The Most Obvious (But Overlooked) Secret to Getting Published in a Magazine

Getting Published in a Magazine
Photo credit: Henry Bush (Creative Commons)

Before you write your first book, you should publish at least a dozen magazine articles. Maybe more.

Until you cut your teeth on a few shorter pieces, you’re probably not ready for the challenge of writing an entire book. So how do you get started?

Believe it or not, the hardest part of getting published in a magazine isn’t the writing. It’s getting noticed.

The problem

A lot of freelance writers make a big mistake. They come up with a writing topic that would make for a good article for a magazine or website. And then, they spend way too much time on the idea without ever getting feedback.

They waste hours or even days writing the piece. Then, they try to find someone to publish it. And they fail miserably. 

This is backwards thinking. It assumes you know your audience better than the publisher does. (Even if you do, this attitude won’t get you very far.) It’s better to start with a few loose ideas and contact the publisher before moving forward with the piece.

The whole point is just to get on their radar. Which is the most difficult part. If you can do that (and be taken seriously), you’re in.

Relationship and conversation are more important than good ideas and great writing. At least, at first.

The solution

Instead of cold-pitching your ideas to publishers, do something better: Build a relationship.

But before you do that, do your homework. Study the publisher’s guidelines. Read sample pitches, if they’re available. Email friends or colleagues who have gotten their work published with them. Find out what works.

Then, try it out. You may only get one shot at this. Better make it count.

The process

  1. Present your ideas in a way that is a clear “win” for the publication. It’s not about you wanting to get published; it’s about how you can serve the publisher. Show them that.
  2. Explain how your piece will be relevant to their readership. Talk about why your voice is uniquely suited to reach their readers, how it will further the vision of the publication, etc. In other words, do a little bit of selling (they’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?”)
  3. Offer samples of other pieces you’ve done. Have something to show them — anything. Just don’t show up empty-handed. This is how they know you’re not wasting their time. (I often send editors a link to my portfolio.)
  4. Be courteous and to the point. Say “please” and “thank you.” Include a signature with contact info. Use short paragraphs. Cut out any unnecessary words. Act like a professional.

This works for magazine, trade publications, and even websites. And it can all be done via email.

The epiphany

To be honest, this process kind of surprised me. I thought the process of getting published in a magazine would’ve been more glamorous or complicated. Maybe including a handful of phone calls and legal debates with a few martinis thrown in for good measure.

As it turns out, content is not king. Relationship is. If you want to get published, start making connections with publishers, so that when the ideas come, they’ll actually pay attention to your work. When that happens, you won’t have to worry about pitching your work anymore. You’ll just be emailing an old friend.

By the way, this “secret” applies to book publishing, too. Having the right connections (with the right content) is essential. The good news is you can start small — with a magazine article or guest post on a friend’s blog — and build from there. Good luck.

What’s been your experience with getting publishing in magazines?

*Photo credit: Henry Bush (Creative Commons)

59 thoughts on “The Most Obvious (But Overlooked) Secret to Getting Published in a Magazine

  1. Relationship is key! I’m working on my first Ebook and needed a sponsor to underwrite the launch costs. I approached a company that I already had a relationship with through my blog. (I write about faith, motherhood, and homeschooling at Even though the project is a little outside their niche, they were excited to support me because they knew me and trusted me.

    1. I’d never thought about having a sponsor for an ebook… I love that you did that! I probably could have had a much better initial launch with my books if I’d had extra funds to create the design and such!

    1. Adrian, find a magazine you enjoy and do some digging.  I discovered More magazine, which I’ve subscribed to since it began, has a great section on their website for subscribers to write stories and submit them.  I’ve had a few published on their website and have an email relationship with one of their editors.  This is the kind of relationship I think Jeff is talking about.  
      Find a publication you can honestly contribute to and work it.

      1. great advice. my MO is to ask someone I know who’s been published there before. they can tell you how it really works (it’s not always how the publisher says on their website’s guidelines).

    2. Find a publication you like that you would like to write for (preferably one that you’ve read before). Do some research, find an email address, and introduce yourself. (It’s best if someone can introduce you, but emailing them is a great start.) If you need more of a step-by-step, buy my eBook while it’s on sale:

  2. Great tips and straight ideas here Jeff, I am currently building my own personal website to hopefully build up relationships down the line, thanks for a great read and helpful advice.

  3. I’m assuming that the link to your portfolio doesn’t work because you just wanted to give an example, but I would really love it if you could share a post or two about creating an online writing portfolio…? I’ve been wanting to create one but I’m not sure where to start, or anything about formatting, etc. This was a great post! 

    1. hey bethany, no, it was a mistake. sorry about that. it’s fixed now. check it out. i actually need to update it. it could be a LOT better. typically, i link to this OR (even better), I share a few links to articles I’ve written for publications that are similar to the one i’m pitching.

      1. That looks great! Have you ever made a print portfolio for job interviews or anything? The job I have is one that I had while in college that transitioned into full time, so I never needed to make a portfolio. Moving forward, I’d like to be able to create both an online portfolio and print portfolio, but I’m not sure if both are necessary? Feel free to email me if you’d rather discuss it outside of the comments. 

        1. Not really. My wife made a scrapbook for me but I really haven’t interfaces with anyone who didn’t do digital. This is the most convenient. My friend in PR says all media are required to accept pitches via email.

  4. Great advice for first-time article writers, thanks Jeff, I’ll keep this in mind to share with authors looking to publish in magazines. 

    I would also add don’t be afraid to follow up. Authors I work with are usually surprised when an editor hasn’t responded within a day or a week, but a more realistic timeline is probably 3-8 weeks, depending on the publication. Sometimes they will say in the writing guidelines when to follow up, but don’t be afraid to try! The worst that can happen is that you get a “no” or never hear back, and then you can try something else. 

      1. Yes, different magazines might call it differently, but basically writing/submission guidelines. If they don’t spell it out anywhere, study the publication for cues and examples.

    1. Hi Stephanie, I just got my first article published in National Geographic Assignment Blog and it has had universal rave reviews. I’m keen to start writing for major mags and finding someone who could be my literary publicist/agent. Could it be you? Maybe we could explore this possibility either via e-mail or phone – or call 415-683-8701. I would be pleased to hear from you. Thanks. Michael Banks

  5. Great post, after finding your manifesto I have steadily begun to write for me again after sinking in to the habit of writing for an audience. Much better for the soul and thank you for your insight. This is a great way to get into publishing and it is all about getting a relationship going, ideas and articles come second. I find if I can’t get twenty headlines out of a subject then I won’t pursue it. Keep posting, great site.

  6. I sold one magazine article a few years before I sold my first book, but the magazine went under before their first issue came out.  I did cash their $25 check though before it bounced!  

  7. Thanks for the interview with Don, today. Lots of great answers and I appreciate you taking the time to address our questions.

    Looks like I have some research to do for this next task (this post). Thanks for the advice!

  8. I see other people mentioned this- the portfolio link isn’t working.  I tried it at 11:40 MST.

    Good luck!

  9. Thank you 🙂 it is refreshing to hear that good old fasioned manners and communication could actually be the key.  I have had a small sucess with two small publications in magazines yet I still yearn (as do we all) for the huuuuge break that shall mean I can be like ‘Angela Lansbury’ and sit at my type writer in a rose filled garden.

  10. Sold. $2.99 is the magic price point for me. I’m guessing that about 30% of the book will be genuinely, specifically useful to me, but that’s still great value. Looking forward to digging through, and will be watching your site. Cheers.

  11. I had my 16 year old daughter read this from the picture of the typewriter and when she was done she scrolled to the top of your blog , saw your picture and said, “Oh my gosh, is he my age?” hahaha GREAT article Jeff. I’d say being more systematic about this process, or even press releases for TV & radio pitches is a good plan for me.

  12. Thanks for the tips Jeff, straightforward advice is always helpful!  Also, great to see the transcript will be coming from your interview with Don McAllister – as a non-USAer, I always appreciate transcripts or recordings of interviews as I’m rarely awake for the live versions that tend to appear at midnight onwards my time!

  13. I just recently was made aware of this sire and I love it!  I just ordered your two e-books and am looking forward to putting them into action!  To everyone else on here “Good Luck”!

  14. Sage advice, Jeff, however I wonder if I might be the squeaky wheel for a moment. 

    Posing an idea to an editor as a means of getting on the radar is an excellent idea. As someone who wears both hats on a daily basis, I can see the sound logic behind this idea, but I also see a couple concerns. “What if my idea is stolen?” 

    There’s also a question of the overwhelming prevalence of marketing/PR spin in the greater media environment these days. Perhaps I’m alone in this mindset, but I’d rather keep my integrity and write what needs written than be paid to write thinly veiled sales copy.

    Your thoughts? I guess each of us ultimately has to make the decision for ourselves, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Is the goal to be paid to write – whatever pays – or to write that which must be written? 

    1. Ideally, both. But the truth is you have to earn the right to be heard. You have to pay your dues. And sometimes what must be written is not always your idea. Editors have good ideas, too. (But I hear you — sometimes you have to put your foot down when it comes to values. I totally get that.) Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  15. What if the only thing you have to show them is your own blog?  I’ve yet to publish anything in print or online, with the exception of my blog.  Most of the magazines (print or online) require one to show previously published work.  Thoughts?

  16. I agree, relationship is the answer.  For three years I have been writing for the hospitality industry and have been published in several different magazines fairly regularly. 

    As first it was difficult to get their attention but over time I have built relationships with staff members and other contributing writers.  It really is like sending an email to a friend at this point.

    As usual, Jeff is spot on!

  17. The question I have, is how do you find the jobs? Where do you go to find the open freelance positions?

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