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Every Writer Needs a Tribe (Have You Found Yours?)

The other day, I had three conversations:

  1. A friend on social media told me she was tired of building a platform and just wanted to write.
  2. Another person told me there was no formula for getting published (I believed her because she has written over a dozen books); however, she did say attracting a tribe of fans is important.
  3. An established author told me writers who don’t worry about marketing are doomed from the start.

What’s going on here? Who’s right, and who’s wrong?

Photo of Kids

Photo credit: Joe Crawford (Creative Commons)

I believe they’re all right.

Chances are, if you’re a writer, you can resonate with one of the above worldviews. You’re likely frustrated or tired or maybe even hopeful of this idea of building a tribe. And I want to help clear some things up for you…

You already have a tribe

Tribes are inevitable. You have one, whether you realize it or not.

Tribes are how we live our lives. We are constantly banding together with other people to discuss ideas and share information.

Your church is a tribe. Your job is another tribe. Your group of friends is another. You have a tribe. The question is: Do you know it?

Let’s ditch the jargon and just speak in plain English for a second. A tribe isn’t a fan club or mega, super platform; it’s just a group of people who care about something. And we all belong to a few of those, don’t we?

Choosing to lead is a choice

The scary part of a tribe isn’t finding one. It’s leading one.

When I hear about artists feeling worn out by their tribes, it’s usually due to the pressures of leadership. They’re tired of leading (and rightfully so, because it’s hard work).

So when people tell me they aren’t interested in finding a tribe, I wonder if part of what’s motivating them is the fear of being a leader.

Look. Your tribe is forming — it’s out there. Don’t believe me? Google a crazy, random hobby (like ninja monkey training, for example). There’s likely a group talking about it right now.

In a world where connection is now easy and free, it’s not a matter of if the tribe will form, but when. And the real question is this: Will you be brave enough to lead? 

It’s not what you think

Maybe you’ve had this idea all wrong. Leading a tribe has nothing to do with being a celebrity or rock star or anything like that. It’s about digging deep into your craft and finding a way to help people.

That’s all it is — you, using your gifts to serve.

If leaders are servants (and they are), then finding your tribe is simply answering a calling. (Tweet that)

It’s taking your vocation to the next level. Because once you step up and decide to lead, you can never go back. From that moment on, you will have people listening — paying attention to your every move.

And all of a sudden, there is a tremendous weight to your words and actions. Which isn’t always easy, but that’s the price we pay to lead. And frankly, it far outweighs the cost of not doing it.

Get a free lesson

I hope you’ll take the time to find your tribe and realize that it may not be as much about you as you think. It’s about them, those people who need your words.

So go find “them.”

If you need some help with this, my course Tribe Writers empowers writers and content creators to find their tribes — both by improving their writing and learning how to effectively reach an audience..

You can get the first lesson for free, plus some other stuff, sent to you when you join the email list. Not a bad deal. If you’ve been waiting to be picked or searching for the audience your words deserve, this is for you.

The next Tribe Writers course, which runs only a few times a year, will launch later this month. This will be the smallest class we’ve ever had because, for the first time, we are limiting the amount of people who can sign up. You won’t want to miss it! Find out more at tribewriters.com.

What does your tribe look like? How do you need help finding it? Share in the comments.

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  • http://singleofheart.blogspot.com/ Abigail

    Great lessons! The hardest part is wondering if your friends will deign to be part of your tribe. :) Is the course ongoing, because I’ve gotten some of the emails so far, or has it not officially begun?

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Abigail, the emails you’ve gotten are just teasers for the course. FYI: this will be a paid membership site.

      • http://singleofheart.blogspot.com/ Abigail

         Thanks! Also, is there a way to get the free Writer’s Manifesto in a pdf if you don’t have a reader?

  • http://derekgriz.com/ derek griz

    Thanks for this post. Your comments about serving others with writing (in this post and others)  have really resonated with me. Creativity and service have been separate categories in my mind, creativity as something free and almost pointless, service as something harnessed and focused. But your call to bring these together makes total sense, especially as a Christian. Now to figure out how to combine them well…

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      it’s something we all have to figure out, Derek. i’m right there with you.

  • Cari Mostert

    Hi Jeff,
    Been following you for a while now and receive your newsletters.  I so agree with what you’re saying.  As an older technophobe, I was blown away by the huge (really huge) resources of the web when I finally joined the party. Using this new,freely available knowledge, I learned to set up a website and started sharing all I’d found…But, the cruncher is I’d never taken the time to build my tribe.  Now, after publishing my first (e)book with another series in the works, I’m trying to start from the back.
    BTW – big fan here (just broke)! I do try to keep up with everything you’re doing and thanks for the inspiration.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      very cook, Cari. thanks for reading!

  • ChadMillerBlog

    No doubt everyone has a tribe. Unfortunately, we have come to expect instant gratification and believe we are entitled to have the super-mega-fan base immediately after we start a blog and sign up with Twitter. We no longer grow organically, but settle for allowing “adder” services find our followers for us.
    Maybe I’m way off base. Maybe I’m missing the big picture. But, I believe slow, organic growth is the norm for developing a truly loyal tribe. The explosive, overnight success is not the norm.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      totally agree, Chad. what’s more, waiting to have certain things makes us value them more.

    • http://twitter.com/JenniferRickert Jennifer Rickert

      I have associated tribe-building with permission-marketing more than anything else. And anything with ‘marketing’ doesn’t always make me go ‘yeeah let’s do it! http://Unlimitedjoys.blogspot.com

  • http://ManDurance.com/ James Dibben

    Thanks for the Kindle book link, Jeff!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      you’re welcome, James. feel free to share it with a friend.

  • Alan

    Jeff, I’m all signed up for your writing course. Do you have an ETA on when it will be ready?

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      about ready to launch, Alan. any day now…

  • Andrea Lewis

    Thanks for the Kindle book Jeff. I will definitely leave a review.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins


  • http://www.pamhogeweide.com/ pamhogeweide

    timely  post. can’t wait for your Tribes  course to  begin. I check my email box everyday and I’m  keeping an eye  out for when  ya holler about  it.  Thanks for serving other writers like  me!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      very soon… :)

  • http://twitter.com/AndeeFlynn Andee Flynn

    Amazing post! I love the way you clearly define that we all already have a tribe and then challenge us to take the lead. Thanks for this.

  • http://www.oikosliving.com/ cherylsmith

    Wow, this? Knocked the cover off the ball for me today. “finding your tribe is simply answering a call.” That’s the part I’ve been missing. Duh! I mean, I work for The High Calling yet somehow the whole idea of Tribe has sounded so non-Jesus like. (Sorry Seth!)

    Yet at the core, I know it’s the piece I have to really figure out to move forward. 

    Thank you for this, Jeff. You speak words of Truth. 

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      my pleasure, Cheryl.

  • Meg R

    Jeff, how did you know this is exactly what I needed to explain my confusion?  In creative writing it was called our ‘audience’ and we had no idea who they were either, or where to find them.  I always imagined myself standing at a podium giving a lecture and this terrified me.  Being the ‘star’ did come to mind and that made me extremely uncomfortable, so I have been revising forever to figure out what its all about.  Serving people thru writing what they are already looking for, makes working with a tribe so much more do-able (hate that phrase, but it works here) plus creativity in the Christianity that my work always expresses is now the focus.  Thanks, it might take me a while but eventually I get it. 

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins


  • http://tdhurst.com/ tdhurst

    If most are your tribe members privately, not publicly, support you, does that even count?

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      maybe. does it count for you?

      • http://tdhurst.com/ tdhurst

        No. Unless people are rich, silence is pretty worthless.

  • http://christianfantasywriter.com/ Sarah Hood

    I’m working on finding mine. I just started my blog a couple weeks ago, so I don’t expect it to happen overnight. I think the key is to have a plan in place, be willing to do the work and be generous, and to be patient.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      yep. plans are good. just be flexible to a few surprises.

  • soulstops

    hmm, what does my tribe look like? I guess it would be people, who are also seeking a closer relationship with God…going deeper beyond the surface acts of obedience…feel like I am still new to blogging, and I have so much to learn…thanks, Jeff, for asking, and sharing your insights :)

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      my pleasure. thanks for reading.

  • http://InkyJazz.com/ Bridget

    Thanks for the reminder that leadership is servanthood.  It’s simpler (and more meaningful) to think about how we’re equipped to serve than how we can amass a crowd of followers.

  • http://samanthatoday.com/ Samantha Holland

    I must be part of your tribe because this post resonated with everything I’ve been wrestling with lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not to market my writing, how “fake” I feel trying build a platform, and how there isn’t a formula for success even if I do try my hardest. Thanks also for the ebook; just picked up a copy!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      you’re welcome, enjoy! and there is no formula, except this: help people. it’s its own reward.

  • http://intentionaltoday.com/ Ngina Otiende

     Wow Jeff, I have never linked fear of finding a tribe to fear of leadership. It makes super sense  :)

    I enjoy leading – so keeping this perspective just makes it easy for me. I have associated tribe-building with permission-marketing more than anything else. And anything with ‘marketing’ doesn’t always make me go ‘yeeah let’s do it!’

    Leadership on the other hand is my kind of thing.

    great thoughts!

  • elaineolsen

    Trying again to leave a comment… ~elaine

  • http://www.peaceforthejourney.com/ Elaineolsen

    Testing to see if this comment shows up…

  • http://twitter.com/AmberZaccagni Amber Zaccagni

    If leaders are servants (and they are), then finding your tribe is simply answering your calling.” –  Thank you and Amen!!! That is all :)

  • Lucia B Fernandez

    I do have a challenge. I write for teenagers. YA lit, we could say. I want to help teenagers, and I am writing a novel for them. However, I frequently write on my blog http://www.lulainla.blogspot.com where I share different things: my life in the US as an Argentinean, simple living on a budget (home decor, cooking, fashion) and what I do. I think this might be a complete different tribe, although I am not the best at it (there are other women who are a hundred times better at this whole Home Making – Simple living genre). So… what do I do? I made a facebook page for the blog and get more traffic through it, but still, I don’t feel I have a “tribe” and if I have to form one considering my writing public… how to start?

  • http://twitter.com/MoxieDude Moxie Dude

    I’ve never really thought about it as a “tribe” (maybe I should). For me it’s about connecting with others – individuals. I love to write; am passionate about it. But I also love making connections. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Very insightful :-)

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      love that. right on.

  • http://twitter.com/SammieBennett Samantha Bennett

    I love the perspective that tribes are innate and leadership is intentional. Great, great post.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      thanks, Samantha!

  • http://therightvolume.com/ Samantha Livingston

    Absolutely love this. For SO many reasons, but leading and serving have been two words that keep being whispered in my ear. If (aka “when”) I struggle as a trible leader it’s because I get down. I forget leading isn’t just for when I feel bright, shiny, and presentable. Sometimes our best leading happens out of the trenches.

  • http://www.nosuperheroes.com Chris Lautsbaugh

    I have a question. I know guest posting is a great way to build a tribe. I don’t seem to be getting many people linking back into my site from the guest post. I pick up a few each time, but I wonder if there are some tips for getting traffic back to your page from guest posts.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Where are you guest posting? Not all blogs are created equal.

  • Susan Engebrecht

    I wrote for a hobby – God had other ideas like publication. Publication led to interviews on radio, TV and newspapers – scared the snot out of me so I joined Toastmasters to overcome fear of public speaking. Learned leadership along the way. Didn’t wanna lead – God had other ideas like boards to serve on, writing conference to direct and so much more. I love my tribes, the things we learn together and wonder what other great ideas God may have in mind. He is awsome! 

  • http://plantedoak.wordpress.com/ kris

    jeff, at just the time god’s pressure on me to write increased to unbearable, i came across your 15 day writers challenge and have been following since.  having grown up in papua new guinea, the idea of a tribe only makes sense to me.  in fact, like you mentioned, i already have one.  the hard part was standing up in front of them and “speaking”.   i check in with your site almost daily but today it was after i wrote a post at plantedoak.wordpress.com.  it was about tribes. :) i would be grateful if you’d check out what god’s been ‘push-pinning’ on my heart these last few months.  you were instrumental in me taking the first steps.  your writing continues to be an encouragement to me.  thank you for pursuing it faithfully. 

  • Katie @ KatieTevis.com

    I just started all over again, so I am slowly building my tribe.  You have taught me a lot! I am looking forward to reading your ebook from Amazon. Thanks, Jeff!

  • Anonymous

    Are you able to read the Tribe ebook without having a kindle?

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Yep. Download a free Kindle app here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771

  • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

    thanks for sharing, Elaine.

  • http://www.jamesprescott.co.uk/ James Prescott

    Had never seen it this way before Jeff – that tribe is already there, that the call to build a tribe is actually to call a lead. In one sense then, the tribe doesn’t get built by us, but almost gets drawn together by us. We call it into being, but it is already out there, waiting to be called. I have often wondered how my creativity and writing can be allied to my call to lead, and how I can lead through my writing/creativity – you have just shown me. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    • http://kathleenkrueger.com KMKrueger

      “the tribe doesn’t get built by us, but almost gets drawn together by us.” That’s it exactly, James!

      • http://www.jamesprescott.co.uk/ James Prescott

        Thanks KM! :-)

  • Nancy Slocum

    WOW, Jeff!  I loved what you said, “If leaders are servants (and they are), then finding your tribe is simply answering a calling.”  I just posted that on my FB page.  If that doesn’t light a fire under people I don’t know what will.  You had an excellent point about why people choose not to look for their tribe…  that four letter word that stops so many folks in their tracks – F-E-A-R! (especially of becoming a leader).  What we forget is that we never know who is already watching us.  I am finally getting off my duff and answering God’ call on my life to be “A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice.” I hope to publish my first book  soon.  It’s about how to talk to God in the secret place through journal writing to experience increased intimacy, blessings, and breakthroughs.  Writing it was the fun and easy part because I just wrote what God puts in my heart so it would bless people!  It’s all the social networking, promotion, platform building, and all “the STUFF” that goes with publishing a book and getting it out there that’s overwhelming and daunting at times.  You really helped me by putting everything into perspective.  I’m simply answering a call and  giving my passion and God-given gifts a voice and feet to get it out there, because in the end it’s not about me!  It’s about Him and blessing people!  Thank you, Jeff!

  • Rachel Tripp-Hajji

    I like that ‘everyone has a tribe’!  I started with a tribe of 2; my kids.  Becoming the leader of that tribe gave me the confidence to create a new tribe where daily creative Facebook posts are part of the foundation of our marketing (a gourmet food truck). We have over 1000 people loyally keep up with our page (peanuts- I know- in some circles, but in the small business world it’s pretty cool).  And that tribe gave me the confidence to start two more small businesses…which gave me the confidence to put myself even further out there and write a blog.  It has been just like you say, the tribe was already there for me to discover.  In regards to leadership, I would say the hardest thing about being a leader is the realization that every thing you say and do is being watched.  And no where is that more a terrifying realization than in becoming a parent!

  • Katharine Trauger

    First, please learn: Every good writer should eschew jargon and speak plain English. It helps so much.

    To answer your questions, the people group I am called to reach is: hurting women, women who have been treated unfairly, wrongly.

    This group of women is teeming with manipulators and other fearful ones who do not want two things:
    1. They do not want someone near them, who has been unfairly treated or wronged, to succeed. (Me, for instance.)
    2. They do not want to know the answer for their hurting hearts. They prefer pain to proactivity.

    How do I find them? They do not want this truth. They actively make sure someone else speaks to their groups, someone who can cushion instead of cure. (No one wants amputation for gangrene applied to him, but just bandaids, right? Same for my works–the truth is hard and unfun and everyone resents any type of sugar-coating.)

    Also, what do we do with scriptures such as: Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and He will exalt you in due time.  Or, May you never boast of anything but . . .

    These Scriptures hold me back. Should I just ditch them along with the jargon?

    • http://kathleenkrueger.com KMKrueger

      As one who once fit in your people group, I strongly disagree. There are many who are looking for hope, looking for a way out. Yes, they are afraid of the truth you have to share, but that just means you need to be patient in building their trust level. As to the humility issue, building your tribe is not about proclaiming yourself as a leader, it is about serving people to the extent that they look to you as a leader they can trust. Don’t try to fix them, serve them.

  • Kelley_WithEagerHands

    The first three things were frustrating for me to read…how do we know what to do then?  I just write posts that I think I would find helpful myself because I figure there is bound to be someone else that might also find them helpful…as for a tribe, I don’t know that I do have one at this point, or that it’s growing at all if I do, but I will keep writing either way!  Thanks for this post!  Too bad it’s taken me forever to read it so the e-book is no longer free! lol!

  • http://10tysiecy.pl/ Paweł Montwiłł

    It just confirms that Seth Godin is a great visionary. His “Tribes” book written years ago just proves it.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Agreed. What’s fascinating about that term is the organization I worked for was using it before that book came out. What Seth does so well is take a term that’s already in use, clarify it, and make it spread. Truly amazing.

  • http://www.confessionsofaparent.com/ Mike Berry

    Thanks for this. My tribe is parents since I have a parenting blog. But, there’s work to do to continue reaching them. This post is great encouragement!

  • Josey Bozzo

    Jeff, I love reading your posts. They are full of great information. Most of the people here including you are going to disagree with me on this. But this tribe thing? It only works for some people. So far I have not been able to build anything beyond my friends and family. And I’m fed up. I have done all the things that everyone says you should do and so far it has not produced anything. So either my writing sucks, or it only works for some people. Because I can’t think of any other explanation. I’ve even had an agent, (one of the biggest in the industry) contact me and say she liked my work, liked my concept BUT until I build up an online following she’s not interested in taking me on as a client.
    And yes, you are correct I probably don’t write as much as I should. I let other things get in the way. For me I don’t have a choice, other things have to take priority over writing. I don’t have the time it takes to build up this “online following” that everyone says I need in order to get any attention. I just don’t. Wife, mother, job …all have to come first.
    I’m starting to believe that it is never going to happen unless I publish myself and I don’t have the money to do that or the desire. Call me crazy but I want a publisher to publish my book.
    When I write, people like it but since when is that not enough to sell books?
    Sorry, to dump. But I’m just frustrated and tired and ready to give up.

    • http://awesomeminds.com Awesome Minds

      Don’t give up, if it was easy to write, start and run a business or run for government, then everyone would be doing it. You obviously have a talent in your writing, so keep at it. Many successful people in any field will tell you that success can lay just the other side of another failure, and that just as they thought of giving up but didn’t, found massive success, so hang in there and keep going.
      Your day will come.

      • Josey Bozzo

        Thanks. You really are “awesome”. I thought I’d get ripped apart for what I said, instead I got much needed encouragement.

        • http://awesomeminds.com Awesome Minds

          You’re welcome Josey, just keep going you will get there.

    • http://kathleenkrueger.com KMKrueger

      I understand your frustration, Josey, but good writing that is hid behind the cover of a book in bookshelves that hold millions of books need to be brought to our attention. Even the biggest publishers have a hard time making sales of a great book by an unknown author. At the same time, I have seen people get published and build their audience after the fact. Without knowing your genre etc, I couldn’t give you specific direction, but there are ways to get published by smaller publishers, with or without an agent, if publishing is your goal.

      • Josey Bozzo

        thank you. I appreciate your thoughtful words.

    • Christine Niles

      Josey, do you have a blog or have you shared your writing somewhere? I’d love to read some of your work and help connect you to some other writers that can keep encouraging you.

      • Josey Bozzo

        I do have a blog, actually two. The one I initially started 5 years ago and the one I started after meeting with the agent year ago. I thought the second one would be a more focused blog because it deals directly with the subject matter of my book proposal. But honestly I haven’t posted on either of them in sometime. In October I did a 31 day blogging challenge and even tried a give away but it didn’t work well. The blogging everyday for a month was good for me, but it didn’t help gain any readers.
        Here’s the link.
        I would appreciate any feedback you can give. I’m not very technical so I wasn’t able to get it linked to a facebook page. But I did start a facebook page for the site.

        • Christine Niles

          Looking now. I don’t see a way to contact you, and we should probably not have a long-drawn-out discussion in Jeff’s comments! You can email me at christine at riverofthoughts.com or track me down on Facebook (Christine Royse Niles) if you prefer. Looking forward to helping you NOT give up!!

          • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins


    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      You’re fed up with helping friends and family? I know a lot of other people have commented here, but I believe that if you want to help, you can’t ever be fed up. You can’t quit or get too tired of giving — those are signs it’s time to check you’r motivation.

      But truth be told, I get it.

      I sometimes get tired, too. The question is: what invigorates? Is it someone connecting with your work? Is it the act of writing it self? What is it? Reconnect with that. Doing so will produce better work and attract more attention.

      When it comes to getting a publisher, why not publish it yourself? If you can get the helping people thing right, who cares if you have a million readers? If you can help a few, that’s enough to self publish, to put your work out there, make a difference in people’s lives, and earn the right to be heard again.

      It sounds easy, but of course, it’s not. But that’s not the point. The point isn’t that it’s easy or that you’ll get reach. We do this, this silly thing called writing, not because of what we get out of the experience, not even because of what we get to give — no, we do it because we must.

      Hang in there.

      • Josey Bozzo

        While I agree with you wholeheartedly.
        How can help anyone if no one is reading?

  • http://awesomeminds.com Awesome Minds

    A very thought worthy post, I am a writer and have written two books so far. I have the third planned and want to get on with it, but I am spending most of my time at present on marketing, trying to get my books noticed. That is all part of writing I guess, but your article has given me an idea, which has been staring me in the face and until now I have somehow ignored it, so thanks Jeff a great article.

  • Marcy Mason McKay

    I’m being called forward to lead a writing tribe, but that scares the BEJESUS out of me and I’ve been dragging my feet. I printed out what you said, “Leading
    a tribe has nothing to do with being a celebrity or rock star or
    anything like that. It’s about digging deep into your craft and finding a
    way to help people. That’s all it is — you, using your gifts to serve.” Using my gifts? THAT I can do. Thanks, Jeff. I’ll keep you posted.

  • lisab

    Great article. Even greater new brand logo! It rocks.

  • Tex Rule

    I hate being that guy, but I follow you through email updates because I really enjoy your insights, but for some odd reason whenever your email uses an apostrophe, it adds in a ton of other random symbols. For example, ‘@&/€~. I figured that you might want to be aware of your email updates!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Thanks, Tex. How are you reading my emails? This is helpful.

      • Tex Rule

        I’m reading them in the standard ios mail app that comes standard with iphone 5’s. Hope that helps!

  • http://www.awishcomeclear.com/blog/about/welcome Caroline McGraw

    Jeff, this definitely speaks to me – thank you! As I wrote recently, “For a time, I couldn’t write anything without wondering: Is it supposed to be this hard to gain momentum [with my blog]? Is there some key piece that I’m missing? But I’ve learned that the best answer to THAT question is … another question. It’s not What am I missing? It’s What do I have to give? … So much changes when you shift from me to you, from get to give.”

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      I like it, Caroline. Way to go!

      • http://www.awishcomeclear.com/blog/about/welcome Caroline McGraw

        Thanks Jeff! It was a thrill to find we’d been writing on similar topics. :)

    • http://www.sherreymeyer.com/ Sherrey Meyer

      Caroline, I like your words “So much changes when you shift from me to you, from get to give.” Wondering now what do I have to give …. and thoughts are beginning to swirl.

      • http://www.awishcomeclear.com/blog/about/welcome Caroline McGraw

        Sherrey, thank you – I’m glad to hear that from a fellow writer. :)

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    I think finding your tribe starts with who you’re most passionate about helping and I think to effectively write or spread a message, you have to be clear about what tribe you’re serving. For me, it’s the family man that has a day job but longs to live life by his own design.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      I love your message, Kimanzi. It resonates with me!

  • lisasarnold1

    Wow! You have given me much to think about. I am in the “find a publisher” stage for my completed book “For Sanity’s Sake: 365 Days of Devotions for the Temporarily insane. . Otherwise known as the Menopausal Woman.” Sounds crazy I know, but if the shoe fits . . .
    There are millions of us out there, and many, I am sure, are as desperate as I was when I decided to right this book. Now, to find them.

  • http://www.referralcandy.com/ Visakan @ ReferralCandy

    My writing career went like this- I started out blogging about whatever pleased me, usually mundane trivial stuff about my day-to-day life. Once in a while I would blog about things I was bothered about. At one point, one particular topic struck a chord with a particular tribe- and I responded naturally to that feedback by writing more on it. Since then I’ve found that I want to write for a slightly different tribe. It’s a fun journey.

    I got here through a lot of trial and error, and I think I could have saved myself some trouble by being a little more deliberate in figuring out who I wanted to write for. I think that’s a question every writer should ask herself every day.

    Great post!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Sounds great. I had a similar experience.

  • http://www.positivelydreaming.com/ Sarah

    This is excellent advice, though it’s still hard to figure out how to put it into practice. Since I started my blog I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I want to blog about, and honestly that might be the hardest part. Once I get there, I’ll automatically belong to a tribe, just like you say: a group of like-minded people who care about the same ideas and pursuits I do. Until then, it will be hard to belong OR lead … so better get crack-a-lackin!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Check out the free lesson at tribewriters.com. That’ll help.

  • Dan Erickson

    Good post. Although I’m not convinced with the whole “platform and tribe” metaphors, I understand the point.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins


  • Paul Stippich

    A refreshing post and one I can relate to. Tribes, communities, are what we all long for. Asking the question of how can we add the most value to them is an essential question.

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Patrick McNease

    Excellent post Jeff. I needed to read this. A lot of people give up on their dreams because they don’t believe they have supporters. We all have supporters or people that enjoy our work, we just have to find them. For example, my passion revolves around hip-hop music and I gravitated toward that tribe. I found my tribe by searching for people with similar interests. I found a niche and I plan to lead. Thank you Jeff.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      You’re absolutely right, Patrick.

  • http://ShortStoryStructure.com/ Michael M Dickson

    Jeff, thanks for the free first lesson. It was awesome!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Glad to hear it, Michael!

  • JocelynRMendez

    How did you do that? You’re last two posts (this one included) were exactly what I needed to hear.
    Leading–that is what I am afraid of. But I have to remind myself that when I started my blog, I was certain that this was something I needed to do.
    Right now, well, I am not so certain, but that is because of the pressures of leadership.
    I have people who depend on me to create. They are waiting for the next post. They are looking at me. They are watching me.
    Nerve wracking.
    So should I give up because of pressure and responsibility?
    You helped me make up my mind, Jeff.
    No! I won’t.

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Excellent! It can be hard, but it is also worth the stress, I think. Keep up the great work, Jocelyn.

  • http://StacieWalker.com/ Stacie Walker

    Jeff, you are awesome! I’m so happy that I read your blog on a regular basis. You have inspired me in so many ways. Thanks for that. Keep up the great work and enjoy the weekend with your loved ones!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Thanks, Stacie. I so appreciate that!

  • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

    Hi Michael. The best way to find a tribe is to put something out there and see who resonates with it. I recommend writing a manifesto, a short but strong declaration of purpose, and see who connects with it. That’s what I did.

  • George McNeese

    Thank you, Jeff, for the post. Finding a writing “tribe” is difficult. Because of my home life and erratic schedule, it’s difficult to find a community of writers who will offer honest and objective critiques, and will push me to do better. I know they are out there. I just have to step outside of my comfort zone.

  • http://makemoneyoffblog.net Tomas Newman

    I like this idea a bout the tribes. Internet is ever changing world and this is how it works at the moment