In-Between Blog Tour [Invitation Only]

Hey friends,

If you want to write a post, review, whatever about my upcoming book, The In-Between, this is the place to share it.

Some ideas are to share your own “in-between” moment or a simple lesson you learned about waiting. If you’re a fiction author, you can even share a short story (if you’re feeling ambitious).

Or if you’ve pre-ordered the book and already read it, you can just write a review.

Seriously, whatever suits you. The only catch is there has to be some original content. You’re welcome to borrow summary copy of the book and/or the trailer, but please include some of your own thoughts, too (to make it interesting).

If you get your post up by Aug. 2, 2013, I’ll include it in a linkup list on my blog and send all my traffic to you. Cool?

If you’re in, just write a post and publish it now or schedule it for some time before Aug. 2. I’ll run the post that Friday.