Why Should I Read Your Blog?

Why Should I Read Your Blog?I’m terrible at reading other people’s blogs. I fail to regularly check my Google reader and follow RSS subscriptions.

I rely a lot on Twitter referrals and Instapaper to make up for my poor, personal connection to the blogosphere.

However, once I find a really good blog that I love, I’m a dedicated fan. I subscribe to it via email and visit the site often. I’ll tweet about it, share it on Facebook, and rave about it to my friends. If I find the blog content really inspiring, I’ll even link to it from my own blog.

I can only do this with a handful of sites, so I choose the very best blogs. Due to my obsession with getting my email inbox down to zero, I am often pruning this list of blogs that I follow closely.

I admire those who follow hundreds of blogs a day, but that’s just not me. Which raises the question: Why should I read your blog?

I don’t mean that in a condemning or critical tone. I really want to know. I do my best to follow many of you who blog, but here is your chance to tell me (and the world) why you have something to say and why people should listen.

This exercise in answering why I should read your blog can be a good time to reflect on your reasons for blogging, the content you’re sharing, and how much value you’re actually offering.

Not everyone needs to have a how-to blog or be offering expertise on a particular subject, but every blogger should have a reason for blogging (and a reason for others to read what they write).

“What if I don’t know why you should read my blog? What if I just blog to blog?” Frankly, that’s not good enough. You have something to say. If you don’t know what it is, then you’re probably not saying it. You owe to yourself to take this blogging thing seriously. Otherwise, why bother wasting your time?

If you really don’t know what you have to say, then I suggest you watch this powerful video clip from The King’s Speech: “I Have a Voice.” Then, think about whether or not “blogging just to blog” is a good enough answer. Consider what you have to say and how you are uniquely gifted to say it.

This may be the most important question you answer today: Why should I, or anyone, read your blog? Once you have an answer, share it, along with your blog link, here.

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91 thoughts on “Why Should I Read Your Blog?

    1. Let’s talk on email. I think that you have something to say that no one else is saying. Would love to help you think thru this stuff, if you like.

  1. because [when i write] the heavens shift. that’s how amazing it is.
    but seriously.
    because i have something to say… i’m learning that i have considerable influence… and when i do share stories, i leave an impression that can [oftentimes] provoke others to movement.

  2. You should read my blog because:

    I am a unique individual with a unique set of life experiences, which bring with them my perspective. My life experiences shape my world view. Though I don’t necessarily feel so, I’ve been told that my writing is brave and forthright. If this is so, it’s because I write what I know. I used to imitate Donald Miller, but now that I’ve fallen in love with the process of writing, I don’t know how to be anything other than me.

    And that’s why you should read my blog. It’s at https://www.randomlychad.com

  3. You should my blog because I haven’t really found any other blog like it-and I looked for quite some time before I started my blog. My blog is about finding God in the parables of pop culture. Every single person is searching or running from God and the things of God. We see it all around us, but we ignore it. We dismiss that a really good movie (even if there is profanity, sexuality, sin, etc) can teach us a lot about the Redemption Story. If we only just paid a little more attention, we can see His truth revealed all around us.

    I thought about this a lot before I started my blog. But, I still need to remind myself of it from time to time.

      1. Really!? That sounds awesome! I love brainstorming! he he he Thanks for sharing, Tamara. I’ll definitely check it out.

  4. You should read my blog because it is the written expression of my passions – my passion to follow Christ in everything I do, my passion to reach youth, young adults and university students for Christ, my passion for life, love and God. I like to get people thinking as well. Not just post up my thoughts (cause really, who am I that anyone should listen to me?), but to ask the questions that many people have but are afraid to ask, share my thoughts and let others share theirs.

    I’ve been told I’m quite funny at times, too, especially in my The Single Man series. 😀

  5. You should read my blog because I’m a guy who’s experienced tons of conflict in life, have found a medium to help alleviate it, can help others with it, but am honest enough to say it isn’t easy and that I struggle with it.

  6. Hi Jeff,
    I saw you at Dream Year Nashville, but don’t think we officially met … so “Hi.”

    You should read my blog because I share hope.

    I almost lost my life … and my leg in an accident.
    Now I run again … because I can!

    So my blog is my story of finding hope again … for my body, mind and spirit.

  7. You should read it because I am trying to constantly raise the bar (spiritually) in people’s lives, I try to offer more questions than answers, and I use Standard Theme which means that you are compelled by some crazed internal force to read it (at least that’s what they told me when I bought the license). I’m a normal guy trying to live that abnormally beautiful life in Christ. I offer resources that, as far as I know, aren’t always on the front page of people’s radars. I try to write above the line of sarcasm and oversimplification, and sometimes get there. Take a look and see what you think: http://www.caseytygrett.com

    Love your tweets man. Thanks.

  8. Great idea, Jeff! I’m always looking for new and different blogs to read. I think it’s good to purge the Google Reader every now and then and look for some fresh content.

    For instance, I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and have really enjoyed reading it so far.

    As for my blog, I am writing to help small businesses and non-profits better understand blogging, social media and marketing so they can take their organization to new heights. I’m honest, yet motivation in my approach, which I think is unique to me and my style.

    If nothing else, I think since you’re a non-profit guy, you might be interested in my campaign to get people to promote charities and people making a difference. It’s called Follow Friday for Good (#FF4Good): https://flybluekite.com/2011/03/04/what-can-you-do-to-make-a-difference/

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  9. Great question, Jeff. One I asked myself at the end of last year. I came into the year with focus and intentionality.

    My blog is for people that want to happen to life and not let life happen to them. I encourage people in two areas.

    First, understanding their identity in Christ. My position is that without understanding this foundational concept, you can’t really do anything of significance for the kingdom of God.

    Second, I encourage people to live life exceptionally. Once you know who you are, I encourage you to LIVE like it. I encourage people to dream and live life intentionally.

    I throw in the occasional off-topic post to lighten things up but I do a good job staying in focus and encouraging people in every post. Expect the exceptional!


  10. This is hard for me to answer because writing, sharing my life, being transparent…it’s who I am.

    I’m someone who’s spent the better part of the last eleven plus years being put through valley after valley and in the midst of it believing that God’s working some purpose through my life. That all the pain, struggles and discipline is there to serve a greater purpose.

    I’m trying to be truly transparent and show the real deal when following Christ isn’t always the grand expressions of his power when things are going our way.

    I had one blog that I wrote about my life, my family, my children facing autism, miscarriages, divorce and the like. Then my other blog, Mustard Seed Year, is all about taking what I felt was a seed from God, planting it, letting Him grow it and being accountable to the world for whatever God chooses to do with it.

    So I can’t boil myself and my blogs down into just a snappy line or two. Being a writer, maybe I should…then again…that’s why writers have editors. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jason. Appreciate how much content you’re putting out there and how you’re sharing your life — even the parts you might prefer to hide — with the world. I love your courage.

  11. My blog will inspire you to passionately pursue every purpose for which you were created.




    Jeff, the site “Third Option Men” found me through you and have requested that one of my posts be featured on their site!

    Thanks for sharing my work!

    There is no telling what God will do through us as we continue to surrender our gifts to Him!

  12. Appreciate the blog Jeff; you give some pretty practical advice for us in the blog-world. Interesting question you throw out there today; the short answer, you and any other should read my blog if you’re interested in some practical and I hope inspiring stuff if you’re involved in the world of student ministries. My SMS (student ministry stuff) series seem to strike a cord with Youth Pastors, Parents and Youth Leaders. I’m passionate about those who don’t know Jesus and believe that teens today can and should be the best missionaries we have here in the U.S. to reach those in the U.S.; if only they had it modeled more effectively by those aforementioned readers (Youth Pastors, Parents and Youth Leaders). If you’re not a fan of evangelism and student ministry, well, then you should read my blog simply to get ticked off or to occasionally participate in a contest!

    Blessings Jeff!


          1. yeah, pretty much. it’s 99 cents per month, and it basically takes the rss feed and publishes it to the kindle.

            so for example, i have bibledude.net on my kindle, just like any other book. but when there are new posts, a ‘NEW’ appears next to it. then when i open bibledude.net it has the new content there on-screen to read, and then you can read through the last few posts (my rss feed shows 10 posts).

            i don’t expect that i’l sell tons of subscriptions and make tons of money on it, but it’s a cool value-add for people who love reading on their kindle (like i do).

            if you have one, then try my blog to see how it works. you get the first 14 days for free, and can cancel at any time.

  13. Writing is the thing that most makes me feel alive, and I think that when God gives you a gift like that, you’re supposed to share it. I write about my thoughts on life and faith– finding humor and tracing threads of grace in the everyday.

    I hope you’ll read my blog because the gift of writing is made complete in the reading.

  14. I recently began following you on Twitter. Almost every post you have written has become a favorite. Your question led me to write a post about why I blog and why you should read it. The simple answer is that I look at things in an unique way and I hope by reading what I write it will cause the readers to think about things a bit differently.


  15. You should read my blog if you are into making changes. If you are obsessed with being someone instead of living like someone. If you know that the way we are changed is through a relationship. If your identity is more revealed than created. If discipleship means more than just education. If you are tired of attractional, bait and switch style ministry. Any of these reasons would be a great reason to read my blog. Also, if you’re my mom.

  16. You should read my blog because I offer thought provoking and spiritually stirring quotes and passages from men and women of God both in the present and in the past. My blog is all about what it means to know God, not just know of Him but to know Him personally, to enter into intimate union with Him. My blog recognizes the need for balance, between contemplation and action and that service is central to the Christian message and offers articles highlighting social justice issues and offering suggestions that we can all consider towards helping to relieve the suffering and pain in the world and help manifest His Kingdom here on earth. My blog isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and encourages dialogue from others with differing views. It’s a place to learn, to be inspired and to share.


  17. You should read my blog because I’m authentic and have a unique voice. I discuss topics that others shy away from, and I share stories that inspire people to make real change in their lives. Also because I’m a Christian with a really cool tattoo and I’m not afraid to use mild profanity (thanks to your post Break the Rules).


  18. You should read my blog because it is about showing beautiful and interesting things in Nashville in the form of painted canvases. Right now I’m *trying* to paint one small piece a day, but it’s been tough sticking to it.

    1. Ben, for your consideration, here is a link to a Genesis study I did that I could not stop listening to, it was so terrific. Could be supplemental to what you are doing. God bless.

  19. Just reading through all of these comments was amazing and inspiring! You should read my blog if you like to cook, eat healthy and well, and share it with friends and family. That’s the gift God gave me and I am called to share it with others! 1 Peter 4;10. 

  20. I’m not sure.  I’m kind of all over the place and posting periodically, but I think I could turn things around if I merged all my “stuff” into one place and started to get more focused on consistent.  I want to give people and insight into my life in Thailand, but I find myself holding back alot for many reasons. I probably have alot of blogs I felt like I wanted to write, but just left them as drafts.  Maybe I should step out.  Thanks for making me think of the answer to this question.


  21. Your post really had me thinking, something I oft due without… thought.  The simple reason you should read my blog is because you like/love to read. I’m a writer and spend time each week exploring ideas about writing, and the process of writing. I try to keep the focus on what I’ve written or am writing. In my pursuit for publication, an agent/ publisher, I’ve learned that most want an author to have an online presence. This, among Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Google +, is my presence, but on my blog, I get to showcase some of what I write. In past posts I’ve explored a few of the characters out of my novels. Really explored who they are beyond what the reader will get from the novel. Let the reader have a glimpse of what a writer knows beyond what they learn in the novel.

  22. You should read my blog: https://linchpinbloggers.com

    Why? I can think of two main reasons:

    1) I can bring piercing insight and fresh perspectives on strategies and tips that help you become a better blogger and writer. 
    2) And because becoming linchpin in your niche should be your main objective if you want to succeed in this game.

  23. With so many great professional bloggers like Michael Hyatt, Seth Godin and Jon Acuff, why would anyone read my blog? That’s what I’ve been asking myself since I got back into blogging a few months ago. It started by posting about leaving the best job I’ll ever have (working for Dave Ramsey) and going out on my own as a self-employed entrepreneur.

    The response was incredible. Friends and co-workers were encouraged and given hope for their own dreams! My story helped others find theirs. That’s why I blog. I don’t have a lot of readers or a lot of followers, but I blog to tell my story of building a successful technology business, raising a family and living on purpose to honor God.

    I blog because it encourages (and hopefully educates) others. It serves others. If it fails to do that, it’s not worth my time (or yours).

    Jeff, thanks for giving others an excuse to link to their blog and share their passions.


  24. Hi Jeff, I met you at SCORRE conference in October. I couldn’t talk because I lost my voice. Maybe you’ll be at Michael Hyatt’s platform conference.

    I follow 55 blogs. Most I barely skim because everyone is so busy talking about themselves. 

    I am publishing a book with Abingdon Press. A book about self-care: Emotional, Physcial, and Spiritual ways to care for yourself. 

    On my blog I offer free information that my counseling clients pay a lot of money for. 


  25. I blog because I love it, because I love writing, and because I love the connections I’ve made through it. 

    I blog because although I’ve been told that what I write about is useful, I’m really learning myself. I blog because I hope my readers can get something out of my discoveries and mistakes. 

    But why should you read my blog? That’s another question entirely. 

    There are hundreds–nay, thousands–of other writing blogs out there, and mine is still relatively new (less than a year old). Why read my blog? 

    It’s selfish, really, because you should read my blog because I learn just as much (if not more) from my readers than my readers do from what I post. You should read my blog because the community I’m building there is wonderful, because I love the connections, because the feedback I get is my greatest indicator of what I’m doing right and wrong. 

    You don’t have to read my blog. But I think you might find that you got something out of it, if you did. 

  26. Hi Jeff, 

    That was a really interesting post and got me thinking a lot about my blog, why I write it , why I think people read it and also why I read the blogs that I do and to me the answer is about laughter.  

    You see I blog because I love making people laugh and I love to hear that I’ve made someone smile and in return a Retweet or a like of one of my posts makes me smile just as much as I hope my blog posts do to the person reading them.  In my opinion there’s too much misery in the news and on TV these days so whenever I write I try to inject as much humour into my posts as I can and in turn I also like to read blogs that can make me laugh as well.

    On top of this, over the last 32 years I have done so many embarrassing things in front of so many people that I felt I may as well share these stories with those who weren’t lucky enough to witness me making a disgrace of myself the first time round and that’s how my blog was born and continues to live!  

    So if you want to read stories about me falling off the back of a bus, dribbling on strangers whilst sleeping on public transport or being called a ‘wa*ker’ by the paparazzi in front of Kelly Brook then check out my blog!  Thanks Jeff.



  27. I started writing my blog “just for me” at the urging of someone I love who knew how much I loved to simply write.  From the layout, to the title, to the header…it was an expression of who I am, but also who I strive to be.  There really is so much negativity in the world, that I always seem to come out as the Pollyanna of the group whether it is at work, church, with family, or friends.  All of that said, my blogging grew more and more passionate and (somewhat) focused as I began feeling more and more confident sharing myself, my observations, tips on leadership, work, relationships, etc.  It really has become an extension of who I am.  I don’t get a lot of comments on my actual blog, but I get a lot of private messages through FB and e-mail of people saying I read your blog religously, and thank you for sharing so much..it helps, etc.  I link it to Twitter and FB (Networked Blogs)…both have helped my traffic, but I think a year and a half into the journey (and now two actual published articles)….I struggle with fine tuning my writing, striving for a bigger audience, seeking a way to write as a career, etc.  I have been reading you religously after finding you through Hyatt (whom I love), and I am hoping to learn from your journey how to navigate my own.  The funny thing is that seems to be the focus of why people should and do read my blog…they really do want to live their lives with passion and purpose, and they love seeing someone working really hard to not only do that in their own lives…but seeing someone go rougue in encouraging their employees, friends, family, and anyone who will listen…to do the same. 🙂


    P.S.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s comments to this post.  Wow! :)))

  28. Why should anyone read my blog? I have been asking myself again and again, but I haven’t really come up with an answer. Mostly, I think, it’s because anything that I have posted is an honest reflection of my own life, no matter how broken, how bad, or how good it is.

  29. My blog provides insights into the very nature of time & space. Plus, we give away stuff to readers. We are planning to give away the entire internet next week, so if you become a regular reader now, you’ll have a shot at that contest. This is your last chance: http://www.daisybrain.com

  30. Because sometimes people are discouraged and hurting or they feel ill-equipped to journey through the Christian life.  I am compelled by God to write, and so I write for no other reason but to encourage His children.

  31. Jeff, i just discovered your blog (i feel a little late to the party), and immediately i see the reason to follow it. I also see 80 comments already on this post and am wondering if you have room for one more.

    I’m new to the blogosphere. I began in March. Why did i join this massive club? First, and honestly, it was recommended to me as a new writer. And since i had an url sitting empty, which i’d intended to use for homeless to share their stories, to help empower them on a website called ihaveavoicetoo.com.  

    i decided to turn it into a blog to share my stories. And what i have discovered is that i am being empowered. I am finding my voice which had been lost for many years. I’d been through college, the Peace Corps, running an illegal internet pharmacy, the underworld of prison and the criminal justice system, and working as an instructor with the homeless. 

    Anyway, i got caught up in self-loathing, fear, and a shattered confidence. Telling my stories on my blog, as unknown as it is, has helped me find my voice and a new love for writing. And more and more i get the sense of how powerful it is.

    That, i hope, answers your question. You can find me at http://ihaveavoicetoo.com/. Thank you for reading this.

  32. Well, that’s a really good question. Nowadays, people like to talk. They like to tell you every damn thing that they’re doing, and some of them do it well. But, for me, that’s not the best kinda blogging.

    But it’s hard to choose only one kind of blog post, or only one theme to stick to. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t know what my blog is for, therefore, I continue writing. And I write a lot. But I don’t want people’s opinion on my personal blog’s posts, I just want to write about thing that make me happy, or sad. I like writing about feelings, and I think that it’s just so subjective that I don’t even share every post with my friends.

    I know you’re probably talking about blogs that rely on some niche to exist, but I think that it’s almost impossible to just separate those two things, you know? So that’s why you should read my blog, after all. Because some part of your personality identifies with my writing, or content, or jokes, or whatever.

    Also, I think that some blogs wants people’s opinion learn, like you

  33. Okej why should you read my blog?

    I think the reason to why you should read my blog is very simple. My blog is a reflection of who I am, but also who I strive to be. I spread positivity and understanding rather then judgemental. I actually believe that there is still hope for every single one of us. To become better than we were yesterday. I may be young but i have a lot to say. And i hope that you may have some kind of believe enough in me to see for yourself!

  34. Okej why should you read my blog?

    I think the reason to why you should read my blog is very simple. My blog is a reflection of who I am, but also who I strive to be. I spread positivity and understanding rather then judgemental. I actually believe that there is still hope for every single one of us. To become better than we were yesterday. I may be young but i have a lot to say. And i hope that you may have some kind of believe enough in me to see for yourself!


  35. Hi Jeff,
    You should read my blog because YOU are fantastic!! And because you are, I offer you the absolute BEST, most authentic, most honest and most uplifting I’ve got. Nothing less. And my story would be all the more rich to mingle with yours.
    Should you like a rockin’ good time: http://www.longandluxe.com
    Thank you for being amazing!! 🙂

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