The Best Way to Overcome Those Post-Christmas Blues

Post Christmas Blues

Today is a day of mixed emotions.

For some, you are still on fumes from the emotional highs that opening presents and seeing family brought.

For others, you are feeling guilty for all the food you ate and already making resolutions to lose weight.

And for others, you may be dealing with the disappointment of another year gone by, another December 25 come and past, and still feeling empty inside.

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The Day After Christmas: A Lament

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas is cold. Bitterly cold. And unseasonably cruel. It haunts you like an apparition that never comes.

It teases: Next year will be better.

It lies: If you had only gotten what you wanted.

The crumpled paper and candy wrappers litter the floor like confetti. The living room looks like a circus. If you’re honest, it kind of was.

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