The Chase Is the Reward

Chased by an airplane

Have you ever felt like you did everything right — followed all the rules, took all the right turns, made all the difficult decisions a person is supposed to make — only to get the opposite of what you wanted?

Maybe you built a successful business that was taken down by someone else’s stupid mistake.

Maybe you bent over backwards to hold your marriage or dating relationship together, and it still fell apart.

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Is Your Writing Timeless?

Timeless Writing

Sometimes, I feel like I’m missing the boat as a writer.

We live in an age when more people are writing than ever before. There are 180 million blogs, and that number is growing. So if you want to become an author, like I do, you feel the heat of competition.

And maybe, like me, you feel the urge, in the heat of the struggle, to write what gets attention — controversy.

What’s a writer to do?

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