Let’s Get Wrecked in Guatemala Together (Invitation to a Vision Trip)

Since Wrecked came out, I’ve been looking to give people a “next step” to take. This is the type of book that demands action from its readers. It doesn’t work as a comfortable weekend read; it needs something more. And I think we’ve found it.


A unique opportunity just for you

For the past few months, I’ve been talking with folks at Adventures in Missions about how we could offer a way for my readers to get wrecked.

We’ve been brainstorming options for people to step out and serve. And I think we’ve come up with a pretty cool opportunity:

In February, I’ll be co-leading a vision trip to Guatemala, and you’re invited to join me. We’ll be serving people living in poverty and getting our hearts wrecked in the process.

For five days, we’ll be learning what it means to get wrecked and finding ways to step out of our comfort zones together.

This is a chance to put into practice all this generosity stuff we talk about, not to mention a way to connect with others who care about making a difference in the world (including me).

Disclaimer and details

For those who don’t know, I work for a Christian nonprofit organization — that’s my day job. If prayer and Bible reading aren’t your thing, then this trip may not be right for you. (I don’t want anyone to feel excluded, but at the same time, I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable.)

Here are some more details:

  • When: Feb. 2–6, 2013
  • Cost: $855 (includes airfare from Miami International Airport)
  • Includes: Lodging, food, and in-country transportation; we will take care of all the details and logistics once you arrive
  • Lodging: Normal room with shared bathroom and multiple beds

That said, not everyone can hop a plane to Central America for a week, and I totally understand that. So if you have a desire to be involved (and won’t be able to make it), let’s find a way to do that.

This whole community is invited to participate in this trip. Soon, I’ll be sharing more about what that looks like, but in the meantime I’d love to hear any ideas you have.

Act now before it’s too late

There are only 25 spots available (and they’re filling up fast!), so if you’re thinking of applying for the trip, don’t wait. This is going to be a really special group, and I’m looking forward meeting all of you in person.

If the trip goes well, we’ll probably do more of this sort of thing in the future.

To find out more about the Wrecked Vision Trip (including more on what we’ll be doing and how you can apply), click here. Use the code WRECKED to waive the app fee. See you in Guatemala!

What might a trip like this teach you? Share in the comments.

52 thoughts on “Let’s Get Wrecked in Guatemala Together (Invitation to a Vision Trip)

  1. I’m headed for Moldova in March, one of the largest destinations for sex-trafficking, and the poorest country in Europe. This is my first mission trip and I have no doubts I’ll be wrecked in the process. 

  2. Wow, Jeff! What an awesome way to put on the wrecked and uncomfortable! I think a trip like that would likely open my eyes to the true spoiled that I am as an American. And how to live wrecked. I’m one of those who can’t hop over to Central America this February, but would love to be involved somehow. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Although I know I can’t get the time off, this sounds like a great opportunity.  I’ve never been on a mission trip and would like to go on one someday.  What really impresses me about this is that you have calculated and posted the cost in your post, and that cost is relatively inexpensive: much less than I might have expected.  Maybe you’ll do something similar in the summer one year when I can take time off from teaching.  This is a great idea, Jeff.

  4. Wonderful that you’re putting this together, Jeff! I was blessed with the good fortune of volunteering with the disabled in Haiti last year and it was life changing. After reading ‘Wrecked’ I got that bug again. Not sure if I can make it in Feb, but will see what I can do. If not, all the best for a successful and rewarding mission for you and all the newly wrecked.

  5. I has the pleasure of going to Guatemala this past summer with our church’s youth group.  The trip changed my life.  Another trip to Guatemala would do the same.  I’d love to go on this trip.

    Currently, I am planning a return to the town of Xenacoj where we served with AIM with my wife and kids this next summer.

  6. What a great trip and idea. I remember being wrecked on a Compassion Trip, in the mountains of Ecuador, visiting mamas and babies in their huts. Cold, harsh environment and yet my heart was touched by God’s work through His people.
    This trip will be a life changer for sure. It’s good to get uncomfortable, its the only way we change.
    I would love to consider it but I have a speaking gig.
    I hope you share the experience here.

  7. What a great opportunity Jeff, and a very reasonable price too! As you know, I’m all about missions and I’ve been to Guatamala.

    I would just like to encourage anyone who might be even slightly interested to take the dive and do this. To spend the week with Jeff and his team would be amazing in itself, but to do it serving others and the Lord will be fulfilling  beyond what you could imagine.

    Go for it!

    1. Caris, yes you need to get to Miami. I’ll check on the shots. I think the answer is “yes” but I’ll confirm that with an email. Stand by.

      And no, you won’t need to pay with registration.

          1. Ugh.  I’m going to have to pass this time.  It’s just too close to Christmas.  Sometimes being wrecked is paying the bills, haha.  I love the idea of a vision trip.  I really hope you end up doing this again.  I’d love to come next time!!!

      1. Here’s the Center for Disease Control’s take on Guatemala – this is what we recommend when groups come! https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/guatemala.htm

  8. Oh, Jeff,
    That would be a dream come true!
    Right now, hoever, my 92 year old mom living with me cannot make it on her own…Dimensia and neck stenosis has made her life and ours very difficult, and does not allow me to leave her alone. My 81 year old husband, could barely take care himself, let alone my mom.

    I will be thinking of you and the only thing keeping from being disappointed is that I believe God places us where ever we need to be at the time. 

    I want to help though. If you email me an adress, I will send you some monitary help to use as needed. You and Alene have for sure WRECKED our lifes. Here is my e-adress. Let me feel part of it even if I won’t follow you!     katiakantzia@msn.com

      1. Thanks Jeff!

        Please let me know about the monetary gift! You must need money to buy things to bring there? 

        God bless you for what you are doing!

  9. Hi Jeff – I follow your blog and am living and working with Young Life in Guatemala City, specifically in the communities around the city dump. Let me know if our team on the ground can at all be of service – Excited that you’re bringing a group to serve in and learn from this beautiful city! 

  10. Jeff – sounds awesome! Haven’t been on a mission trip for a few years since we had our son.
    My wife I used to lead a team each year. Hopefully soon will get back “out there.” I know you’ll have a great group and God will do incredible things!

  11. I hope I get to go. I have been on a medical missions trip, but this will be my first gospel centered trip. I want to see people, not their circumstances or their environment. God doesn’t look at the outside, but at the heart and I want to see what He sees. Earlier this year I asked for God to help me love people the way He does and I know (while I have grown some) I am no where near the extravagant love he has for others. I hope this trip changes that.  

  12. I would love to go with my hubby & 3 college kids.

    While its priced very well…it’s a bit out of our budget right now.
    Praying for those going.

  13. What a fantastic opportunity! Would love to be a part of this team but we’ve committed to a missions trip to Arequipa, Peru in 2013. Keep us updated and know that I’m praying for those who are able to be a part.

  14. Sigh.  I fall into the “can’t hop on plane right now” category.  Oh, I really wish I could.  Hope there are more of these.  Any way I can help/be involved from here I am willing!   🙂

  15. I spent a total of about a year in Central America with Youth With a Mission in the 1980’s – Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador. I totally love Guatemala and the people there. The bus rides are very exciting, as I remember! I will pray for you and the team as you prepare, and as you go.  I hope you’ll be able to update somehow on prayer requests and highlights of the trip. Blessings.

  16. Hey Jeff,

    This looks awesome, and if my wife and I had not already committed to a mission trip to Haiti next Spring (Arise Haiti), I would be fully on board. Wrecked further opened my eyes, and began changing my heart to make this happen. I can’t wait to see what God will do in and through us.

    That being said, can you give a first timer some advice/pointers? Or lead me to some resources that have helped you? Thanks.

  17. What a fantastic opportunity! Would love to be a part of this team but we’ve committed to a missions trip to Arequipa, Peru in 2013. Keep us updated and know that I’m praying for those who are able to be a part.

  18. What a fabulous opportunity! I am unable to make the trip, but I would love to pray for the team. Please keep us updated on specific prayer requests. Blessings to you all!

  19. Argh, from Italy it’s too far and i found out about this too late. I am really hoping for a second opportunity, and will follow updates on twitter. Have a great journey guys

  20. As long as you remember not to spread your misguided religious beliefs, I’m all for doing good. So, go and have fun!

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