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You Are a Writer: So Start Acting Like One (Now Available in Paperback!)

Everybody has something they wish they were. The mom who wishes she was more patient with her kids. The retired athlete who wishes he was still in the game. The actor who never made it to Tinsel Town and lives vicariously through old films. We are all longing to become.

A lot of people wait around to be picked, to be affirmed in their callings. They hold out hope for someone to come along and tell them they are what they wished they were. When it came to thinking of myself as a writer, I was the same.

I wanted someone else it to acknowledge my gift so I didn’t have to. But it wasn’t until I started thinking like a writer that I could act like one. So I made a decision that changed everything. And I wrote a book about it.

About the book

In You Are a Writer, Jeff Goins provides the tools and insights you need to build your platform, develop an audience, and make meaningful connections. No writer should embark on his or her writing journey without reading this first!
Michael Hyatt // Author, Platform

You Are a WriterThis is a book about what it takes to be a writer in the 21st Century. In it, you will learn everything from how to get started with a writing career to ultimately getting your work published, and all the wonderful work in between.

Mostly, you will learn the importance of believing in your calling and showing up every day to do what you were made to do: write.

My friend Sarah Mae talked me into writing this book. She even gave me the title. I can’t thank her enough for pushing me in this direction.

Christine Niles did an amazing job editing the content, Andrew Sale turned my feeble words into a design masterpiece, and Brandon Clements helped manage the self-publishing process to make sure I did it right.

In speaking to audiences of bloggers and writers, I’ve realized that aspiring authors need to acknowledge one truth: You are a writer; you just need to write. My friend Paul taught me that truth, and it has made all the difference.

This is not a grammar book. This is a book about the writing journey, about what it takes to turn pro and become a writer for real. It’s full of inspiring stories as well as practical information on how to make your mark in this world, using the powerful tools of words.

What people are saying

Hundreds of people have reviewed this book. Here are some of my favorites:

Get the book now!

You Are a Writer is currently available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon.

If you buy the paperback, you get the digital version for free. I will also be releasing an audiobook version as soon as it’s ready (which you can get at a discount on Audible if you buy the paperback).

Check it out (it’s currently on sale!).

Do you consider yourself a writer? Why or why not? Share in the comments.

About Jeff Goins

I write books and help writers get their work out into the world. I am the best-selling author of four books, including The Art of Work. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.

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  • Alyson

    Glad the book it out! I re-tweeted you!
    I am a writer … because I have words inside me that need to be released!

  • Karen (@karensdavis)

    Congratulations! I tweeted the site .
    I am a writer because I can’t not write. I just have to do it!

  • Both the ebook and site look pretty slick and I think you’re absolutely right with the message: you’re a writer, own it. We fall into the “one day”, “sort of”, “a little bit” traps too easily and that just doesn’t send out the right message.

    To answer your question: yes, I do consider myself a writer. It’s my strength and something I wish to develop and build upon, even though I have a lot to learn and improve. I do it both for business and for fun, because it’s awesome to work on something you actually enjoy.

    I tweeted nice words about your project and this contest 🙂 Cheers!

  • Yes, I’m a writer – because I write.  It’s a passion, and probably a calling, so I’m putting everything I can into it.

    (Tweeted the link to your new site.)

  • Wow – well done! So you’re living the dream that all of us want. I’m off to check out the site and it will be in my blog post tonight.

    I write for a living in that I’m a Communications Team Lead for a corporate project yet I still don’t call myself a writer. A writer to me has always been someone who has written a book and has a contract to be published.

    So I obviously need a copy of your e-book more than some, but I’m working on the positive affirmation.

    Ready, here goes –  ‘I am a writer – because Jeff says so and so do I’ ~ grin. Keep up the good work!

  • Congrats on the eBook Jeff! It was great and I enjoyed reading and reviewing it at my blog. Hope it does well for you.

    BTW, I was completely thrown off to see a Jason Spencer on your list of blogs that have reviewed your book. I grew up knowing one and thought he might be him. Alas, it was not but still gave me a good chuckle.

  • Congratulations on the birth of a big project. I look forward to reading this book soon.

    (I tweeted the link to youareawriter.com)

  • Just tweeted it, Jeff.  Looking forward to reading it.    Yes, I started calling myself a writer a few months ago.  Still have a hard time doing so without blushing…but verbalizing  it is progress.  

  • YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Congratulations! Thank you for everything you share about writing. I quoted you on my blog today and linked back to your site!

  • Good luck with the launch, I’ll be certain to get a copy downloaded soon. Hope it’s a great success for you

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

  • I’m a young writer who is constantly having to remind myself of who I am. I’m looking forward to reading this a some point. 

    Just tweeted the link!

  • Very excited to read this book Jeff, and impressed with the marketing behind it. 

  • Soenke

    Congratulations on your book launch! I wrote some chapters as a co-author of three non-fiction books, published in german language some years ago. Still learning and working on my writing skills (in English), I am deeply impressed by your publications. Looking forward to reading your book. Tweeted the link to your new site.

  • I re-tweeted, 1+’d, and like’d your new site.

    I am a writer, because I write. Every day, I sit down, work on my story, and think about it even after standing up and going to school.

  • Yay! Several of the bloggers in my mastermind group are raving about this book. 🙂 Shared on twitter and facebook.

  • I just tweeted about the book! I do consider myself a writer — I now consider myself more of a public writer than I have before I started following you. Under your cheerleading, I am owning the title, writer.

  • Hi Jeff, I’ve tweeted your ebook! I used to doubt myself as a writer, because clearly, I’m still a university student trying to be a writer… But over the past years I’ve been writing in my blog, and that really improves my confidence a lot. And you have given me much inspiration in writing. So now, yes, I will start acting like a writer! 🙂

  • I shared on Facebook! I am a writer–blog writer and e-book writer. 

  • I tweeted about your e-book. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Jeff, I am a writer, and I am incredibly grateful to you for helping me accept this fact. God has really used your writing to encourage me to stop making excuses and follow His call on my life to share the messages He gives to me. Now I am writing my first eBook and am learning all of the joys, frustration, and hard work that come with the process. I know your new book will be an invaluable resource for me.  I shared about it on Twitter.

  • Lisa R

    Congrats on your new book, Jeff!  I shared the site on Facebook.

  • Congrats on the e book! I’ve shared the page on FB and Twitter. 

    Answer: (My palms are sweaty with the idea that I might actually say “yes.”)
    YES! I am a writer, damn it! 

    • Why? I have a passion for it, and I need to share my thoughts. 

  • Okay, that was pretty funny.

  • Congrats on another ebook!
    I can’t find a date, so I’m not sure if winning a free copy is still possible, but 
    I shared the “You are a writer” site on Facebook.
    Most days, I consider myself a writer… though I have a published book, somedays I still struggle with whether or not I’m really a writer.

  • Dawn Muench

    Hi Jeff- thanks for sharing your writing wisdom with others and encouraging others to write.  I shared your link on FB.  I had to think about your question, but I guess I feel like to NOT write what I have to say would be wrong, because I know that I have things to say that can/will/could speak to others.  I am a writer b/c I can’t NOT write.  Best of luck with your book!

  • Congratulations! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. That’s some awesome sauce.   

  • Mauro Morales

    Twitted the site … Yes I think I’m a writer, why because I’ve written thousands of programming language lines, now I want to write human language lines ^__^

  • Gloriabethrose

    Jeff – I’m excited about your new book. It is especially relevant to me because this year I decided to organize my life so that I could do my dream–be a writer. I’ve shared the “You are a Writer” website on fb, twitter and LinkedIn and hope to win a copy!

  • nhvest

    I shared on fb.  

    Yes I consider myself to be a writer because that is what I do.  I can’t NOT write.   Most days I have to consider myself as something else first, though – mom, cook, economist, wife, writing coach (my regular paying job), cat herder, plate spinner, etc.   In the balancing act, writing time is often shortchanged.  

  • Mikezserdin

    So looking forward to this one Jeff!

  • Toni Bee

    A writer I am / And a writer I am not. Writing means to carve up time out of your day or week  – with my schedule I do not know how in the world to get to it. (Carving out the time is a MUST)  I am hoping Jeff’s book gives guidance on that.  (shared it on twitter and f)

  • I write… therefore I am. 🙂

  • brianfalexander

    Plus’ed on Google. https://plus.google.com/103641366550353528819/posts/AVeQqLLMChB

    I consider myself a writer because I write daily.

  • MCedo1

    I posted on both twitter and Facebook. I think, like many on this forum, I would not claim the gift I’d been given. I refused to acknowledge it was even a gift because it came so naturally to me…I devalued it. Last year was different, however. I felt the thought rising up but I would not give voice to it. It wasn’t until I read your post of the workshop you’d held in which one person shared about finally allowing themselves to say the words…I am a writer. Those words leapt up at me. They were frightening and thrilling all at once. I stared at those three words for a long time, wanting to say them out loud yet not daring. I knew that with the declaration would come responsibility. Saying those words would mean I would have to do something about them. I would become a steward of the gift. I could not continue to hide. I struggled as I stares at those three words..but slowly the very words which had been brewing on the inside found their way to my lips and I heard myself say them…hesitantly at first. As I repeated them, something happened on the inside, a sort of release. I knew the words were true. I knew that was what I was supposed to do. So, you ask whether I am a writer…Yes, I am. I am a writer. How do I know? It’s not because teachers, professors, work colleagues, friends, even strangers have said so. External affirmation made no difference in my owning this. It is because because I now believe that my Creator has wired me for this. It is because as Ed Cyzewski recently shared in Prodigal Magazine recently, “heaven and earth meet at my keyboard.”

    • Calmeten

       I am a writer, and was very glad to find this post today. Just had a conversation with an artist friend of mine about what motivates and drives us to show up on the page or the canvas each day.  Getting lost in end results often distracts us from being present with the work at hand. Knowing what I am supposed to do is indeed, “heaven and earth meeting” in my hands.

  • Congrats on the book.  I truly enjoyed it (and learned a few things).  The “you are a writer” website looks great and I added the link to my review.

  • Jeff–I love your Hemingway-esque, short,-packs-a-punch writing style.  And ‘show up’?..probably the best of all your points in helping others become writers.  Yes, I write every day–religiously (and it’s the only religion I have.) From 7 to noon, I write, and I find the schedule most productive–for me. I talk to some other young writers who say “Yeah, I’ve really got to do that…” but then they never do. And it shows…They never become who they probably could be. That discipline isn’t there.  So, ‘Thank you.’  I’ll keep reading and using your insightful help as I connect with other writers.

    I will have a series of children’s books coming out shortly, and this 66 year old woman who was teacher for 30 years and realtor for another 8, now proudly claims “writer” as her profession… 

  • LyssahF

    Shared on facebook, google+ and twiter (I’m really excited for this piece).  Do I consider myself a writer?  In my heart,  yes.  It’s so much a part of me that I can’t separate myself from it.  Outloud? Very rarely.  I’m afraid that once I take a stand on it, I’ll discover it’s all been in my head and nothing has translated correctly into the real world.  

  • Shared it on Twitter and hope to win! I think this book will really help me. I’ve been endeavoring to become a published author for about a year now. I know that is not a long time compared to so many others, but still…

    I do consider myself a writer- even if I never get “published”. I get to write on my blog and touch lives all the time, but it would be wonderful to my MS published and read!

  • Mike Routen

    Shared on Twitter and would love to get the book!

    Only in the last few weeks have I begun to consider myself a writer.  My blog has been running for seven months now.  It has taken me this long to realize that even though I’m not making a living as a writer yet, I am on track to do so.
    Thank you for all of the great information and inspiration that you provide here!

  • Mimi91203

    I just ordered my copy of ‘You are a Writer”! I have felt like one my whole life, but was told that I needed to do something more productive with my life. That writing was merely a hobby and a useless waste of time. The result, as a mother of grown children, I find myself floundering for what I want to be “when I grow up”. Since finding your website I have been greatly encouraged. My sadness of missing out on all the years I could have fostered the craft is being replaced by dusting off the old ‘toolbox ‘ and sitting down to write again. Your message is the voice in the wilderness to me. Thank you!

    • Mimi91203

      Just finished posted your new book on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn too.

  • I am a writer because it is how I fulfill my purpose in life, which is that of truth teller.  

    (tweeted, Facebooked, Google+’d and LinkdIn your link)

  • This book looks amazing. I shared it on two of my FB writer’s group pages.
    Everything changed when I decided to tell people, “I’m a writer.” (Being a Texan, I have to annunciate that clearly. I’ve had people ask, “Motorcycles or horses?”)
    It wasn’t an easy thing to do when I didn’t feel confident telling people about my passion, but those words changed everything in my heart and mind. I don’t believe I’d have stuck with it if I hadn’t forced myself to answer those questions of old friends who asked, “So what are you doing these days?”
    “I’m a writer.”

  • Chris Scharf

    I shared “You are a Writer” on Google + and on Twitter because I wasn’t sure which would work best while at my work computer. I know I cannot connect to FaceBook from my job. A little extra promotion is never a bad thing any way.

    I consider myself a writer… for the most part. The tough thing is truly believing it. I used to write much more often, and write a lot when I did. However, many other responsibilities have been getting in the way of my craft and I’ve been really suffering because of it.

    Finding time to write is hard enough now, but the writer’s block and lack of creative motivation have been making it impossible when I do find the time. These blocks have made it difficult for me to convince myself that I am a writer. It’s a struggle that I am trying to overcome, and Jeff, you have been a big inspiration in helping me try to overcome these obstacles.

    I’m hoping it is only a matter of time before I can really make a serious push through these barriers and get back to doing what I love to do.


    •  Just to let you know… you are not alone. I am in the same area of not believing it, writer’s block, lack of creative motivation, and time. I am hoping reading The Writers Manifesto will encourage me to get some daily writing into my hectic schedule. I think being a reporter tires my writing gears so to speak.

      Good luck overcoming your obstacles and pushing through those barriers! I know I look forward to the day I can do the same.

      • Chris Scharf

         Thanks Carina!

        I’m a Psychologist so I write reports every day, but that kind of writing drains me completely. So much so, that I don’t have the energy to write anything I want to write. I can’t even just free write.

        Good luck to you as well!

        • Chris, working as a psychoanalyst, I’ve met the same problem as you are writing about during my working hours. But – what about treating your reports as a special genre of literature? This neat little trick came from one of my wise teachers, and it saved me hundreds of drained hours… At least, it trained my skills oft developing good characters in short sentences 😉

  • I am a writer but I’d like to be a much more successful one!

    Tweeted the link (and hope I win)!

  • Julie

    Yes, I do consider myself a writer.  And I do not say that lightly as I am in the process of writing my first book … and it is a tough one!  My book is a true story about violence that occurred near my grandfather’s farm over 100 years ago.  I know as a non-fiction writer I must portray my characters fairly and accurately, and in order to do so I must get to know people who lived over a century ago.  And I must do this through old newspaper articles and biased great grandchildren who can only see their ancestors, whom they barely knew, in a positive light.   

    This seems so unlike me … to write a book.   Especially about something that occurred so long ago and about people whom I never knew.  But I feel myself being pulled to it as it is a story that needs to be told.  And to get the courage to tell it, I rely on comments from friends and strangers who have read short letters I have written over the years and said to me, “You should write a book.”   I actually believe that now, although occasionally I do  start worrying that perhaps I’ve taken on something which I cannot finish.  Perhaps your ebook will be another push that will keep me going in the right direction. 

    Oh, and I tweeted your site!

  • I shared the page on Twitter and Facebook. I know people I follow and friends I have would benefit from reading the book.

    I do consider myself a writer, although I don’t think I am where I want to be yet as a writer. I have not written anything that wasn’t for work for probably three years or more. I know My work writing as a reporter has grown in the past two years to be a part of me and who I am, especially when I have the chance to do feature stories and put some personality behind the story instead of just rehashing a school board meeting. I enjoy personalizing my writing and I want to do more of that for myself and eventually to put something together to get published. I don’t care if I get famous, I just want to write something that might be helpful to some people or might touch someone.

    I do need to get focused more in believing I am a writer and not just a reporter. I need to get back to where I was years ago and write daily – for myself, not for anyone else. I believe those two steps will help me achieve goals and go beyond — believing and doing!

  • zanne

    Some days I’m a writer, and some days I’m not. But I know I love writing, so I’m working on both the craft and the confidence thing =)

    (I shared the link on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)

  • First of all, congratulations on your book! It looks amazing, with 34 5-star and 2 4-star reviews in Amazon.com last time I checked. 🙂 I just shared it on my Twitter page.

    I do consider myself a writer mainly because I keep a blog and I strongly believe that everyone has his/her own story to tell. On the other hand, it’s hard to let others know that I am a “writer” since everyone’s perception of a “writer” may be different. Maybe your book will continue to inspire me to pursue my passion for writing. 🙂

    Kudos again!

  • I shared on FB and Twitter. Can’t wait to read it, Jeff!

    I started calling myself a writer about a year and a half ago. I’d been blogging about 4 years at that point but hadn’t viewed my work as writing until I attended Blissdom. It was such a light bulb moment!

  • Awesome! 

    I shared this on Pinterest before I even knew about the contest! 

    I do consider myself a writer. Why? Because it something I like spending my time learning about and doing. And I have been published. However I can completely relate with everything Chris said at this moment in my writing life. 

  • I shared on twitter!

    I am just learning that I am a writer. I guess I have always been a writer, but I have just never had the time nor the confidence in myself to actually write publicly for people. 

  • Lisa

    I shared your ebook on fb and think I really need to hear your message! Other than past marketing writing, I have tiptoed into professional writing by doing examiner.com articles, a brief stint with my own website blog, a few grants for a non-profit, but really have several nonfiction books I  want to do. I think not believing in myself as a writer keeps me from just starting or maybe the fear I will produce it and nothing will happen. But then at least it would be created!

  • I shared on Facebook.  I do consider myself a writer because through my blog, a women’s website found me and asked me to write a weekly article for them.  However, I don’t get paid to write, which would be nice. I would really love to freelance, but rejections really discourage me.

  • nadinesees

    I sat in the car at the park before my daily run, waiting for the rain to stop.
    I didnt see any one of my many journals that are hanging around, waiting for me at any “original” thought, or overhearing what someone has said or that epiphanic (yes i wrote that) moment.  I pulled the car apart to find one looseleaf piece of paper, tattered, brown water stains, lodged in between an empty plastic water pint. and the back seat.  Lots of pens and sharpened pencils in the glovebox to choose from. I wrote on it.  Spilling and spewing and stating the obvious of the mundane.             I write to share participate in the mundance -the dance of the mundane if only to discover that it is within the commonality of the shared story that I find my uniqueness and my community.  Thanks for the kick in the pants, Jeff.

    • nadinesees

      shared on Facebook, btw, where a handful of my frivolous friends dont know that i have a blog

  • Jenna Hermle

    Congratulations on the new eBook, Jeff! Your blog and the message you share have been hugely instrumental in helping me embrace the writer that I’ve held in hiding for so long and say with confidence that yes, I am a writer. Thanks for inspiring so many of us.

    • Jenna Hermle

      Oh, and I shared on my FB page and via Pinterest. =)

  • T. L. Skylara

    I shared the YouAreAWriter.com web site on my Facebook page, Twitter, AND on my Google +.  I know, probably doesn’t increase my “odds of winning,” but the premise of the book is highly interesting, so I definitely wanted to share!

    Now to your question: Do you consider yourself a writer?

    The answer is a resounding, I DO! A writer writes. A writer cannot NOT write. A writer doesn’t have to be famous or even published. A writer simple IS. I am a writer, through-and-through. I think better through writing. I process information better through writing. I communicate more clearly through writing. And I simply love writing.

    Mmm, writing. Even better than bacon.

  • I shared your website on my FB page and am intrigued by your book.  I tend to call myself a “communicator” rather than a “writer.”  I speak, teach, and write on my blog and look forward to learning more from you!

  • I started considering myself a writer after reading you talk about how I viewed myself, so I’m a writer! Thank you for that important insight! 

  • D

    Early on writing was the only way I could express difficult thoughts or emotions that were deep inside.  As I started speaking in public as a teenager writing turned into speech preparation.  In college I wrote to complete assignments.  Now, I write because I enjoy it.  I write to get out all of the information I have floating around in my mind with no place to go.  I write to help other people.  Now – do I have the courage to call myself a writer?  I’m afraid to answer…

    Maybe that’s the key.  Think of myself as a writer and simply write.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Tweeted (twice even!).  I’ve always thought of myself as a writer, but in that secret, ‘you’re not worthy’ kind of way.  Your session at BlissDom was really cathartic for me and really helped me own my passion writing.  Also, I LOVE the title of your book because it is so very much what I need to say to myself, several times a day.  

  • This is so exciting! Congratulations! I shared it on my facebook, twitter, and linked in accounts. Hopefully, that will generate some additional interest (although it seems as if you have enough on your own merit).

    I am definitely a writer! I have published a number of things and I serve on several editorial review boards for scientific journals.

    But…I am not the writer I had hoped to become 1.5 years ago when I quit my day job and started consulting to free up time to write. Now I am consulting more than I write and I need to change that! I’m hoping your book will help.

    Thanks and congrats again!

  • meryl007

    Already shared on twitter 😀 Hope I can get a copy ^^

    Well, I think I am a writer simply because it is what I want to do for life!



  • Crystal

    I’ve shared your page not for the chance to win, but because the inspiration you give needs to be heard. So thank you for what you do.

  • Kerri Wood Thomson

    I shared on Google+. I’d love a free copy! Congrats on finishing the book. 

  • Howardgirls2003

    Congratulations on your book launch! I definitely consider myself a writer. Somedays I admit to feeling like a fraud, but overall I know the truth!
    I saw you on thecreativepenn, and I’m so grateful! I’ll tweet out this post.. Best wishes.

  • Geoff

    Promoted in the twitterverse! Looking forward to reading and learning from you. Am I a writer? Well I once heard someone say writers are born not made… last time I checked I did experience birth… so now all that’s left is the writing!

  • I can’t thank you enough for including my name and my blog in this entry. Now I really have to show up everyday. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂 Congratulations in your new e-book! 

  • Littleredwhyvette

    just shared your site on facebook.

  • webnavigatorgal

    So looking forward to reading your book- great promo strategies we can all learn from, too.  You got my tweet.

  • EricAngela Andrews

    I shared your website link on Twitter. I am definitely a writer. I know this because I write. I write even when I’m not getting paid, though I prefer to get paid! When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. That makes me a WRITER!

    Before I started reading your blog, I dabbled at being a writer, mainly because I just didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned along your path. Your wisdom and experience are a great treasure, and without your encouragement (despite the fact that you don’t even know me), I might not be so boldly calling myself a writer today. ~Angela

  • Scheduled a tweet to go out this evening.

    I started considering myself a writer once I got paid for something I wrote.

  • Randall031

    Hey Jeff — I shared “You are a Writer” on LinkedIn — I can’t access either FaceBook or Pinterest at work 🙁

    I consider myself a writer because I write. Yes, I have been paid for some of my work, but even when that isn’t the case I think I see the world through writer’s eyes.

  • Ok, I shared “You Are A Writer” on Facebook.  I am going to buy the book because I know I am going to love it.  I cannot wait to read it.!!!  Everything else you have written has been super encouraging so I know this will help me continue pursuing this writing adventure that I am on.  Thanks for all you are doing to be an authentic encourager.

  • Zinaida Balmus

    I believe that this book is  also good reading like your Manifesto and other articles, and I just recommended to my friends on FB and I will love to discover new thought! I don’t consider myself a writer because I don’t think this is what I should do, like an carrier   … I really want to start writing articles for people I work with. It is an old desire I have …and it is coming more often in my mind these days.

  • Ha! I AM a writer. No doubt. I went through years of not feeling like I didn’t deserve to claim that, but after writing a novel, having 2 books published, and being hired as a senior writer by Apple, it’s easy to claim that. 

    However… the statement between the brackets is the much harder truth to face. Am I still a writer if I haven’t written as much as I could or should? If I’ve moved to a new industry? Pursued other interests? Am I still a writer if I’m living off fumes of previous years where I had the discipline and drive to push through the “glorious and grisly process” to create “something worth remembering?”

    I wonder.

    Have I run away from becoming who I was destined to be because it got too near to the heart, too much to sacrifice? 

    And how do I respond to the call that’s been gradually growing louder in my heart… the call and sense that I must return to the writing that drew me from my youngest days. Do I give up my new ventures and go back to the writing? Do I do both? Where do I begin? 

    (Shared on twitter, facebook, pinterest and linkedin.)

  • Chazooshark

    I don’t know if this will help, but I was one of the lucky recipients to win a free book. In my opinion Jeff’s book is like the writers bible. It has given me extreme confidence and answers many questions I would’ve struggled to answer myself. I’m definitely spreading the word in anyway I can.  Jeff is like a friend who walks with you, whispering words to refresh a weary, broken soul. Thanks Jeff!!!

  • Shared!  I consider myself a writer (finally) after finding your site.  I have been working on my first book and fretting over my day job… I learned from reading your experience that the two can work together – that I have to keep my life floating (which is non-writing related, and more in the legal field. Ah-hem) in order to continue to write.  That even if I only have 30 minutes a day to write, that I should write.  The more I realize that I MUST write (I wake up and I must write!)… the more I can say, “I am a writer.”The best quote from you: “The truth about a dream is you never fully arrive. Or perhaps better stated, the journey is the destination. The path of pursuing a passion is its own reward.”

    Thanks for letting me share.
    Meredith (“Swim Bike Mom”)@SwimBikeMom:disqus 

  • MJ


    I tweeted about “You are A Writer”. It looks like (another) one of your awesome books!
    I consider myself a writer. I’ve always loved to write. I consider myself a writer. I’ve been published in an academic journal. Yet, never published any of my fiction. Writing is the only way of life for me. 

  • I shared on Twitter and Google Plus.

    I want to consider myself a writer. I really do. I’ve even gone so far as putting “writer” on a business card. I feel I have something to say and need to share it, but proclaiming to be one is so scary. It almost seems like I’d be setting myself up for failure if I never get published. But then I remind myself, it’s not about the publishing, it’s about getting my thoughts out to others. So, yes, let’s call me a writer! Thanks!

  • I shared on Twitter and Google Plus.

    I want to consider myself a writer. I really do. I’ve even gone so far as putting “writer” on a business card. I feel I have something to say and need to share it, but proclaiming to be one is so scary. It almost seems like I’d be setting myself up for failure if I never get published. But then I remind myself, it’s not about the publishing, it’s about getting my thoughts out to others. So, yes, let’s call me a writer! Thanks!

  • I am a copywriter by day, fantasy fiction writer by night 🙂


  • I shared on FB. Love the site. 

    I am a writer because I’m in too deep to stop myself. It oozes from my pores, basically. But you are correct in that there is a big difference in calling yourself a writer and being one. 

    Everyone’s first question is “What do you write?” and he or she expects a lengthy list of novels as proof; as if they are the judges to my American Idol version of the writing audition.

    Is a writer really a writer without readers? Or a paycheck? 

    Well, yes. This is the foxhole where it all begins; inside, alone, on my computer, despite the  beautiful sunny day that mocks me through the window, I am lost in a story of a widow trapped by her own grief, and guilt. Unable to move forward. 

    You will love the story, if you ever get a chance to read it. 

    And one day, you will. I promise. 

    This is why I write. 

  • Writers are people who write! A lot of people don’t really want to write, though. They want to have written. And no one comes around with a magic wand knighting us as writers. It has to be claimed. Thanks for helping people do just that!

  • Congrats on getting the new ebook out, Jeff. Can’t wait to read it. Passed on the link to a new friend who is still thinking about becoming a writer. I hope she finds the inspiration she needs to go for it! 

  • Charity

    I shared on Twitter!

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.. I know what I need to do…I just need to DO it.

    Now, where’s my pencil? erm…keyboard! 😉

  • Wow Jeff!  Congratulations on the new ebook!  Love that you – in typical writer form needed encouragement to write this much needed book!  We all need a little push, don’t we?

    I am a writer.  I have finally stepped into my super girl writer’s cape and I’m wearing it proudly.  It has taken years to say it, and to feel it — but I do.  And you know what made the difference?  Someone encouraged me.  

    I can’t wait to read this!

  • Jon

    Shared it! It sounds like a great book. I consider myself a writer, but as a part of every role I have – not as a standalone job.

  • Elaine Baldwin

    Hi Jeff, Shared “You are a Writer” on Twitter, FB and LinkedIn. I am a writer and have been for a long time, but I never introduced myself as such until a few years ago. I finally believe it and that is the first step in others believing it.

  • Helena

    I shared “You are a Writer” on Pinterest (here’s the link –  https://pinterest.com/pin/208502657718700143/).
    Your advice is always very helpful and encouraging, so I am sure the book is amazing.

    I do consider myself a writer, a journalist to be more specific. I know for sure that this is what I want to do – mostly because it gives me the chance to communicate the truth, and therefore hopefully make some positive change in the world.

  • Jennifer D.

    I think I do finally consider myself a writer. Not because of what I’ve accomplished, but what happens to my soul when I don’t/am not able to write for awhile. I figure if writing is that vital to my soul, I must be a writer!

    • Jennifer D.

      Oh, sugar. Forgot to say I shared You Are A Writer on Facebook and twitter. 🙂

  • Jean Huffman

    Shared the news about your new book baby on Facebook today, Jeff!

    I have appreciated your past encouraging posts on writing more than you’ll ever know.  And now I have a whole book of bits to savor–

    Thanks for reminding us all that writing IS important. . . and shared communication is attainable.

    Many blessings in the future!
    Jean Huffman

  • Lisa King

    Pinned it on Pinterest!

    Do I consider myself a writer? Yes and no. Yes, because I’ve had two short stories and two magazine articles published over the past two decades. No, because I don’t write every day, or even on a regular basis.

  • Denise

    I shared “You Are a Writer” on Facebook. It sounds like a great book and one I would love to have. I’ve dreamed for years about being a writer but never entered a contest, tried to get anything published, etc. I spent over 2-years writing papers in class at the University of Phoenix and many instructors commented my writing was good. I simply need to get motivated and believe in myself!

  • I am a writer. Pretty sure I was born one. Thanks for your ongoing inspiration. I tweeted here: https://twitter.com/#!/slbolmer/status/197406460018311168 

  • Lana Vaughan

    Tweeted, FB posted, G+ posted, Linked In recommendation, Pinned it! 

    I do consider myself a writer, just not an author yet.

  • Jo Merchant

    Facebooked it to a friend and put it out on Twitter 🙂
    I will most definitely be getting a copy of this book once I get paid. I still don’t feel justified calling myself a writer, my other professions are easier to introduce myself with, I tend to feel like people are thinking “she’s not published, so she’s not a writer”.If conversation does come round to my writing I explain that I’m a writer-in-training, I’ve still got far too much to learn I feel.

  • Kimberly Miller

    I shared on twitter! (@CourageDearOne:twitter )
    I’m still on the fence with that question. I dearly *want* to consider myself a writer, but am afraid that by calling myself that, I’m claiming a title I don’t deserve. Sometimes I find it hard to write, because I struggle with laziness; and as you’ve pointed out, writing is Work. But the moments I’ve chosen to write anyway, I am always so thankful I did – because writing pulled me out of my lazy shell and forced me to do something worthwhile. It helps me to process and learn, and brings pleasure in the act of creating and the fact of having created something.I signed up for your email list a few months ago, and have not regretted it. I truly appreciate what you share because it challenges me, and is always worth the time it took to read. Thanks for putting the time and effort into creating something worthwhile, instead of “adding to the noise” (as Switchfoot put it).Here’s hoping to be one of the 10 winners! 🙂

  • Tweeted. Also shared with my fellow Latin America and Caribbean Writers on our FB page.

    I consider myself a writer because I began writing when I sensed God telling me to do so. 

    I am a writer because I write, edit, write, edit, write, edit…

    I am a writer’s friend because I encourage other writers to write, to write well, to write often, and finally to write some more.

  • Faye Bryant

    Do I consider myself a writer? Sort of, I published a book, but not sure I really call myself an author or a writer… might be something to do with my self-esteem, but… aren’t all creatives plagued by something? (Mine might include ellipses.)

    I shared on Pinterest. I’ll drop it on Facebook, too — just didn’t want to miss this step.