Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge

Ever wondered what it takes to get your message heard as a writer? So many people start in the wrong place. I’m hosting a free challenge to change that. For seven days, I’m going to give you a daily challenge on how to take your blog to the next level.

Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge

Once in a while, I reach out to the Internet and encourage anyone who’s ever thought of blogging or maybe started a blog but haven’t seen it take off in the direction they wanted to join me in a blogging challenge.

And we’re doing that again, right now. Here are the details:

When does this start?

Now. Right now. Why stall or hesitate? Set up your blog (it takes eight minutes!), and get going. The best time to get your words out there was yesterday. The second best time is today. (Technical dates of the challenge are: Mar. 14-21).

Who is this for?

Anyone who: a) has a blog and wants to take it to the next level, b) had a blog but have since stopped posting to it, or c) has always wanted to blog but just never got started. Whoever you are, we’d love to have you! (If you need help with the technical side of blogging, go ahead and join, and we’ll help you with that, too.)

Why now?

Because you can always get better. And this is free. So that’s a hard price to beat. Oh, and I’ll be picking ONE person who completes all the assignments to my satisfaction and will be personally coaching them. Which is worth, like, a ton of money. 😉

How do I join?

It’s super simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Set up your blog (here’s a tutorial on how to do that).
  2. Join the Facebook group today! (Challenge starts Monday, Mar. 14)
  3. Do all the assignments and have a good time! (I will be posting all the assignments to the blog, so bookmark this page or sign up for daily email updates to get all the challenges delivered to your inbox so you don’t miss anything.)

Remember: at the end of this challenge, I’ll be picking one person to personally teach and coach.

List of lessons

Here’s a list of all the lessons (so far):

I’ll be updating this section each day as we post new challenges, but you can also get notifications via email if you don’t want to have to come back here each day and check.

Click Here to Join the Challenge and Get Email Updates!

So, are you in? Ready to blog like a pro? Just leave a comment below and include your blog URL! (Let me know what you want to learn.)

361 thoughts on “Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge

  1. My name is Rohit Gehani. I feel that the blog content is good for self help. However I feel my reach is less and maybe I have no freebie to offer and also interaction is lacking despite me answering all the comments.

  2. I’m in and excited to learn more about staying motivating and generating new, fresh ideas!

  3. Well, 1,746 words of mad free writing sessions later and I’m still not done yet. It feels more like a liberation. I don’t know if this is the real thing but this is what I’ve been feeling, the thing that’s been lurking at the tip of my tongue but seems to elude me still. This might just be it. But I think I’ve got my manifesto. Will share it for all to see once it’s done.

  4. Yay!! I just wrote my “About” page on my new little site: – I am looking forward to learning how to make a strong start & continuation, since usually I start blogs and give up on them in the matter of a few weeks. (I’m not really fickle, I just lack focus!)

  5. Perfect timing! I’ve just rebuilt my website and added a blog! I have a content calendar scheduled to post 3 days a week beginning today.

    I want to learn how to clearly communicate and articulate my message to the world.

    My research has revealed that people want to connect with people in a deeper and more meaningful way. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves and work with people who have a desire to bring their best to the world.

    My website and blog is

    Jeff, you have earned my trust many times over and I’m excited to be part of the Writers Tribe.

  6. Thanks Jeff, this is a great challenge. I’m always ranting about something or other and figured, hey, why not let other people listen to my rants as well. They can either read them, or move on, right? Here’s my blog page:

  7. Hi Jeff, I’m super excited about this challenge! Thank you so much. My url is:

    I want to write more engaging posts that encourage sharing and interaction and get to my goal of 1000 raging subscribers. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the challenge, Jeff. Finding things take time and, for me, the learning curve is steep. But I’m moving forward. My site is set up here: Many links are still not complete. Have been posting once/week since January. Aiming for more “official” soft-launch very soon to garner feedback. Thanks for this challenge and all you contribute.

  9. Thanks, Jeff, for the challenge. It forces me to get a Facebook account, which is something that I have put off for far too long. How else will I follow the group? Well, I am certainly excited about what I will learn in the next 7 days. I have already learned so much, this will be like icing on the cake. Much appreciated. You can find me at

  10. Thanks, Jeff. This looks great = I appreciate your insights. My blog is over at I want to become less “general” and more specific regarding relationship/friendships in today’s isolated culture.

  11. Excited and scared to really start blogging. My blog is and it’s mostly about graphic design: struggles, awesome new things, and how-tos. But I struggle with always having content

  12. Thank you for the invitation to a short & spontaneous challenge. Much to my own surprise, I’m going to accept. *smile*

    a long time blogger, launching and maintaining a popular blog
    (25,000hits/day) and then walking away from it to pursue other writing territories.

    the past few years I’ve re-learned how to write for me & not for
    hits. Now I’m ready to give back to the little tribe who encourages me. I want to learn how to be relentlessly
    helpful and offer encouragement and inspiration for others to celebrate and accept their stories.

    My blog is:

    Happy writing!

  13. Hi Jeff. I’ve wanted to start a blog in order to share my passion for paleontology with the world, but I’ve let fear of failure hold me back. I came across your challenge on Twitter today and decided that I would take the plunge. I decided that I wasn’t going to let fear hold me back from achieving my dreams anymore.

    Thank you so much for sharing your help and enthusiasm with the wider blogging community. I am proud to accept your 7 day challenge.

    This is my brand new blog: I am a life-long dinosaur nerd and volunteer fossil preparator at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. I plan to blog about all the latest paleontology news, profiles of prehistoric beasties, and the convergence of prehistoric life and popular culture.

    I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me to follow my dreams. I’m looking forward to the rest of this week’s challenges.

  14. Jeff, I have been following you for sometime and I thank you for the challenge. I have a website that will have my blog on it. You will be able to find me at

    1. I want to learn how to keep fresh content on my blog that in interesting and engaging. 2. I want to learn what I should post on my blog and what things wouldn’t be good to have on it. 3. I like writing will blogging help me go further and be better at it?

    Thanks again

  15. Hello Jeff! I’ve followed your blog for years and you’ve inspired me before. I’ve been in a writing lull for about a year now. So let the inspiration begin again! I write at

  16. This is perfect timing indeed! My blog launch is this week and this is exactly the extra motivational push that will help me do it right! Thank you sir. This should be fun!

  17. Not sure that this is the best timing for me, but can’t resist a challenge. Whatever I do manage to do will be more than if I don’t sign up.

    I blog at but it’s been dormant for a while, basically because I’ve been too busy writing and editing to work on fresh content and because I’m not quite sure how to best develop my blog, which direction to take it.

  18. I’ve got two sites — I launched a podcast that I’m building my business around and I have my original site that has a traditional blog. I just decided to merge these two into one site (the show’s) last week so this challenge will be a good push to make that happen sooner rather than later. I need another thing on my to-do list like I need a hole in my head but I figured this would be a good push.

  19. Hello! My new site is I’d like to learn ways to keep momentum without sacrificing creativity. I want to be consistent, but find that doing that and keeping to a time schedule (e.g., weekly) either gets cumbersome (in my past) or in my endeavor to do that I end up sacrificing the ‘best’ content just to get it done. (Trying to move from writing when inspired or feeling creative, to being a writer.) 🙂

  20. I’m in. Launched my blog last month: Someone asked me what I want from this blog. I clambered over the big hurdle of starting to write regularly, then the hurdle of how to sort out the technical aspects and actually launch… then the excitement gave way to a flatness. What DO I want from this?

  21. I am in too! I have just been mussing about wanting to write a book but writing too many other things but to think exclusively about my book. I really want to teach women how the Bible can be used to improve our life skills and I started my blog Revealed in Me to do just that. Please help me be better at what God has called me to do because I feel a great need to be at His business.
    Thank you so much Jeff for allowing me to participate in this challenge. Above anything else I will learn more about women and Jesus.

  22. I’m excited to take my blog http://www.itsnannasplace to the next level. I want to get in a little more in order instead of all over the place. It’s a little blog to help every day people like us with ideas for loving their home one project at a time. Thanks Jeff!

  23. I’d like to learn better writer time management – not just when to write, but ***how to manage writing time with different projects in progress.***
    Ex. I’m writing next week’s article now and editing tomorrow’s post today. Is this how it’s done? What are the best practices?

  24. Alright, I’m down. I’ve followed you on and off for over a year now, but I just recently launched my website last month. I’m glad you’re doing this and I’m going to go all in.

    As for my site – I break down complicated theory into practical steps to grow small business at – I’m excited to make it the go-to resource for small business with your help.

  25. Recommended to this site by a close friend. I’m just looking to learn what I can about this world of blogging. Still working out the kinks and such but the blog is

  26. Hey Jeff,
    Here is my blog site:
    I’m trying to build a following to promote my upcoming books in Christian Fiction Romance. I know following is important and want to learn all I can to build that.
    Thank you. Blessings!

  27. Hey Jeff. I’m writing like a fiend over here. Pumping out a new blog post or vlog every day or two lately. Relationships is my topic. Lately, it has been relationship to self. My words: curiosity, courage and consciousness. What do I want to get out of this/your training: 1) How to get my stuff out there more — my view count doesn’t always seem to reflect the quality of my work; 2) How to make my site easier for people to sign-up/follow me; 3) How to incorporate a better style (use of pictures, etc.) within my blog posts given my set-up.

  28. I have a music blog but haven’t posted to it lately. I need to get back to it and this challenge is just the motivation I need. I want to eventually take the blog to the next level, which is what I would like to learn how to do. Thanks, Jeff! My blog is

  29. What I Believe

    Fundamentally I trust in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that God created the heavens and earth. Then He created man from the dust of the ground, and from man’s rib, He created woman. He established one man and one woman to makeup the institution of marriage. God designed marriage for the purpose of procreating and to model the bride of Christ.

    I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin and was crucified on the cross to be the atonement for our sin. He died all because He loves me and you. Put in a sealed tomb, He arose from the dead on the third day. At this very moment He is in heaven preparing a place for me. One day soon, He’s coming back to get me and I will be with Him forever.

    I believe in Hell and an evil enemy called the Devil. He strives to keep me from God at all costs; however, I have authority over the evil one through the blood of Jesus. I believe beyond a shadow of all doubt that the Bible is God’s Holy, infallible word. Every word breathed by God makes up a love letter to show me how to be His disciple, and more like Him.

    God is the priority in my life; therefore, I seek him early in the morning, and commune with Him throughout the day; looking for His hand at work in my life and around me. My God has the wisdom I need for decisions, the strength I need for life’s struggles, the love I need for relationships, and the mercy I need to endure. I know my God is for me.

    God is faithful and will always supply my needs. I have power over the flesh because of the blood of Jesus that covers me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me because He has proved this to me over and over. I believe that God forgives my sin and remembers it no more. There is no condemnation in this relationship with my God.

    He is always working on my behalf, even when I cannot see results. Since God lives in me, I am not defined by my circumstances; nevertheless, I will praise Him for what He gives and takes away. He is my covenant God and there is no other God but Him. He takes on my enemies as though they are His, oh my God never forsakes me.

    He loves me beyond my comprehension and woos me like a lover. He calls me by name and knows the number of hairs on my head. He wants only the best for me and will go to any lengths to show me. I cry out to my God and He answers faithfully.

    I have been blessed with gifts to share Jesus with the world because I am chosen and called. He holds my future in His hand, ever so tenderly.

    By Melanie Davis Porter ~

    A Statement of Faith for my new blog site launching in May, 2016.

  30. I need to become a better writer. I have called myself a writer and a storyteller. I even have a couple of small books published. The truth is that I had to have a lot of help in editing because my writing (grammar and spelling) stinks. In College and beyond it was always the same comments, decent content, horrible grammar. I don’t know if you can help me there but more knowledge can only help.
    Thanks CSA

  31. Just in time, thanks! I needed this challenge. I’m one of the original Tribe Writer students and I’ve been blogging for a few years now. My Determined Soul blog at hasn’t taken off yet. I write about life lessons I’ve learned on my journey fighting muscular dystrophy. I lose sight of the direction I want to take my blog and the content of my posts. I’d like to learn: 1) How to build and connect with a larger audience; 2) How to build the momentum of my writing and create more engaging content.

  32. My blog is It started as a personal quest to do 40 daring things after I turned 40. After hearing from many friends who told me about the daring things they’d like to do, I’m trying to grow this personal project into a community of people that helps each other achieve their dreams. A tall order, I know, so I could use all the help I can get. I’d like to learn big picture how to build an audience that cares about this effort and how to motivate that audience to take specific actions. From a more tactical perspective, I’d like to learn how to identify what kind of content my audience really wants/needs, and any tips or strategies for keeping the blog alive even when I’m stretched thin in other areas of my life. Thank you!


    I want to learn it all! I’ve had my blog for about a year and a half, and in that time I’ve learned a lot of what works for me on a writing/creative level…but have NOT been able to figure out the more technical stuff, even some of the things that are not just vital to success, but actually super basic. And as an English major…y’all know I’m pumped about honing those writing skills and making my voice stronger in every way.

    One step at a time…I am super excited for the next seven days!

  34. I want to guide people to better thinking and better living. I would like to carve out an online home that is worth, and respectful of, a reader’s time. Thanks for the challenge.

  35. Thanks Jeff! I am so thankful for your encouragement, continually! I’ve had a blog or two over the years, but never taken it to “that” level. I would like to get out of hobby blogging and really use the time and the effort to help others while allowing me to feel as if I am sharing something unique with my readers. My blog is I am actually making a few changes in my layout and streamlining my purpose. Excited for your ideas and input. BTW- I love your book The Art of Work.

  36. Thanks Jeff, can’t wait to jump in on this! Being that I have almost been blogging for one year, I am feeling very encouraged that there are awesome individuals like you who can give us bloggers great nuggets of wisdom and challenge us to keep pursuing our passions! Thanks again!

    1. Awesome testimony! And congrats on the 45-year anniversary. Almost just as miraculous.

  37. I’m in! My biggest issue is consistency. Hopefully 7 days in a row will get me going! Find me at

  38. This is just what I need. I’ve been stalled on my blog ever since I started it.

  39. Hi Jeff, yes I’m in! I write about creativity, writing and motherhood at and right now I’m wrestling with how to take it all up a notch, start monetising my writing and helping people in some tangible way. I would love to learn how to work out a content plan for my blog so I can post more frequently and continue to build my audience. The opportunity to learn from you directly (and possibly coached by you) would be absolutely brilliant.

  40. My do something scary for today – hope I’m not too late to start! The first post is basically my manifesto even though I wrote it a while ago. I stopped about as soon as I started so hopefully this will fire up my blogging engine! I really want to write my way to figuring out what I know that other people want to know but don’t. Maybe after that I can start thinking about how to pass that along but for now, it’s writing for the sake of writing and honing in on that one thing.

  41. Creeping slowly out….So much more comfortable to hide. I set my personal blog up a year ago. Two weeks ago I wrote my first posts….Frozen in fear of not being good enough keeps me from publishing much. I had prayed for encouragement to write. My purpose is to reach out to blended families who need Christ. The lost and broken who are where I have been. Your challenge popped up seconds after I had prayed for help and encouragement.
    Thank you. – personal blog…. – Blended family ministry coming soon…..

  42. I don’t have a clear focus to my blog and that is the main thing I’m hoping to create during this 7-day adventure. My blog is here: I’d like to build an audience, one that is deeply connected to my words, my message, my journey, so that they are engaged and willing to chime in. So far, that has eluded me. But, again, I think I first need to develop a clear focus. Thanks for inviting me to this challenge!

  43. This looks like a great spark of motivation to get some foundation and clarity for my posts. The Url is I’m in!

  44. Lovely blog!
    I have a blog but I cease now. Get busy of my daily task school. also I have to prepared to get in university Gods willing this year. I cease since a year ago. I needed some comment for my better blog. But no body even read. I was sore for my self and finally I gave up for this thing. By this lovely blog, hope I could continue my blog as good as before even better.

    thanks Mr Goins. Hope we would meet someday,

  45. I love to write and blog, but would like to do more posts that are based on my thoughts and not a recap of trips/days out. It makes me nervous though to put myself out there in a more vulnerable way. Excited to see where this challenge can take me. Thank you!

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