How I Built a Blog Audience of Over 100,000 Readers in Two Years

Build Blog Audience
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Every writer needs a tribe. That much is clear.

Without an audience of readers, your words will fall on deaf ears — no matter how important or inspired they seem. But how do you do it?

Great question.

Most writers struggle with this. They “just want to write,” hoping their clever prose will some day get them picked by a publisher.

And then, they think, they’ll leave all that marketing and promotion stuff to them. Those guys. The pros.

Bad idea.

Guess what? “Those guys” don’t exist. Not anymore. You know who knows the most about your audience, your readers?


The only person in charge of getting you the audience your writing deserves is you

And what does that mean, exactly? It means you will need to build an audience of readers who will stick with you, no matter what.

But before I tell you about that, I need to tell you a little more about me…

My story

Hi. Jeff GoinsMy name’s Jeff. And I’m a writer. But for the longest time, I wouldn’t admit that to myself.

Even though I’d been writing and publishing articles, even coaching other writers for 10 years, I wouldn’t dare call myself a writer.

Insecure and afraid of rejection, I wasn’t taking my work seriously, wasn’t thinking like a pro.

And although I was scared to death to share my words with the world, that’s what I secretly longed to do.

Then something incredible happened: A friend gave me some simple, but powerful, advice:

“You are a writer. You just need to write.”

This unlocked something inside of me, lit a fire beneath me. And the next day, I went to work, changed. All of the sudden, I wasn’t acting like an amateur anymore. What had changed?

I started calling myself a writer. Which led to me thinking like a writer. And then acting like one.

Once I did that, everything changed. In less than a year, I had launched a blog, self-published a best-selling eBook, landed a book contract, and built an online audience of over 100,000 blog readers.

How did I do it? I found my tribe. Realizing no one was going to choose me, I had to choose myself and build my own audience.

The power of a “tribe”

What’s a “tribe”? It’s a small but dedicated group of fans who believe in your work so much that they’re willing to tell everyone they know about it.

In my case, it was my blog readership, which I built over the course of two years. Thanks to a small but powerful group of people — my tribe — reading my words, I was able to make my dream a reality.

And I became a writer, a real one.

This audience helped me replace my wife’s income and then my own, allowing me to quit my job. All of this happened in about six months.

Now, I’m able to support my family through writing full-time, something I never thought possible. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Not if you take the time to build the audience. Not if you find your tribe.

How to build an audience

So how do you do this? What does it take? Well, let me begin by first saying that it’s not a matter of mere luck or chance. This is not something that will just happen. Trust me, I tried.

Certainly, everyone’s journey is unique. But most writers who have built a large online audience have done a lot of the same things. As I studied and applied those same strategies, I was surprised to see similar results.

Having sharing the same information with hundreds of writers and watching them succeed, I’m now convinced it’s the principles, not the personalities, that make this process work.

And now I’m going to share with you the whole process of building an online audience and becoming a real writer. Because once you know these steps, you can glean what seems relevant for you and begin your own journey.

Here are the lesson titles (make sure you’re signed up for email updates to get the full lessons!):

  1. Success Starts with Passion
  2. What You Have to Do Before People Will Listen to You
  3. What the Web Needs (from You)