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Did You Make a Difference This Week?

World Vision Blogging Campaign to Help Japan

This is another post that you author. As I drive home from a long week of work in Georgia, this blog belongs to you today. Here goes:

Tell me something that you did this week to make a difference. Tell me something meaningful you did.

Stop Wasting Time on Facebook and Join a Real Community

How to stop wasting time on Facebook

Facebook can really suck your life away if you’re not careful. I stopped using it quite so much over a year ago so that I could focus more on my blog and work. Here are some tips for how to stop wasting time on Facebook and be more productive.

The Idiot-proof Basics of Writing SEO Pages

SEO Pages Robot

I’ve been perpetually frustrated with people telling me the “basics of SEO” in robot language, so I started learning it for myself by asking friends dumb questions, finding useful articles on the web, and trying it out for myself. Here’s some of what I’ve learned.

How to Overcome Distraction & Do Work That Matters

Life is too short artwork

The first rule of doing work that matters is this: show up. Get to work so you can start making a difference. Of course, this is a no-brainer, so why do we not do it? We get distracted.

Often, we go to the place where we work without actually going to work. We let the demands of other people’s schedules dictate what we do and how we do it. We chase “skinny rabbits” that won’t be worth the reward once we catch them.

I struggle with distractions all the time. Every day, the Resistance rears its ugly, evil head and tries to lure me away from the work that matters. And that has to stop.

The First 100 Blog Posts

Birthday Candles

Wow. This happened sooner than I realized: my 100th post on this writing blog. I started this blog in 2009 and have, until recently, not taken it too seriously. However, for the past month or so, I’ve been posting to it nearly daily.