How to Be a Polite (and Successful) Guest Blogger

Remember that show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Will Smith? Whenever I think of the word “polite,” the image of the butler Geoffrey comes to mind for some reason.

How to Be a Polite Guest Blogger
This is Geoffrey the butler, not Laura the awesome guest blogger.
He’s polite and prim and maybe a little cynical. Regardless, he is the very picture of propriety.

Well, Laura Click (who guest-posted here yesterday) is like the Geoffrey of the guest-posting world. She’s the most polite guest blogger I’ve ever met.

I was so impressed with my experience of her guest post that I’m dedicating today’s post on what you can learn from her.

If you’re considering writing for other blogs to help you get noticed as a writer (which is an excellent idea), you would do well to follow her example.

Here’s what Laura did (and you can do) to be a very polite and successful guest blogger:

Put the community first

Laura wrote an article on a topic that we both agreed would benefit the community of writers, bloggers, and creatives that read this blog. She spoke directly to you, encouraging you to use your valuable gifts to make money, providing some practical ways to get started.

Submit your “A” content

Laura wrote an excellent article, which shows in the comments and retweets. She not only wrote something that was relevant to this blog’s audience, but she also wrote it very well.

She didn’t send me a recycled post from her blog or some “B” quality content that wasn’t good enough for her own site. She sent me a post that, it seemed to me, she worked on for a while.

Make your article incredibly easy to post

While every blogger has their own preferences, it’s important to have your post as ready-to-post as possible. Make sure that you’ve proofread it and that there’s no funky formatting that will make posting it a hassle for the blogger.

In my opinion, Laura went above and beyond my expectations in this realm. She sent me two documents via email — one that was plain text and another already formatted in HTML. All I had to do was copy and paste the post in my blog and hit “Publish.”

Laura included a photo and provided back-links to other relevant posts on my blog. She even laid out the post in short paragraphs (for easy scanning) and broke up the main points into sub-headers that made the reading more intuitive and comprehensible.

Share generously

Laura leveraged her strong social media presence and connections with other influencers and shared the post link (more than once) on Twitter and Facebook. Throughout the day, she thanked every single person who retweeted the post, including my Twitter handle in each tweet to encourage others to follow me.

Give precedent to relationship

All of this was birthed out of relationship.

Laura and I were following each other on Twitter. Then, we met at a local meetup. Then, I guest-posted for her blog. Then, I invited her to do the same. And we dialogued via email and Twitter throughout the whole thing.

We didn’t cold-pitch each other. We didn’t try to sell or convince one another of anything. We got to know each other, and then we tried to help one another in our respective community goals.

Laura blew me out of the water. I hope to one day be half the guest blogger she is.

Bonus: Want two free videos on how I used guest posting to get over 10,000 subscribers in 18 months? Click here to get the videos.

What tips for guest blogging success do you have? Share in the comments.

31 thoughts on “How to Be a Polite (and Successful) Guest Blogger

  1. Wow, Jeff. I’m blown away. Thank you so much for the kind words. It was truly a pleasure to be a guest on your blog! Thanks for having me and for being so great to work with!

    Thanks for taking our great experience working together and framing it in a way that can help your readers. I hope people take your advice and start rocking some awesome guest posts!

  2. It can also be good to change your writing style some to fit the other person’s blog while at the same time keeping your own style intact. If they lean more towards humor than you normally do, then go with that approach. If their blog is more practical then make clear suggestions.

    1. This is EXCELLENT advice. Before every guest post I’ve written, I make sure I read a number of the blogger’s posts first so I can “hear” their style when I’m writing. I write to make it sound like it’s coming from them. If you do that, you’re post will fit in beautifully with their content.

  3. Great post! I plan on writing a similar piece on why guest blogging is a strategic move for both bloggers and will link to this.

    Gave you some StumbleUpon props and a tweet is scheduled. 🙂

  4. I love how Laura approached the guest blog on your site. She really took the time to become part of the community, especially by linking to other parts of your site. Guest blogging can help a blogger find a whole new audience and engage with new people. Well done Laura and Jeff!

  5. I agree wholeheartedly about Laura and I think it was a brilliant idea, a stroke of genius really, to dedicate a post to her and how to emulate her fine example when it comes to guest posting.

    Bravo to Jeff and Laura!


  6. Thanks Jeff.
    I received several guest blogging exchange requests via my profile at and I was a little bit upset with some. I feel as if I have put more effort than the other side, but I will try to implement your suggested tactics.

  7. Excellent article.  And, it helps us to understand how polite Laura is when you relate it to a character that some of us may be familiar with on TV.  Yes, the TV character, Geoffrey, seemed to be polite regardless of whether he may have felt like being polite and that is character.

  8. The problem however is when the blogger tries to make you change your style completely from how you normally write. Identity online is everything and it’s never fun to write an article that has to be written in such a different way to what you are used to especially if by doing so it takes far longer to write that guest article then it does to simply post it up on your site how you would write it.

  9. Very nice summary of best practices. Will keep that in mind when I will compose my first guest post. I do find it hard to decide where to post my best content. Do I post it on my brand new site ( that has very few followers, or do I craft it into a guest post and offer it as content on someone else’s website? This post has given me some clues. thanks Jeff 🙂

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