Start Publishing for Kindle — Today

Have you always wanted to write a book? Most people have, but few do. Why is that? Lack of time? Lack of money? Lack of skill?

Maybe it’s just the the intimidation of the publishing process, in general. After all, you’ve been told you need an agent and a publisher and a huge platform even to just sell a small number of books.

But what if I told you getting published was a LOT easier than you thought?

Amazon Kindle

What if you didn’t need a platform or someone’s permission? What if it was something that took hours, not years? What if you could start publishing… today?

Too good to be true, right? Wrong.

In my “How to Start Publishing for Kindle” program, I tell you exactly how to do this. Although this audio program normally sells for $47.00, I’m going to give it to you — for a limited time — for FREE.

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Why listen to me?

Good question. First, let me tell who I’m not:

  • I’m not a New York Times best-selling author.
  • I’m not some marketing guru.
  • I’m not a millionaire.

I’m just a normal guy. I work a day job, have a family (wife, baby, dog — the whole deal), and write when I have the time. I drink a lot of coffee and make my own guacamole.

And maybe like you, I was skeptical of the audacious promises of certain authors saying you could sell a million books on Amazon and move to the mountains to live off the royalties for the rest of your life.

Because of these promises, I resisted publishing an eBook for a long time (even though I really wanted to).

But once I did. I was surprised by what I learned. Here’s what happened next…

What happened when I finally got published

Despite the fact that I’m a pretty normal guy, here are some cool things that have happened to me in the past year:

  • My eBook has been downloaded over 30,000 times on Amazon.
  • I’ve appeared on the Amazon best sellers list multiple times (getting as high as #3 out of all books in the Kindle store).
  • I’m making $3500 per month in book sales via Amazon.
  • I’ve built a business around my eBooks, replacing my wife’s income and allowing her to stay home to raise our son.
  • I’ve leveraged the popularity of my eBooks to land two book contracts.

That’s me — just a normal guy who decided to start publishing on Kindle. And it changed my life. I’m not taking champagne baths every night or anything, but it’s still been a pretty wild ride.

If you’re interested in doing the same, I’d like to tell you how getting a book on the Amazon Kindle platform is pretty simple.

“How To Start Publishing For Kindle” is immensely helpful. You will be walked through how to publish while avoiding common mistakes that hinder many self-published authors from selling. Don’t publish a book without first listening to Jeff.
—Jeremy Gardiner, founder of Gospel eBooks

Get your book published on Kindle NOW

Kindle Publishing

In How to Start Publishing for Kindle, I walk you through the specific steps you need to get an eBook published and promoted on Amazon. In it, I share:

  • Why Amazon is THE most important publishing platform for most authors today
  • How the Kindle Direct Publishing process works: formatting, cover design, uploading your book to Amazon, etc.
  • What it takes to launch your book the RIGHT way
  • How I use to build my audience and generate over $3500 per month in residual, passive income

This program includes three parts — all in digital format so you can get started immediately:

  1. A step-by-step guide to the Kindle publishing process (PDF)
  2. An hour-long audio session with me, in which I share everything you need to know to get started (MP3)
  3. An exclusive interview with best-selling author and publishing expert Michael Hyatt (MP3)

To get access to these this product, enter your email below to download it for free (you can opt out at any time). This program normally sells for $47.00, but I’m giving it away for a limited time just for you.