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How ADHD Makes You a Better Writer: Interview with Ryan McRae

Using Personal Challenges to Create a Thriving Blog: Interview with Ryan McRae

ADHD is Ryan’s challenge, and his website serves a real need for others. Launching his website has enabled him to help a niche audience and build a thriving community and business around it.

4 Essential Elements to Writing a Great Blog Post

4 Essential Elements to Writing a Great Blog Post

Writing consistently for a blog is hard. At times, it can feel daunting. In fact, I struggled with coming up with words to write this morning. At times like this, a little structure can help.

Over the past year or so, I’ve started studying prolific, influential bloggers, and I’ve realized something: They all have a system and structure for blogging.

4 Questions to Help You Start a Successful Blog

Everything You Need to Know About Blogging in 4 Questions

The other day, a friend asked me: Is blogging making a come-back?

Which began a conversation about whether or not blogging ever went away in the first place, which I don’t think it did.

How to Build a Blog Site from Scratch

How to Build a Blog Site from Scratch

Over the years, I’ve built over a dozen blogs, many of which were built the wrong way, unfortunately. Which required me to go back and start over.

Eventually, I learned that building a blog is a lot like building a house. Minus the fact that building a house is way more difficult and labor intensive and, oh yeah, super expensive.

How to Start a Self-Hosted Blog in 8 Minutes or Less

The Short Guide to Launching a Self-Hosted Blog in 8 Minutes or Less

I’m gonna cut to the chase: You need a blog. The world is changing and moving on without you, and it’s time you had a platform of your own to share your message. The best and easiest way to launch a self-hosted blog is with WordPress.

There are over 60 million blogs on WordPress, one of several platforms that helps you to publish online. This number, according to one source, represents only 43% of all blogs, making the total somewhere around 160 million blogs.

These blogs are viewed by an audience of over 400 million people each month — and that’s only one place people are connecting online. Incredible, isn’t it? You’d be hard pressed to argue there’s not a tremendous opportunity here. But are you taking advantage of it?

It’s never been easier to connect with an audience and get your message heard… but are you engaging in the conversation?