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The Writer’s Manifesto: Stop Writing to Be Read & Adored

I’m excited to announce the launch of my first eBook! After weeks of writing, editing, and formatting, I’m pleased to now share with you: The Writer’s Manifesto.

Pow! This is a good one, a wake up call and just what you need to read. Thanks Jeff, for sharing your art.
—Seth Godin // Author, We Are All Weird

About the manifestoWriters Manifesto Book Cover

The Writer’s Manifesto is a small eBook about getting back to the heart of writing.

Based on a blog post I wrote called “Writers Don’t Write to Get Published,” this short manifesto is a call for writers to fall back in love with writing for the love of it.

I intentionally made the eBook short and sweet, so that you could read it in one sitting.

If you are a writer, this might be just what you need to reclaim your  freedom and rediscover the joy of writing. I heartily recommend it.
—Michael Hyatt // Chairman, Thomas Nelson

How to get a copy

You can get a free copy of The Writer’s Manifesto by joining my newsletter list.

This will automatically subscribe you to free updates and other occasional goodies (e.g. other books and offers and such). I will always respect your privacy, and you can opt out at any time. Once you confirm your email address, you’ll receive a private link to the PDF that you can download.

Jeff has declared in this brilliant eBook the silent intentions of so many of us to write once again for the pure joy of writing. He’s called out the things which can creep in a spoil our first love and says our love of writing is worth fighting for.
—Bob Goff
// Author, Love Does

Once you’ve read it…

If you’ve already read The Writer’s Manifesto, let me say thank you. This little book was a labor of love, and I’m honored that you took the time to read it. So… what did you think?

Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. If you liked it, you are welcome to share it with others. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tweet about it.
  • Share it on Facebook.
  • Email this link to a friend.
  • Print it and give a copy to a coworker or other writer (just don’t charge for it or change it).

And here are some other ways to get involved:

  • Share your thoughts and takeaways on Twitter, using the hashtag #writersmanifesto.
  • Join the Facebook community, where you can connect with other writers who have something to say.

I loved it! Succinct-true-and applicable. Doesn’t get better than that.
—Patsy Clairmont // Author and Speaker

To read other reactions and reviews, check out the endorsements page.

Write your own manifesto

One outcome that I’m hoping for is that this manifesto inspires you to write something.

If you publish something as a result of reading The Writer’s Manifesto, please share it. If it’s online, feel free to include the link in the comments below, as well as on Facebook and Twitter (be sure to use the hashtag #writersmanifesto). I can’t wait to read your work.

Grab a free copy

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  • Simply put, this is EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks so much =))

  • Liz

    I think this should be read at least once a week–Loved it!

  • Jeff,

    First of all, from a fellow Illinois College alum, hello!

    Second, thank you for your words of inspiration, not only in the Manifesto, but on your blog.

    I went to Illinois College thinking I was going to write for a living.  Thirty-some odd years later, that’s what I’m still going to do when I grow up.  Now a recovering CPA, I’m in the world of health and fitness.

    Timing is a little tardy, but I’ve finally finished my first e-Book.  I had a major assist from a fellow fitness professional, who was essentially giving away a copy of his book as a fundraiser for charity and allowing fellow fitness professionals to customize it and re-brand it.

    But his book wasn’t my voice.

    So I used his book as a template and rewrote it using my voice.

    Is it perfect?

    No, but it’s done.

    Tom Buford says “done is better than perfect.”  You’ve said the same thing.

    In your voice.

    Anyway, here is my “Healthy Holidays Survival Guide:”  https://davekfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Healthy-Holidays-Survival-Guide.pdf

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to share a link to my website, but if I may, here’s the link via my (VERY imperfect) website to get the guide and sign up for my Healthy Fit Tips e-Club: https://davekfitness.com/specialreport/

    Thank you again for your inspiration, Jeff.

    I’m excited about finally writing for a living.

  • Alan E Meyers

    Great thoughts, I’m excited to get Wrecked. Although it may be another version of my own life story. Keep being Jeff, I’m glad to be getting to Know your work.

  • Jeff, reading The Writer’s Manifesto in the midst of writing my second book has been a great insight. Yes, great writing ends up with applause even when that’s not the intention. I praise this piece of writing. Thank you.

  • Loved the manifesto, and it echoes what I have done in the last year. I’ve written 5 books, and am in the midst of the 6th. I did it, because I had to get it out of my head, out of my body. They were words, ideas and creations asking to be born, and so I obliged. It’s this 6th book that is the deeply personal, vulnerable stuff that I uncovered as I peeled off each layer that the previous 5 revealed. It’s not flowing quite as easily out of me. It’s holding onto its privacy, and just peeking through, almost ready to be seen. I am coaxing it out, but asking it to be raw, as it will only be of value as a creation if that is so. Thank you for putting it out there, that just to write is vital. I’d like to say that I don’t care if nobody ever acknowledges it, but in truth that’s not accurate. However that is not what’s driving me. It’s asking to be born, like its sisters, and I am gestating now. Thanks again Jeff, for setting the record on this.  

  • Made me really think why I am doing this! I love the inner dialogue it created. Thanks for helping put so many things into perspective. 

  • Farhan

    Hi Jeff,

    The Writer’s Manifesto is for sale on Amazon for 0.99$ so don’t they object if you give away the eBook for free here? I’d heard that Amazon requires that one can give a book for free only on some particular days. Is that true?

  • This was an inspiring and well done book!  Love how it was such a simple layout and yet spread a powerful message about completely owning who you are and what you do. 

    Well done!

  • Anmol Jain

    I absolutely loved the Writer’s Manifesto.
    Even though my problem wasn’t getting addicted to the thrill of getting published (since I’m still in high school and I’ve never actually been published; writing is more of a hobby for me), the manifesto inspired me to start writing again.

    Here’s the link to my blog, please do let me know what you think of it!

    Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome (from anyone who bothers reading it). 🙂

    Being Anmol: franklyspeaking-anmoljain.blogspot.com

  • WilliamsSyndrome Smile

    Jeff, this has been sitting on my desktop for weeks, and I finally sat down to read it. This is one of the most fabulous works I have ever read! I can see myself reading it every day–or maybe every 5 minutes–from here on out. 😉 Thank you! -Vanessa (WilliamsSyndromeSmile.com)

  • cynjake

    thanks for reminding me of what i already know. I’m going to write something now

  • This is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for inspiring me to begin!

  • Mary Verdier

    Dear Jeff, I’m new to your blog and was so excited when you wrote so many things that I have said myself. I feel so inspired and if it were not 10:00 on Sunday night I’d write more. But I have felt at times that writing is an obsession and that I can’t NOT write. I tried it for two weeks and I couldn’t stand it. Back to the computer. Thank you for all you do to support writers. We need you! Mary Verdier (pen name Casey Lynch) I’m working on starting a blog this week called CaseyWrites. I hope I can touch writers as you have touched me. Thank you again!

  • Traveler In My Own Backyard

    Jeff – Your blog is so encouraging. I FEAR big. But I dream BIGGER. Your blog encourages me to keep sitting down at these keys, keep hitting publish, keep writing chapters on what I thought was a “maybe someday” and is now growing nicely into reality. Love the manifesto. Will reread it every time my knees start quaking or I wonder if anyone is looking at my work. Speaking of my work, you invited me to share…thanks, Michele

    Superman’s Identity? https://travelerinmyownbackyard.blogspot.com/2012/10/supermans-secret-identity-revealed.html

    Stone Soup – A Confession

    The Truth – And I saw it right there in Sunday School

  • joysupsanddowns.blogspot.com

    WOW. This blogpost made me very happy. I realy love to write, but my grammar is imperfect. So it makes me uneasy. But, I still write because I wanted to write. I am writing me own Cinderella story.

    Thanks for the tips:)


    Thank’s so much for the help Jejj, a lot of what you said is another big push for me to get started writing. Published or not concerns me less than anything right now. My goal is to plan then put my story on paper.
    I had a co-worker many years ago that said to me ” I want to write a book but I don’t know what to write about ”. My answer was simple, I said – Write about what YOU know about.

  • Kay

    Ouch! To be real honest, this manifesto kind of stepped on my toes. I’m a trained writer with a journalism degree, published articles, and a floundering blog…for which I keep track of comments and stats and such. But, indeed, I’ve lost my first love for writing. it has become what I do in order to be noticed and build a platform. I needed this wake up call. Thanks for stepping on my toes, turning me around and giving me a shove in the right direction. I just pray I can actually regain that LOVE of writing. I want to love it again. It’s just become such a “tool.” But I’m hopeful.

  • Michelle Young

    They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I am your student and you have arrived just exactly when I needed you.

    “Let the wild rumpus start!”

  • Laura Bonser

    Hi Jeff!
    Just published the 4th post on my brand-spankin’ new blog, The Birdseed Chronicles, and I have you to thank for it 🙂 As you noted above, I wanted to share my musings on the inspiration your work has provided me. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it….and if you have the time to read it, I really am serious about that interview 🙂 https://lauradgirl.com/2013/07/31/i-write/
    Look forward to reading more of your work!! Thanks for the kick in the pants to get myself started doing something I’ve always known I love.

  • Nasri N. Stoner

    Thanks for the lovely ebook. Truly, you came at the right spot when i needed to find some inspiration to write. I’ve been so focused on stats that I find it hard to crack on what to write, and just get lost at the process by trying to be who I’m not.

    i forgot why I started to blog at the first place, but this time you have opened me up and realise that I need to start doing something about it.


  • Shari Lynne

    Love it Jeff! Thank you!

  • James Mathison

    I’ve been RUNNING from my love of writing for so long. I’ve let some rejection and some boring article work convince me that it’s not really my “thing”, all the while keeping up a daily journal, with religious regularity.

    Now I’ve finally embraced my craft, and on days that I write articles, I don’t feel the usual “need” to journal. It’s as if I need to get words out of me, one way or another.

    It’s no wonder that your manifesto spoke to me.

    “They do it because they cannot NOT write.”

    So encouraging! Thank you Jeff 🙂

  • Brady McDaniel

    Thank you for saying what we all need to hear.

  • Matthew Shipman

    Thanks, Jeff! True words for those who are called to write!

  • Deborah Taylor-French

    Reading “The Writers Manifesto” was a great way to wake up this morning. I think of all the writers in the world who are in prison or impoverished, and cannot put pen to paper, do not have laptops or access to computers. I write because I must and because I can still think, see, imagine and put some of that on paper and the Internet.

    In a hard labor camp for 8 years, Dostoyevsky was forbidden to write, never allowed a pencil or writing materials, yet in his mind he wrote and rewrote “Crime and Punishment.” After being set free he wrote the novel that set the entire world on a new path of the contemporary psychological novel.

    Thanks Jeff, I am sharing your “…Manifesto” with my Redwood Writers, Author Support Group today. Our club is one of the 18 branches of the California Writers Club. I also shared with an active member, and friend, in Northern California regional leadership. On Facebook, I received a great note of pleasure from Elaine.

  • Ahhh…just what I needed Jeff! Thank you, thank you, thank you for rekindling my passion for writing! What a wealth of inspiration on your site for us writers! Now if you’ll excuse me…I’m off to write my new novel(thanks to you), lol! Blessings!

  • Kyana Davis Hansson

    Listening to your interview with Michael Stelzner on Social Media Marketing podcast…very inspirational!

  • David Butler

    Enjoyed your interview on the Social Media Marketing podcast. I’m ready to start all over now.

  • Felix

    Write to.. get people on your mailing list?!

  • I just visited the link to Amazon. The book isn’t available. Somethinbg to do with pricing.

  • Nipun Garg

    Thank you Jeff. Something to share, something every artist, writer or not, needs to see.

  • Ramon San Pascual

    Salamat po. Thanks Jeff. This in itself is an answered prayer.

  • hollandc036

    Everything happens for a reason, what is meant to be will be….In the meantime I will write for me! Thank you for the clarity!

  • So excited to read this! You are an inspiration, Jeff!

  • Elden

    Thanks Jeff, I like reading all that you have written, it hits a responsive chord inside me. I am getting inspired so what is next ….Master of this course?

    • What’s next is for you to write your manifesto, to share your words with the world. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say, Elden.

  • Victory Rea

    Thank you very much for these words. It is exactly what I needed to read to get the right “kick”! 🙂

  • Tory Michaels

    I’m already a member of the list. Can I still get the e-book free somehow?

  • LuAnn Braley

    The FB link to share the manifesto did not work for me. 🙁

    • Whoops. Sorry about that, Luanne. You can just share the link on this page.

  • sylvercloud

    I only downloaded the Misfit Manifesto and the tab closed so I did not get the Writer’s manifesto. Please email the pdf to me. Thanks.

  • Meghan Boggess

    I had some free time last night, which I spent reading The Writer’s Manifesto and You Are A Writer. After several semesters of course-required blogging and short newspaper articles, I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out on writing. I really needed your reminder of why writers should write. Thank you for that! If you’d like to check it out, I wrote a longer response on my school-turned-personal blog:

  • Sue Detweiler

    I am watching your “Creative Live Event” and looking at your “bait.” Great job. I am preparing for the launch of my book 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom. Thanks for your help.

  • Emma Mesrobian

    Hi Jeff, thank you!! I just joined your email list and love your 5 tips on headlines for blogs. But I have to say Reading The Writers Manifesto was so beautiful!!! I am not a writer. I am dancer, started my blog, but so lost. Your Manifesto was exactly what I felt. Its funny you said to write your own, because I was thinking that the entire time. The Dancers Manifesto! that was so beautiful and thank you for sharing, so!!! inspired me!! xoxo

  • Lynne R McAnulty-Street

    I’m on your newsletter list, came here via the newsletter link to get my free copy of the Manifesto, but cannot see where I download it from?

  • Tani Chambers

    So enjoyed The Writer’s Manifesto! It was not what I expected… which was so inspiring! That appears to be your goal and you have certainly succeeded with me. I’m actually excited to write mine. Me. The reader. Excited to write? Unbelievable. Thanks Jeff!

    • Tani Chambers

      Just joined Tribe Writers! Had a Nike feeling going on…so I just did it! (Lawd.. help me please!)

  • Jessica M Heeg

    Mind. Blown. It’s a sneaky thing, what sneaked up on me, and I hadn’t even realized the change of heart. But this manifesto reawakened a manifestation, and freed something I did not think was locked up. I used to love to write, just for writing’s sake, but something changed inside. When I made the BIG decision, things like blogs and likes and contests took over. And writing became a sad, sad chore. Not anymore.

    • Wow. That’s awesome, Jessica!

    • Tani Chambers

      Jessica…. I think that was/is my fear of writing or even acknowledging that I’m a writer. The pressure of the “brand.”

  • Kulandai Swami

    It is nothing but hypocrisy. If anybody writes, it may be for pleasure and not for profit. But what and where is the pleasure if his writing goes unread? Admiration and adoration need not be expected. But to say “don’t write to be read” is pure humbug!

  • chrissie21

    Jeff, thank-you. I enjoyed the Writer’s Manifesto and agree that just showing up is no 1 Key. “How do you get to the Carnegie Hall?” “Practise, practise, practise”. Writing, like piano playing, both of which I did/do/dabble a lot in, can be pretty solitary, which is why I love communities like these. Like most of the rest of the world, I have a nasty ‘perfectionist’ trait as well as a particular aversion to attaching ‘labels’ and so shy away from calling myself a Writer and Pianist, but here goes, my declaration is now made 🙂

  • Crisie Hutchings

    Inspired by The Writer’s Manifesto!! Thank you!

  • Sabra Penley

    When I get all wrapped up in comments and tweets and other online connections and start to feel overwhelmed by it all, I realize that it has taken priority over just sharing my heart. And that is my call–to share my heart with the world, to testify to God’s work in my life and bring Him glory. In this is my joy–not in applause. Thank you, Jeff, for the reminder. And for the motivation to stop the worry, stop thinking about where my writing will lead, and just put pen to paper and express my heart. I will be reading this over and over again.

  • I just started making my writing public a couple months ago. I simply love doing it.. but lately have felt pressure to construct it a certain way to fit some kind of mold. This was very refreshing to read. Thank you.

  • The messages in your manifesto are being applied to my drawings. Good piece.

  • Kina

    Thank you so much for this manifesto. It’s awakened a hidden desire to write. I’m also applying it to my songwriting. Your words are incredibly inspiring.

  • hameac2034

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  • Tawanna Currence

    Thanks so much for your Writer’s Manifesto! I am forever changed as a writer…. Thank you.

  • pammy

    I too love to come up with ideas to write. When i see a movie i have a pretty good idea of how its going to turn out or i can guess the ending or how it will turn out. I have many good ideas but not really sure how to start out. I would like in incorporate some of my own life experiences into my novels as well as i would like for them to be read then to have it continue such as a series or even if one is to randomly pick up a book they would get an idea because like books i have read in the past always refreshes the reader or gives the new reader an idea of the past.

  • R Burton

    Hi Jeff,

    Yesterday, I posted the Prologue and Chapter 1 of my novel to be launched on September 5. I was so inspired by the podcast that when I signed up for the Tribe I used ladybauthor. When I started my graduate program i used (and still do) ladybdr. Intention is everything. My novel is an example of my manifesto. Thanks to Charlie Brown, I have met the enemy and she is me.

  • Jen Ponce

    In a Facebook group I’m active in, we’ve been having a similar discussion. Why do we write? I’m going to share this because it will definitely resonate with the folks over there at the Dragon’s Rocketship. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome! Would love to hear more about that discussion, Jen.

  • Sue McKay

    Whoa, for a minute there I thought you were inside my head. Yes, yes, and YES to each page of The Writer’s Manifesto.

  • Susan Bishop

    Very inspirational! I have a huge post-it on my computer that says, “your job is to show up”, “Honor the gift, honor your gift”, “even without applause”, “the real writer in you is waiting”…..Love that! Thank you so much!

  • J White

    Jeff Goins … Enjoyed reading “The Writer’s Manifesto” and agree, “I can NOT write…” You also presented a beautiful display depicting the impact of “white space” when properly used. Thank you.

  • Mark Oelze

    Jeff, I LOVED both your message and your manifesto format. In fact, I loved it so much I was inspired to create something similar entitled “The Marriage Secret: How to enjoy marriage for LIFE.” I’d love for you to check it out here: https://madlyinlove.org/marriage-secret/

    Thanks for doing what you do each day; please know that it inspires and encourages the rest of us!

  • Jeff, thanks for sharing The Writer’s Manifesto. Great job speaking today at Kent Julians Write it Forward. YOU are awesome.

  • Jeffery Ingram

    I just finished reading your book. I loved it it. I am going to stop reading and playing in social media and start writing again.

  • I couldn’t be more inspired than I am right now. I completely agree with everything you stated and feel as if I could almost be a poster child for your manifesto. Please keep more great pieces coming.

  • Jeffrey Whitney

    Amen to everything you had to say. I just read the manifesto and I absolutely agree with all of it. I write because it’s what I do. I’m working on my sixth novel, and when I finish one book, I don’t take more than a week to start something else. In fact, I have a problem. I’m supposed to be reading more. All the authors I have read tell me so. The problem is, I don’t know where to fit in the time for it….

    • I’ve always thought it was better to make time to write than try to find it.

  • Jeffrey Whitney

    No, writing isn’t the problem. I write so much that I don’t have time to read books.

  • ShelliMader

    Is it wrong to really want to make money with my writing though? I feel compelled to write, but also really want to make some money doing it….

  • Aimee Eckhardt

    Hi, Jeff. I’m subscribed to your newsletter already, but somehow I missed downloading your Writer’s Manifesto when I originally subscribed. Is there a direct link you’d be willing to share? Many thanks. Looking forward to being inspired Goins style.

    • Yep. Go here: goinswriter.com/subscribe/confirm

      • Aimee Eckhardt

        Sweet! Thanks, Jeff.

  • Thank you Jeff Goins for validating my recent thoughts about writing. I mentioned to my writers’ guild the other day that I labored for three days over a 4,000 word personal essay with no thoughts of publishing it, instead I merely enjoyed the art of putting one word in front of the other. Thanks for Manifesto too. 🙂

  • Jeff, I discovered this today. And then I cried all the way through it. I do this thing, when I feel like God is giving me something good, like a gift, I hold the palms of my hands open to Him, sort of like a cup to receive. That’s what I did as I read this. It touched me so deeply. Thank you, thank you. I’m now following along here. And on your “Wrecked” blog. And I’m praying for you today, “May the Lord bless you and keep you. Cause His face to shine all warm and bright on yours and give you lots and lots of peace.”

  • Jonathan Dragon

    Thank you Jeff. This eBook is fantastic, easy-to-read and enjoyable. This helped bring me back to the basics of writing while re-instilling the reason why I have chosen to become a writer. Simply put…The love and passion to write

  • Ngobesing Romanus

    Thanks Jeff, just read the writer’s manifesto. I like what you say. It’s inspiring. I promise I will keep going back to it. One thing that touches me is when you say don’t write to be published or applauded. That changes it all for me. God has given me a gift and I will just pour it out. Thanks a million.

  • Megan

    The ‘Writer’s Manifesto’ is, in and of itself, a work of art. It resonated strongly with me, and has given me the courage to stop writing for other people. It was beautifully written, and so honest, so personal, that I cannot help but admire it; you must have been following the manifesto even as you penned it. I’m printing this out and putting it in a prominent place, as a constant reminder of what it really means to be a writer. This is worth more than many other books on the craft I have read. Thank you so much, Jeff, for putting this into the world.

  • David Cunningham

    This too me is a brilliant piece of work. Some of the things in it I have never even thought of before, such as writing for my self and not others. That is what I am going to start doing from now on, writing for myself. http://www.scorezone.tk

  • Love your message. Love the courage and clear-sightedness that led you to ‘put it out there’. Thank you.

  • eureka

    Thank you for writing this book and sharing it to us. It made realize how important the process of being wrecked in a writer’s journey to self discovery. Thank you for guiding us through the whole process of writing! God bless!

  • Goins Fan

    As a person who has had delusions of grandeur most of his life, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to create something based on my own belief that I was superior and more original than everyone else. Everything I ever did as a creative hobby carried with it some desire for worship, adoration, and ultimately influence minus the fact that I actually enjoyed doing it for anything else. I’m starting to realize this lately, when I’ve given up creative practices like my attempts to write fiction, music, etc. done to get control over others. I think it’s a serious mental problem and I’m trying to work it out. I need spiritual fulfillment from something else but I don’t know what yet. I have good writing skills but ultimately dread both writing and reading fiction in general, but I’ve thought about getting a job in technical writing. My only accomplishments so far have been in poetry but I’m unsure if I’m really writing it out of love or if its just another deluded attempt to gain followers.

  • Dove English

    Thank you. I write every day, either on facebook or my blog. Crickets chirp on my blog, but it’s a lovely place under the stars. Did I mention it was quiet? Facebook is loud. People clamor for attention. I did too. I got caught up in the validation and the intense gratification of the thumbs up…or a few comments.

    Your manifesto is just like me coming home to a relationship with God. What matters most is not the writer’s dream of being adored, but the bohemian love story of adoring ones writing.

    I’m absolutely inspired and humbled by your manifesto.

  • Chris Goodchild

    I read the manifesto and I Am A Writer a while back, and since then I’ve started writing and have recently started a blog at chrisgoodchild.co.uk

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Jn

    I really needed this. Thank you.

  • Kirsten Samuel

    Thanks, Jeff. Perfect. Needed to hear this inspiration to keep writing my blog – for the joy of it. Period.

  • Molly McPherson

    Thank you. Your manifesto truly helped me.

  • Patricia Mirasol

    I agree that writers are just totally compelled to write. Thanks a lot for this!

  • Yes! I have to get the words out! Or I will likely explode or implode or whatever. Cray cray if I don’t express somehow.

  • Nozuko

    I am so glad I typed tips on writing a book in the search engine bar today! It seems like over the last couple of years I have done that and I have not found anything as inspirational and interesting as this. I read your manifesto and I am thankful that I found it, thank you for speaking directly to me about a dream I have had since I was a little girl. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your manifesto. Glad to have found your blog 🙂 Happy new year ! lots of writing, freedom and love.

  • v zubia kunzmann

    Thank you. I downloaded The Writer’s Manifesto a month ago and knew I would read it when it was time…today it was time. Thank you once again.

  • P. Khaiyal Vili

    Thank you.. I read you The Writer’s Manifesto and it was great. Hope that you will share more of your e-books with all of us. I would also be glad if you share about your past life on becoming a writer.

  • Yaki Edward

    Wow! That’s all I can say. The few, well-arranged, heart-felt words from your ebook ‘The Writer’s Manifesto’ shot me right where I longed needed an artistic treat. Thank you Jeff, thank you.

  • Jeannie George

    Jeff, your Manifesto was the shot of adrenaline I needed to get me going today–Thanks!

  • Dija

    Beautifully written. Honestly I was fighting back tears. I enjoy your work because you understand the struggle of the artist online

  • Bravo, Jeff. Bravo.

  • Vonda Stewart

    Read your e-book twice today and found it to be very inspirational. I have had a desire to write for many years. My passion began when I was a young child but through the years I developed writer’s blocked when one of my siblings laughed and made fun of my writing and the heartfelt topics I chose to write about. I became so blocked I would hide my work or throw it away to keep others from reading what I had written. What a sad mistake that was.
    I have taken several writing courses through out my life; English Composition, Journalism, Technical Writing, and Grant Writing, but I have always shied away from Creative Writing out of fear I would be ridiculed again. Even though I’ve had 2 poems published, written an article for the Harrison Daily Times, and had an article/interview written about me, I’m still having difficulty pursuing the dream of become a writer.
    Thankfully, I have an amazing sister who saw my unfulfilled desire and my need to desperately fill that void. She encouraged me to write something, anything, just start somewhere, and build on it every day. So, I began to write and post on Facebook. I was a bit unnerved by this but I did it anyway. I was very surprised to see the positive feedback I received.
    That small step lead me to search out ways to improve my writing skills and low and behold I found you and a whole host of resources. Thank you for being so generous with your time, talent, and amazing ability to help others along the way. I am thrilled to be able to write again.
    What I have recently discovered is by stepping out of my comfort zone and facing this fear, I have developed a new sense of freedom. I now write with more confidence. I am no longer afraid to put my heartfelt thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see.

  • I just got done reading The Writer’s Manifesto in its entirety. It made me realize that all writers that are starting out go through the same obstacles that they must overcome. The book is encouraging, inspiring and motivational. Thank you so much for sharing it and your knowledge about the writing craft.

  • Nancy

    I am so thrilled to find your blog, I am looking forward to writing which has been a long time dream. Thanks

  • charmcases

    Thank you for the inspiration you help me keep writing for passion being afraid to write and be notice I write for the pleasure of writing . I know I have a long way to learn as you say it is a process thankful for the great tips and your Manifesto to equip us to reach our dreams.

  • Ferra Fallen

    This beautiful manifestation of what writing is, has made my day brighter. My days have been dark and I have let fear take over for too long. I now have courage to write what I’m feeling. I will not let the fear of what others think stop me from sharing what I am going through. Thank you for for this beautiful art, and making it easy to access.

  • Celena

    I love this manifesto!!! It was just what I needed to read today. I am also a dancer and this is how I feel about dancing and creating dance. Embedded in your manifesto is the permission to be free — to create and to express one’s life fully — in each and every moment. I am excited about living this way, again. 🙂

  • Stephen Wertzbaugher

    Short. Simple. Elegant. Exactly what’s needed to cause mid-course corrections for any writer who needs to remember why he or she writes, including myself. Thank you for the courage to write what all writers need to hear.