff You Get

This course is a lot more than content to be consumed. It’s a paradigm-shifting experience that will change the way you write. In addition to the four modules, you’ll also get:

  • Exclusive interviews with over a dozen authors, bloggers, and publishing experts (including Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant, Marion Roach Smith, Seth Godin, Carol Tice, Michael Hyatt, Mary DeMuth, Tim Ferriss & more!)
  • Lifetime, exclusive access to the Tribe Writers community (of over 1400 members), including forums and discussion groups where you can interact with other students, share your work, get feedback and help, and have your questions answered
  • Admission to a private Facebook group only for course alumni
  • Live conference calls with the teacher to ask questions and get help (plus over eight hours of archived audio content from past classes)
  • Downloadable PDF workbook with a summary of every lesson and interview

A Special Opportunity

If you join this community of writers, bloggers, and communicators, you’ll get (in addition to everything mentioned above):

  • Unlimited email access to me, the teacher
  • The opportunity to ask questions, give input, and help shape the course for future classes
  • Affiliate opportunities to make back your money (not available to the public)
  • Lifetime membership to ALL course materials (even updated material and bonuses)

“I can’t recommend it enough…”

Pilar Arsenec“Tribe Writers will teach you step-by-step how to build your tribe, platform, and become a better writer. Jeff Goins designed this brilliant interactive, online course, which is jammed packed with vital information. This is an excellent resource. I can’t recommend it enough.”

—Pilar Arsenec, OrdinaryServant.com


Risk-free Guarantee


Look. I hate it when I buy something and find out it’s not what I expected. I don’t want that to happen to you with this course. So I’m giving you a 30-day, money back guarantee.

If you sign up, go through the entire program, and aren’t 100% satisfied, I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

A little crazy, I know, but I’m just that confident you’ll love this course. And if you don’t, I’ll gladly give you back your money.

In other words, you don’t take any risk. Not a bad deal, right?

All set to begin?

Ready to find the audience your writing deserves?

Find out more at tribe writers.com.

See you inside!