028: Family First: Managing the Tension Between Work and Family [Podcast]

Balancing the demands of work and family is a lot to manage. And it’s not easy to do well. Work can consume our time and attention and, if we’re not careful, things quickly become unbalanced and the scale tips too far.

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In this episode of The Portfolio Life, my co-host Andy Traub and I talk about the importance of putting family first (and when that’s not always a good idea).

We also discuss the importance of boundaries and communication and share our own stories of navigating that timeless tension between work and the rest of life.

The idea of this show is this: If you are successful in life, it can actually fuel your work instead of distract from it. (Tweet that)

As you listen to this week’s episode of the podcast, I hope you are encouraged to schedule your work around your life — and not the other way around.

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Listen in as we talk about the practical and profound ways to manage your life and work and don’t miss this week’s publishing industry spotlight as well as our usual ridiculous (but sometimes serious) predictions of the future.

Show highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • The tension we feel when trying to balance family and work.
  • The scary question Andy asked his wife.
  • A personal story of mine — and how my wife is my biggest fan.
  • The value of platforms like Vook and Snippet (and why the future of the book is probably not going to be in multimedia).

Resources mentioned in the show

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18 thoughts on “028: Family First: Managing the Tension Between Work and Family [Podcast]

  1. Love this! Really valuable if you have conflicts between work and family, and even if you don’t. Plus a bit about the future of books. 🙂

  2. I just recently had a big business set back. My husband was there to listen to my rant, pat me on the back, and send me back into the fray with confidence.

    A great reminder that all the business success in the world means nothing without him by my side.

  3. Thanks Jeff, great podcast. I have been married for over 25 years and the tension is still there (just FYI). Your feeling that your wife wanted you to fail resonated with me. I know my husband is my biggest fan, but when juggling the many balls of life, it can sometimes feel very different. Some great food for thought.

  4. Regarding your prediction on paper books getting fancier, I bet it’ll be like the vinyl market today. Sure, you can get books and music digitally but there is a very devoted market segment that just eats up the older format.

  5. Very glad I tuned in, inspirational stories like these can be invaluable to people who might be going through a rough time with business and at home (imagine: emotionally/financially drained with no break for recharging!). It’s nice when you get a fresh perspective! Especially loved how you opened up about your wife and you. I gotta say sometimes working so close with my partner with our business… it can be sand-papery. But working through it and learning how to support one another and communicate is what makes us stronger.

    I wrote a quick article about couples that work together here too: exm.nr/1vXAStS

  6. My case is about balance, too, but a little bit different balance: study and writing. I’m a full-time student, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time for writing. But I try to write at least one page every day, even on my most busiest days.
    Please visit my brand-new blog: eddiepaley.wordpress.com
    I really need the support.

  7. I was very surprised by the 4pm “at home” time for Andy. I guess impressed is the better word. I appreciate you guys being willing to approach this topic. It was very helpful to me.

    On an unrelated note, I’m curious. Why the switch over to hellobar instead of the built in tribe theme bar?

  8. This is a tension I’m navigating right now and really appreciate the candid discussion. The illustration of rubberband running was spot on.

    “If you win at work and lose at home, you lose at life.” Amen.


  9. Loved this podcast! I got the book that was recoomended by Andy Stanley and I am in tears reading through it. Thank you both for addressing and talking about this topic!

  10. Thank you Jeff and Andy. It was a struggle juggling my ‘career’ and just making ends meet with having a relationship. Failed a couple of times in having all components present in my life, but this will help for the future (I hope).. 😀 #hopeful #grateful #livingthelife

  11. Awesome podcast Jeff and Andy!!! I am definitely picking up a copy of Stanley’s book! After listening to this, I recently asked my wife “the question” to help set a boundary on a project so it wouldn’t take over our life. It was super helpful! Thanks for talking about this very important issue. By the way, I totally agree with “if you win at work but lose at home, you lose at life.” —So much so that I just finished writing a book about it, called Don’t Float. Coming to Amazon this Friday. (and yep, this is the project my wife helped me set a boundary on : )

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