It’s Time to Get Intentional About Blogging

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. You have a blog, but you update it maybe once or twice a month. You started strong, writing all sorts of content, but now you can barely remember your password.

Get intentional blog

Or maybe you’re tirelessly slaving away at the keyboard every day, but you just can’t seem to get anyone to read what you write.

Either way, you’re frustrated.

So what’s wrong with you? Maybe nothing.

Spend the next 12 weeks learning a new skill

This would be a great time to renew your vows to your blog, to start anew, to dig in and do the work.

Who knows? You just might see the results you’ve been longing for.

It’s time to get smart, to do what the online rockstars and blogging heroes do. To stop spinning your wheels and start working in the areas where you’ll see a reward.

There’s a reason why you’re still struggling, why you’re not seeing breakthrough with your blog. And as much as it pains me to say, it may have nothing to do with writing.

What most writers don’t know about the Internet

Do you wish you knew:

  • The secret to getting a ton of blog subscribers?
  • How to land a guest post on an A-list blog?
  • How to write content that actually gets read and remembered, instead of scanned and forgotten?
  • What the deal is with SEO? Do you really need to care about search engines?
  • And a whole lot more?

There’s more to blogging than being able to write great content. And it’s about time you learned what this craft was all about.

If this sounds like you, you should take my free online blogging course (which I just updated) to learn the answers to these questions.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100% free? Yep.

I’ve been blogging and training people how to blog since 2006, and these are some of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned — and I’m giving them to you, gratis.

All you have to do is click here to join Intentional Blogging and begin your blogging journey today. (If you’ve already taken the course, feel free to share this article online by tweeting about it or forward it to a friend.)

What would learning to be a better blogger do for you? Share in the comments.

104 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Intentional About Blogging

  1. It would help me know where to start!!  I’ve been blogging (on and off – for nearly 8 years, and I’ve never felt like I’ve found my voice.  In fact, I posted about this just today, trying to find what to write, how to be fearless, seeking to find my purpose in God’s Big Plan. I’m really looking forward to following the course, thank you again for your generosity Jeff.

  2. Great course for beginners. I’ll admit that I signed up and did not take any action but that is probably because I don’t really need any direction. I’ve been blogging for 2 years and am pretty well. I’d love to help anyone myself. 

    Doing everything yourself causes for a longer time to be noticed but you also learn everything and can easily help others.

    I think getting into that habit from the start is key. Write like the world is going to read your post. You don’t have to publish it. But, if you think it’s “good” then do publish. Show up. Then guest post. 

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing this. Signed up and excited to learn. I’m not new to blogging, but I’m ready to take things to a whole new level.

  4. I would hope to have some needed resources to take my blogging to the next step.  I’m taking a short, intentional break at the moment.  When I start back up in a couple of weeks, I hope to feel re-energized as opposed to overwhelmed.
    I have encouraged some of the teen bloggers in my life who have a passion for writing to sign up, as well!  I think they would learn a lot as they begin their journey into the world of blogging.
    Thanks so much!

  5. Learning to be a better blogger will help me give people are reason to stay connected. It will give me the foundation needed to take my heart’s desires from dreams to goals to reality. I look forward to participating in the course. Thanks! 

  6. Perfect timing, Jeff.   I’m retooling my blog.   Having the opportunity to learn from a master is exciting and humbling.   Thanks for your abundance mentality and generous spirit. 

  7. I have been blogging for about one and a half years, and have started to see a larger following. I would like to take it to the next level so that I reach more people with my message. I believe that there is always so much to learn. Some of my regular readers frequently tell me to write a book. I have written two but never took it any further than the draft stage. So I am eagerly awaiting the start of this course.

  8. Question for you, Jeff. When you changed from your old blog to your new one, did you just start from scratch, or did you bring over content from the previous one. Is your old blog still up? I wan’t to change my blog domain name and host, but it is a huge task to move everything and I’m not sure it’s worth it. I may just start from scratch and leave the old blog as is. Any recommendations?

      1. Thanks Jeff. I want to change mine to go from a to a, have better keywords, and shorten the permalinks. Basically a bunch of SEO stuff. I also want to go to a different host, since my present one has had so many problems. After looking at what it would take to accomplish this, I would have to hire someone to do it. Very complicated… and I’m a computer guy.

        I think I’m going to go the “from scratch” route. Thanks for your insights…

  9. Just signed up for your course.  I am excited to learn more.  I am about halfway through ‘Platforms’ and am learning so much.  I love writing and it does benefit me, but like Michael Hyatt said in his book… writers write to be read 🙂  I want to be doing the best I can.

    Thanks again for all your  help. It seems like every post of yours I read changes the way I write and blog 🙂

  10. I am so excited about this! I just wrote a post about the state of my blog (but on the other site I write at, not my own blog!) and how I don’t know if my blogging goals and writing goals are in sync. I hope this will help give me a bit more direction. Thanks Jeff!

  11. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for this post. I enjoy reading your blog and I am going to sign up for your blogging course. BTW, have you ever had a sinking feeling that a line or a passage you wrote may have been written by someone else who book you read? I’m terrified that I could unintentionally post something that’s not mine but I thought it was. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    1. well, i’d start by googling it. however, to some degree, this may be inevitable. when this happens to me, i just try to do my best to make sure it sounds like me. or if i’m skeptical, i may throw the phrase out altogether.

  12. THANK YOU!! I’ve actually been praying about how to grow my blog. I can’t wait to read and try your advice. Have a great day!

  13. I am so excited about this and honestly it’s exactly what I need! I’ve been a little frustrated with a lack of “stickyness” on my blog–I can get people to go there, but I can’t get them to STAY awhile or leave their email addresses. I have over 300 friends on Facebook, but I haven’t been able to get ten percent of those folks to “like” my fanpage. I’m not giving up, though! My goal is to make my blog an authentic place where people can laugh and enjoy, and interact with one another in addition to me. Also, I want to be able to contribute to our family income. I’m a mom and I love being with my children, but I’ve also come to the realization that I want to work, too. 

    Thanks for offering this course, Jeff! 

  14. I just joined and am really excited. You have to work at everything worthwhile. I have been unemployed for 3 years and started writing again — I loved the creative process when I was in school — hoping to make money and to be creative again. When I started last fall it was so difficult. I had forgotten how to be creative. Just pushing past that emptiness has helped immensely; now I have ideas. I want to take my writing to the next level. Grow my blog, publish some short stories (I submitted my first story two weeks ago), and get working on that novel that is in my head. Thank you for being willing to share what you’ve learned with us.  

  15. Hey, I’ve signed up. I totally rock. Thanks for the FREE course Jeff. Love that you are sooo  giving to share what you know. I have been excited about a course or info before and as I weed through the pages of info describing WHY this would be the PERFECT course for me I find that it is perfect if I pay $99 a month for a year. WHAT? Not that everything can be free…but you get what I mean. I look forward to your course and interacting with others in the comment section. 

  16. Once upon a time, I was going to be a writer.  Then college happened.  Time to declare a major, and I’m also pretty good with numbers, and accountants are in demand.  That was 25 years ago.  The good news is that I’m also a husband and homeschooling dad with stories to tell, so I want to take this course to learn how my (mis)adventures can help other busy guys and their families.  Looking forward to it!

  17. Definitely going to take this course. I’ve been familiarizing myself over the past week with SEO and it’s importance, but it still stumps me no matter how many times I try to understand it. Thanks Jeff!

  18. Hi Jeff. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about blogging. I’ve got a new blog ( but I struggle to come up with ideas for specific posts, and the process of getting a post up takes too much time. It is also time consuming to find followers. I look forward to learning from you.

    1. 1. Blogging is not about finding followers, it’s about making connections with people (community building).
      2. If you want to grow a blog you are going to have to work hard at it. There are no short-cuts.
      3. Take what you’re good at and/or most knowledgeable of and blog about it. That’s your topic. Talk about what it is, how to do it, why it is important to you, and how it might benefit others (your readers).
      4. Please don’t post a big photo of yourself in a comment. I’ve seen this practice before, and know that it is a tactic to draw attention. It doesn’t go over well. Trust me.

  19. Like to take the online course but I was locked out due to having a Mac with OS 10.4.11 which was too old – 

  20. I loved your course, and I am still learning. Currently I am six weeks into using a posting calendar to assure that I post great content 5 days a week. I have only missed one day. I’m about to buy my domain on, because I simply am not willing to spend all the admin time required for self-hosted WordPress. I did that for a while, and I was glad to get free of it. I want to write. I don’t want to become a tech guru.
    I love all the things I am learning, so my writing is good for me. I have also increased my following from 3 to 33 in the past three months, mostly during the past six weeks. I need to work out a plan to increase email subscribers, but I made up my mind that the most important thing is to have good content consistently posted. As I work on this goal, I find the time required is gradually decreasing to a more manageable level.
    I have done a lot of different kinds of writing, but I think this is my real writing home. Even the book I have been working on will be different because of what I am learning about blogging.
    Thanks for everything you share so freely!

  21. I signed up.  I now have two blogs going – one is more personal, and one I started for writing/public speaking/storytelling.  Now I just need to get people to read them.  

  22. I’m signing up for this course Jeff. Sounds like a good course. My blog growth has stalled. So I’m devoting the next 6 months (at least) to ramp up my blogging and take it to the next level. 

  23. Thank you for offering such an awesome course for free. I’m signed up. Hope to learn more 🙂

  24. I wonder how many people know why they are blogging. It sounds like an obvious question but I suspect many are doing it because they think they have to.

    That is not necessarily a bad thing but there is something to be said for setting up a mission statement and some objectives.

  25. What timing! I’ve just been brainstorming blog titles. I used to blog, and the blog is still out there, but I want to start fresh on a different tack. Thanks!

  26. Learning to be better blogger is slowly happening for me.  It gives me unexpected exposure to potential publishers and spokespeople for the value of my work.  Blogging is daily becoming a better and better tool for me to promote my writing.

  27. Thanks for this, Jeff! I have just started blogging (3 posts to my name) and this kind of information is great to have out of the gate. I really appreciate everything you’re doing.

  28. I’m in, Jeff. 🙂
    This course will help me with my blog. I have a question: I write only in Portuguese (my native language), but I would like to write in English too, so more people can read my blog. What’s your advice? 🙂 

  29. Well, I was thinking about a blog on Customer Service, while browsing discussions on LinkedIn, and I found this link in one of them.
    Since nothing happens by chance, this is a sign I have to be serious with my writing.
    Oh, I am feeling soooo lazy…
    Thank you, Jeff ! 

  30. I LOVE the blogging course! Your program helped me find my focus and develop my own online 12-week social media strategy course and of course, it will be FREE. I get it, I totally get it now and I’m drinking the koolaid 🙂

    I did a presentation last night for the Fl Writers Assn Orlando Chapter and promoted your site and blogging course. I got the speaking gig from my writing teacher Patricia (Writing Your Life) and she told me she had an email exchange with you. She’s on board with your process too and we’re both spreading the word. 

  31. I
    LOVE the blogging course! Your program helped me find my focus and
    develop my own online 12-week social media strategy course and of
    course, it will be FREE. I get it, I totally get it now and I’m drinking
    the koolaid 🙂

    I did a presentation last night for the Fl Writers Assn Orlando
    Chapter and promoted your site and blogging course. I got the speaking
    gig from my writing teacher Patricia (Writing Your Life) and she told me
    she had an email exchange with you. She’s on board with your process
    too and we’re both spreading the word. 


  32. What would it do for me?! …hopefully get me writing consistently and, therefore, finding my “voice”! Thanks for offering this, Jeff.

  33. I’ve been blogging for over 6 years, and I feel like I hit my peak in 2012. It’s been a steady decline since then and yes – I’m frustrated. I lost my focus, I had a rough year, I’ve been trying to find my footing again. I’ve shifted the focus of my blog recently in the hopes of breathing new life into my writing, but I feel kind of at a loss. I feel like I don’t really have anything fresh or new to say that someone else is already saying. In short – I don’t know what to write. I’m looking forward to this course, if for no other reason than to hopefully jog a little inspiration. Thanks! 🙂

  34. I finally started a blog after hearing over and over that I need a platform. (I’m a fiction writer trying to find agent representation and publication.) I’m only trying to post once a week, but I just can’t bring myself to post an online diary. I want to post “with a point.” But it’s tough finding things to write about–especially since I’m trying to write another novel at the same time. I’m confident you can help me, Jeff!

  35. I’ve had a blog for a couple of years and it’s been hit-and-miss for me. The past month, I’ve re-dedicated myself to it and I believe your course will help me stick to it. Although I get close to 100 views a day, I’m pretty sure my mother is my only faithful reader. 🙂 I’d really like to take it to the next level! Thanks, Jeff.

  36. A blogging class is just what I have been looking for. Free? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. I need all the help I can get, my blogging site, needs revamping and I need to advance to a new level of posting good information. Hopefully this course will give me the “promotion” that I need. One of my fellow writers has been recommending your work for a while. I am finally going to join your merry band of followers. Thanks!

  37. That’s so cool that you’re offering this course for free Jeff, people will be blessed to learn from someone who has built a blog from the ground up to where it is today!

  38. I think if I could become a more consistent writer I would relieve some creative frustrations. I often keep the thoughts all bunched up in my head waiting for the ‘right’ time to sit and write and work it all out, except that time never comes. Then, when I do have a few moments to write all the thoughts get clogged and don’t ever make their way out!

  39. I have the idea to scan my written journal pages on to my blog site. Theres a different energy when I’m free writing, where no one will ever read my journal pages and when I “have to” blog for my yoga business. I’d like to tap in to that energy, not just writing fro dead people …as in my journal writing, when that dead person would be me, sixty years from now when my kids stumble upon it and hopefully, lend an eye to it.

  40. For me, becoming a better blogger would marginally help to impact the lives of 20 additional young women, whom, as survivors of human trafficking, are hosted and trained within my volunteer missions movement–Operation Mobilization. And for me, the ‘how’ falls in line with what Jeff is offering through his class. If I can simply become more consistent in sharing narratives and raising awareness of how to impact this destructive industry, then we could rock!

  41. You’re very generous for sharing this to us! Thank you. I’d love to improve my skill as a writer and become a better blogger to be able to share my point and content appropriately to my readers.

  42. I have been listening to you for ages now, and you have already taught me so much. Progress is a bit slow, so am looking forward to learning from an expert!
    Thanks Jeff!

  43. I dream of doing what I love and growing in self-confidence while helping others &eventually even being able to contribute financially to my household, as I still have 10 years of caring for the Littles…which is the best dream job of all!)

  44. I’m always excited to learn how to be better — no matter what the project. I have found that the skills I acquire transfer to so many different areas. And the people I meet along the way become such a gift. Thanks for sharing.

  45. I so need this. My biggest problem is in finding focus. What I am writing tonight doesnt exactly “fit” with my blog’s purpose, but I need to write it because I need to learn it. I have two or three audiences in mind

  46. When will it start? Will it show in the subject line that it is part of the course vs being an e-mail with other info?? Excitedly awaiting the course.

  47. It’s me again. Still checking out your site and blog posts. I can’t seem to stop myself from digging deeper. This free online blogging course is next. Talking about adding value — thanks for your demonstrated lessons in modeling how it’s actually done.

    Pat B. Freeman

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  49. I just watched Jeff’s podcast where he offered a 4 week course, but I was bumped out of the link when I tried to purchase the course. Can someone please tell me how to get to the link? Thank you

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