Why You Need an Email List Now

You need an email list. It’s just that simple. If you want to write a book that sells thousands of copies or more, you need people paying attention to your work.

Why You Need an Email List Now

If you want your message to spread, you need people’s permission to communicate with them.

And if you want your words to change something, then you need an audience.

The best way to do all that is by building an email list.

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A writer’s most important asset

Many writers don’t get the attention they deserve, and this frustrates me.

Their messages fade into oblivion before they even have the chance to be heard.

Why is this?

Because many writers neglect the single most important tool for their success: an email newsletter list.

I was talking to my publisher the other day about marketing strategies for my next book, and do you know the first question they asked?

It was: “How big is your email list?

They didn’t ask, “How many RSS subscribers do you have?” or “How many ‘hits’ does your blog get?”

They asked about my email list: the most important asset an author has in their toolbox.

My friend Tim Grahl, the book launch expert, tested this in his book marketing agency and found that email was nearly 100 times more effective than social media in selling an author’s book.

You need an email list. It’s just that simple.

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