The Secret Behind Every Bestseller


Most people want to write a book. But very few do. And many of those people don't just want to write a book. They want to sell it. But very few of those who become authors go on to write bestsellers.

These days, there are plenty of people telling you what it takes to sell your book. Hack the media. Build your platform. Join this social network. Chase that fad. But what if I told you that before you could launch a bestseller, you first had to write one?

The truth is the world's most successful authors, speakers, and bloggers do this every day. They don't just write what they want and hope people pay attention. They craft content for their audience and place their message in front of those readers.

And guess what happens next? Their messages spread far and wide. Why? Because they had a clever marketing plan? No way. Because they crafted a message worth spreading.

You can do the same.

Write a Bestseller

As the bestselling author of five books, I’ve learned that to be a successful author, you can't just write any old book. You have to write a book worth selling. And that requires a very specific writing process.

Which is why I created this course: Write a Bestseller.

In this course, I walk you through the process that has guided nearly every bestselling nonfiction author to write a great book and sell millions of copies of it. It's the same process I've used to launch my own bestsellers. And in this course, I’ll teach you how it works.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to nail your big idea before you start writing so you know the book will sell  
  • What it takes to identify your core audience and use those early fans to help your message spread
  • The secret process to getting the words down fast without running into writer's block
  • The system I use to edit a draft to excellence and make the book as shareable as possible

Beat the Odds and Become a Success Story

Over 80% of people want to write a book someday, but without a plan, most never will.

This course is a way to beat those odds. Not only will you learn the steps it takes to write a great book. You can then take it and publish it with confidence, knowing it will sell well. And you'll have me as your guide to walk you through the process.

It’s only $197, and it comes with a
30-day money back guarantee.