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Note: This offer has now expired. Sorry!

We all have to learn to live in the in-between moments of life. Whether you’re 17 or 71, you know what it means to have anxiety, to experience delays, to hope for things that never come. Which raises an important question:

What do we do with the waiting? Do we love or loathe it? Is it a necessary evil to get to the good stuff in life? Or is it the entire point of being alive?

I wrote my next book in an attempt to answer that question (read on to hear how I’m going to give you a ton of bonuses when you decide to preorder it and join me in the waiting).

The In-Between

Introducing: The In-Between

Instead of telling you what I think we should do with waiting, I’ve shown you through personal anecdotes and reflections that will hopefully lead you to consider similar moments in your own life.

The In-Between is part memoir, part advice book — full of heartfelt stories and practical takeaways. Some parts are extremely personal, while others are more abstract and universally applicable. And every few chapters, I include what one of my editors calls an “interstitial,” a brief instructional piece on how this all relates to you.

It feels like the riskiest thing I’ve written so far. And since I can’t wait for the book’s release in a couple of months, I thought it would be fun (and appropriate, given the topic) to not only encourage preorders, but reward them.

Why you should preorder the book

If you preorder my book between now and the release date (July 29, 2013), you will get six bonuses absolutely for free:

  • Membership to an exclusive online community, including a free newsletter and invitation-only Facebook group (a $99 value — and for my money’s worth, the best part of the whole deal). In this group, I’ll be sharing secret insights and lessons learned from the process of writing and publishing another book — and you’ll be the first to hear it.
  • Advanced digital copies of the manuscript in Kindle, iPad, PDF, and Nook formats (a $40 value). Instead of having to buy a different version of the book for different devices, you get them ALL for free.
  • Digital copies of my last book, Wrecked, in all file formats (a $40 value). Just like the above, but for my previous book, which was published last year. In many ways, this book is the prequel to The In-Between, so the two go well together.
  • Complimentary copy of the audiobook, read by me (a $30 value). Most audiobooks come out months after the print version of the book, but if you preorder this book, you’ll get the audio BEFORE the print.
  • Reader’s guide with exclusive content and discussion questions (a $10 value). This is an exclusive workbook I’m creating for groups and organizations who order the book in bulk, but all you have to do is order one.
  • 30-minute writing workshop (MP3 + PDF) entitled, “How to Fall Back in Love with Writing” (a $20 value). This was one of my best speeches I’ve ever delivered on the writing process. The audio quality is excellent, and I include my slides, as well, for you to follow along.

If you’re keeping track of dollars (which isn’t really the point), that’s $240 worth of free stuff just for preordering a $10 paperback. Not bad, right?

My goal, though — and frankly, the real value in this offer — is the community we’ll form. Yes, you’ve got to pay a little to be a part of it, but it’ll be worth it.

Folks pay hundreds and sometimes even thousands of bucks to get this kind of access to me. And all you have to do is preorder my next book. I plan on working my butt off to serve this group of early adopters and make it every bit worth your while.

How to get the bonuses

So… if you’re in (and I hope you are), here’s what you need to do:

  1. Preorder the book at your favorite bookstore (B&N, AmazonBAMCBD, Parable).
  2. Submit the receipt to this email address: inbetweenbonuses (at) gmail (dot) com.
  3. Confirm your email address (you’ll be added to a list that will allow you to collect your bonuses and stay in touch).
  4. Download all your awesome bonuses and make sure you add the above email to your safe senders list.

Here’s why I’m doing this: bookstores tend to base how many copies of a book they order off of preorders. So if a book doesn’t get a lot of sales before it releases, then bookstores (like Barnes & Noble and Amazon) tend to be more conservative with their initial orders.

On the other hand, if we get a large number of preorders, more copies of the book will be on shelves when it releases. Plus, you get all that free stuff and my undying gratitude (I’ll even throw in a free hug).

So what do you say? Are you in? If you’re able (and I totally understand if you aren’t), I’d love your help. You can find out more about The In-Between and where to order it here.

What “in-between” moment are you dealing with right now? Share in the comments.

About Jeff Goins

I write books and help writers get their work out into the world. I am the best-selling author of four books, including The Art of Work. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.

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  • Done. Looking forward to reading it Jeff.

    • Awesome, Ben. I believe you were the first!

      • Barney

        Hi Jeff, do I get the goodies if I pre-order the Kindle version, or only the paperback?

  • Looking forward to seeing this in its final form, complete with the “interstitial.” 🙂

  • Done, and shared. “If only Jeff Goins weren’t giving away so much with the pre-orders of his new book…

    …said no one ever.”

    • jodyberkey

      Thanks for sharing this on FB, Erik. This book is perfect timing for me. All of these bonus offers are completely amazing, but the book itself will really speak to this time in my life where “the in-between” seems to be my holding pattern right now.

      At 34, I’ve been given the diagnosis of premature ovarian failure with a 5% chance of conceiving. I’m going through the genetic screening process to see if I’ve inherited the BRCA gene mutation that runs through my family. It leads to a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. And I continue to get 6 month checkup for the melanoma I had five years ago. I feel as though I’m constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I need to learn how to better manage and celebrate the waiting and the in-between time.

  • Looks interesting. I’m always in between something.

  • A free hug! No way!

    And right now I’m in-between life as I know it and life wrecked.

    • If memory serves me, this will not be your first Jeff Goins hug. So you may have actually already used up your voucher. 😉

      And I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. So exciting. Hope you write a book about it some day. Some needs to.

      • I’m pretty sure a Jeff Goins hug voucher comes with every book and I’ve only used up one… maybe two.

        You, Weston, and Christine are all singing the same song. You won’t have to twist my arm to say yes… but you may have to in order to see a finished product.

  • FYI: The Amazon link under pre-order takes you to Wrecked.

  • Cathlene

    I’ll be out of the US when this wonderful looking book ships – so I’m giving my hard copy to a dear friend, who I think will love your writing style!

  • joanna

    Pre-ordering now.

    https://www.bookdepository.com also has it for pre-order and their shipping is free to almost anywhere in the world

  • Ermzie

    Presently I am in the midst of the “in-between time” from when my poem was accepted for publication in March as a children’s book and the actual start date of the production process which is July. If the title stays the same, it will be titled “Ride A Train.” This is my debut into the world of published authors. Some days I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself.

  • dutchbeingme

    Is the book available via Amazon? I can’t seem to find it… as others have said, the link goes to Wrecked.

  • Done. Looking forward to the community, and of course, the book.

    We are all in a constant state in-between, and yet can only see a smidgen of what may be coming down the pike. My hubbie and I are in-between being weary of the weather New Englanders and joyful new residents of TN, and of being parents of adult children and grandparents of our first grandchild. I am in-between being a writer with a small following and author of several books, of being a Toastmaster and an effective and encouraging speaker.

    Thanks for the prompt to think about where I’ve been, where I am and especially where I’m going.

    • I can relate to a lot of those interstitials. 🙂

  • Deanna

    I have been in a state of in-between since March of 2011 when my husband had his stroke. We are still rehabbing very slowly, but now I have enough time to wonder about how this change will mold me into a better person. I want to help other caregivers navigate through this new territory, but I am not sure how to make that happen and what it will look like in the end. Because the stroke left my beloved insecure and suspicious, I have to proceed the same way I have to drive to keep him from throwing up: very smooth acceleration, and no sudden moves.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Deanna. Thank you for sharing.

  • Can’t wait, Jeff! But I guess I will have to 🙂 Hmm…what in between moment is my family NOT dealing with right now? Yesterday we buried my husband’s mom. We sat by her bedside and waited for days until she was finally out of pain and finally at peace. Two weeks ago we moved to a new state and into my brother-in law’s basement…we are waiting to find out where our next home will be. We are looking for a new church to call home…we are waiting. God must know I stink at waiting and this is His way of helping me become better at it. 🙂 Definitely a season of growth and trusting.

    • Hah! It seemed appropriate to encourage preorders for a book about waiting, eh?

      Thanks for sharing, Eileen. I always loving hearing your reflections.

  • Author Page Jodi Woody

    Thanks Jeff, pre-ordered. My In Between moment is working a dayjob, partime, and retiring from that to write full time. It’s hard beign patient.

  • Kandace

    Just ordered! I have a feeling this one is going to be your best work yet.

  • As a career coach specializing in missionaries and ministers in career transitions, I spend a lot of time helping people get out of “In-Between land” Bet this book will be useful to my tribe and hoping I can include it in my initial wow welcome package. Thanks for all you are doing…

  • This sounds like an absolutely perfect read for me right now, Jeff – I am looking forward to it!

    • Thanks, Michelle. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. :-/

  • Annmarie Miles

    looking forward to the book Jeff – and the hug! You coming to Ireland for that or do I need to travel 😀
    I feel poised… but the problem is that the ‘poised’ stage has been going on for a while and I’m getting bored there. I’m restless and not sure how to move forward.
    Can’t wait to read both the books.
    thanks for the generous freebies 🙂

    • Hey Annmarie. Book me to speak, and I’d be delighted to visit you! 🙂

  • Sweetness. I’ll get it pre-ordered once I get my book budget for July (Damn you, Dave Ramsey). Godspeed.

    • Hah! Indeed. 🙂

    • brianfalexander

      I need to do that. Both pre-order and set a book budget.

      • I decided to go for broke with book purchases this year. Subscribed to audible and haven’t regretted. I’ve already read at least a dozen books this year. It’s the best education I’ve received since college. There’s something powerful about digesting a lot of knowledge in a shot amount of time. There’s always the library. 😉

  • Pre-ordered. Thanks for shipping Jeff.

  • Jackie

    pre ordered and I will WAIT…for it…certainly it will be legendary. 🙂
    My hubby and I read “Wrecked” together on our weekly dates.

    Mom of 5:
    13 yo foster (waiting for him to be family)
    16 and 17 yo HS seniors, (waiting)
    21 yo WRITER, BIOLA senior (waiting)
    23 yo and wonderful daughter-in-law (not waiting for grand-parenthood).
    And this mom should graduate into a new career as a Nurse Practitioner April 2014. Waiting.
    Working while we wait.

  • semerkle

    Hey Jeff! Thanks for the pre-order info and I have done so. I sent the receipt to inbetween@gmail.com but did not get an auto link back to the gifts. Thought it may be due to the original link being wrong. I noticed in Amazon, it went straight to “Wrecked” but I ordered it from that link anyway so now I’m “in between”! 🙂

  • Jody Noland

    Just pre-ordered a copy of your book. It looks great, and just the encouragement I need right now as I begin to share the message of Leave Nothing Unsaid. (www.LeaveNothingUnsaid.com)

    • Awesome, Jody. I hope you participate in the community, as I think it could be beneficial to you, especially considering your website.

  • Debby

    Just pre-ordered….but I may be ordering more as I want to get for friends! Can’t wait to learn also from your guide and workshop also! Thanks!

    • Awesome, Debby! I have some more fun stuff to share with those who order multiple copies. More on that soon. 😉

  • semerkle

    I have been “waiting” on a couple of things for a few years. But God removed and/or convicted me on taking some “removal” action and He did the rest. He has had me in a state of overall emptiness/baroness which has provided me with a perfect opportunity to focus solely on Him (BTW, that was not my first response). When nothing is behind, below and seems to not be in front, I’m left with looking up. God is a real hoot.

  • I went looking for this on Amazon.co.UK and I couldn’t find it on there…am I being dumb or will I just have to wait to give you my money ?

  • Vanessa Stevens

    HI Jeff, I’ve been following you for some time. “In Between” question you asked is what got me to respond. As a singer, songwriter and writer (and voice for abused women) I have had a number of in between moments from getting ahead in my musical Project, to a new career in freelance writing for two local papers,and occasional magazines.

    There are only so many hours in a day! I find myself easily overwhelmed. Do any of your books cover this? I’m lucky and grateful to be making the money I am in small publishing and just knowing that I do not have all my eggs in one basket is a comfort to me overall, but also I wonder how much of it is worth it. Thanks,Van (Vanessa)

  • Mizarté Bunbury

    Mr. Jeff Goins,

    I have been listening to Wrecked over the past few days and you have done a blessed job in writing such a book to broaden awareness out of our selfish selves and more. My in-between state currently has been an acclimatization to returning to my home after a year abroad attending Bible Colleges. Going from constant school atmosphere and 20-80 students one can easily be friends with makes a return to home without them a stunning occurrence I am learning how to survive outside of the normal social experience and am currently awaiting to see how the outcome of university applications may go for me this year. As the will of God so allows may I be free from anxiety and have acceptance for His plan instead of my own.

  • Jeff, you changed my life. December and January was a turning point in my life until I found you and Tribe Writers. I am grateful and honored to call myself part of the TW community. I don’t have time to for ‘In-Between’ right now. You gave me too much work in TW and in the subsequent Trailblazer program. I pre-ordered your book because I want a hug 😉

    • Hah! Wow, Patricia. I’m honored. Thanks for going for it!

  • Emjay Luby

    I was laid off the day before I signed a contract to have my first novel published. I’m in between a salary and marketing my book, which is somewhat stressful. Your book will be just what I need to help me over the rough spots.

    • I hope so, Emjay.

      • Emjay Luby

        God hasn’t let me down yet. He’s supplied over and over again through the years.

  • Bria Pittman

    I just finished Wrecked a couple of days ago and it was AMAZING! I have recently discovered my love for writing and it is so encouraging that you are so willing to help us all and share so much. Thanks Jeff! Just pre-ordered The In-Between! Can’t wait to read it.

  • Nancy Bouwens

    In between… the life I knew and “understood” of raising a family and working part time. Now I am an empty nester, have sold our home of 20+ years and living in an apt, “waiting” for the next step in our lives. Poised at the edge, fearful, excited and living in a flux of the unknown. Oky- God… what now?

    • Amen, Nancy. A friend wrote the foreword to this book, and if nothing else, I think that part alone will speak to you. It’s so good.

      • Nancy Bouwens

        very much looking forward to it- and will LOOK for the forward you memtioned. Just shared your link on my FB page Simply Abundant Life Coaching ! What you do through your writing I know will speak to many that are a part of my FB group.

        p.s. love being a part of the TW group- continually am learning and growing in my writing. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Well done again @jeffgoins:disqus. I will be helping spread word on this one.

  • Raelene Purtill

    Thanks Jeff. Have pre-ordered your new book from Amazon. I am now in between doing that and waiting for it to arrive!! Seriously, I am learning to make the most of in between times. They fill me with hope and anticipation.

    • I’ml earning that, too, Raelene. 🙂

  • Done! Thanks for leading the way.

  • CharliePharis

    Done! Looking forward to the book and the goodies! Thanks, Jeff!

  • Doing it.

  • Vicky Lightner Cox

    Done! Can hardly wait to read it. Loved Wrecked and now reminded to load the audio to listen on my walks. TW has been great for me but I am kinda “in between” to finish. I need to write more to finish.

    • You’re not alone, Vicky. Stick with it.

  • Guest

    The amazon’s link was brought me to Wrecked. Does that mean I can’t pre-order from Amazon right?

  • I am so excited by this book, because it’s the world I inhabit. I have been waiting to get better for eight years – but I get worse. I have a severe autoimmune disease, and only well enough to leave the house for an hour, once a fortnight. I have a friend who has been bedbound with the same illness, in constant agony, for 8 years. And still we wait – for treatment, or research, or a miracle.

    And at the same time, I’m not waiting, and neither is she. We are living, each day, breathing. I’m in-between but in-the-middle as well.

    I’m excited about the memoir stuff, too. Your account of making pancakes for your pregnant wife was so beautifully and memorably told. People are gonna love it.

    • Ermzie

      May I very respectfully and lovingly offer to Ms. Marlow an invitation to view a YouTube video that is helping me quite a lot. The video is by a fellow named Joe Cross from Australia. The video is entitled “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”

      • Thank you, but although I am sick I am not fat! I eat organic, fresh fruit and vegetables every day, with lean protein and plenty of olive oil. It helps a little, but as it is not at the root cause of my autoimmune/neurological illness. I’m very glad it is helping you, though – as a society we have far too many processed foods in our diet.

        • Ermzie

          I most heartily apologize for having offended by my comment. I didn’t mean to iimply at all in any way that I was saying you were fat. It’s simply the name of the video that talks about how this man cured his autoimmune disorder called Uticaria by means of fresh fruit vegetable and fruit juice. I further didn’t mean for my comment to imply that you weren’t already eating a healthy diet. From my understanding and my own experience what helped this man cure his autoimmune disorder was the concentration of micronutrients that he got by drinking a diet of only the juices for several months. Again, I am sorry for the offense.

          • Thanks for your apology 🙂
            I get a lot of people telling me to try one miracle cure or another, so I get a bit touchy about it. Thanks for writing – I appreciate it.

    • Thank you!

  • ASwirlGirl

    Done! I believe I’ve spent more time “in-between” than any other stage. 🙂

    I was blessed by Wrecked and I’m looking forward to reading this new book.

    Thanks so much for all the free goodies!

  • I’m eagerly looking forward to the book and the stories you’ve compiled.

    I’ve been focusing on being engaged in the “in between.” In my mind, the in-between is the present. I have a beautiful and growing family, and I don’t want to miss a single moment because I was too busy looking backwards, or conversely, too focused on my future aspirations that I lose sight of the NOW.

    • I think you’re absolutely right, Sean. Thanks for your support of the book so far.

  • lucrecer

    Looking forward to the latest book, Jeff and pre-ordering this morning!

  • Jeff, your generosity is only surpassed by your writing talent. Thanks for including us

    • I appreciate that, Alex. Kind of you to say.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this gem. It’s a frustrating time in the In-Between – this will be great for me, as well as my daughter. Pre-ordered and so thankful for your generosity. You set the example in so many ways. Thanks Jeff!

  • Daniel Decker

    Excellent… especially the free hug. 🙂

  • cindyfinley

    So excited! Thank you for the great offer!

  • Abhinav

    Hi Jeff all the best for your new book

  • Michael Moak

    Jeff, just for clarification… is your generous offer only tied to the pre-order of the paperback or does it apply to the kindle edition too? I’m reading WRECKED right now… and it’s “wrecking” me!

    • Michael, this applies to the paperback pre-order. You’ll get the Kindle edition for free.

  • Natalie Joyce

    Is it possible to pre-order for the iPad? I looked but didn’t find any mention of being able to pre-order via Apple iPad. Thanks.

    • Natalie, I’m not sure. But what you could do is pre-order the paperback on Amazon and then get the free bonuses, which include an ePub version of the book, which you can then read on iPad. If you don’t do hard copies, you could always give it to a friend. Cool?

  • Katharine

    Hello, Jeff!
    I’ve lived by this idea for years, now, having graduated all my babies into their own lives and trying to find out who I am supposed to be now.
    You’ve probably heard this before:
    Yesterday is history;
    Tomorrow is mystery;
    Today is a gift–
    So we call it “the present”.
    The “in between” is really just nothing but “today”. And it is a gift.

    • Well said, Katharine. You’re exactly right.

  • Otis Woodard

    Jeff, your book had an important message for me and I haven’t even read it yet. I’ve decided to switch careers, from consulting with businesses to taking what I’ve learned about emotional intelligence, planning and leadership development and making it accessible to others on the web. To be honest, the former is so lucrative and the latter so unknown to me that I am just wanting to get from “A” to “B” as quickly as possible. I had this gnawing feeling this morning that somethings was amiss–that I was taking some steps and including some things there were tantamount to “forcing” it. Then I see your post about this book, read the cover alone, and I look heavenward and smile. I’ve ordered this little messenger of yours and look forward to receiving and taking it in (and the free goodies). Even though I have already received the best one. Good luck with the launch, and congratulations on “taking the risk” on this book. It has already helped at least one person, and I deeply appreciate that.

  • Thank you, Jeff! I’m looking forward to reading it and sharing it with my wife as she launches a small art business.

    • Awesome, NoahDavid. Thank you. I’m grateful!

  • Rachel Franklin

    I’m learning in-betweens must not pass by without being named and loved. God still remains in the gaps.To remain in the cleft, is to remain in the presence of my Heavenly Father, who has lovingly chosen to accompany me. As I wedge in occupational, financial, and chronically ill gaps, I still find the wide wonder of God. I am still free.

    I’m looking forward to, what I’m sure will be, your encouraging and optimistic words! Preordering now!