How New Parenthood Is Slowly Making Me Crazy

Wishing Well

There's an old African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” So true.

That's why I'm excited to contribute to the Wishing Well, a community of authors, bloggers, musicians, moms, dads, and medical professionals all talking  about the trials and triumphs of raising a child.

As both a new dad and writer, it's fun to read and share stories of this wild ride called parenthood.

This is a conversation facilitated by the  Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt here in Nashville and something I'm doing on a quarterly basis.

I'll post excerpts here, but if you're interested in following along more closely, I suggest you check out their website and subscribe to the new posts.

This first piece I wrote is about the craziness of being a new parent, which isn't, I'm learning, an altogether bad thing.

Musings on new parenthood

Without further ado, here's an excerpt from the piece:

I caught my wife rocking in place the other day — for no apparent reason.

Often, I find myself habitually humming lullabies without realizing it. Everywhere I turn, there are receiving blankets. We now own more plush toys than I ever would have imagined.

Yes, we are new parents. And yes, we’re a little crazy. But so are most new mommies and daddies, I’ve learned.

Read the rest here: New Parenthood Musings

More on being a (crazy) dad

The question I most often hear as a new dad is, “Do you just LOVE being a dad?!”

Um, well, yes… if I'm awake for it. Truth is it's good, but not always easy. And I had no idea how much lack of sleep would wear me down emotionally, physically, even spiritually.

I have a newfound empathy for those “crazy parents” I used to see at the grocery store or out walking the dog. They were droopy-eyed and disheveled and a little unnerved.

Now, I realize: I am that crazy parent. I'm the guy who doesn't shower for days or says crazy things in the middle of the night — out of sheer exhaustion.

I'm the guy who gets lullabies stuck in his head and can't help but want to sway in public — without even noticing it.

And frankly, I'm okay with all of that. Because one look at this little guy makes it all worth it.

Aiden Goins
My son, Aiden.

What's something that drives you crazy but is totally worth it? Share in the comments.