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Why the Story of the Starving Artist Needs to Die

Why the Story of the Starving Artist Needs to Die

For centuries, believed the great Renaissance master was just another Starving Artist, struggling to make ends meet. Michelangelo himself embraced this image, living frugally and often complaining about money. He once wrote in a poem that his art had left him “poor, old and working as a servant of others.”

But it turns out he wasn’t telling the truth.

Learn to Love the Work, or Do Something Else (and Other Lessons on Enduring Greatness)

Enduring Greatness

When you’re trying to prove a point and the opposite result happens, you’re left with an interesting dilemma. I was intentionally not trying to hit a bestsellers list with Real Artists Don’t Starve, because I was focusing on the long game instead of the short-lived success.

But in spite of my efforts, the book debuted on The Wall Street Journal Best Sellers List at #6.

Do you know what I did when I heard that news?

156: Avoid the Ravenous Monster of the Bestseller Game: Interview with Elizabeth Marshall

156: Avoid the Ravenous Monster of the Bestseller Game: Interview with Elizabeth Marshall

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that traditional publishing and hitting the bestseller lists is a game. You don’t write a bestseller so much as you launch one. And yet, for those who want their work to endure, the question hangs in the air: is the game worth playing?

As a writer and five-time author, I’d be lying if I told you that hitting the Wall Street Journal bestseller list twice meant nothing to me. Honestly, it feels good.

But you know what?

Yes, You Actually Can Make Money off Art

Yes, You Actually Can Make Money Writing (or Doing Anything Creative)

For most of my life, I was told a certain story about what it means to be an artist, a title reserved for that special group of people who were talented but unlikely to succeed.

Whether that meant pursuing a career in writing, fine art, or music, the advice was always the same: don’t quit your day job. Always have something to fall back on. Creativity was a nice outlet, even a valuable skill, but you should never go all in on being an artist. Because, odds are, you’ll starve. You may have been told something similar.

But is that the truth?

155: What Makes You Unmistakable: Interview with Srini Rao

155: What Makes a Creative Unmistakable: Interview with Srini Rao

With over 2.7 million blog posts published every day and hundreds of thousands of books published every year, it’s difficult for writers to stand out from the crowd. Or is it?

Think about your favorite restaurant. You’re not just there for the food are you? You like the ambiance, friendly staff, comfy chairs, efficient service, and the presentation of the desserts.

Writers and creatives have the same opportunity to create an experience for their audiences.

Book Marketing 101: What Works and What Doesn’t (Lessons from My Latest Launch)

Real Artists Don't Starve Launch - Marketing/PR Summary

Releasing a book is an interesting phenomenon. By the time launch week rolls around, you’ve been in the trenches with your book for months or years. And yet, most everyone else has never heard of it.

Last week, when *Real Artists Don’t Starve* released, I knew this would be a different kind of launch from my previous titles. With each book I’ve grown as a writer, researcher, and storyteller. I can honestly say this book is my best work so far.