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Exclusive Interview with Chris Brogan: Twitter, Blogging, and Regret

Chris Brogan Interview

Today, I’m pleased to have Chris Brogan on the blog for an exclusive interview. He agreed to answer some questions that I had, and I think you’ll find the responses interesting. I hope you enjoy and share it.

Is Twitter Stupid? It’s More Than You Think

Twitter Tips for Beginners

I’ve gained real friendships on Twitter, found employment there, gotten a lot of blog traffic from it, and even learned a lot through asking questions.

So, it surprises me, when people say that Twitter is stupid.

How to Write Scannable Content for Your Blog

How to Write Scannable Content

You’ve done it. You’ve optimized your site for search engines; you’re getting people to share your content on social media; and people are subscribing to your blog in droves. But now, how do you get them to actually read what you’ve written?

Painful But Possible: A Story of Perseverance

Runner - Perseverance

I’m featuring a guest essay from Janet Oberholtzer. Janet has an inspiring story that you need to hear. Since she’s gone through so much and because I believe so strongly in the discipline of perseverance, I asked her to share some of it here.

What I’m Reading This Week

Reading a Book

As you know, I think the only way for writers to improve their craft other than writing every day is to read. Here are some of my favorite articles from this week past week.