The Surprising Self-Discovery Lessons of Blogging (Plus a Challenge!)

I am a writer. It’s what I do. But the truth is I didn’t learn this truth about myself and then go do it. Confidence came slowly and awkwardly. The epiphany didn’t precede action; it followed it. And I learned a lot of this from blogging.

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I love writing, not just because it’s my job, but because it’s a tool to help you better understand yourself. Sharing my thoughts on this blog helped me understand that writing isn’t just something I do; it’s who I am.

This, it seems, is true for others, as well. Flannery O’Connor said that she never knew what she thought until she read what she wrote. Writing and journaling, even blogging, can be a means of self-discovery.

Why writing?

Here’s why writing is a powerful self-discovery tool:

  • Writing is honest. It’s something you do in solitude, which means that in that privacy you can be a little more truthful than you might normally be.
  • Writing vulnerable. When you put words to paper (or on screen), you share a part of yourself that the world doesn’t normally get to be. You stop hiding behind your shadow self and reveal who you really are.
  • Writing is a process. It takes time, and with that time comes revelation. You understand yourself in ways that you wouldn’t normally consider, because you’re forced to work through your ideas and thoughts in a slow, methodical process.

When I began blogging, I realized that I wrote first for myself and second for an audience. As big as I am on helping others and serving your readers, there’s something cathartic about writing just for the sake of writing.

If you’ve ever wondered what your place is in the world, if you’ve considered the possibility that you might have a calling – some purpose that’s bigger than you — then maybe it’s time you started a blog.

A free challenge: Intentional Blogging

If you join this free challenge, you’ll get exclusive access to me, a 12-part blogging course, and opportunities to connect and share your work with other bloggers through a private community. You can jump in at any point, but it’s best to get started sooner than later.

So what do you need?

You don’t have to be a great writer to start a blog.

You don’t need a plan or a big budget.

You don’t even need to have any aspirations of making a ton of money.

You just need to want to grow. Whether you don’t have a blog, are just getting started, or want to take your blog to the next level, this challenge will help you.

I promise you: blogging will push you and challenge you in ways that you’ve never before experienced. It certainly has for me. And you just might learn something about yourself that surprises you.

What to do next

The “rules” for this are pretty simple: do one thing every day for the rest of the month to grow your blog. If you want to jump in, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join the challenge (be sure to enter your email address for some free resources including a free, 12-day email course).
  2. Make sure you’re set up with a blog (watch the video on that page for step-by-step instructions).
  3. Leave a comment on this post, saying you’re in.

By the way, you don’t have to blog every day to be part of this challenge. These will be very small steps to start a blog and then take it to the next level. You’ll get one email per day for 12 days and I’ll occasionally pop into the community to share some bonus lessons and resources.

We start immediately, but you’re welcome to jump in at any point this month.

Get started now.

What do you hope to learn about yourself from this blogging journey? Share in the comments.

549 thoughts on “The Surprising Self-Discovery Lessons of Blogging (Plus a Challenge!)

    1. Love~Danét

      “Be HAPPY! For your only function here is Happiness!” W-L102
      “There is one thought in particular that should be remembered throughout the day. It is a thought of PURE JOY; a thought of PEACE, a thought of LIMITLESS RELEASE, limitless because all things are freed within it.” ACIM M-16.6.1

  1. I am in! I just found out about this challenge and as I am in the process of creating a blog, I believe this will help A LOT! Thank you, Jeff!

  2. Thank you for this very insightful article…as a journalist, published author and blogger, I really appreciate all the precious info you gathered here…I first started blogging in this time nobody really believed in me…I wanted to make it as a music journalist and my level of English wasn’t as good as it is right now…but I was very much determined and I looked for places to write for…i once posted a comment, back in 2003 at Gavin’s blog, an Irish professional blogger’s blog about Eminem and this person kindly offered me to write for him on his blog, which I did for two years. In 2005, Gavin Sheridan offered me my personal wordpress blog, entitled the Eminem blog. This blog became a huge success over the years and attacted over a million viewers…the popularity I had reached by perfecting my articles allowed my to publish my first book on Eminem and the Detroit scene in 2012…this is a dream come true; and I always wanted to be a writer, but I lost interest in hip hop completely and decided to write on other subjects of interest, such as self-development, romans, biographies, spirituality…I have started many blogs and I am the author of 9 published books today in three languages…today I would like to concentrate on a goal that really matters to me: not only would I like to increase my visibility, my traffic, but also my sales in order to become a full time writer like you. For the moment, I am making baby steps to reach my goal, but I know that persistence always pays off. Many thanks again for your article:)

  3. I am in. I have never blogged before, but I have written numerous sermons. I want to expand my horizons. I just need to learn how. Let’s get it on!

  4. I’m already in – writing is how I breathe and think. FOr me blogging is about sharing with others the things that really really matter to me. Sometimes it feels too scary being vulnerable in front of others but each time I am, it touches the lives of someone. Yet thats not the only reason I blog. I learn so much about myself when I write – never mind whether it helps other. Blogging has stretched me in so many ways and helped me understand myself more than I expected to.

  5. I’ve been working on my blog and you’re so right-it’s incredibly therapeutic. It brings out those inner thoughts that you didn’t even realize had existed. I went through a lot of stuff inside that I had never really allowed people to see-until I wrote it. My blog grew and at 17 I typically have 150 viewers a day which is amazing to see that others actually want to hear my story, as well as be apart of it. Curious as to how Blogging truly became your passion as well as your job though? I want to grow and maybe eventually be able to write not only as a hobby, but as a way to interact with people outside of who I already know, and improve my writing skills, as well as potentially make money too!

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