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Five Tips for Sharing Content on Facebook

Sharing Content on Facebook

A friend recently asked me what my “strategy” for sharing content on Facebook was. I confessed to this person that I stink at long-term strategy (I’m an artist at heart), but have discovered a few tactics that seem to be working well. These are five tips for sharing content on Facebook that I follow.

Blog Tips, Getting Naked, and More (What I’m Reading This Week)

Stack of books: What I'm reading this week

Every Sunday, I share a list of articles and stuff that I’m reading this week that I find inspiring. Here’s what I’m reading this week.

Genius Perspective: An Essay on Finishing What You Start

Photo of a pencil in a book for essay on finishing what you start

This blog is becoming a community, and it’s important that we share our work. In this guest post, Amber Anderson shares her insights on writing, finishing what you start, and being a mom.

Sharing Time: What Did You Write This Week?

Sharing Time: Share Your Writing

Remember in grade school (maybe it was kindergarten) when we had “sharing time”? You’d bring something in to school that you cared about and share it with the whole class. That’s what we’re going to do today.

Words Matter (More Than You Think)

Words Matter

This morning, while reading some of the push-back I received to last night’s post about the “R-word,” I realized that I was given to extremism in some places. So I wanted to clarify my point. Here goes: Words matter.