Keep Dreaming (Even When They Think You’re Nuts)

From Jeff: This is a guest post from Jenny Price, who is a wife, mom, and life coach. She joyfully pursues the abundant life. She is the author of 7 Shifts and blogs at iwokeupyesterday.

Your dreams might scare people. Your passion might overwhelm those who have yet to journey into the realm of possibility. Your huge heart, courageous words, and wild life may cause others to gawk and point. And this is exactly where you want to be.

Keep Dreaming
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If onlookers are not saying, “You’re nuts!” then your dreams may need a booster shot.

Those who will try to stop you (are the ones you’d least expect)

In CS Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, the youngest sister, Lucy, showed the greatest courage, but all her older siblings tried to stifle it. This is the way the world works.

In the Bible, Joseph shared his dream with his brothers, and what did they do? They “graciously” threw him into a well, leaving him for dead.

How about these dreamers? How were they received? Abraham Lincoln and his “ridiculous” mission to abolish slavery? David and his “pebble” as he faced the giant? Tim Tebow and his “self-promoting” football career? These are world changers and game players.

They showed up, gave all they had, and put it on the line in spite of the nay-sayers and finger-pointers. And despite all setbacks, they leaped for their dreams.

How I took the leap

Sometimes, my dreams scare me. Sometimes, I hear in my own head a voice saying, “Yes Jenny, you ARE nuts!” But somewhere, I crossed the line of comfort, ease, and predictability and chose to live a bigger life.

There is more here, and I will give each day, everything I have, and not look back. (Okay, I have looked back, and I’ve even listened to some of the voices in the crowd, and I bounce back a whole lot faster than I used to).

We chose adoption even though we already had three biological children. It was risky and began as foster care, so we didn’t even know if they would be “ours” or not. But we felt called, so we took the risk anyway, despite the voices of opposition:

  • “They already have three biological kids!”
  • “Why on Earth would they bring kids with ‘issues’ into their home?”
  • “Three year-old twins… seriously?!”

This month, our twins — yes, our twins — celebrate their eighth birthday this month, and their third year of adoption into our family.

The lesson? Risk pays, and it costs. But it’s always worth it.

The risk of sharing your story

We decided to share our stories, three of us from very different backgrounds: a pastor’s wife, an ex-convict and former addict, a small business entrepreneur.

We risked by telling more than many were comfortable with, by “airing our dirty laundry.” We started a blog and life coaching business. And again the naysayers’ voices rang out:

  • “Can’t you keep that stuff quiet?”
  • “Do you really need to be so honest, so open?”
  • “No one wants to hear about your addiction, abortion, or abuse.”

We chose to write a book, the story of identical twins: one caught in addiction and the other trying to save her.

We chose to enlarge our circle of influence. The other day, we spoke with a man who asked us to speak at a four-day conference next year — in Africa! All because we hung our laundry out where others could see it, and we didn’t worry about what they’d think.

We stepped into our dreams and believed that by living in more boldness, that even more would show up. And it has. And it will.

Don’t listen to the voices telling you no

So when they point their fingers at you, the game players and world changers that you are, do this:

  • Choose more joy and less fear.
  • Choose deeper passion and less discouragement.
  • Choose bigger dreams and less complacency.

And when they don’t understand, live in the truth, and hope that one day, they too will take their dreams off the shelf and join you. You never know what you might start.

What helps you hold fast to your dreams when opposition comes your way? Share in the comments.

131 thoughts on “Keep Dreaming (Even When They Think You’re Nuts)

  1. Very inspirational post. We also have three biological children and are considering adoption — even though everyone around us says we’re crazy. Your examples led me to think of Noah and his Ark, Nehemiah and his wall, Joseph and his pregnant fiance. Thanks for the reminder to do what we’re called to even if everyone thinks we’re crazy. 

    1. The crazier the better – the riskier the walk, the bigger the GOD that leads that walk.  Live in that Lisa, and celebrate all the huge obstacles and walls He’s already led you to cross.  I would love to hear more about your adoption story/possibility too.  🙂

  2. What an encouraging and uplifting post! I enjoyed it very much.  “What helps you hold fast to your dreams when opposition comes your way?” The thought that someday I will look back and see that I never lived my dream, and that it is too late to make it happen. I ignored the voices of doubt, and the well meaning words of family, and continued to write my “dirty laundry.” Sharing sections of it on my blog, and in short stories, has earned me a new respect. They believe now that I can write. That I was right after all, I was born to write. Secondly, it gives my family time to warm up to the idea that someday they will see themselves in print. 🙂

    1. Pamela, thank you for having dirty laundry. Some of us forget we even stink and need a second chance at life.  Keep up your hard work of writing your story into others’ lives.  Your story matters.  So glad you are seeing that so clearly.

  3. LOVE, love, love this Jenny! Thank you for living your life out loud! I come from a very private family, and many of them don’t understand why I choose to make my “mess” public either. But I believe the words of 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 when it says to boast in our weaknesses so the power of Christ can be made manifest in us. I’ve built my whole community around boasting in my weaknesses and I feel like I’ve found a new friend! Blessings!

    1. AWE some!  Yes!  He has called us OUT of darkness – but where it was dark, there was a mess – and where we still choose to live in the dark – the mess still lives.  So, why not allow our weakness and our messiness be used for His glory and transformation in others’ lives?  all the while, He’s changing us the most.  That’s my favorite.  So glad to meet you and love to connect.  

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for this. I always laugh to myself when people ask “What do you do?” and my explanation takes a little bit of time and causes a few raised eyebrows. There are days I wish I had an easier answer, but usually that equals a boring life. 🙂

    1. Now I want to know – what do you do?  🙂  and more than that, who are you?  
      I am Jenny Bolt Price – I am an influential, abundant, accepting and playful woman and I belong to the KING.  It’s fun to get those eyebrows moving.  Keep living there!  

  5. thank you my brave sister for rising above the masses and living a larger life for the kingdom. your heart and joy are contagious and I am so grateful to do life with you.

  6. Absolutely what I needed to hear today! I especially liked the last sentence – it’s not all about moving on, dreaming big and leaving people in your dust; it’s about experiencing the blessings of an abundant life, and encouraging others to take a leap of faith too! 

    1. our lives attract attention when we shine  – and that can be both scary for onlookers and appealing for others.  and we must believe that every person on this planet is worthy of being inspired and called to the Maker of More – not excluded because they do it different.  it is a great joy to know your life is attracting and challenging.  thank you Alysa for YOUR life. 

  7. Preach it girl! I LOVE this.
    You are living the story God called you to live, instead of hiding in the land of comfort. God doesn’t call us to comfort, He calls us to Him.
    I desire to live joyfully where He places me. He gives each of us a platform to share our story. Will we use it, for His glory?
    He uses the ugly, the lovely, the painful and the tragedy to grow our passion for Him, and then we tell the story… that points to Him.
    Thanks for being obedient.

  8. I’m a PW as well…or was. Two years ago I left my lifetime career to pursue this oblique world of writing. A month ago, my husband, after a lifetime of being a pastor, left to pursue an entirely new career. At 48 I know enough to know that life will take me down twists and turns with new journeys just around the corner. I also know that people will respond out of fear– for themselves, for you.  Closing your eyes so you can hear your calling and leading and take the leap is both exhilarating and wow, frightening. All the best to you as you follow Love’s guidance.

  9. I love this, I needed this, I AM this.  Monday I was given the news that the part-time ministry job I’ve had for 13 years is over, and after the hurt has settled, now I’m envisioning bigger and better things.  Wild, out there dreams of what could possibly be; of what possibly God has next for me.  I need to live life loud, or it won’t seem like I’m living at all.

    Thank you so much for this post. It’s printed out and will be read over and over as the encouragement I need!  Fortunately, I don’t have too many naysayers in my life- my whole family is pretty supportive and loves the Dream Big idea, as long as it doesn’t require too much start up capital…

    My hubby likes to dream as big as I do!

    1. Beth, I celebrate the GIVERS you have in your life, and they will be cheerleaders for you on your way to Bigger and Better and MORE of whatever God has around the corner. He never runs out.  And even when we think we’ve begun to tap into His MORE, there’s even more.  Praying for your heart as leaving a place of ministry is full of grief, and know that the work you have done for the last 13 years is preparing you for this moment, right in front of you.

  10. To get back to the basics: walk by faith, not by sight. Simple scriptures. And to remind myself: If I look (and feel) different than the rest of the world I may be doing something right. 

    Thanks for this Jenny. So inspiring. 😉 

    1. Two of my favorite things to hear:
      1.   “You’re the first “normal” Christian that I have met”.  Love hearing that.  I know what it means. 
      2. “You are crazy!  You think you can do that?”   NO, but I know God can, if it’s in His plan, so I’m gonna show up just in case.  
      Samantha, plug away girl, and live the inspired, weird and wonderful Life He is calling YOU to live. 

  11. Thanks for this encouragement. As a PW I have been discouraged and hurt by my own church (the one where we serve now voted that I could not display or sell my books there). But then I get emails and phone calls – one recently from my daughter telling me that my devotional book encouraged a young suicidal woman – and all the rest fades away.
    Bless you as you continue to work for the Kingdom. 
    Marcia Laycock

    1. Oh, how I relate to your heart Marcia.  AND your influence is likely even more effective outside of your church – where they don’t know you are the PW.  They know you care because you care.  Not because they expect you to care.  Keep sharing your story.  It’s saving lives!!!

  12. Jenny, I always appreciate your posts.  When I “feel” opposition (and more than likely, it’s more in my head), I remember that God puts God-sized dreams in our hearts… That I want to please Him more than any person.  And when it all boils down to it, how many people are really chatting away about ME?  1, 10, 20, 200?  And in the scheme of things, that is a very, very small amount of naysayers 🙂  When we dream, we keep our focus on HIM and then it is all very worth any possible opposition, embarrassment or whatever the case may be!  I love what you are doing, Jenny!  And I love you,  and your team’s heart!  I am loving the results of your love for Christ and your love for people!

    1. Natalie – this is one of the many WHYS that God has placed you in my path – that we get to bless, remind, and point one another back to Jesus.  How many naysayers crucified Jesus?  Did He even entrust himself to any man?  NOT one time.  I want to be there.  And I battle it daily, and I trust Him to keep maturing me and molding me.  we love you too.  we love being on the same team 🙂

  13. Great post Jenny!  Thanks for sharing your heart and dreaming big…you truly do open up space for so many to dream!   What helps me to hold fast to my dreams when opposition comes my way?  Accountability is huge.  Also,  support of friends  that see my potential and believe in me.  Lastly, I hope by listening to my heart and pursuing obedience in ALL things even my dreams…I will hear God say someday “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”   Keep dreaming Jenny, you are an inspiration!

  14. Amazing words today Jenny…this hit me right where I needed it today. I just try to think long term instead of right in the moment when it comes to ignoring the critics. Some days it works…some days, like today, it doesn’t. 

    1. the more critics, the more there must be to criticize – they don’t tend to attack the little girl in the corner staring at the wall…
      the more long term we think – the more visionary we become – and the crazier the ideas – and boom – more critics.  it’s a crazy cycle and it’s just that way – so we will press on for the dreams we say we want – the ones placed in our hearts. 

  15. Jenny, your bravery is having a great impact on your community.  Thank you for choosing ADVENTURE! and for your example of experiencing fear, but pushing past it. You are a legacy builder!

  16. Thank you for this. JUST EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning as I was letting fear and the critical voices get a stranglehold on my Big Dream. Here’s to telling the truth and finding the fruit hidden in the dirty laundry!

    1. Thank you for being of strong courage – and for being that same encouragement in the lives of those holding back on their dreams – or keeping their stink and story all to themselves.  Bless you!

  17. Just don’t dream of walnuts. You’ll end up rewriting episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show. 

  18. Great great great article! I’d love to read the book you could write about all your experiences on this topic. You are very brave & inspire braveness in me! For me, I’ve learned to turn up the volume on the ones in my life who have proven over & over that they are FOR me. Even if I’m not particularly happy with what they say I know their heart wants my best. Everyone who does not hold that special position in my life get their volume turned down. It’s really hard to do bc I love to listen to everyone, but I have to follow the Holy Spirit within me. I love you beyond words:)

  19. I needed this inspirational message today as I am sitting here pondering the words of others that feel like “naysayers” to my dreams.   Yet, I also try to ask myself, “Is this true?” of others words, more and more after reading and working through Byron Katie’s works.  What specks of truth are there in others’ words and opinions?  And, am I so “fixed” in my own thinking that I can not be present enough to hear their voices in order to gain more understanding towards “their” dreams?  Do my dreams conflict with their dreams?  Whose right?  Is there a right or wrong?  I’m just trying to stand grounded in my beliefs and hold true to my dreams and also be open to others interpretations to allow more growth in myself.  Our minds are in a constant state of learning and unlearning and relearning. 🙂

    1. Shari, when we ask – we will hear.  and the voices of NO will never stop.  so yes, there is not right or wrong – in our dreams – aside from morality 🙂 – and it seems to me the issue becomes good, better, or BEST!  and i serve a God of the BEST – enough – not less than, not settled, not stagnant.  And where He calls, I will go.

  20. As someone who so badly wanted your joy you have encouraged me to dream OUTLOUD!
    It is uncomfortable some times and the enemy waits in the wings to tell me that I might fail and I do it anyway! Thank you for being brave! For leading others to being brave! I love you

  21. Jenny, thanks for sharing this post! I often think that the dreams that God gives us always involve an element of risk, both Biblically and personally, don’t you?

    I remember driving home one day about 7 years ago, praying, “God, I don’t have any dreams for myself right now. What are Your dreams for me?”  That’s when the dream of writing Autism’s Hidden Blessings came to be… but taking time off to write didn’t make sense in my life at the time.  I had a young autistic boy and we had substantial financial needs that my current contracted work met. 

    It’s funny, but I would “fight” with God, pointing out to Him (as if He didn’t know) the fact that no one would ever give me a publishing contract, and that my husband would never be okay with letting go of a lucrative client, a state organization, in order to find time to write.  We really needed the income.

    When, at the (amazing) encouragement of my husband, I finally contacted with the president of this organization to cancel my contract, he laughed at me when I told him why I was canceling. I finished working for them on January 1, 2007. Just days later, I received a publishing contract.  

    I wanted to share this because when God Himself places a dream in your heart, just like you wrote, nothing can really stop us from reaching it if we step out in faith. It really doesn’t matter what stands against us if He is truly calling us to do something. You are right, though, when we are on the right track, there will be voices to try to stop us. 

    Thanks for not being afraid to risk sharing your story!

    1. thank you kelly.  isn’t it such a gift to have husbands that push and prod and spur us on to love and good deeds, for His name sake?  my hubby says – “you’re a rock star – and sometimes Jenny, people want to live little – so move BIG and let God give you the ones alongside you that He wants on the journey.  and inspire those on the sidelines.  they will join.  one day! 

      1. Yes, it is a gift. In fact, my husband’s name is Matthew, or “God’s gift.”  I certainly don’t deserve him.

        I wanted to mention that Matt encouraged me because that is one of ways I knew God was calling the shots (and not me just wanting this for myself). I kept setting up these hurdles.. ha… to make it impossible for me to do it.  

        I love what your husband says about moving BIG. Yes, yes yes! That way, when the dust settles, we know that God is the One behind the wheel. He is Amazing.

  22. Awesome blog! Thanks so much for being willing to share your heart, your dreams AND your dirty laundry 🙂 You are an inspiration to so many. As too are your other business partners. Thank you.

  23. I love this post and I love this woman. Why, you ask? Because it is real, she is real. She dreams big. She gets hurt. She keeps trying. She IS an INFLUENTIAL woman because she lives the life “Keep Dreaming…Even when they think your nuts.” I know this to be true. I witness it every week.  Her life, her words, her posts, her story is inspiration to stay real, to keep dreaming, to believe. Often times we do try to stifle each other’s dreams… myself included. When someone’s dream doesn’t fit into my life or plans or maybe it makes me feel  uncomfortable or less special, I honestly resist it. I get bogged down in my own “stuff” and don’t really want people around me to be super succeeders when I can’t seem to get up off the ground & make it happen myself. I am not proud of this and it is true. I have been this person and I have also chosen to become something different. I chose to see Christ in me and others. When I do this, I am free. Free from condemnation that says others can’t succeed because that would make me less important. It’s actually quite the opposite. When I have full sight of my dreams and am reaching for them every day, “even when they think I’m nuts”, I am full of Christ and HE gives me the strength, passion, endurance, creativity, energy, love and desire to support and inspire others.

    This is how I see you Jenny. This is how I see me. Thank you for your heart, your willingness to share your story and your belief in GOD & YOUR DREAMS, as it inspires me to do the same!

    1. i receive the gift that you are in my life.  as you have received Jenny.  wow.  wow. wow.  if you’d have told me, 18 months ago, that i would have gifts like you in my life – people moving so clearly and deliberately towards God’s best – i would have said, WHERE?  and here you are.  HERE.  so grateful.  I am so aware that He is enough, and He adds to the giving by creating community like this.  I love you KApwrful woman.

  24. Amazing post Jenny, as always! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. As someone still working thru my doubts on my dreams I appreciate your advice so much more than you know!

  25. Amen! Last year I had the crazy dream that I could write and speak, I was a bread man, delivering at midnight. I stopped listening to the doubt and self-published two books, and I spoke all over the world. 

    Fast forward to this year when the doubts started to come back….. until I was booked to speak at a conference in Jerusalem, Israel in a month. No matter how crazy my dreams I’ve learned that I HAVE to chase them! 

    1. crazy right?  God shows himself faithful, and we still wonder – is he gonna show up this time?  and He was already there – waiting for us to show up.  Way to to Kimanzi with living His story – for the world to see. 

  26. My wife and I were very thoughtful when we decided to adopt.  We knew in our hearts it was right for our family at the time, and we definitely received negative feedback from a variety of places (as you said from where you lest expect).  The way we do stay the course is that when we make a decision we believe we do our due diligence in preparation and prayer.  When opposition comes we can stand knowing we are executing what we know is best for our given situation.

    1. thank you for that reminder – we stand in HIM, not in Man’s opinion – and yet, we will battle this daily – especially as we walk into more risks.  would love to know more about your adoption?  I love how one adoption leads to another.

      1. We’ve adopted one child internationally, have a biological child, and are currently in the process of adopting another child internationally. I love talking about adoption – so feel free to let me know the best way to connect.

  27. First of all, I want to congratulate you for your exciting success. When women like you succeed, it’s like you succeed for all of us who are still reaching for our dreams, overcoming anxieties, and finding balance between going for it and being responsible to all the people depending on us support for . I know you have much farther to go, and I’m sure there are many women like me that will be watching and rejoicing at your accomplishments.

  28. Great post, Jenny.  I would have to agree that sharing your story is worth the risk.   Recently, some things from my past have come up and it reminded me of just how thankful I am that I don’t have to walk around in hiding anymore.  The way I see it is…that’s the old me….this is the new me…why wouldn’t we want to celebrate that?! Honestly sharing the dark times in hopes of encouraging someone else is a beautiful process.  Thank you for your willingness to open up and share!   People need to know they are not alone in their struggles. 

    1. you are not alone, and this is not the end of your story
      it’s the secrets we keep tied to our hearts that keep us sick/stuck/severed
      Eileen, thank YOU for being a mutual story revealer and for allowing your pain to be used in seeing others grow out of their shame.

  29. Jenny, you living big creates a space for me to live big and dream big and ask for what I want. I am truly blessed to have you in my life, inspiring me everyday with how you chose to live your life and lead others. And I know when I’m struggling and the world seems too much for me to move forward or I feel stuck, it’s you I can reach out to for support, love, prayers, honesty, and sometimes a good kick in the pants! Thank you for stepping up and living your dreams:) you are amazing my friend.

  30. Thank you Jenny for this inspiring post, being Courageous and showing me how to live out loud! Holding fast to his love and trusting encouraging people helps me live my dreams.

  31. I can relate to this quote. “But somewhere, I crossed the line of comfort, ease, and predictability and chose to live a bigger life.” Being uncomfortable is not fun but it’s the only way to grow and to advance. Thanks for this reminder and encouragement.

    Awesome that you adopted. I know the challenges of stepping out of the comfort zone to work through all that is involved.  I also know the  joys and rewards since I adopted seven teens from poverty backgrounds. It’s been difficult but worth it and given me tremendous opportunities to grow and to heal. Adoption is a good option.

    Good for you for sharing your struggles because it gives other people permission to be real.  I’m delighted to hear sharing has opened doors for you.
    Keep up the good work and writing!

    1. seven teens?  SEVEN!  amazing.  and so God- sized that how you walked through that, is absolute evidence of the MORE, Enough, Abundant God we serve.  bless you, and thank you for your encouragement. 

      1. Yes, Jenny, thank you for pointing that out. In retrospect I wonder how I did it and you’re right, it is evidence of the More than Enough God we serve. I learned so much and grew into a depth of wisdom even from my mistakes I’d never gained if I hadn’t done the hard thing. They are so worth all the sacrifice.

        I needed that reminder today of the God who is More than Enough as I face new hard challenges in this season of my life.

        Thank you for saying those empowering words. Your words are powerful.  Blessings to you.

  32. I enjoyed that post very much, but always found myself thinking, “It’s not the enemy outside that wounds me, but the enemy within.” I have very supportive people around me, people who believe in me far more than I believe in myself, it seems. The world is discouraging, right enough, but the worst is the discouragement I get from inside myself.

    I want to believe. I even have enough faith to work at it. But I don’t…see it. I haven’t been able to convince myself that it will happen, the whole, real, entire enchilada, not just pieces here and there. Those are good, and I’m blessed beyond measure, and happy with how and where things are going. Still it seems to me that I’m clinging to that contract, because I don’t trust myself. God can surely make it happen, of this I’ve no doubt. It’s me I’m not sure of.

    What’s the remedy for that?

    1. those voices inside our head, that noone else hears but us, are the loudest for sure.  and you have practiced to hear the truth enough to at least know the difference in the lies and truth of your voices.  i don’t know the HOW, but i know the outcomes in my life are far bigger when i risk more, and walk into the unknown, and move past what “they” say – even when “they” is me. 

  33. I needed this today, Jenny!  Your transparency is a breath of fresh air and speaks right to my heart.   Keep being real!  God is using you to reach us in our vulnerable places!  I so appreciate you!

    1. thank you Linda.  it is the lives that God touches, like yours, like someone we both LOVE a whole lot who is living some pretty huge dreams, and the many – many more – that only God knows are reached.  bless you for being a giver.

  34. It’s the inner critic choir that shuts the lid on my dreams.  “You’re too old.”  “You don’t know how to do that.”  “You know you will fail–why make a fool of yourself?” 

    The only thing that keeps me going is knowing where the dreams came from and knowing that He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.  He has the tools needed.  All I must do is keep putting one foot in front of another on the path He shows me and trust Him to walk with me. 

    Some dreams completed…many more on the list.  He is the only one who knows how, when, where they will birth and breathe.  I will press on to those good things He planned in advance for me to do.

  35. I have an awesome Life Coach who has helped me to live what you described. And I have discovered and now believe, that God loves me and wants the best for me. And that He puts dreams in my heart and mind. As I have learned to listen to Him, and trust Him, I have  been led down uncomfortable but very fulfilling paths. I am open to what God has for me and my family. Thank you for sharing and thank your for stepping out, being bold and uncomfortable in spite of the “naysayers!”

  36. I’m so thankful you, Tammy and Michelle dream BIG!  Your blog is real life, real women inspiring one another.  Please continue to air your “dirty laundry” , we never know how it will be used to bless someone when they need it most.

  37. Jenny- Beautiful story and it resonates with what I have been blogging about the last few days. My wife and I were laid-off from the same hospital after 65 years of service.It has given me the courage to write it all from the heart and live my dream. Thank you and too Jeff for having you as a guest!  Sincerely, Jim Carver                    

  38. This is a great reminder. As writers and artists, it is our obligation and responsibility to pour our heart into our work, notwithstanding what others may think or say about it.

  39. You are an inspiration. Thank you. I think sometimes I’m my greatest naysayer. I tell myself nobody could possibly want to read anything I’ve written. I’m wasting my time thinking an agent or editor might find anything interesting about my manuscripts.  What helps me is to remember Who gave me this talent and to stop acting like the servant who buried his talent and lost it. Serving other people is a great way to lose-the-self-pity-blues and lifts me to a higher plain. I wish I could say I was as involved as you, but I serve the best I can, and having faith in God keeps me grounded when I want to throw my hands up in surrender. Thank you for your words.

    1. Carol, your taking the time to encourage me makes me a greater influencer – because knowing you connected to my heart, and words, means – God reaches people, not us.  We just show up, so He can reach them.  AND it does take action, and movement, and trusting.  Enjooy what IS in front of you, and do the next right thing in him. 

  40. Inspiring, girl – thank you.

    Something that helps me hold fast is what Elizabeth told Mary: “Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.”

    1. i love this and i thank you for the affirmation from HIS word.  His favor was on Mary, no more and no less than it is on our lives – and on Noah, and Moses, and Paul, and each and every believer that ever was. 

  41. Great post, Jenny!  I hear the no-sayers all the time.  They don’t try to stop me as much as just claim I’ll never reach my goals.  However, my story is about being a victim, being abused, and overcoming the odds.  That in itself has made me a survivor.  But what really keeps me going, is knowing that what I’m doing has the potential to help thousands, even millions of others, and that it serves a higher power and greater purpose than myself.

    1. praising that Higher Power for the wonderful, unfathomable work that is being done in your life – because YOU showed up to tell your story – the dirty pain, the hard messy ick, and look what is happening because of that.  keep showing up Dan!

  42. For me it was as simplistic as realizing that fear and opposition are only one of two things:

    1. Genuine warnings and good advice.
    2. Crap.

    When I feel like it’s #2, I have to remind myself of something very important…

    I have never been criticized about my dreams by someone who achieved theirs.

    I have never been criticized about my parenting from someone who is a great parent…or even a good one.

    I have never been criticized about our finances by a wealthy person.

    I have never faced opposition about my work ethic, job choice, or skills by someone I looked up to.

    Opposition, for me at least, always comes from below. I mean that in more ways than one.

    That is all I need.

    1. LOVE this Matt!
       I have never been criticized about my dreams by someone who achieved theirs.

  43. What helps me is listening to my wise council – these are people who are real and tell the truth-they help remind me of who i am even when the NOs are deafening-and remind me of a BIG GOD and all the stardust i am of – and point me back to …. me!

  44. These Young Women are for Real! At 56 This Grandma , ran a Half Marathon! In my mind, before joining in on a BootCamp with Coach Jenny, running was the last thing on my mind. One day she said, “You look like a runner”. In my mind I was still the dumpy girl who couldn’t make it around the track even One mile for PE in High School! I kept rolling her statement over and over in that same “mind”. Next she threw out the idea for The Half Marathon and that we would train. What is so different about this Scenario is forever, I have been told by others you can’t do that, You’ll never do that, and usually I just wanted to prove them wrong! This was so different and encouraging! In fact the first one I trained for I got within a couple weeks and my Sweet Grandson was born so I Flew to San Deago and missed it . The next year, Weekend of Wins was born with two added Coaches! We Ran it!

    1. i celebrate the many other wins HE has for you in the future too.  you have taught me to win, to be free, to set an example before my children.  thank you for being the YOUNGEST one in the mix.  we love you.

    2.  and look at you now!!! the sky is the limit in your life and in pursuing all of your God-given passions.  Love you much!

  45. I love this.  You inspire me with every blog post you write at – this is how we should live, and everyone knows it deep down, if they would just allow themselves to believe in possibilities again.

  46. Great post Jenny! Very inspiring and well written. Isn’t interesting how transparency and vulnerability, most often, have the opposite effect – drawing in vs. pushing away. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. His story always attracts, right?  Some, including myself, are sometimes not ready to hear it though, so we deflect.  I am grateful for both the listeners and defelctors (if that’s a word), as they both encourage, in very different ways.

  47. As a teen trying to publish a novel, reading something like this always helps when self-doubt comes along.

    1. I love that you are not even into your adult years, and you are clear – DREAMS matter.  because your story matters.  so press on.  we need to learn from you.  and hear your voice.  blessings on your work

  48. What helps me hold fast?  It seems easier once I’ve taken some risks already.  I figure since I’m in this deep, no getting out now.  lol
    God, positive friends, internet resources, authors, and speakers I identify with all keep me on the right track.  Occasionally I stress out, so I just call it a day, then get up and feel better when I have a better day.

  49. Makes me think of the old expression – success doesn’t hurt.  Sometimes we act so afraid to do something and be successful it is like we think it will be painful!  It is amazing the opportunities that come up when you put yourself out there.  As an adoptive dad, so glad you have shared your experiences.

    1. thanks to the reader for this comment.  grateful for journeywomen like you, to be on the same road – seeking to change the world, one word, one relationship at a time. 

  50. How true! Thank you so much for stepping up & out into who you were created to be and then Leading the way for so many others to do the same- despite the naysayers & doubters! “Blessed are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires.” Matt 5:10  

  51. As I have become more vulnerable and transparent in my writing what keeps me going in this direction are the comments from people who feel less alone and feel like they are okay because after all, other people admit their struggles. I’m not content to live in a mannequin-style life where everything is airbrushed and perfect because well, it’s not.

    Thanks for your post. Really enjoyed it and I’m sure your talk will resonate with many.

  52. My dreams are absolutely crazy… for someone my age and with some of the challenges I have. But I’m definitely going to keep walking ahead… THANK YOU for this post.. I’m going to be looking at your blog, all that you are doing. God bless – and keep it up!

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