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Words Matter (More Than You Think)

Words Matter

This morning, while reading some of the push-back I received to last night’s post about the “R-word,” I realized that I was given to extremism in some places. So I wanted to clarify my point. Here goes: Words matter.

Stop Using the Word “Retard”

Stop Using the Word Retard

Do yourself and the world a favor and stop using the “retard.” Period. No questions. No excuses. Just stop. Stop calling your friends “retards” or saying that your parents are “retarded” for being old, senile idiots (you probably shouldn’t call them “old senile idiots” either, but that’s another issue).

Choosing the Right SEO Keywords: A Non-Robot Perspective

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Today, we’re talking about choosing the right SEO keywords in this installment of the Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine optimization. Before you start writing, you need to decide which terms you want to focus on. This is about having a laser focus, so knowing what you want to focus on is very important. Here are some tips written for non-robots.

The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (for Humans)

Seo Guide Robot

You may have heard that Google recently updated their search algorithm in response to “content farms” who were abusing the tricks of SEO (search engine optimization) to profit off of free traffic. But you may also be wondering what the heck an algorithm is or what SEO has to do with you.

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I just sent out the second newsletter for this blog. If you’re not subscribed to the list, you should be. I’ll use these newsletters to send out weekly updates, share interesting content that I’ve found, and occasionally do giveaways and whatnot. Trust me, you want to subscribe to this thing, and not just because it’s sponsored by a monkey. Here’s what was in this week’s newsletter.