Get Answers to Your Biggest Blogging Frustrations

Bryan Allain
This is Bryan. He's cool.

Some time ago, Bryan Allain sent out a request, asking people to fill out a survey.

I did this begrudgingly and remember that there was a question along the lines of, “If I offered blog coaching, would you be interested?”

I remember candidly saying, “Nope, sorry!”

In my mind, I knew everything there was to know about blogging.

Now, several months later and I, the much wiser, am inserting foot directly into mouth. What arrogance.

We all can grow in a skill or craft no matter where we are in life.

That’s why I’m excited about this new Killer Tribes that Bryan’s launching. Not only is he offering blog coaching and courses for people wanting to grow (something he’s more than qualified to do), but there will also be a forum for bloggers to connect and help each other.

It sounds pretty awesome, if you ask me. I recommend that you check it out right now and tell the world with this nifty tweet button.

And if you join Bryan’s mailing list (no strings attached), you get a free copy of the 29 eBook, a list of 29 of the biggest frustrations bloggers face and what to do about them. Here’s an excerpt from my (somewhat arrogant) question:

I don’t have as many readers as I think I should. – Jeff G.

Dear Jeff, I absolutely love your honesty. Because almost everyone else reading this eBook is thinking the same thing. They just didn’t want to say it.

Sincerely, Bryan
PS…I think the same thing too.
PPS…Do these 7 things every week and your readership will slowly rise.

1. Write at least 2 great posts (the more the better, but at least 2)
2. Leave funny/useful/thoughtful comments on 25 other blog posts
3. Pimp your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook
4. Email 1 blogger you respect and ask them for a specific piece of blogging advice (or just tell them what you love about their blog).
5. Write at least 2 great posts every week. (did I mention that already?)
6. Treat everyone well, from those with bigger readerships, to the newbies just starting off.
7. Link to other people’s blogs in your posts. They will notice, and as long as you’re not flaming them, it can only help.

Since I got the eBook, I’ve been doing every one of those things each week. And they’re working like a charm (I was such a chump for thinking I didn’t need any coaching). If you’re a blogger wanting to grow your audience, I suggest you try the above. Bare minimum.

But I also recommend signing up for the Killer Tribes mailing list and getting 28 other answers to your blogging frustrations.

Just so you know: Bryan’s not paying me to say any of this. I don’t get commission off of his sales or anything. I really think it’s that awesome.

Get started here.

What’s your biggest blogging frustration? Would you pay money for it to be alleviated?