Who Else Wants the Audience Their Words Deserve?

If there’s one thing that bugs me as a writer, one thing I can’t stand as an artist, it’s this: The world’s best writers aren’t always the ones getting the most attention. Why is that?

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For years, I looked at mediocre bloggers making a dent in the Internet and grimaced. I seethed and passed judgment, while growing bitter. I thought I could do better. But I was kidding myself.

I wasted a lot of time talking about writing, even thinking about it, but did very little of it myself. I was a fake. Then I had an epiphany…

Three years ago, my life, and my writing, started to change. I began calling my own bluff. I stopped talking and started doing. It all came down to a fundamental shift in what I believed about myself. I stopped saying I wanted to write and began calling myself a writer. Then I started acting like it.

The results were staggering. Over the course of eight months, I had:

  • over 100,000 monthly blog readers,
  • a book contract, and
  • more attention than I knew what to do with it.

I wondered: What if one day, I could share this process with others?

This took two years to build

Two years ago, I launched an online course that took me over eight months to build. Since then, we’ve been tweaking things, making it the best online community writers we could.

Finally, I gave into the requests I was getting via email to teach what I had learned about writing and building an audience.

Initially, we opened registration to a small group of readers. Immediately, I was overwhelmed by the response: over 450 people signed up to be part of the charter group.

Together, students and teacher, we went through the content (a total of 30+ multimedia lessons and over a dozen expert interviews), covering the following material in four modules:

  1. How to hone your writing voice and find a worldview that resonates with an audience
  2. The importance of establishing a platform and building a list
  3. What it takes to expand your reach and serve your way into relationship
  4. Why you need to get published and share your work with the world

As we went along, students gave feedback and critiques on the lessons. When they finished, I spent another month applying what they’d told me, just because I wanted it to be the best it could be.

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done

We called the finished product Tribe Writers: an online membership program to help you find the audience your writing deserves. And it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done with my platform so far.

Sure, it took the greater part of a year to build and maybe I could’ve rushed the process, but this is something I’m proud of.

Despite friends telling me I’m crazy for charging less than the market rate, I wanted to make something not for the social elite, but for anyone who wanted to improve their craft.

The course opens up for registration a few times per year, and each time we add a new feature. It’s something that gets better with time. Which means now is the best time to join.

Tribe Writers is more than a one-and-done course. It’s a dynamic, creative community that will support you in meeting your lifelong writing goals.

It lasts eight weeks, consisting of 30+ multimedia lessons broken into four modules, weekly emails, an online discussion forum, and other special features (which we’re always updating and improving).

Five reasons to join now

Because I believe in over-delivering, I’ve included five incentives to sign up for this next class:

  • LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to a community of 2000+ writers
  • ACCESS TO ME through monthly conference calls
  • BONUS CONTENT, including expert interviews with NY Times best-selling authors and popular bloggers (in addition to audio, video, and text lessons)
  • ONLINE SUPPORT to answer all your questions (plus access to archived conference calls and other teachings from previous classes)
  • FREE STUFF worth over $500 (just for signing up)

When you join Tribe Writers, you’ll immediately get the chance to join a group of writers who are all going through the same struggles you’re experiencing and who want to help you win with your words.

Through the process, you will get coaching and encouragement, maybe even some lifelong friends.

What the students say

I asked some of students to share what they got out of the course, and here’s what they said:

Jeff has provided invaluable material at a frightfully low price. The contributions and links the rest of you have made have taught me a lot as well. I may have a master’s degree in writing, but now I feel I have the tools necessary to reach my readers.
—Eric von Mizener

Starting from nothing — no drafts, no writings, no concepts — I have in the short span of eight weeks created a self-hosted blog with content, learned how to write for an authentic audience and found the deeper meaning of what it means to be a writer.
—Jennifer Humble

Before this course, I was afraid to publish an ebook and take the steps required to grow my blog. Now I’ve finished an e-book/manifesto and have tripled the size of my blog subscriber list.
—James Prescott

Before this course I wrote 100 words a day. Now, I write 1,000 to 2,000 a day.
—Devan Crable

Tribe Writers reignited my passion for writing and blogging! Even if you already know what you are doing (or think you do) this course will take to the next level and a few levels above that one!
—Bryan Hutchinson

You can read more of these and hear a whole lot more about the course here.

Time to find your tribe

Ever wondered what it takes to get your writing noticed? This course will tell you. It’s a marketing course for writers and a writing course for marketers. I think you’ll like it.

Tribe Writers does, in my opinion, what so few courses do. It combines the craft of writing with practical elements of online marketing, all designed to make you a better writer and help your message spread.

If you’re thinking about this, I encourage you to give it a try! There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always ask for a refund if it’s not what you thought.

The world needs your message. I really believe that. Whether you go through Tribe Writers or not, I hope you will share it. Find out more about Tribe Writers and get started building the audience your words deserve by clicking here.

What would joining Tribe Writers do for you? Share in the comments.