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What Putting a Baby to Sleep Taught Me About Success

Note: This is an excerpt from a piece I published recently on the Wishing Well blog. Click the link below to read the rest.

Being a new parent can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. It’s full of big breakthroughs and overwhelming obstacles. Through the experience, I’m learning a few new lessons about myself and life in general.

Sleeping baby

For instance, I don’t like doing things I do poorly. I never played basketball, because I’m short and uncoordinated. This, incidentally, is also the same reason I looked for excuses to not put our son to sleep. Until recently, I was terrible at it.

But one day, something changed.

As I was rocking our son to sleep and watching with frustration as he squirmed and fussed in my arms, my wife gave me some advice. This came at a critical moment, because I was just about to give up.

“Just keep doing that,” she said as I bounced him on my chest while rocking my hips from side to side. “It’ll work. You just can’t give up.”

I sighed dubiously. This was the moment I usually threw in the towel.

Keep doing this? I thought, that’ll never work.

A minute later, he was asleep. And I couldn’t believe it.

Read the rest here: How to Put a Newborn to Sleep (or Do Anything)

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  • Keep doing it and success would definitely come. The same thing applies to blogging, writing or any worthwhile project. If you give up, it can mean failure in disguise. BTW: Your baby looks exactly like you. Well done Goins.

  • I love how you’re learning so much from your life as a new dad. This is a
    great post, Jeff.

  • So the lesson is to never give up. When you feel like throwing in the towel and starting over with something new you should just hang on longer because the next minute might be your best minute. 🙂

  • Awesome 🙂

  • Beautiful.  And I am certain you will find your son a source of endless inspiration and a font of power from which more great writing will flow.  Best of luck with him. I hope you guys get many, many years as best buddies.  And if he decides in 25 years or so that he wants to do an MFA, he can check out my blog.  I have one parenting secret for boys I want to share:  cars.  Cars, cars, and more cars.  Trust me.  Best of luck!

  • DS

    Patience and persistence is a must as a parent.  I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old that seem to push me to the max daily.

    Enjoy those times.  Pretty soon your little one won’t fit nicely in your arms, and you’ll have to drape them across your body.

    How awesome is that feeling when they finally give up and go to sleep?!

  • @jeffgoins:disqus 

    I am now your fan. Really. I found you on Google. And now I am following up with your writing. Hope I can improve.

     Take some time and please pray your reader.

    When a baby comes to the Earth, comes a new parent, I have heard it. 

    I like babies.

    I like the blog.

    I like the world and myself.



  • Beautiful, Jeff and I really liked this “When you get tired, when you’ve had enough, when you want to do anything but continue, keep going. At the moment when all seems lost, push a little further.”

  • I love how you’re learning so much from your life as a new dad. This is a 
    great post, Jeff.