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On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference

The Best Kind of Writing

The best kind of writing is unusual. It calls you to employ all senses for the sake of the story. It confounds the mind and arouses the heart and soul. It isn’t always rational, but still speaks to your deepest parts about what is true.

Getting Your Book Published… Or Not

Publishing books now is hard. It’s even harder to sell them.

Phil Cooke recently posted an article on this topic in his monthly ezine The Change Revolution. He shared some sobering thoughts about book publishing that aspiring writers should consider. Here’s an excerpt:

Many book categories – including business, current affairs, and self-help – have become oversaturated. It is increasingly hard to make any book stand out. New titles are not just competing with 560,000 other new books, they are competing with more than seven million previously published books available for sale. And other media are claiming more and more of people’s time…

Tim Tebow, Superbowl Ads, and Dumb Focus Groups

Tim Tebow and His Mom

I’m going to put my “marketing” hat on for a second.

I watched a news segment on a popular morning show today. Some marketer came on the show and shared how they used a focus group to determine what ads shown during the Superbowl this year were the most successful.

There’s just one problem with that: The focus group voted on the commercials that they liked.

They asked members of the group to use a nifty piece of equipment to indicate which ones were the funniest and most amusing.

And that’s the problem with advertising today: People don’t buy what they laugh at.

Who Are You Writing For?

Who are you writing for?

A commenter on the previous blog post said that one should always write for himself. However, what happens when no one reads what one has written? What happens when one really wants to write for his ideas to be acknowledged? What if one is writing just to write?

How to Write Copy for a Nonprofit

Writing marketing collateral for a nonprofit is unique. It’s different from other types of copywriting, because what you’re selling doesn’t have a dollar sign in front of it.

In order to promote a nonprofit cause with the written word, you have to be a good storyteller. You have to create buzz. And you have to do it on a shoestring budget (usually).