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Tribe Building from the Trenches (Free eBook)

Click here to download my new, free ebook, Tribe Building from the Trenches: 14 Tips from Those Who Have Done It.

Today, we live in a noisy world. Everyone is vying for everyone else’s attention. So, what are we to do?

Tribe Building from The Trenches (Free ebook)

There are, of course, only two options. One is to be quiet and let the talkers talk. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, but that’s not always the right choice.

Recently, I read an interview with John Grisham, in which he shared how it took him three years to write his first book. He was a busy lawyer and a new dad, arguably in the busiest season of his life.

While he was writing this book, he would occasionally go into a bookstore and look at the tens of thousands of books there, and wonder to himself, Who wants to hear from me?!

But the truth was lots of people did.

How to build your own tribe

The same is true for you. You have a tribe, an audience out there who is waiting for you to speak up. But if you just start talking, they won’t listen. You have to earn their attention, and that is a subtle art that takes practice.

When I decided to become a writer, I knew it would take work and that I’d have to build an audience. So I sought out people who were smarter than me. And I learned from them.

This is how we grow in our craft today: We surround ourselves with those who are wiser and more experienced than we are.

So, to help you build your own tribe, I’ve rounded up some of the smartest tribe-builders I know to offer some helpful advice on how to share your work with the world in a way that won’t be annoying or forgettable. These are authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs who you should listen to because they’ve actually taken the journey and found success.

I gathered their thoughts together to create a new, free eBook, Tribe Building from the Trenches: 14 Tips from Those Who Have Done It.

Read on at your own peril, though.

Because once you hear this advice, you can’t un-hear it. You will be responsible for what you know and for what comes next. And you just might be called to act, speak up, and let your voice be heard.

Click here to download Tribe Building from the Trenches: 14 Tips from Those Who Have Done It.
What’s the great challenge you’re facing with building your own tribe? Share in the comments.

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  • Indeed – nowadays, the real question is not How can I get people’s attention?, but Whose attention is important to me, and how can I get it?

    I’ll be glad to read the eBook – thanks for sharing!

  • I suffer from the same thing John Grisham mentioned. Insecurity in what I bring to the table.

  • Stephanie Tate Hynds

    Thanks so much for all the great advice, Jeff and friends! I love how all the advice seems to boil down to: be real, be authentic and show how much you care.

  • Thanks Jeff. My tribe-building has plateaued of late, probably because I’m looking out too much for my own interests and not looking at things from an abundance perspective. Appreciate the help.

  • Suzanne Mazer Stewart

    Getting a 404 error on the link.

    • try again! sorry about that.

      • Suzanne Mazer Stewart


  • ted hankes

    Hey Jeff, I enjoyed your column! Thanks for all the great info. You have inspired me to get started. This may be a little random but, I’m wanting to start my book real soon. Do you recommend actually writing a book in Microsoft Word or is there a better software program for writing a book? I have seen some on Amazon just not sure what is best.

    Ted Hankes DVM

    Or maybe others used programs and can recommend a program

    I’m not sure I’m doing this right. Can someone tell me, do u have to login to comment on jeffs blog or just jump in.

  • N

    Thanks for the free ebook Jeff! As a soon-to-be blogger, I need all the advice I can get on tribe building. Tribe building is something you talked about in another one of your free ebooks and I have been practicing it over the months. By now I have at least 10 people who are exciting about the launch of the site & will definitely share the articles once it’s live. Ten is a small number, but it’s fine for a would-be blogger. I believe in dreaming big, starting small. Thanks for all the amazing advice you share on your blog and the free ebooks 🙂

  • Ingo Hampe

    my greatest challange: get over the disencouragement. I read a lot about online marketing, blogging and writing. what i read sounds more or the less all the same: 10 golden rools of… mistakes you should avoid … , why your business on’t work … it all sounds like selling bullshit to me. it makes me angry when I read this. I want to do it better. write one true sentence after another. but how? and who will care about it? why bother?


    did you like this? https://courtfiles.org

  • Fiona Tarr

    Hey Jeff. I hit the highlighted comments above & got this link which didn’t work https://goinswriter.com/tribe-building/goinswriter.com/tribe-building
    you asked me to contact you to tell you how I got there, but I can’t see a contact page 🙂
    Anyway, I was going to comment on what challenges I have found building a tribe. The main one is nailing down a blog topic. I express my message in my fiction in a non confronting way, but saying it on a blog just doesn’t seem right somehow? I use my blog to share news about my books and some short stories. I was thinking of sharing my research insights?