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How to Blog (When You’re Not a Writer)

Blog tips for non-writers

Coming up with content for my blog is usually pretty easy. Sure, there’s the occasional writer’s block or lack of inspiration, but for the most part, my struggles aren’t with producing the actual content. But I realize that not everyone who has a blog considers himself a writer. So, how do you blog when you’re not a writer?

What I’m Reading This Week: 2.27.11

Girl on bed with book

This was another great week at Goinswriter.com. I set up a Facebook page for the blog (please “like” it), fixed my RSS feeds from only publishing the summaries (if you’re subscribing, you may have been inundated with the updated posts yesterday), and I got some reading done. Here’s what I’m reading this week.

How to Be a Hero: 7 Surprising Characteristics

Be a Hero: Photo of a little girl

The reason that we love epics is because they speak to something deep inside of us. These stories and myths and movies are designed to teach us one thing: Anyone can be a hero, but not everyone will.

You Have No Excuse

you have no excuse

Ever wanted to write a book? Record an album? Make your own movie? You now have no excuse. There is no, “I can’t” anymore. No waiting for the right time or asking permission. You’re in charge. You’re the one holding you back. Stop waiting for perfect. No more stalling. It’s time.

Creatives and Geeks: Why We Need Each Other

Yoda from Star Wars (For the Geeks and Creatives Post)

The dance is tomorrow. She’s a cheerleader, you’ve seen Star Wars 27 times. You do the math. -Neil, Freaks and Geeks In this new world of creativity and technology, creatives and geeks need each other more than ever. Despite my best attempts, I’m not really a geek.