The In-Between is Making Waves: Guest Posts, Interviews, Reflections, & More!

My new book, The In-Between, has been out a month and has already started receiving rave reviews. I’m both excited and a little nervous to hear how it’s connecting with readers. So far, so good (over 100 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon!).

The In-Between
The In-Between by Jeff Goins (that’s me!)

Here are a few recent reviews:

Sometimes we focus on the next big thing in our lives that we often miss the best moments which are right in front of us. I know I am guilty of this, which is why this book deeply resonates with me. I definitely wrestle with the in-between moments in my life.


In his book, Jeff inspires us all to see our personal waiting periods in a new light. No matter your age or season of life, there are things you have to wait for. The In-Between takes us on a journey through various seasons of Jeff’s life, including his mission travels, meeting his wife, and becoming a father. So much wisdom packed in such a young man. Through his own life lessons, Jeff encourages us to slow down, let go, and be grateful.


What a great perspective and set of lessons from this bright young writer. And I wish I had known about the In-Between when I was in my 20’s. I am 60 now, and learned some of this myself along the way, but whatever your age, you will find refreshment and companionship as you walk through Jeff’s words. What I know now, as I enter the best years, is that there are many such In-Between periods in life, and they are times to savor, not stew, and as you live in and for the moment, you fill up and become fulfilled, better able to ride and enjoy the next wave. Thanks Jeff, for stepping out and pursuing your gift. Can’t wait for the next book that is brewing.


This book is set at a slower pace from that of my previous work, Wrecked, so it’s interesting to see the impact it’s having.

Stories tend to work more slowly but also more deeply into the hearts of readers, which was why I decided to write the book as a memoir. I wanted to make a point using story, and the message required me to think more creatively than a typical nonfiction advice book.

So I want to share with you some more thoughts from yours truly as well as some fascinating reflections and reviews from readers (including one in Albanian!).

Here is a collection of guest posts, interviews, and reviews of the book, as well as some unique explanations of what it means to embrace the wait and live in the in-between. Enjoy!

Guest posts (mine)

Interviews & podcasts

Reviews & reflections

Your chance to participate

Whether or not you’ve read the book (although, I encourage you to pick it up), I’d love to hear how this idea of embracing the wait has changed your life in some way. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments (blog links, too!).

Oh, and if you haven’t yet participated in the Slow Down Challenge, check it out.

(By the way, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of The In-Between yet, you can see where it’s available here. As of right now, Amazon has it available for a steal of a deal at 40% off.)

What do you think of the in-between (the book and/or the idea)? Share in the comments.

51 thoughts on “The In-Between is Making Waves: Guest Posts, Interviews, Reflections, & More!

  1. The book continues to resonate with as I see everything through the fresh eyes of opportunity as opposed to irritation and worry: “Ahh, this is another In-Between. What shall I do with this? What are the possibilities?” Thanks for the view, Jeff!

  2. When I first got the print copy of “The In-between” I was sort of sad, b/c it looked so short; but the message is anything but little. As I read through this book I realized all the highlighted sentences that spoke to my heart were lessons I had only learned in the last few years and was so encouraged to see others who are “getting” it so much sooner. For example, “…For the fruit of waiting- the outcome, the resulting growth- I am grateful. But for the process- the part that causes the growth- I am not”. I have literally said these words more than 100 times in the last year and they resonate with my heart and what I know to be truth. The “truth” in this book just sort of keeps going. “Maybe, I thought, God is less concerned with exactly what I’m doing and more concerned with who I’m becoming”- Yes! Yes- I think He is. And then: “…we need to understand that the wait sometimes is essential to appreciate the gifts that follow, no matter how much we may resent the process”. It is only after learning this lesson that you can find a way to verbalize it, but I think you do such a good job of telling YOUR story Jeff- of making us believe it and feel it, I think even if you haven’t gotten there for yourself yet, you help us see the truth in the message of this book. In the conclusion “Turns out…people don’t hate waiting when they know what they’re waiting for.” And this is perhaps the nugget that has one of the biggest chances to transform our way of thinking and living- to have purpose in life itself and not some list of end results is what makes the “waiting”, all the “in between days”- which really are just THE days- of our life have meaning.

  3. Thanks Jeff for a wonderful book. Here’s a couple quick thoughts… Missionary Jim Elliot said over fifty years ago: “Wherever you are be all there.”

    He was on to something.

    Author Jeff Goins said today, “We’re an “instant gratification” generation, but the trouble is, most change happens gradually.”

    He’s on to something too.

    Every day the average person produces six newspapers worth of information compared with just two and a half pages 24 years ago – nearly a 200-fold increase. The amount of data produced through social media alone is staggering:

    – People and brands on Twitter send more than 340 million tweets a day.
    – People send more than 144.8 billion Email messages sent a day.
    – People on Facebook share more than 684,000 bits of content a day.
    – People upload 72 hours (259,200 seconds) of new video to YouTube a minute.
    – Google receives over 2 million search queries a minute.
    – Apple receives around 47,000 app downloads a minute.
    – Brands receive more than 34,000 Facebook ‘likes’a minute.
    – Tumblr blog owners publish 27,000 new posts a minute.
    – Instagram photographers share 3,600 new photos a minute.
    – Flickr photographers upload 3,125 new photos a minute.
    – People perform over 2,000 Foursquare check-ins a minute.
    – Individuals and organizations launch 571 new Websites a minute.
    – WordPress bloggers publish close to 350 new blog posts a minute.

    With 300 times more bits of information than grains of sand, we should ask, “What’s the benefit?” (I’m banking on the fact I’m not the only one who’s asking.)

    Thankfully Jeff Goins helps us navigate the noise in his new book, The In-Between. He says much of life is waiting.

    Rather than rushing past the wait, he teaches us through his own experiences, how to savor the wait, by redeeming the time.

    The #1 Reason Why I DISLIKED Jeff Goins’ The In-Between is: Because it’s so convicting. I struggle with The In-Between…of “being all here” in the moment. Maybe you do too?

    In a masterful way, Jeff stories draw you in so that you’re forced to look in the mirror. You’re provoked to examine how you respond to the present…to the In-Between.

  4. It has taken longer to read than I thought because I have had to put the book down and think about what I had just read before continuing. I also noticed today as I posted this weeks blog I have noticed and appreciated smaller things in life that I would otherwise have missed. Thanks for the inclusion in the above list, greatly valued.

  5. Such a thoughtful book. I found it very easy to read but not so easy to forget! I am still thinking about it long after I have put it down. I think it has a lot to say to mothers in particular. We spend a lot of time in the in-between.

  6. This book has helped me immensely during my own transition. I oftentimes find myself very anxious to get to something bigger and better. This book reminded me that there is beauty and a gift in the in-between. Thank you Jeff for sharing your story.

  7. The book is fantastic, a really good read. Not for things as ‘simple’ as story, but a good read in that it really makes you stop. And think. In a good way 🙂

  8. One of the reasons I felt I had to read The In-Between is because my life is in a mind numbing holding pattern right now. I’m here with my two kids, living with relatives, while my husband is in another state finishing his schooling. I’m restless, bored, and I really miss having my own place and a bit of privacy every now and again. After I read the book, I realized I should be enjoying this time while I can. Before I know it, he’ll be finished and we’ll be on the move again, and I’ll be wishing for these long reflective moments of peace. Great book, Jeff. I’ll be recommending it to everyone.

  9. The In-Between was the right book at the right time. My life has been lived in the “between” for several years now. The loss of a marriage and a job has created a difficult situation. Reading your book has helped me see each moment of this time, even to look back, and find the nuggets, the lessons and the understanding of how to better approach the future. Even more, it has reminded me that my faith is where I need to be centered. Thank you!

  10. Your book touched me and your writing is so honest and real that it really hit the spot. The ‘spot’ for me at the moment is the scary thought of moving towards early retirement from my full time job as an academic. I’m staying with the ‘inbetween’ for now and learning from the process. Thanks for your book at just the right time Jeff, and keep writing, I love your newsletters.

  11. The In-Between was a refreshing look at life. Simply reading the book helps to pull you out of the hustle and bustle of day to day life and focus you on what’s most important in life. I believe that what Jeff is focusing on in this book is of the utmost importance and often overlooked. Thank God for Jeff Goins. I listened to the audio book and hope to go back and reread the print version with my wife.

  12. I love that the message of the richness of waiting times is now, that the ones having babies, raising babies are getting it now, while the babies are still babies. Most of life is the living of it between the big events … I didn’t fully get that as mine were growing up …I do now ..Right here right now is where it all lives. This moment. There is no other.

    I am so excited to see this focus on NOW in communities of faith. I loved reading the stories of the author’s process … growing into the now moment … and I am excited to see what comes next …. as I live fully, richly, in the wait for that!

  13. I expected this to be a heavier read like Wrecked, his previous book, but I felt like he was teaching me without me even knowing it, while he spun his tales and swept me away. Very enjoyable and inspiring.

  14. The In-Between was my first Jeff Goins experience. And I’m hooked. It was what I needed to hear in the exact moment I needed to hear it. Our society is focused on the next big event. And while I believe that’s a good thing, there is nothing as precious as the moment we’re in. The In-Between reminded me of that in such a kind, unassuming way. Thank you Jeff!

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I try to read at least one non-fiction book per
    month along with my fiction. Sometimes they end up being informational, but dry.
    This one is not. It’s a good read as Jeff’s writing style is that of a true
    storyteller. This book is full of true life stories, his own and some short
    stories of others. The book invites us to look at the waiting times in our lives
    in a different light. I found it very though provoking and encouraging. I
    recommend it for everyone, especially young adults fresh out of high school or
    college. I am giving it a strong 5 stars.

  16. Jeff’s first book ‘Wrecked’ is about his journey through those early years, about the people he met along the way and about the pain he encountered. Pain that left him feeling much like a train wreck. He knew that we all need to experience the pain before we can be of true service to others.

    ‘The In-Between’ takes us beyond having been wrecked for the better and helps us understand that, In-Between those times of hard work and deadlines, is where we really do our living and growing. I know this book, just like Wrecked, will be underlined and dog-eared and that I will go back to it time and again. Go back to seek his encouragement, go back to explore what I do with in my In-Between times. Be reminded that I need to be take advantage of the lulls between large, sometimes overpowering, things that happen in life. That indeed I need to be still and listen. Listen to those wee small voices that remind me of who I really am.

    Thank you Jeff Goins for showing us your soul, thank you for encouraging us to write it out – not to hold it in but to release the inner spirit that is in all of us. Linda Belcher

  17. I was just speaking to someone today at an event about The In-Between and how we all need to pay attention to the now and not always focus on the future. The biggest impact this book has had on me is the encouragement it has provided to savor every moment of life. The good, bad, or boring moments. I have goals but I also have now. I need to continually remind myself to experience the now and realize the present is meant to be soaked up and enjoyed.

  18. Jeff you struck a cord in my life with The In-Between. Reading some of the stories showed me how impatient I have been, and most important it showed me what I am missing out on during those moments of impatience. There is great opportunity “in-between”…opportunity to observe, to grow, to connect, to learn, and just experience life! Everyone should read, whether they consider themselves a patient person, or someone with zero patience, this book will resonate with them. Great work, Jeff!

  19. Loved your book and your writing style. I appreciate your eyes, you call to slowing down and the fact that things are happening in the now.

  20. A gentle message for my impatient ways. A daily struggle sometimes, thank you for writing The In between! Life is a journey is an overused statement that has endured because it is true.

  21. “The In-Between” is a straightforward look at simple but important truths we should all remember. Thanks, Jeff, for writing personal stories in such a way to include others in your journey of discovering opportunities to grow through life’s changes and challenges.

  22. This book made a great impact on how I view the “waiting” moments of life. In this generation we not only have fast Internet, but that fast Internet can also come on a device that goes with us everywhere. We are so used to getting information instantaneously that waiting even a few extra seconds causes great frustration. I am a reader of Christian Inspiration books, but the way this book was formatted as a memoir provided a memorable way to take in the little lessons that you inserted into each chapter. I recommend this book to everyone who is exhausted by the fast pace their life is moving in. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing these stories about slowing down and enjoying the waiting moments in life!

  23. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Transparent and inspiring!, August 18, 2013

    Sharon Paavola –

    This review is from: The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing [A Spiritual Memoir] (Paperback)

    Jeff shares his life to prove his point of living vibrantly in the
    waiting rooms of our reality. His transparency shows the validity of his
    premise. Reading the first few chapters inspired me to change the way I
    was spending my spare time and encouraged me that I was being used and
    transformed by God even in the in between times. I was compelled to
    finish this book, not set it aside after a reading part way.

  24. I know I am late in reading your book. Sorry about that. But there’s nothing like a long cross country plane ride to spend some quality uninterrupted time reading. And wow; was I glad I grabbed your book and stuffed it into my bag! I loved the book. I jotted down so many quotes in my journal. We do live mostly in the in-between times of life so why not enjoy them and savor the time we have. I spent the week with my family who live on the opposite coast. Instead of checking my phone and texts, I tried to focus on these precious moments. It made for such an enjoyable time! Thank you for reminding me. My amazon review is forthcoming but it will be excellent. 5 out of 5 stars Jeff!!!!

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