Beware: This Is Just About the Worst Advice You Can Give a Writer

“This too shall pass.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this adage before. Maybe you’ve gone through a difficult situation and someone said it to make you feel better.

Or perhaps you were blocked or frustrated and said it to yourself. Some of us even have it posted on our computer monitors as a reminder of the temporary status of our situations.

I’ve heard it a lot lately. It’s become the catchall phrase to soothe any worry and struggle. And as comforting as it seems, this is not a harmless saying.

In fact, if you’re a writer, it could prolong what you’re going through or, heaven forbid, make it worse.

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The Most Important Step You Can Take

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer. But for one reason or another, I always put off the dream. I set it aside and allow time to pass, doing things that seem more important.

I’ve built up excuses and fears in my mind about opening myself up, not feeling confident or thinking anyone would want to read my words. In reality, I’ve been succumbing to the death knell of so many would-be writers.

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