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Blogging Is a Serious Business

Blogging is a serious business

Let's get serious with our blogs.

There are all kinds of blogs on the web.

Christian blogs.
Atheist blogs.
Dog blogs.

Blogs about married life.
Blogs about auto repair.
Blogs about Mickey Mouse or soda pop or your hometown.

With the plethora of blogs on the Internet, it’s easy to not take them seriously. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to not even take your own blog seriously sometimes.

I mean, it can all be a little ridiculous — can’t it? But with all those goofy and outlandish blogs in cyberspace, that doesn’t undermine the potential power of the medium.

There are also very reputable blogs.

Leadership blogs.
Motivational blogs.
Resource blogs.

Blogs on life and meaning and purpose. Blogs about making a difference.

There are blogs that influence people’s everyday choices and blogs that make a lot of money or even have an impact on public policy.

It’s time to start taking your blog seriously

That doesn’t mean you can’t tell jokes or be lighthearted or that you have to start blogging every other hour. You don’t have to try to make money with it (but you can if you would like to). You don’t even have to write life-changing content on your blog all the time.

You just have to have something worth saying. If you do, you’ll change lives — I’m sure of it.

The beauty of a blog is it gives you a platform to share your message. Slowly. Over time. Again and again. Gaining trust and influence each time you do. (This is, just to remind you, all for free.)

So why don’t we take blogging seriously?

Why don’t we treat this craft with more care?

Because we’re lazy. And selfish. And insecure.

We question the validity of our message and who in the world would want to hear us speak. But here’s a startling epiphany:

Your blog doesn’t have to be about you. It can be about everyone else. It can be about a great idea or a remarkable concept. It can be about how to change the world or what would make people’s lives better.

We take the existence of blogs for granted right now, so this fact may escape us:

Blogging is pretty amazing… when you stop and think about it.

Blogging makes anyone a broadcaster

Everyone is now a journalist. Everyone is a political pundit. Everyone is now a reviewer of… whatever they’d like to review.

At least, everyone can be. Everyone now has the opportunity to be heard — to promote an agenda, to start a conversation, to make change. With the opportunity to make such an impact, why wouldn’t you take such a practice seriously?

It’s your blog — do with it what you will. But please don’t treat it like a joke. It’s not. It’s serious. And you have something to say. So speak. And do so with intention.

What needs to change right now about how you approach blogging?

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  • Nice Take. It is hard to separate the good blogs from the well…ya know.

  • I believe the hard part sometimes is how to keep a blog your own and not center it too much on yourself. I believe most people have serious issues in that guideline.

    Answering to your question: I have to try and start writing everyday, so I can start posting more often and take the pressure of deadlines of my back.

  • While I work to develop the focus of my blog, I’m trying not to be so random. I think I need to write more to help the focus develop, but I do wonder…do I have THAT much to say? I do need to take it more seriously, though.

    • You’ll find that the more you focus the more you’ll have to say. That’s what I’ve discovered anyway.

  • Thanks for sharing this! I don’t check Facebook more than a couple of times a week, but I’m glad I caught your message! 

    This is so true. Good things happen when you start taking blogging seriously. It’s a media outlet, and as such, there is no end to how exciting it can get. 

    You just have to think big.

    • thanks, martyn! I’ll keep that in mind. good call, btw. steer clear of the beast!

  • Annieb4753

    I just had a  bit of an argument with a friend who blogs that involved the fact that she has fallen into caring about the “social” aspect of her blog (making sure she says nice things about the blogs of people who follow her blog) rather than actually writing about something that matters and also very importantly, being honest about every blog she reads.  If it’s crap, a meaningless “nice post” in the comments section does no one any good.  I blog a little, but only when I have something to say.  I get a little bent out of shape when I see others using a blogging website as a social club.  Nobody learns to improve their writing that way.  This piece has helped me put it in perspective.  Thanks very much.  And I mean that sincerely!

  • Hi Jeff,
    What do you say to a criticism which came from Steve Jobs himself which accused bloggers of trying to be journalists but are really just amateurs not to be taken seriously? Obviously, I don’t agree with him but have you ever thought about that?

    Great article by the way.

  • Great thoughts, Jeff. I recently relaunched my blog (recently meaning today) with much more focus than before. I didn’t take it lightly before, but I am definitely taking it more seriously this time.

  • I take my blogging very seriously, at least I believe I do. What I struggle with is convincing the members of my family to take it seriously. Jeff, any thoughts on influencing loved ones to take what they consider a hobby or a waste of time more seriously?

  • Great post. 
    I know that I need to start posting on a more regular basis so that others and myself will take my blog more seriously. I do have a lot to say, I just never seem to have the time to sit and write it down. 

  • I try to keep my focus – but as my blog is mostly about mental health, that can cover almost everything. It’s currently been rather taken over by the gay debate – but I’ve made a few ‘random’ light-hearted posts which have been well received, if not by many.
    I’ve been quite excited by how my words have been spread over every continent bar Antarctica.
    It’s all about balance really – we can’t do the heavy stuff (sorry Jeff – weak word – I’m being a bit lazy) all the time – and that’s a key element of mental health.

  • This article is great inspiration! I found you while researching top blogs. I’m still settling into plans for https://nutfed.com. I’ve written other less serious blogs – still do. But will stay focused on quality content, every week. Thanks again!

  • cobbs

    The Newsroom sheds a bright light on why reputable journalism and broadcasters are still important, to restrict misinformation, ignorance, and ideological power.

  • Once again, loving this! It’s a wonderful reminder about just how effective blogging can be in changing the world. I want to make a full-time income from my blog, so I need to ramp up my commitment and figure out what is effective, and what won’t be.

  • dan pre

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  • anne

    yes it’s a serious monetizing for any cause