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On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference

20 Tips to Wow an Audience and Own the Stage

Michael Port is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, professional actor, and public speaking coach. He used index cards to engage the Tribe Conference attendees and shared 20 tips to wow an audience and own the stage.

Building a Business Around Your Personal Brand

It’s never been easier to build a brand because the barrier to entry has never been lower. The internet has allowed us all to be on equal footing. The online business space offers complete and total justice.

Most Conferences Are a Waste of Money… Unless You Do This

Why You Should Attend a Conference (and What to Do When You Get There)

I started making a habit of putting into practice the things I learned at the conference before I even left the event. Forget notebooks filled with information you’ll never look at again; this is the best way to get your money’s worth out of a conference. Just do it before you leave.

3 Lessons on Becoming a Professional Writer from Tribe Conference Speakers

3 Lessons on Becoming a Professional Writer from Tribe Conference Speakers

After spending a decade in a shadow career that was very close to being an author, Tim Grahl decided to apprentice under Shawn Coyne to not only learn how to write fiction (a story that works) but also what it takes to become a professional writer. Shawn summarizes that Resistance, a term coined by Steven Pressfield to describe internal struggle, keeps us from our calling and meaningful work. To beat it, you have to turn pro.

How ADHD Makes You a Better Writer: Interview with Ryan McRae

Using Personal Challenges to Create a Thriving Blog: Interview with Ryan McRae

ADHD is Ryan’s challenge, and his website serves a real need for others. Launching his website has enabled him to help a niche audience and build a thriving community and business around it.