The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes

Great Writers DeclareThis is Day 1 in the Great Writers Series.

The journey of every writer begins with a declaration. If you have written, then you are already a writer. Now you just need to keep writing. To overcome the demons of insecurity and create.

The world is waiting for you to do this; it is in desperate need of your gift. So what are you waiting for? Start sharing it.

Unless, of course, you are like most of us and you’re afraid. You’re hesitant for some reason or another. Maybe someone told you you weren’t good enough or that you didn’t have what it takes. Maybe you’ve told yourself those things.

Do you know how you work your way out of such places? Of course you do. You already hold the key to escape from your own dungeon. You just need to use it.

You have to call yourself a writer. Maybe you’ve already done this in some way (since I encourage everyone who reads the book to do it).

But the truth is there’s always another level to aspire to. Always another mountain to climb — and with it another set of obstacles to overcome.

The challenge

So here’s what I want you to do today: Declare you’re a writer.

Not just to your wall or computer or notebook, but to an actual person or institution. Someone or something you’re scared of — this could be a person who might reject or judge you, a family member who may misunderstand you, or a publisher who could discredit you. But tell them and tell them now.

Do it with pride and boldness. Write about it, tweet it about, record a video if you want. The more outrageous it is, the more likely you are to believe. This is what we’re trying to do here: convince ourselves that we have the right to pick up the pen.

Then tell the group about it here. The best stories (I’ll pick three) will win a free audio program about writing and platform-building I recently put together.

Update: We’ve chosen the winners, but you can still buy the audio content (which is currently on-sale). And if you want to join the series, you can do so here. It’s not too late.

What did your declaration sound like? Share in the comments.

552 thoughts on “The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes

  1. I am a writer – with an audience. My audience is small, but solid. I have been writing and leading a study for and with two dozen men weekly for two months now. I write. They read. We talk. And laugh.

    This week I wrote and asked them: “What is the best nick name you’ve ever been given?” That stirred up good discussion and laughter. How I led the group into the discussion of the “Best nick name?” question by putting on my “Pony Boy” coveralls. What was that about? I restore Ford Mustangs for fun and my anti-Ford Dodge enthusiast best friend used to call me “Pony Boy” in a somewhat derogatory manner. My God son Matt didn’t know about the chiding my best friend meant when calling me “Pony Boy”. Matt just saw me working on my metal ponies. Matt liked tinkering with me and my ponies, so he had coveralls made with my nick name “Pony Boy” on the front and a giant Ford Mustang logo on the back. Those special coveralls from him turned my best friend’s taunting upside down. I now proudly claim the nick name “Pony Boy” and more…

    I am a writer who collects stories, digs the joy out of them and retells them in writing to brighten people’s days and nights.

  2. As a child, I sat on a forest green rusty swing and made up songs to
    the rhythm of the squeaking chains. As a lost and overwhelmed teenager, I
    poured out my emotions in poetry. As years passed and college came, I
    found my voice in the campus newspaper and in the Montage literary magazine.
    Four years ago my writing turned to painting word pictures of the people and places God sent across my path during the World Race. For a brief time following, I was able to use words to tell stories from Haiti and to share how God was moving in the midst of such heartbreak and impossibilities.Looking back over the years it is easy to see the thread, to point and say, “Ah ha! I am a writer!” It doesn’t matter that the past couple of years I’ve felt a bit lost, a bit voiceless and very uncertain. The truth is there and it is clear. Despite my doubt and fear, a writer I am.

  3. Jeff, I’ve shared this here before but it’s in keeping with your topic and question.

    Over the past five years, I’ve transformed my thinking and moved from a preacher who writes to a writer who preaches. I speak on occasion but I write all the time.

    I used the “writer who preaches” line just today in an interview with a reporter from my hometown newspaper.

    Last night, I hosted a book party (kept saying, “This is more about the brownies than the book”) and experienced the encouragement any writer wants to have.

    When a friend who hadn’t read the book asked, “Will I be happy or disturbed if I read your book,” I turned to others who had read “Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes” for the answer. The consistent response was “I couldn’t put the book down” and “I was very happy at the end.”

    You don’t write for those moments but you sure appreciate them when they come.

  4. Turtle 

    I have found myself a cozy place to live.  A turtle shell.  The top hard exterior is the strong protection that I have falsely believed I require.  My fears have sent me undercover.  I poke my head out ever now and then. I prefer the solitude of my shell.   However recently I have experienced a hairline fracture in my shell causing an ever so faint ray of sunshine in my inner dwelling place.  

     I have for many years written in my head.  The stories and thoughts have been lost. The pen was never used to capture them. 

     A friend posted your page a few weeks ago. I glanced over it and thought if only I could believe in myself.  Then a couple of days ago she posted that she had signed up for your 15 day challenge.  Again I glanced at your page but this time I signed up for your updates. 

     The ray of sunshine has brought me strength. I believe in the next 15 days I will see the hairline fracture crack through my shell and I will emerge the writer God has always intended me to be. 

    I am a writer. I will from now on daily capture the thoughts and stories within me by using the pen. 

  5. Guys, I’m seventeen. I’ve never been paid to write and I’ve never been published. Heck, the most I get is people quoting my work on occasion. I have a network of friends and mentors who keep me accountable and push me to keep writing…but I don’t know where I want to go with writing. I started writing when I was about eleven or twelve. People have said I’m special, talented, gifted, etc…but what am I supposed to do with that? What constitutes being a writer? I guess I just don’t want be become a cliche. Like how every teenage girl who owns a camera thinks she’s a photographer. I know that I am a writer, because I can feel it in the depths of my being. Whether it be poetry, an analytical piece, or an essay..I feel most alive when I’m writing. I want to be obnoxious about what I do. I don’t pester my friends to follow my blog and I don’t go to extremes to get more traffic. In fact, I write simply because I want to. At my age I feel torn. Which is the lesser of Terri evils…to say, “I am a writer.” and become a cliche…or to say, “I love to write.” And never be recognized.,

    1. Hi. I’ve read scores of comments here today and yours just won’t let me go. Keeping in mind that you get what you pay for and my comments are free, I’ll tell you that I have a fourteen year old son who I love more than life and I’d tell him the same things. Conviction must account for something, right?

      First of all, I’d suggest learning as much about how you tick as you possibly can. There’s power in that knowledge, and trust me, you’ll learn a lot about who you are and why you are. You can take a simple Jung Typology Test here:
      Hi. I’ve read scores of comments here today and yours just won’t let me go. Keeping in mind that you get what you pay for and my comments are free, I’ll tell you that I have a fourteen year old son who I love more than life and I’d tell him the same things. Conviction must account for something, right?

      First of all, I’d suggest learning as much about how you tick as you possibly can. There’s power in that knowledge, and trust me, you’ll learn a lot about who you are and why you are. You can take a simple Jung Typology Test here: Then read & study as much as you can find about your type. I have a great career and an unrivaled reputation in my industry and if affords me a good lifestyle that I’m grateful for. But I want out, because when I was your age, making those decisions that would determine my path, I didn’t do what I’m telling you now.

      The second thing is you mentioned being a cliche. I’d suggest not worrying so much about what others may think of you. Take into consideration the thoughtful words of those you respect, ignore negativity while being realistic, and let your own conscience guide you the rest of the way. It knows you more than anyone else. You said it best, “I know I am a writer, because I can feel it in the depths of my being.” Follow your heart. When you are old and saying goodbye to this life, you will remember this advice and if you took it, you’ll leave with a deep sense of satisfaction and a big wide smile on your face.

      The second thing is you mentioned being a cliche. I’d suggest not worrying so much about what others may think of you. Take into consideration the thoughtful words of those you respect, ignore negativity while being realistic, and let your own conscience guide you the rest of the way. It knows you more than anyone else. You said it best, “I know I am a writer, because I can feel it in the depths of my being.” Follow your heart. When you are old and saying goodbye to this life, you will remember this advice and if you took it, you’ll leave with a deep sense of satisfaction and a big wide smile on your face.

      And lastly, you asked what you’re supposed to do with comments about how you’re special. To be quite plain about it, LISTEN TO THEM. Your mind is a sponge, waiting and willing to absorb all it hears. Be wise; listen to that praise and hold it close. If you follow your heart, times will come when thoughts of that praise will carry you through. Avoid those who will tell you you can’t follow your dreams, hold dear those who encourage you, and use the positive but realistic feedback from your mentors to become the great writer you were born to be!

      I wish you the best of luck, the truest of happiness and the deepest fulfillment of your purpose.


  6. In reading others’ stories, I recalled a conversation I had at a Buffalo Wild Wings one Friday years ago. My youngest brother was head of the medical clinic at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. On Fridays after work, he and the other NASA doctors debriefed at BWW. I walked in with him and listened to their conversations about the stuff space doctors talk about (designing the capsule for the Mars program; working with cadavers to test safety harnesses; etc.).

    I knew I loved this writing gig when someone asked me, “So what do you do?”

    I said, “I’m a writer.”

    Suddenly I was the pop star among an elite group where t-shirts and coffee cups say, “It is rocket science.”

    Very cool moment.

  7. Hate I missed the first two prompts, but this one I truly love. So much so, I am going to do a video declaring I AM A WRITER! I hope to inspire more people to join in this writing challenge. 

  8.  My declaration came in two instances: the first was subtle: I added “writer” as my profession on LinkedIn. All of my professional contacts are there, most of which are former clients from my sales profession. I’ve effectively declared that I’m out of the sales game, and am focusing on writing. In the same vein, I just turned down a job offer to “focus on my writing career.” I may have taken the job, but it would’ve required 60 hours per week and writing would have taken a back seat, if not fizzled away altogether. Liberating- yes. Scary- yes. Completely worth it- yes.

  9. Help – get me off this list please – I’ve gone into Discus or whatever and changed settings three times!  Getting way too many emails from the list, although I love the topic!  

      1. I did – I was already unsubscribed – the only option was to subscribe – I unsubscribed four hours ago – will try clicking again on subscribe followed by unsubscribe and see fi that does it. Sorry I can’t handle so many email on one topic although I’d love to still get your newsletter or other posts.

  10. I’ve been blogging for a long time. I stopped in December because I found my ‘audience’ was growing and it made me uncomfortable. My excuse for stopping was to work on my novel that I have been playing with. But within a short time, I put the pen down because I felt like a fraud, pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I even went as far as to say in the About section of my blog that I was not a writer, but that I liked to write. But I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging. And I feel that it is time to take it seriously. I kept feeling compelled to begin a new blog under my real name, something that I hesitated and didn’t want to do because I want to write anonymously. I don’t want to be known. My declaration was to take the plunge and purchase my name as the domain for my blog. To be transparent. To be real. And to not concern myself with what others make of it. I am a writer. I have been called to write.

  11. I added “writer” to my business cards (“coach/writer”) after quitting my old social service day job and becoming a full-time career coach last fall. The title “writer,” I thought, was something that I’d someday (hopefully) segue into. In April, I joined Robert Lee Brewer’s My Name Is Not Bob April Platform Challenge, with the idea of building my coaching business presence while at the same time being in the company of writers…which I might someday  “become.”

    That MNINB Platform Challenge experience drew me into a vibrant community of people who shared my dream. I’d been writing since childhood (intending to “become” a writer until, following three years in a HS program for gifted writers, I decided that I didn’t have the self-discipline to make a living writing), had written PR pieces as part of my social service management jobs every time I had the opportunity, had published several poems, was working on a novel and blogging; and so, my fellow MNINB challengers argued that I should begin referring to myself as a writer.

    I’m a coach to people who want to “do good” – and to artists of all kinds. I decided that it was time to begin walking my talk.

    A month ago, I attended a May Day festival held by friends who live in an intentional community. I sat down with my plate of potluck food at the only open spot I could find – across a picnic table from someone I’d never met before. We tentatively began talking, and she asked about what I did. This was my first time to openly describe myself as a writer – and I quickly explained this, before she could ask about my publishing credits. As it turned out, she was VERY excited to talk with me – she’d been running a successful business for 10 years, but what she REALLY wanted to do, she said, was to write screenplays. Meeting me, she said, was wonderful synchronicity.

    We talked over a bottle of wine for the next couple of hours, and have since met for coffee and lots more talk. We’re discussing the possibility of starting a new local writer’s group.

    And I’m beginning to feel comfortable with the title “writer.”

  12. Jumping in a day late, but here I am! I am a writer. I’m surprised that my heart is pounding in my chest as I make this declaration. Not sure if it’s fear or just the excitement that comes from knowing this is how I’m  showing up to the world in this moment. I feel a great possibility  that this challenge will help me move beyond my resistance to surrendering to my love of writing. So here we go!

  13. In declaration of getting yet word out I informed many family members that I was pursing something I dreamed of since my my high English teacher told me I had potential. Along the way that idea drifted into the dungeons of my dreams and became lost amongst the others things that would not only make me a better person but also so my true nature of care. Since that day over 15 years ago I have been writing none stop but haven’t give any real thought to the go until recently when I finally became tired of living this mud and existence that we all seem to call life. I started my blog by have come to a block, that voice that everyone seems to be talkin about is what is stopping me because I feel as though I have nothing relevant to talk about anymore. But inside I know I not only have past notes but I have an imagination that is unparalleled and I must stop letting what people say about me stop. So in short I will tell everyone here as well I am a WRITER and a great one at that.

  14. I read somewhere that one is a writer if they are constantly having dialogues with themselves, have an incessant need to write thoughts on paper and see the world through stories yet to be told. Yes, I am a writer!

  15. I declared it on Twitter yesterday, and then I read that Orwell piece about how I can’t be anything else but a writer, and boy, did it make me feel better about my declaration!

  16. Dear Jeff,

    I have to say this challenge has inspired me in more ways then one. More than you know even. I am taking a different approach to the 15 days to becoming a better writer. I have issues keeping up with a blog and have started and deleted several because I know I have lost the attention of the audience that was never there. I AM A WRITER! This is the best I can do because more importantly I AM AN INSPIRER! I have started a personal challenge of my own that is discussed more in my own blog but thise 15 day challenge will help me reach out in a better way as it will keep me active in writing. I am afraid that the audience I want to attract will judge me and more so NOT care about my issue and concerns. Rather than reaching out with writing I have choosen to reach out with video blogs! Thank you so much for waking me up and puting me to the challenge!

  17. I declared I AM A WRITER!  to a follower on Instagram of all places!  I wrote her a letter and asked her if I could interview her as she prepares to move from California to NYC.  It went something like:

    Dear IG Friend,

    I am a writer and very interested in documenting your journey to the greatest city on earth… and so on.

    I am a management consultant and have been writing for years at work (for “the man” versus myself). I know I can put words together, but can I really put pen to paper and tell a story?  This decleration to a stranger was about MY ART and MY WRITING, the story I WANT/NEED/HAVE to tell! 

    I am a living kidney donor in love with the man who received my kindey and I have fallen into the love story of a life time – I’m actually blessed to be living in NYC with the love of my life, a match like none other.  Some variation of the story has to be told in order for others to be motivated and possibly inspired to register to donate, that God voice says so….and I’m doing it!!

    By reaching out to others and starting to build my platform I am working towards having my own community some day and the possibility that this story can be told and life purpose fulfilled.  I thought donating the kidney was the work to be done, but I now believe getting others to register to donate and life their life purpose is the reason.  Jeremiah 1:5

    Thank you for this series and community.  I am thankful for Jeff and his gracious tribe of followers. 

    Amy Youngs

      1. She excidetedly accepted within the IG App, but has not replied to my  email just yet.  She is an aspiring thespian and works nights at a theater. I wouldn’t be shocked if it takes 3-4 days for her to respond.  I told her I needed three months to get my act together and blog up and she is looking to move here spring 2013, so I’m encouraged by the timing.  I’m also really enjoying getting to know people across the internet outside of Facebook.  Building and maintaining relationships across other social media platforms doesn’t have to be hard and there are some really encouraging places for beginners to start growing – your site included. 

  18. I have a friend who is an editor. She used to work for a publishing company back east. Last week, I told her I was a writer. She didn’t gasp or faint or even laugh. She agreed. My head is still trying to get onboard with that but truth be told, I AM A WRITER. Thanks, Jeff, for this space to begin to declare it and let it seep outward.

  19. I posted this on Facebook a few days before I heard about the challenge.  I guess I was ahead of the game 🙂

    “Just booked my first stretch of solitude days at the ranch house to start writing my book. I’m making space for things to happen, this dream isn’t going to write itself. :)”

  20. Though not a particularly consistent or successful specimen, I am a writer. As per the challenge I announced this to my sweetie who replied “I know,” and after that encouraging response I proceed to announce the fact here.

    I’ve tried a little bit of everything as far as writing genres go. Currently I’m working on a science fiction piece, but I’d like to start writing real science articles and submitting them to various magazines and journals. Ultimately, Lord willing, I aspire to become a science journalist. 🙂

  21.  Congrats! 🙂 I find it fantastic to be able to dedicate a good chunk of time for the creative process and then have at it. Best of luck.

  22. Eons ago (meaning maybe 14 years ago) I had a person who was a step above my direct supervisor tell me that I write well. Was that to just throw me off since I was writing in an effort to request a raise, or did he mean it?

    To myself, I do write okie dokie. No King or Barry or RIP Bradbury, but I can put a couple of words together in a readable manner. If the “voice” never goes away, does that then make this one of the more difficult professions? – or at least ways of life? 

  23. I’ve always been a writer. Even now, I think I’m becoming a writer and even declared my becoming on my blog just last night before stumbling upon this space. But, since I could write, I’ve been a writer. It’s just a bonus that I happen to love it.

    Just because I’m not a perfect wife doesn’t mean I’m not one, and even if I compare my parenting to another mom’s and choose to think less of myself, I am still a mom. 

    We all have trouble declaring we can do something if we don’t feel we can perform perfectly. At least I do. 

    We can’t say we aren’t something that we are, though. There’s a difference between what we do and what we are. 

    I want my imperfect living and imperfect writing to coincide, to get all tangled up with one another, and to be real.

    When I live, I write & when I write, I live. 
    I’m a writer. 

  24. I decided to be bold and tweet I am a Writer. I tweeted from my phone without my glasses on and it came out Iam a Writer. Just to keep me humble it was up all day before I noticed.

  25. Oh, and I just wanted to share that I have been blogging for a few years and have been writing my whole life. I work as an Oncology Nurse but I’ve always considered myself a Writer. An editor of a Christian magazine contacted me to say she read my blog and liked my writing style. She asked me to write a guest column. It will be out this month. I know compared to writing a book it’s not much, but it’s my first time being published and it was my first taste of validation as a writer. I’d like to have seconds.

  26. It’s hard to say “I’m a writer.” when all I have to my (adult) name is a start up blog, some haiku on quantum physics and a handful of poems. But this I know, that writing is the only thing that flows effortlessly out of me. It’s one of the only things that I know I’ve wanted to do since childhood, and the thing that I will stay up late and forgo the necessary to do. Writing makes me feel good. Writing makes me interested in improving, both my writing and my life. I think this makes me a writer in my soul. So, I am a writer (I just need more practice).  🙂

  27. i wrote a comment here and i don’t think it ‘took’. if this is a repeat, i apologize. yesterday, before i read this assignment, i signed up for a local adult writer’s ‘camp’. i was so excited.  i went to work, the scariest, most judgmental place in my life, and i told two people. as i am in engineering, i picked the audience with some care. but. i told them. and it’s something i would have normally kept to myself. while i don’t currently have a portfolio or a book, my heart has told me since i was a child that i am a writer. so, i am. i am saying it here first. (thanks, jeff) i give myself permission to spend the time, to practice, to be bad, and to be good.

  28. I became a writer because I was compelled to write, in the beginning it was poems as a teenager, which progressed to collaborative efforts with a friend in high school, I took creative writing in college from my favorite teacher, then real life put the brakes on- children, a profession, etc. I turned to journals as  my children came along and recorded thoughts and prayers throughout my pregnancies and early days with babies, then as they grew and parenting became a real challenge I continued to journal. A difficult path with a parent that encompassed my entire adult life up to four years ago spurred on the writing, I wrote for the sake of writing, the words are in  me and they must come out and take up their rightful residence on the page. I was aware of blogging, my daughter had started a blog, but like me, real life has encroached and she only blogs occasionally. For her it’s a diversion, for me, once I took the first step it’s become mandatory. Whether many or few read it is immaterial, God directs and I write. My prayer is that whoever the one person who needs to read what God wants them to know that day will be reached by what I have written there. I’ve come to this series a couple of days late in the game but will continue to follow to catch up. It is only in the arena of ideas shared that new ideas emerge.

  29. Sitting in my shelter, sensing the clouds rolling in & hearing the winds howl & making my shelter feel that its about to ripped away leaving me in the deathly elements of my base camp below the summit of my Mt. Everest, with “scary hope” I write, “Greg, you are a writer!” & to this adventurous expedition company I declare “I am a writer!”

  30. From my Facebook post today:

    I write. I am a writer. These are simple statements. I’ve written for public consumption ever since Dick Robinson started mentoring me more than four decades ago. Typically it’s been news copy, reviews, and marketing content. There’s a rush when a piece is competed. Too often, before it’s complete, there are different emotions: fear, self-doubt, and fear of rejection. Now it’s time for me to acknowledge these emotions and understand I have the power to change these thoughts – by writing!

  31.  I’ve been a writer since the day I could hold a pen, but I’ve never claimed that. Never owned it. Why? Because nobody pays me to do it. And if you aren’t paid, you can’t say you are one, I thought. And suddenly the question crosses my mind:  hat else do you call yourself that doesn’t pay you to do it?  Mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, child of God. And it hits me. The most important titles I have in this world don’t come with a monetary paycheck. They come with a payment far greater: love. fulfillment. joy. And writer is now added to that list. 

  32. Hi World,
    I know I don’t know most of the wonderful people on your planet but I’m here to tell anyone that will read or listen that I’m a WRITER.  I know most people would associate my profession as teaching but at heart, my emotions flow through my pen and onto the world and my eyes are everywhere with inspiration.  My teaching is highly important to me but my writing is even more so.
    With my writing I have accomplished more than I could have imagined.  I know you saw my face the day I got the letter.  The very first acceptance letter from a collaborative poetry book.  I was 14.  I was being published.  I jumped and cried and bought the book.  I still have it and cherish it to this day.
    I know you also registered my surprise when another of my poems went on to win awards from the Canadian Legion and was considered to be put alongside “In Flanders Fields”.
    For every day of recognition, there was a day of sorrow and I dealt with every single one inside myself, inside my writing.  I wrote poems, I wrote letters, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I crumpled, burned, threw, tore and stamped on some of my work.  I kept, framed, signed and dated others.
    I learned to create code with my writing, I learned to write tfel ot thgir and read upside down.  I can write anywhere and I work on writing constantly, even if it’s just in my head.
    Today, I declare that my lifeblood is my writing, it is my haven, my cove, my heaven.  No one can take my talent, although I understand they may deny it if they must.  I am a writer and I look forward to sharing my talent, my understandings and my love.
    Thank you.

  33. A
    couple of days late arriving, I sat up in bed this morning, accidentally
    stumbled across ‘Day 1’ and began reading all of your inspiring, supportive,
    shared experiences and honest declarations of the confidence and self belief
    hurdles many of us seem to struggle leaping over.  


    like to say Thank YOU! You’ve all left me feeling rather excited and uplifted.
     I’ve always enjoyed writing and in the past, be it on holiday or a
    prolonged train journey, I’d begin scribbling humorous prose, posting them
    on Facebook or sending them uninvited to my friends email addresses.
     Always tentative and never believing I’d enjoy anything other than polite
    feedback, the response I received always surprised me.  A clamouring for
    more, emails and texts asking for another slice of my perspective on life to
    cheer their day up and as anyone who has ever had an affirmation of their
    writing knows, the feeling is a high no drug could ignite.


    that, it has been a while since I’ve written anything, perhaps as long as a
    couple of years and yet I’ve found myself thinking about it everyday whilst of
    course seasoning those thoughts with a foul tasting garnish of self


    the last 2 hours that changed.  I anticipate…. no I don’t, I KNOW 
    that I shall reflect back on this morning as a real tangible turning point.  I know
    I can write, I know I AM A WRITER  and although it feels like I’m about to
    attempt riding a bicycle for the first time in years, my knees are a little
    wobbly at the prospect and I suspect I’ll probably feel a little shaky whilst I
    find my balance.  That said I’d like to think of you guys as a set
    of stabilizers and I’m trifle giddy  about riding this bike again.


    you Jeff and thank you for all being brave enough to share how you honestly

  34. I just discovered your blog through Pinterest last night and I’m so glad that I did and this is the perfect time too! I’ve had a lifelong dream of publishing novels and I’ve buried that dream until a couple of months ago. 

    Now I’m writing the rough draft of my first novel. The first time that I told someone my heart was pounding and I nearly whispered it. Now I tell a lot of people – and I have announced it on my blog and added it to my ‘about me’ section of my profile and FB so it’s official. 🙂

    I’m a writer, I’ve been a writer since I was about 9 when I wrote my first chapter story. I have a successful blog. This year I will be a published fiction writer!

  35. Sorry I’m so late getting in on the Challenge.  This is great!  Thanks, Jeff.

    I actually already took this step.  After I self-published my first book in 2010, someone in the marketing department at my previous employer saw my book mentioned in a local magazine.  I was almost embarrassed that someone at work had seen it.  She asked to interview me for the company newsletter, and I granted her the interview.  So in a way, I declared to the whole company, “I AM A WRITER!”

  36. I began my declaration as a writer by putting it first in any of my bio’s. I then began to announce it as my occupation and Toastmaster meetings when we would go around the table and introduce ourselves. I then told my family. I then began to tell anyone who asked me what I do for a living.

    I then told myself. and beleived it.

    Stay Positive & I’m A Writer
    Garth E. Beyer

  37. After writing about 40 books for other people, I finally decided I AM A WRITER! Are there better writers? Sure. Are their more creative writers? Absolutely. Is there another me? Nope… and that’s something we all can be thankful for. Because we all are unique, our perspectives on life are different. I see the world through Beatles songs. Truth doesn’t have to come only through songs at church, does it?

  38. I’m coming into this late (and the site wouldn’t load a week ago when I first saw mention of this), but I just recently declared it all again. I left writing for a long time. Came back, left, came back, left…lather, rinse, repeat. I’ve been struggling for years with all of this in many ways, but I have declared it: I am a writer…again! 

  39. I’ll just be starting this “Habits of Great Writers” series and I want to start it right.


    I’ve been rejected multiple times but it’s part of the learning process, it’s part go being a writer and I AM ONE. 

    I want to snuff out the voice that keeps on telling me i’m not and I believe this series will greatly help me. Thanks Jeff! 🙂

  40. It’s quite late already but I just finished my declaration on my blog:

    Write and write.

  41. My moment came in 2003, when filling out a page in my brand new passport. I put Author in the occupation blank then, so I suppose I’ll have to change it to Writer in the next one.

  42. Jeff, that was for me. It actually took me a while to convince myself to do it, but I did. I’ve shared an instagram picture, and I’ve also changed my Twitter bio. I AM A WRITER!

  43. How incredibly spot-on. I’m going to go declare to my toddler and infant. When I work up the courage to post it on FB, I’ll report back.

  44. Just getting around to the batter’s box, today. Sorry.
    But, OH BUT, when I told my eye doctor I am a writer, he surely did take my eyes far more seriously than he had in the past. I cannot help but wonder why . . .

  45. I declared to my parents before I read this, I wasn’t afraid of them because they always support me and this case wasn’t the exception. I guess I was the one who wasn’t supporting myself until now. I didn’t even think it, I just did it. Do it too!

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