Every Writer’s Dream: Never Pitch Your Writing Again

I just signed a book contract. It’s a dream come true. The book (which I’ll tell you more about later) is slated to come out soon. I’m excited about it, but what I’m most eager to share with you is the process of how it all came together.

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You see, I didn’t write a book proposal, hire an agent, or do any of the stuff the “experts” tell you to do. I just started a blog, and the publisher came to me.

Then I figured I’d better get an agent. And then we signed a contract. And lo and behold, now I’m writing a book.

Every writer has a dream

The dream is to not have to sell yourself — to just write and have the readers, agents, and publishers come to you. No hoopla or marketing gimmicks. Just good writing that gets its due.

Most of us would rather not worry about promotion. We wonder:

Can’t someone else do that for us? If only we didn’t have to worry about such petty things. If only we could just write.

Maybe that’s not a dream, after all. Maybe you can start pursuing your passion and get your writing found now. Not in five years. Today.

That’s what happened to me, and it happened a lot sooner than expected.

The best authors do this

The best authors and writers aren’t knocking on the doors of publishers.

Do you think J.K. Rowling is begging to get a book deal? Not a chance.

The world’s best aren’t worried about marketing. They’re creating meaningful art and building a platform around their work. And the gatekeepers are coming to them.

Wouldn’t that be great, if that could happen to you? (Maybe it can.)

How to change your writing career forever

I’ve been working on something for a while now (ever since I started talking to my publisher). If you’re wondering how to get a book published without turning into a self-promoting sleaze, then this is probably for you.

I just finished an eBook called You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). The title says it all.

Most writers hate selling themselves. They just want to do what they were meant to do: write. Not pitch their work or advertise their services. Just write.

In this eBook, I share how you can develop three very important tools that will make that a reality. They are:

  • A platform
  • A personal brand
  • Channels of connection (i.e. a tribe of dedicated followers and fans)

How do you get a copy?

This book is important, one of the most important pieces I’ve written yet. I’ve spent hundreds of hours working on this project, trying to make it as excellent as possible.

The result is a thorough introduction into the world of publishing, tribe-building, and difference-making — all leading you to living the dream of every writer.

To find out more about the eBook and to get your copy,  click here.

122 thoughts on “Every Writer’s Dream: Never Pitch Your Writing Again

  1. Congrats, Jeff! I can’t wait to hear more about it as you work through the process. I took the survey and look forward to reading the ebook. Thanks for all of your hard work, we are better for it.

  2. wow!  Super excited for you!  That is AWESEOME!  Congratulations, man.  Can’t wait to read it, and THANK YOU for the free e-book. Looking forward to that too! 😉

  3. You are amazing! Truly inspiring and so very generous. Thank you for being true to your heart, to your passions, and to your dreams. I am so very happy to celebrate your book deal. And thank you for the free e-book. ~Angela

  4. Congratulations, Jeff!!!  And thank you for the way you help and encourage the rest of us! 

  5. Congratulations Jeff! 
    And thank you for, true to form, turning the success of your hard work into a gift for the rest of us. I’m looking forward to hearing about the process and reading the final result!

  6. Jeff,
    Thank you for pointing the way forward here.  I too am a new writer with many dreams for my writing.  I am also trying to get a following.  

    1. Thanks. Be sure to read the free eBook! I’m not sure how long it’ll be available. Given the survey responses thus far, I’m considering taking it down in a week or so and starting to sell it. We’ll see, though.

  7. This is great news Jeff!  Congrats on the deal and I can’t wait to read the finished product.  Keep up the great work and stay the path!

  8. I am from Hong Kong and started blogging a year ago. Your blogging tips are very helpful though I write primarily in Chinese. Thank you. 

  9. Whaaaaaat?! JK Rowling doesn’t shop her work looking for a book deal? Wasn’t she turned down about 12 times for her Harry Potter manuscript? For first time writers, the free-for-all of agents, manuscripts, a slice of luck etc., is generally part-and-parcel of the profession.

  10. I spent a lot of time on this … and I think it’s worth a pretty penny. But for a limited time, I am giving the eBook away for FREE.

    I’m sure the book is precious, but now you sound like an infomercial for the Magical Onion Chopper or something. What’s next? Testimonials? (“But don’t listen to me! Listen to what my readers have said!”) 

    Our lives are finite. Planet Earth will not be there forever. Everything is “limited time only” by definition. The expression alone makes no sense.

    No doubt, this is the proper way to sell. But personally, I’m allergic to the plain old infomercial “limited time only” sales pitch routine. 

    Am I the only one?

    1. I think there is a big difference between sharing insights and offering value born from experience (and packaging it for free for his loyal readers) vs. an infomercial from a bronzed stranger on the tele.

      I could point to countless successful bloggers who have used the same approach – value above and beyond before permission for the sale.

      Just my honest opinion, but Jeff has more than earned the right to ask. It’s just not an offer everyone will resonate with 😉

      1. I fully agree with Brett. But of course, if you dislike the offer, feel free to wait until you have to pay for it. 😉 

    2. Cyberquill, sorry the phrase rubbed you wrong. But I’m planning on doing something different with the book very soon. If you don’t like how it sounds, you don’t have to get the free book (I’ve never seen an infomercial where the product is totally free.) Your choice.

      1. Oh, you mean getting the free book is something I can not do just as if I don’t really love it?

        I’m not so much allergic to the concept of giving away free stuff in order to up sales down the road, but to the pre-fab cookie-cutter infomercial-ly manner in which this concept tends to be presented. Not allergic in a sense that it causes me personal discomfort but in the sense that I wonder how so many offerers of products or services can not recoil from rehashing the same shopworn phraseology.

        In fairness, I suppose the phraseology works, which is why people use it over and over, which is also why I don’t expect to ever sell much of anything even if I had a product, because I’d chop off my fingers with a hand ax rather than capitalize the word “FREE,” for example, or use the expression “limited time only.”

      2. Jeff Congratulations! now on to more pressing issues… I can’t access your archives! *runs around frantically in a circle!*

        Jokes aside, I am really happy for you! but please fix the archives issue:)

  11. Congratulations, Jeff.  I read the whole book this morning (and yes, invested my morning hustle-time in it) and it’s amazing!

    Every step you take, you inspire me.  You lead by example…by living out your dream and sharing your steps publicly, serving those of us who would follow you.  Thank you for helping us learn from your experiences, and grow as artists.

  12. Congratulations! And the best way to keep the blessings coming is by blessing others–which you have done. Thanks so much for the free e-book. I have to say, though, that I get an equal amount of education and inspiration from your posts about writing AND blogging. I am a writer first, however, I’m learning that building a platform is an important part of getting SEEN.

    Again, thanks for the e-book. I will be going over that now with my morning cup of coffee!

  13. Jeff, congratulations on your book deal.  And thank you for the e-book.  I read it this morning with my coffee and it was inspiring.  What I love most about your e-books, your blog and your guest posts is that you keep saying, “we need your voice.”  Amazing!  You say, “pick yourself”, yeah, ok, when I have time.  But when I read “we need your voice” its like a calling.  I love that.  Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. Thanks for the ebook Jeff, really enjoying it. I was wondering, mid-read, have you ever explored the issue of fear of success, or have you read anyone else writing about it. I’m currently exploring it as I think it’s often a significant factor in holding me back from jumping into stuff fully. I thought it was a fear of failure, but I think it might be the opposite – like losing control of work/my time etc and the idea of fearing criticism – criticism as something which is not, as is sometimes my response, a sign of failure, but actually a sign of acknowledgement and to some extent, success. Failure would mean being ignored and wouldn’t really matter – it’s a bit dejecting but it’s nothing that I fear. I hope that makes sense. Any links to any relevant articles would be much appreciated. 

  15. Excellent!  Congratulations, Jeff!   No one is more deserving!   You’re walking the walk!   

    Does this mean you’re not only attending the Killer Tribes Conference, but now will be a guest speaker?

  16. YES! YES! Congratulations! Very, very happy for you, but not one bit surprised.
    Jeff Goins – Speaker of Truth. And thank you for the book.

  17. Jeff, I’m so excited for you.  I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, and have even gone back and read a lot of your archives.  I look forward to reading your newest ebook and I hope in a few years to be in the same place.  Thanks!

  18. That’s so awesome. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it and hopefully follow in your publication footsteps someday. All the best!

  19. Thank you for your generosity Jeff. The wonderful thing about your message is that it reads like a Success Manifesto for any endeavor, not just writing.

    Keep inspiring!

  20. Love this Jeff! Glad I stumbled across it ! 🙂

    A platform, a personal brand, and channels of connection (i.e. a tribe of dedicated followers and fans) are keys to succeed and scale with… well… practically anything 🙂

    Even though that’s the case, for some reason the ratio of teachers of these principles feels minimal. Good for for spreading the wisdom 🙂 Rock on!

  21. Hi Jeff!  Congrats on the book deal. It’s always fun to know that a dream is moving forward. I have one question in your post that has left me scratching my head: what do you mean by being a self-promoting sleaze? I’m assuming this is aimed at those who self-publish? What thought or experience has led you to say that? I do know that book reviewers and readers alike are discovering negatives on those who self-publish, but I won’t bore anyone on that subject. I just wanted to understand more about your comment. Thanks so much.

    1. hi there. not at all. it’s referring to the resistance i notice in most writers to self-promote. for many, it feels sleazy, like a necessary evil. in the eBook, I argue that it’s not.

      1. yep. sorry, guys. i received over 1000 responses and am taking all of that into account to build a writing course. i’m currently reworking the eBook and will be re-releasing it for sale. if you have any questions, feel free to email me: jeff@goinswriter.com

  22. Jeff, read both e-books and loved them. They were helpful, practical and simple to read. And affirming for me. I am further along in my journey than I even realized. Now my next question is how to do an e-book. Can you lead me to some resources there? I am so excited for you and so thankful for your generosity to share what you have learned along the way.

  23. But J.K Rowling did beg to get a book deal. She spent a year presenting her harry potter manuscript to 12 different publishers that all rejected her. Finally she got a deal with a super small publishing company that printed 500 copies. (Which now sell for thousands of dollars)Only a few months after that did she gain popularity and gain a good deal.

    1. Right. The point isn’t how she got the deal; it’s the fact that with a platform now she doesn’t have to beg. You can spend years begging, or you can just build one yourself.

  24. Thanks so much for your writing!I found that this an article was useful for my work & I hope that you can continue post more exciting writing!I really like this site & I will share it for my friends!
    Good luck!

  25. What a dream, to have people approach you about doing the things that you passionately want to do. I believe this dream, now just to make it into a reality by changing it from a dream to a goal! Thanks for your authentic vibe, I’m happy that you are successful.

  26. I do not think publishing a book has many shortcomings like. Anyway holding a book in hand it feels better than reading a book manuscript on the network. I do not like feeling like that.

  27. I think someone is born with talent or not, you cannot sow seed in the ground where simply can’t grow. You can only help someone to get noticed in right time and on right place.

  28. This is great stuff buddy! Love it. Worrying to much about the possibility of getting book deals, whether anyone will read my works and etcetera etcetera only create unnecessary distractions. I’m inspired. Period.


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  32. Hi Jeff, I am a fan of your blog. The advice you give is meaningful, implementable and just brilliant. I am also an upcoming writer and just started my blog yesterday https://letterlantern.in/wp/. I too just love to read and write and being a shy person, marketing is just not my thing. But, I still feel that to be found one needs to step out, make connections, show that they have arrived. Generating quality content and letting it lie latent doesnt make sense. You’ve amplified the importance of guest posting, which again is a part of marketing…

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