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What Egypt Can Teach Us About Every Movement

Egypt riots

The recent protests in Egypt can teach us several lessons about successful movements.

1. Great movements are often catalyzed by youth. It’s hard to start a revolution without, at some point, involving young people.

It’s Time to Begin

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It’s time to get started. No excuses or distractions. It’s time to start writing.

What to Do with Unfair Criticism


If you are going to create art, to engage in work worth remembering, don’t forget this one thing. There will always be critics. There will always be people who want to malign, insult, and correct you. And sometimes, you need to listen to them.


There will always be critics — those who will malign and slander your work, call you a hack, or convince you to quit.

Writing Tip: Tell Me Something Different

Don’t tell me something that I could’ve read somewhere else. Don’t tell me something that I already know. Tell me something different. Tell me something unique, something that will cause me to read what you wrote not once, but twice or three times. Tell me something that will cause me to go back and read it again to my wife. Tell me something that I’m going to highlight, post to Twitter, and repeat to myself for the rest of the day. Tell me something I won’t easily forget. Again, I say: tell me something different.