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My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge

You love writing but have never been good at the whole discipline thing. Everyone says you ought to be writing every day, but how?

My 500 Words

My 500 Words is a 31-day challenge designed to help you answer that question. It will help you get more disciplined, hone your craft, and finally become the writer you’ve dreamed of being.

Ready to get started? Read below to get all the details:

The rules

  • Write 500 words per day, every day for 31 days.
  • You can write more if you want, but 500 words is the minimum.
  • Don’t edit. Just write.
  • If you miss a day, pick up where you left off. Don’t make up for lost days.
  • Encourage, don’t criticize (unless explicitly invited to do so).
  • Blogging counts, but email does not.
  • All of this is completely free.

How it works

  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. Add your blog to the linkup below (if you’re a blogger).
  3. Write every day, and record your progress (I recommend using Lift for this).
  4. Join the Facebook group for accountability and encouragement. You can also tweet your progress with the hash tag #my500words.
  5. Sign up for email updates (if you haven’t already) to get free writing tips and prompts via email.

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My 500 Words Widget

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My 500 Words

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