How ADHD Makes You a Better Writer: Interview with Ryan McRae

Have you ever considered how your disadvantages might actually be advantages Ryan McRae’s blog The ADHD Nerd is an example of this.

Using Personal Challenges to Create a Thriving Blog: Interview with Ryan McRae

ADHD is Ryan’s challenge, and his website serves a real need for others. Launching his website has enabled him to help a niche audience and build a thriving community and business around it.

But The ADHD Nerd wasn’t Ryan’s first site. After attending the World Domination Summit, where I met Ryan years ago, he first started a blog called Master Presenting and wrote on it every week for a year.

Then, his friends encouraged him to find another audience to serve. This just wasn’t working.

Ryan went back to the drawing board and came up with another idea. Because he’s had ADHD all his life, Ryan has had to teach himself certain coping skills just to learn how to focus. His knowledge and experience have proven valuable to others with similar challenges.

On this episode of The Portfolio Life, Ryan shares how going to Afghanistan for a year helped him improve as a blogger and online community builder. He also tells how the advantages and disadvantages of having ADHD helped him grow an audience and business.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Ryan tells us:

  • What did his year in Afghanistan teach him?
  • The question to ask to find out what you can offer to the world.
  • When to grow your list, and when to focus on creating content for your current subscribers.
  • What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD?
  • What is executive function and how is it different with ADHD?

Ultimately you want to help people.

Ryan McRae

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The ADHD Nerd

  • What did his first attempt at blogging teach him?
  • When did he know The ADHD Nerd was his “thing”?
  • How many people were on his email list after a year of blogging?
  • Why shouldn’t you post great content on a Saturday?
  • How Ryan continues to help and serve his audience today.

You have to build the momentum.

Ryan McRae

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Growing Your List

  • Who should you reach out to and who should you not?
  • How to make a plan for expanding your audience.
  • Can conferences help you grow your list?
  • What percentage of his blog posts were for his audience and what percentage were guest posts?
  • How to position your pitches for guest blog posting for others.


What’s a personal challenge you’ve experienced that you can help others with now? Let us know in the comments.