The Progressive Journey to Launch Your Dream: Interview with Dale Partridge

It’s common for many of us to want to find our calling. Our guest today shares why there’s actually a progressive journey to finding your calling and launching your dream.

The Progressive Journey to Launch Your Dream: Interview with Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Start-up Camp. He is also a best-selling author and a committed husband and father.

Because Dale has started so many businesses and experienced tremendous success and setbacks by his early 30s, I wanted to hear him explain what serial entrepreneurship means to him. According to him, the older he gets the more it looks like lack of contentment!

But he says it is also a gift to see the potential in things. As a kid he would get really excited about ideas. Over time he learned the discipline to take something from an idea and turn it into reality, and to stick with it over a period of time.

Many people can come up with ideas, Dale says, but too many abandon their concepts prematurely in the process of developing them into a business. He knows this firsthand: over the last 14 years he has started eight companies. He’s jumped ship too early on some and stayed too long on others.

On this episode of The Portfolio Life, we dig into those experiences more. Dale tells us the difference between God’s yes and God’s go, why generosity is so critical to a company’s success, and his own progressive journey to writing his latest book, Launch Your Dream.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Dale and I explore:

  • Why your life’s work doesn’t usually happen by 27.
  • How do you know what your gifts are?
  • What was his first company, and what did it teach him?
  • What made him think he could start a business at the age of 18?
  • What is entrepreneurship really about?

Don’t compare my mile 26 to your mile 14.

Dale Partridge

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Life and business lessons learned

  • How many times has he been fired from his own companies?
  • What did he discover from being in between businesses?
  • How many touch points do thought leaders need with their audiences?
  • Where does success start?
  • Why does someone with time impress him more than someone with money?

Money comes and goes, time just goes.

Dale Partridge

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On repairing his personal life

  • Why he was the most successful person no one liked.
  • Why did his family move to Oregon and buy a farm?
  • What’s the difference between normal and common?
  • What’s one of the easiest ways for husbands and wives to value their marriage?
  • Why should you try to get rid of Friday?


Can you see the progressive journey of your own work? Where is it leading you next? Let us know in the comments.