The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes

Great Writers DeclareThis is Day 1 in the Great Writers Series.

The journey of every writer begins with a declaration. If you have written, then you are already a writer. Now you just need to keep writing. To overcome the demons of insecurity and create.

The world is waiting for you to do this; it is in desperate need of your gift. So what are you waiting for? Start sharing it.

Unless, of course, you are like most of us and you’re afraid. You’re hesitant for some reason or another. Maybe someone told you you weren’t good enough or that you didn’t have what it takes. Maybe you’ve told yourself those things.

Do you know how you work your way out of such places? Of course you do. You already hold the key to escape from your own dungeon. You just need to use it.

You have to call yourself a writer. Maybe you’ve already done this in some way (since I encourage everyone who reads the book to do it).

But the truth is there’s always another level to aspire to. Always another mountain to climb — and with it another set of obstacles to overcome.

The challenge

So here’s what I want you to do today: Declare you’re a writer.

Not just to your wall or computer or notebook, but to an actual person or institution. Someone or something you’re scared of — this could be a person who might reject or judge you, a family member who may misunderstand you, or a publisher who could discredit you. But tell them and tell them now.

Do it with pride and boldness. Write about it, tweet it about, record a video if you want. The more outrageous it is, the more likely you are to believe. This is what we’re trying to do here: convince ourselves that we have the right to pick up the pen.

Then tell the group about it here. The best stories (I’ll pick three) will win a free audio program about writing and platform-building I recently put together.

Update: We’ve chosen the winners, but you can still buy the audio content (which is currently on-sale). And if you want to join the series, you can do so here. It’s not too late.

What did your declaration sound like? Share in the comments.

552 thoughts on “The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes

  1. Thank you Jeff for this encouragement and this declaration challenge. I have worked on my day job for years as a mechanic. But I have always hated telling people I am a mechanic. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but for nearly 14 years now I have wanted nothing more than to call myself a writer. This passion came a little later for me, but it has been the clearest passion I have ever felt for who I want to be. Now I can say I AM A WRITER!!!

  2. Today (as I do every day) I woke up and put pen to paper, making the conscious decision to be a writer.  It’s a decision that prevails in all that I do: the language I choose, the words that roll around in my head, and the inspirations that consume me, until I give them room to roam across my computer screen.  I’m a writer, simply because I write and I have no other choice but to create my art regularly.  It insists upon being expressed, whether or not I like it (or would rather be doing something else!)

    Thank you, Jeff for giving us all the freedom to be our best selves, and to contribute our talents and voices to the world.  I’m excited to join this community, and look forward to the next 14 days of challenges. 

  3. Day 1 of the 15 day writing challenge! I officially declared myself a writer on Twitter; in public! Calling myself a writer still makes me feel like a tourist. A tourist of the worst variety. You know, takes bus tours, eats in only chain restaurants, fears the locals, and fears every three seconds for the safety of their password. Yep, that’s me. Wandering through the writing world with a fanny pack full of weird currency, wishing I was in the comforts of my living room. Tourist or not, I do know one thing for sure. I’m a fiction writer. Through and through. Writing about personal feelings, struggles, challenges, illnesses, family, travel experiences, giving birth, children, better left to the professionals. Let me dream up a character with a name, past, present, future, desires, failures, quarks, and dysfunctions and I’m a happy camper! 

  4. I tried calling myself a writer a little over a year ago.  I started a blog and got serious about working on a book.  Then life got in the way, and I just called myself “Mom.”  Now I’m ready to put my focus back into writing.  I have a diploma hanging on the wall that shows my degree in English with a Creative Writing concentration.  It’s time to put action behind it.  I’m a writer. 

  5. Jennifer Bias listed some of her thoughts on what it means to be
    a writer: “Does it mean I write because I want to, I love to, I can’t help
    it? Quite possibly [all of the above].” Writing wasn’t something I ever intended
    to do-I sort of stumbled into it. Am I a writer? Well, if a writer is defined
    by the magnitude of published material, then probably not, although I want to
    change that. However, if a writer is someone with an unrestrained desire to convey
    their thoughts in a manner that perfectly reflects and resonates with what lies
    close to their heart, then surely I am a writer. Part-time, maybe. But
    nevertheless, I am a writer.

  6. Definition of WRITER:  one that writes


    Definition of WRITE:  to form (as characters or symbols) on a surface with an


    I love words.  I love the dictionary, but not as much as I love the Bible.  I love how when I write about something it
    becomes a part of me.  That is why I
    write about the Bible, the Word of God is alive and full of power
    (Heb.4:12).  When you get it inside of
    you, you will be transformed by His power.

  7. My solicitor asked my occupation for an affidavit and I said “writer”. It’s not particularly exciting, but it’s now listed on legal documents.

  8. And to think I had some strange notion that today we’d start off light and easy; you know, work our way up to the 15th habit. I guess I was mistaken. However, glad to have been so. I found today to be such the perfect starting point for what I’m sure is going to be a wild and woolly adventure of self-discovery, and personal challenge, as we all discover the truth trapped somewhere within us… that we are writers. Grateful for this journey.

  9. I say I’m a writer on my Linked In profile. Now, explaining WHAT I write is a whole ‘nother story!

  10. I love quests and adventures so here’s my proclamation to all of you in Goins Land: 

    Tall and majestic, a mountain range looms ahead of me. Their
    rugged heights are capped in white and they play hide-n-seek with the clouds
    that come to greet them. These giants beckon to me, inviting me to share in the
    risks and rewards found on their slopes. Whispered tales speak of this path
    being filled with pain and sorrow; blood, sweat and tears; but the rewards are
    worth every hazard.  My breath quickens, my
    stomach clenches, and my throat tightens in fear. My knees are weak but I
    stumble onward. My destination is treasure—a treasure not so much discovered as


    At the base of these granite sentinels I crane my neck upward
    and strain to see the tops but the clouds  that looked white and fluffy from far away now
    look dark, ominous, threatening. I swallow and look back. Back is safety,
    security with no worries. Back . . . Back is for cowards and I’ve lived enough
    of that life!


    It’s time to take stock of my supplies. I have a pen, some
    paper, a dictionary, a thesaurus, my computer, and my imagination—everything I
    need to succeed on this quest. I’m ready. The words are my pitons and the
    stroke of the pen or the push of a key is the hammer. With one word I move
    upward—the journey begins.


    Each word is a step toward the goal and the higher I go. It’s
    not easy. One wrong word or one awkward sentence and I slide down, down toward
    ruin and despair.  There’s no one else I
    can turn to at this time. The ideas, the words, the creation are all mine, whether
    they live or die, whether I succeed or fail.  


    There are certainly people I can look to for advice and
    guidance along the way but there’s no one to help drive those words in, to put
    the ideas indelibly onto paper, winding my way slowly up the vast, forbidding slopes
    on my way to being a writer.


    Now confusion fills my mind. As I make my way up I discover that
    I’m not a writer when I reach the summit, a writer writes. With each word I
    pound in I proclaim myself a writer. Now! With each word I move closer in my
    quest but it’s suddenly changed. No longer do I write to become a writer, I
    write because I am a writer!


    I have a long way to go because I don’t want to be just a
    writer, I want to be a better writer and that means I need to continue
    climbing, continue pounding out those words and with each one I proclaim . . .



  11. To declare I am a writer today reminds me that just two months ago, I blogged, “You see, I am a patchwork person. There is no single voice in me. Maybe that’s why I’ll never call myself a writer – because there is no well-crafted manuscript in me. There is a single divine thread, but there is no beginning and end of a story, no expert opinions or witty remarks that would make for a great book tour. There’s simply the fabric of who I am.” 

    I’ve been published. I’ve won awards. I’ve gotten to see the impact of my written (and spoken) words. But am I a writer? Really? It’s so much easier to say I’m a storyteller or a wordpainter…it’s so much safer. 

  12. I haven’t said this out loud to anyone yet but I think from now on instead of referring to myself as a stay at home wife I will say “I am a writer” when someone asks what I do.  I’m terrible at having confidence in myself and I know I need to work on that. Maybe by confidently declaring myself as a writer will help me change my attitude elsewhere. Okay, that and a pint of ice cream. Or just a smidge of chocolate.

  13. God has given me the means and desire to write, and therefore, I will write when the Spirit moves. Even if I don’t always hear His voice, I will continue to be obedient to my calling, placing words on paper each day…what a blessing…I’m a writer!

  14. I have a hard time explaining to my children what I do for a living and today, I sat them down and told them, “Mama is a writer.” Sure, the 4-month-old drooled, the 3-year-old bounced around on the couch, but my magnificent 5-year-old told me he already knew I was a writer. Why? Because I act like a writer around my house! When I leave the comfort of my home, I become insecure.

    No more! I am a writer. I AM A WRITER!

  15. Hello, 

    I told one of my Aunts that always like to put people Dreams down, and all she said was “I heard” and that’s it. I was happy to know it wasn’t followed with something negative. She always put people down and the funny part about everything is she says “she love people who chase after their dreams” I guess she has so learning to do her-self. However, I said and I feel better because she was my worst Aunt to tell about positive in my life.

    Church Johnson

  16. I’ve loved to write since I was a kid and was always told that I was good at it.  It took me until three years ago to begin declaring that I was a writer–even though I wasn’t published, blogging, or anything–I believed it wholeheartedly!  Several traumatic events have happened in my life over the past three years, and I put pen and paper away and decided I was NOT a writer.  I even became very afraid to write. 
    Recently, I have found myself discontent and “searching” for SOMETHING different in life.  Just as I began to realize that the thing I’ve been looking for is WRITING, I stumbled upon Jeff’s book.  I was excited…until I got to the end.  Then I was just afraid.  I signed up for the challenge, but really was afraid to make my declaration.
    As I began to share all of this with my biggest fan (my husband), he encouraged me to make my declaration on my (seldom used and very private) Facebook page.  I did it with much fear and trembling…but I did it!  I’m ready for the next step.  Thanks, Jeff, for walking me through this.
    I am a Writer!

  17. Some of our authors at B.R.A.G.Medallion have other jobs
    that pay the bills- publishing a book is not cheap.  I think they are the
    ones who find it the hardest to proclaim themselves writers.
     I know that one concern is that others will demean their proclamation. If
    you are not a known name or have books looking at them from the shelves at a
    major book store, you can’t possibly be an author!
    “I’m an author.”
    “Oh, really? What have you written/”
    “Several books….
    “I’ve never heard of them.  So you write just for fun?”

    I think they are often waiting for the “big” one to be able to
    announce they are an  Author. But, buck up – if you have published a book,
    you are an Author!  Now, get back to writing….

  18. It’s so hard to say “I am a writer.”  It isn’t hard to say, “I am a teacher,” or “I am a mother,”  so why do I choke on the word “writer?”  I do say it sometimes, but not without a bit of a mumble.  What a gift to have three weeks of challenges to sharpen my skills so that I can confidently say, “I AM A WRITER” and mean it.

  19. Today, for the first time, I told some one that I Am A Writer! I’ve told people before that “I’m working on a novel” but this is the first time I’ve said it that plainly. I was at the salon getting my hair cut and we were talking about books and I came out and said that I’m a writer. It was great to say it out loud!

  20. After working all day and then taking notes for a script-writing meeting all evening, I finally got home and got a chance to meet today’s challenge. I declared myself a writer on Facebook. Now, that may sound a little too easy, but the fact is I’ve never really posted on Facebook about my blog or my writing. Facebook is full of friends and not-really-friends, teens in the youth group I help lead, fellow choir members, former church members, past classmates and co-workers, and the occasional current colleague. In short, people i interact with weekly and by whom i’d rather not be judged. And maybe six of them are really aware of my writing interests. But if I’m going to be a writer, they’re eventually going to have the option to judge my writing.
    So I declared myself a writer, and I let Facebook know by giving them access to my closely-guarded, still-working-on-getting-the-kinks-out-of-my-nervous-system-so-I-can-really-go-for-it blog. It seemed like a minor step, but it was a big one for me.

  21. I just finished reading your book earlier today, and I have to say…I AM A WRITER!  I changed all my social media profiles to reflect this, and my about page.  Thanks Jeff!

  22. I am a writer.

    I began my blog in January. The urge was there, but my focus was not–I was a mile wide and an inch deep. In the last week, I have narrowed my focus and am further honing my sepcialization. 

    I can already tell that becoming a writer is changing me as writing is pointing me toward my passion and clarifying my calling. 

  23.  I am a writer. When I write, I have clarity of thought and can problem solve better. That’s how I best communicate. That’s who I am.

    I reach to the deep places that I wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Words are my friends; sometimes my only friends. The pages I scribble on absorb the emotion. Emotions literally surge from my head (or heart), right through to my fingertips; whether I’m typing or penning.

    I am a writer. There’s no changing who I am, regardless of what someone else tells me.

  24. I know I am a writer because: I write, edit, write again, edit; people admire some of my writings decades apart from each other; I get inspired to write; I learn by writing; I journal about every day; I have a message – no, messages!

    My “outrageous” message that I am a writer was on FB – perhaps my first status update in over a year to many “friends” (most of whom are relatives).

    Family are those that know my weaknesses most. To tell them I am a writer would seem more outrageous than bearable if it were not for some of them having read or hearing some writings that have been very well received.

    I was once unable to say anything good about myself, my products, or my abilities but now I know that to deny these things is to lie and to withhold these is to deny others what I can offer.

    Some benefit from some of what I offer, some are entertained, while others will disenterestedly puzzle over why I write, and still others will disapprove. As I learn to focus on the first group, I will desire, commit, and be inspired, to write so much more.

    Thank you for your help. 

  25. The first few times I introduced myself as “I’m a writer” when asked “So, what do you do” was freeing. I was no longer a contractor or salesman who wanted to write, I was pursuing my dream full time.

  26. I am a writer. Actually, we are writers. My husband, best friend, and I are writing our first novel. We declared it to the world via Facebook and twitter a few weeks ago. We also declared it to our families and received a great deal of support. Well, with the exception of my best friends two girls… they think our book is stupid!

    Declaring we are writers has brought some level of expectation that I didn’t foresee. All threw of us think we write well, but our friends are expecting greatness. And thats a tad bit scary! Failure is not an option, but the fear of failure is sitting on my front porch.

    This journey of being a writer is exciting, though, and I look forward to what it has to offer.

  27. I did it. Big smile and a happy sigh. 

    My most honest response to your assignment today was not owning my identity as a writer, but speaking to my 20-something self about the writing dream I dared to say out loud once to someone I trusted and then listen to it be dismissed … laughed at. I am reclaiming that moment today. Thank you.

  28. Today I told my father that I was a writer.  My father has never honestly given me any credit or believed in me  for anything I have done and today I stepped up and told him that I wanted to write and my plans on writing a book about my weight loss journey.  I have lost over 165 pounds and have been blogging at about my journey for almost 2 years.  I want to help others with defy obesity.

  29. WOW… I have goosebumps. I am only taking the time to read this NOW, at the tale-end of Day 1… And without knowing what the first step would be, I’m shocked to learn it’s already something I’ve accomplished over the weekend. 

    My brother-in-law just moved back into town, & has been harassing me about not working, telling me I need to get a job. I was so proud of my hubz when he spoke up on my behalf: “She already has a job!” And when he asked, I told him, “I’m a writer!” 

    He ridiculed me and tried to make me feel as though I’m letting my family down, so it was really hard to stand up under that assault. But I did it. I kept telling him, “This is what I do. This is who I am. I’m a writer.” 

    I don’t know if he got it, but my husband’s support, & my own resolve, brought something to light. I already know this about myself; I just have to believe it & trust it. I’m a writer. I write.

    Having completed this step before reading the instructions to do so, I can fully understand why this is such an important place to begin! It never felt so real as when I had to say it to someone I knew wouldn’t take it for an answer. You must know, with every bit of your soul, that this is what you are — & what better way to convince yourself of this truth than by trying to convince someone else?! At some point you learn, just as I did, that convincing someone else doesn’t matter, once you believe of yourself, “I am a writer!”

    7th grade my English teacher asked my class to write a letter to our
    future selves that would be mailed to us upon graduating high school. In
    this letter I told my future self  “When I grow up I want to be a
    wrighter”Undoubtedly, when I read this at 18 I was absolutely
    mortified. It wasn’t until last year when I moved back into my parents
    house that I realized I am undeniably a writer. Every time I said
    something I was told to shut up. Like I was some kind of book they could
    just slam shut. Every time I would announce my latest epiphany  I would
    be told to go to my room, as I was distracting my parents from watching
    television. My envious resentment of that insidious technology that
    hogged all their attention would burst into my notebook. Naturally
    writing was my only outlet. I seemed to had forgotten this when I got to
    college, when writing became synonymous with homework. It wasn’t until
    people started to listen to the words I said, that I  realized I have a
    lot of things to say. So many in fact, that it would require a manual of
    my mind just to converse with me.In comparison to my new found
    audience of friends, my family treated me like dirt. Which is fine by
    me, for even the prettiest flowers must grow out of dirt. My thoughts
    have been watered with wisdom.  I’m a philosopher with a paper trail. I
    am a writer.

  31. I am an Interior Designer.  I have no trouble saying that because I earned it.  I haven’t earned being called a Writer.  But thanks to your book I now realize that I am both.  I now proudly declare that I AM A WRITER.  And just to prove it I changed my “About Me” section of my blog from “wannabe” to “am”.  Then I wrote a post about the change  Thank you Jeff!

  32. My declaration wasn’t to a person.  Or an entity.  Not exactly.  I declared, to myself, that I am a writer.  It’s seems as though I should be the first believe this pronouncement about myself.  But the reality is, 

  33. Today I found out I am allergic to bananas and that I am a writer.  Now this made for an interesting day.  It sure beat yesterday when all I found out was that I didn’t have any clean socks.  Too bad I didn’t know about the writer thing yesterday.  It would have made having to wear flip flops, on the subway, so much better.   

  34. I ended up re-declaring myself as a writer over on my blog ( after falling halfway off the habit wagon.

    As for an in-person declaration, I ended up in a deep discussion with a professional writing friend about the value and viability of my proposed new editing service. I found myself a bit amazed that I felt so comfortable and confident in my professing my abilities to provide such but the shortness  and conciseness of my beta-readers’ feedback speaks for itself. Writing encompasses both drafting and completing the work, after all.

  35. Here’s the funny thing about Day 1. And the cool thing. I made a declaration to someone before I even knew about the challenge! I found out late in the day and squeezed in my formal blog declaration minutes before the clock struck Day 2. I am a writer! 🙂

  36. Here’s the funny thing about Day 1. And the cool thing. I made a declaration to someone before I even knew about the challenge! I found out late in the day and squeezed in my formal blog declaration minutes before the clock struck Day 2. I am a writer! 🙂

  37. Fear of judgement is such an ugly thing which is why I thought I couldn’t possibly call myself a writer even though I have been writing since I was 11. Thanks, Jeff, for being part of the process. For reminding me of what I always knew was true.

    I am a writer!

  38. Today I:
    1) entered a contest
    2) did some major editing on my ebook
    3) created this:

  39. Okay, so … take 3 on the comment. Forgive me if it posts way too many times!  I’m suddenly struggling with the simplicity of posting a comment! Anywho…Here’s the funny thing about Day 1. And the cool thing. I made a declaration to someone before I even knew about the challenge! I found out late in the day and squeezed in my formal blog declaration minutes before the clock struck Day 2. I am a writer! :)

  40. I am taking Jeff’s advice.  I have wanted to be a professional blogger for a long time but was kind of embarrassed to say it.  Two months ago we put the effort needed and started seeing results.  So I took Jeff’s advice and started calling myself a blogger.   I even started a website about being a professional blogger.  Declare and Become!
    (As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.)

    1. Ryan –  It goes to show you that when you follow your heart, you can achieve pretty much anything.

      If you haven’t already read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, you should get a copy.  Good, good stuff.

  41. I love writing, but today’s declaration brought out a surprising response from deep in my gut. There’s a passion that I never spoke aloud until I tried to say, “I am a writer.” It’s something I’ve wanted my whole life, but only spoke of as a joke or passing whim.
    I am a SINGER! Wow, there it is. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’m continuing this writing challenge, but I’m excited to pursue my singing. 

  42. A couple “very close” friends and my husband know I’ve been working on an e-book for quite awhile now; however, I’ve yet to say outloud that I’m a writer!  I too am plagued with embarrassment, but mainly self-doubt manifesting into a serious lack of confidence.  Not anymore!  I told a couple of “fresh” faces today, and to my delight, they were intrigued…asking all the right questions.

    Tonight, I blurted it to my husband, who has himself been published and paid for writing, so I’m a little intimidated by him.  His response was a big smile and, “Well, that was rather Tourette like.”  LOL!!!

  43. The first time I dared to call myself a writer was after I began following your blog, Jeff a couple of months ago. It was something I’ve always know, deep down inside, but I needed permission to believe it!
    Shortly thereafter, the Lord opened up a door for me and I was asked to submit a magazine article for publication considerattion. The request came in about 7:00 p.m. The deadline for the upcoming issue was midnight the same evening. I am not a fast crank it out type writer, but a slow contemplative one so this was a real challenge.
    About 11:30, still not finished, I had a meltdown. I knew I couldn’t get done in time. I wasn’t a writer after all. Who was I trying to fool?
    I stopped to pray and then check my email for a quick diversion. Your email with the title of your ebook popped up – YOU ARE A WRITER SO START ACTING LIKE ONE!
    This gave me the encouragement to finish and submit the article and it was accepted and printed!!
    Thank you, Jeff for your voice of encouragement!

  44. I’ve been hiding from my boss for a little bit that I blog and write because the content may be a little to close to home and ruffle his feathers! Woops. So, in an email, I linked to some of my content telling him that I write for my ‘real’ job. Ha! Will see what happens!

  45. One thing I have learned is to avoid the naysayers in my life–the family members who don’t understand why I no longer work at a regular job, or the former colleagues who are convinced that I will never “make it” now that I’ve quit practicing law. My own sister wanted me to ditch my plans for the writing life because her husband couldn’t cut it as a freelance writer. Yet she nixed any other idea I had for supporting myself as well. She said she was only trying to help me, but that much negativity only hurt! So I stick to my support network, and those people have heard my declaration already. Oh, except for those in my new support group here. So, here goes: I AM A WRITER! (I guess I don’t worry much about the publishers, because you get used to being kicked around when you have practiced law for awhile–at least litigation! Besides, there are so many options out there for authors today.)

  46. I love this. It was such an incredible boost for me and encouraged me to tweet and post on Facebook: I am a writer. I’ve had a blog with great growth for a year. I’ve been asked to do many guest posts and have been complimented many times… but calling myself a writer was always hard for me to do. What a hard balance it is to be proud and confident in ourselves but still humble and willing to change. Thanks for the great encouragement!

  47. I realized that I had to declare it to myself first, before declaring it to everyone else: I am a writer!   A little nervous when I pushed the publish button, but glad that I was able to face a fear in doing so.  Looking forward to participating in the series!

  48. Went to a storytelling show tonight. Talked to someone sitting at a huge table all alone.  “How’d you find this show?” I asked.
    “Well, I’m trying to be a writer,” he said.
    “Nope,” I said, “You already are. Go ahead, say it. I’ll go first. Hi! I’m Anna – I’m a writer!”
    Then we had a great conversation about what inspires us as writers and what we write about. 

  49. Today I declared to the one person who doesn’t believe in me that I am a writer!  That person?  Me, myself and I, of all people.  Because after all, I love to write.  I have entered contests, where I’ve won several honorable mentions, I’ve received high praise on course work, I blog almost daily, and today I wrote 1,000 words on my memoir in progress.  So, I decided to tell myself to get over herself, and accept that I am a writer!  There I’ve said it!

  50. I am a mom of 3, ages 7, 5 and 19 months. I work from home along with my hubs….and I am a writer. Wow.

    One of my biggest struggles as a writer is balancing my need to put words on paper and the many other roles I play. Most of what I write is done during naps or late in the quiet of the night. My declaration needed to reflect all aspects of who/what I am.

  51. Today I am a writer.  Today I make my thoughts, my feelings, my heart known through these letters on this page.  I will show who I am.  I am a writer who pours out everything from the depths of my being into an unknown source, an unknown person, an unknown cause.  Believing that what I do, what I say, what I write, will simply change a life.  I am a writer because I can write, I will write, I must write.  It is a way to change the past, to change the present, to change the future.  I am a writer despite what you feel, think or say.  Your thoughts, your words do not define this writer, cause I write for the greater cause for the greater purpose for the love, joy, and strength it brings.  I am a writer.  I am a writer who knows who she is, who stands for peace, justice and equality.  I write for these causes because those who aren’t, they can’t, so they don’t.  So I will stand with my words in hand, with my pen and my paper, blank as the sand to be filled up and given out like a cloud being filled up with water.  It bursts and floods the earth and covers the land like the words on the page.  I am a writer.  BAM!

  52. Finally… I made it before midnight! I decided to declare I am a writer through a poem suitably titled “Declaration.” Have been working on it all day and am excited to share it. Here’s a sample of the poem:

    “It is easy to live in the shadows
    Where you are never asked
    To step into the spotlight
    And tell your story
    To a waiting crowd, yearning for momentum.” 

    The link to the rest of the poem is here on my blog: the first challenge brought up mixed emotions for me. It was terrifying and freeing all at once! They say the world sees you as you see yourself. If I don’t declare myself as a writer, no one else will see me as one. Thank you Jeff for your continued inspiration and for this challenge! 🙂

  53. Finally… I made it before midnight! I decided to declare I am a writer through a poem suitably titled “Declaration.” Have been working on it all day and am excited to share it. Here’s a sample of the poem:
    “It is easy to live in the shadows
    Where you are never asked
    To step into the spotlight
    And tell your story
    To a waiting crowd, yearning for momentum.” The link to the rest of the poem is here on my blog: 
    The first challenge brought up mixed emotions for me. It was terrifying and freeing all at once! They say the world sees you as you see yourself. If I don’t declare myself as a writer, no one else will see me as one. Thank you Jeff for your continued inspiration and for this challenge! 🙂

  54. Even though I’ve published several poems, a few prose pieces, and written/directed a couple of plays, I have been utterly afraid to ascribe to myself the title “writer” outside of friends and other writers.

    So here goes: I am a writer.  

    Thank you.

  55. I am a writer.

    I have known this for some time in the dark.  Now I am able to own my identity and say I am a writer, publicly in the light.

    What a joy Jeff to join the 15 day challenge.  A quick question – have you thought of using a linky, so that the community that are taking part in the challenge, can all link with each other? does this really well with her ‘Five Minute Friday’

  56. I declared this to myself. Yes, it is hard to let this out in public, facing various questions, suspicious looks, but if your fears are the reason that stop you from doing what you love, then you and only you are your only barrier. So, I repeated to myself that I am a writer a couple of times during the day and when I came back home from work yesterday, I sat and write, as the most normal thing in the world, as what writers do, as what I, as a writer do. 

  57. I don’t think it can be overstated how much your blog has helped me admit and feel secure in my identity as a writer. I would never have called myself or even aspired to be a writer before reading your blog Jeff but it helped me realise I am. Thank you so much. You can read my full declaration here

  58. When I told my husband two years ago that I wanted to write a book he was super supportive. He still is. If the subject comes up in a conversation folks react with surprise, and awe immediately followed by a lot of questions. That part feels good. I consider myself very new to the world of writing and I’m learning a lot but I wouldn’t have thought to call myself a writer, until now. During a chat with my “day job boss” I said it. I told him that I am a writer who also happens to sell…He’s heard me chatter on about various projects and he simply accepted my statement. This is a good thing. 

  59. I started doing this exercise just after I started reading “You Are A Writer”. I’ve been doing it at every possible opportunity since… even in my regular job. The biggest leap, yesterday telling the president of my company that I was a writer and wanted to improve the company website, sell sheets and brochures. The risk… I was just hired as the VP of sales.

  60. I am a writer and the person the makes me feel like I am not is so often myself. So today I tell myself I am a writer not because I am some Shakespearean prodigy but because I write! That in itself qualifies me as a writer!

  61. Yes I did it Jeff! I haven’t written a novel or had any of my poetry or short stories/articles published. My best is that I’ve won various small competitions. My family have smiled indulgently at my efforts. I’m 76 years old as of Monday and yesterday I announced to my family that I’m a writer….Published or not. I write every day and will continue to do so until I can’t do it any more. I am a writer!

  62. I recently bought and downloaded your eBook – “You are a writer” and also the audio interviews and after reading and listening to your words I have finally managed after 20 odd years to declare myself as a writer. I started writing when I was young and now as a young Mum I am finally finding my voice again and feeling more confidant to tell people that I am a writer.And that is thanks to you.I find it so very scary but I have also taken the courage to enrol in University in a Ba of Arts – Professional writing and editing so that I have a qualifications behind my passion.

  63. I started writing fiction only 10 years ago at 58 – before I wrote a word, I ‘got’ that I love writing and could write fiction. I declared myself a writer in front of 100 plus people and writing began showing up in my life! I wrote my 1st book in three months, got it contracted with a small press publisher in 24 hours and haven’t stopped. Although after the 1st book, the nasty ‘figuring out how to write better’ crept in. It’s taken nine years and five books in print to finally get back to the joy of writing ‘being’ a writer. Great post.

  64. I was a writer at the age of nine when I caught my Mother reading my secret box of words … that moment shorten the flow of the word river to headlines, book titles & images … I am NOW the very same writer at 49.

  65. First I declared the safe way. I posted on Twitter where I know very few people.  Then I took the big leap and posted on Facebook. Friends, relatives, former coworkers, and “real” writers. Oh my! I have received the biggest reaction that I’ve ever gotten on a Facebook post: 22 likes and 18 comments so far. All comments have been positive except one neutral one asking what I’m doing–that was from one of the “real” writers. I feel uplifted and excited to embark on this journey. Thank you for the push, Jeff!

  66. I made my declaration. I actually recorded a video. I posted it, even though I thought I looked terrible in it. But what I said and sang (!) was from my heart and it was the truth. I got a wonderful response from a fellow writer friend (Hi, Becca!) and lots of views of my post and likes on my Facebook page. The encouragement is incredible. I also declared it to my kids–they didn’t really know that I had started writing and that I have actually been published twice in the last month!

    I am a writer who can’t wait to see where this journey takes me! I’m putting together a FB page for my writer self and I’ve been asked to guest post by two writer friends, which equals more accountability, and more writing!

    Making my goofy video declaration was so much fun and the reaction to it has been nothing but positive. Hooray for writers!

  67. I am a writer. Always have been since the day I discovered books, paper,pencils and school. The word writer is friendly and easy, not pompous and full of expectations like author or blogger.

    I believe everyone is a writer because we spend our days telling stories to ourselves (although many of them of not true) about ourselves and the world around us.  Sadly, many of us never write them down where others can be informed, inspired, and empowered by them.

    I believe so much in the power of writing that I now encourage others to write and even publish their work, not to necessarily become best sellers, but to become tellers before they die.

    Having said all that, I confess that my inner critic, Susie, still tries to discourage my writing. When she shows up I send her to the corner.

  68. Long ago his soul had been captured and
    chained, and left for dead in this dungeon called doubt. So long ago
    in fact that he barely remembered life any other way. And as
    powerful as his mind was, he was slave to his own fear, unable to
    acknowledge even to himself that this was not reality. This was a
    world created by choices to surrender, choices to stop living and
    choices to hide from the pain and lessons of failure.

    Briefly he thought of the years, the
    eternity he’d let waste away. The chains that had held him, the
    dingy darkness his eyes had grown accustomed to, the torturous hell
    where he lived were all for what? And just as the anger would have
    become overwhelming he made a new choice. A choice to look forward.
    From this day, from this moment, from this choice, he would
    embrace his new title. Writer. Creator of thoughts and author of
    the most wonderful, most fantastic and moving words he could imagine.

    He was now a writer. And with this
    declaration his soul would rise up from the depths of his hell and be
    set free on the wings of his pen. And he would write. Every day he
    would let himself flow from his thoughts and hands and he would be
    REBORN. From this moment on he would refine his craft and
    connect with the world and emotions he had feared for so long. He
    would write, and he would live, and he would continuously strive to
    be more free, to be more HUMAN. “I’m a writer”, he thought as
    his pen touched the page.  And his heart was set free.

    1. This was awesome, it tells a lot about how we can feel. Thank you for writing and posting this!

  69. I am a writer. I will no longer listen to the lying impatient voices in my head which tell me otherwise. I am a writer. I will truly believe this even of it doesn’t make sense to me, even of the evidence all points to the opposite. I am a writer and anyone who has read this and hears me say otherwise don’t hesitate to correct me.

    I am a writer. Now. Always.

  70. Wow!!  I am so inspired by all of the support and encouragement shared on here.  Today is the 2nd day of the writing challenge and I have to be honest, I almost decided to skip and once again just watch from afar as everyone shared their stories, but so many writers on here  acknowledging and sharing fears, hopes, and doubts of being worthy of declaring “I AM A WRITER” made me realize I MUST participate in the challenge, so thank you all!!!!  I have declared I am a writer openly and boldly to my biggest adversaries; Fear and Doubt.  They are constantly with me.  I even see them in the mirror staring back at me sometimes when I think of chasing a dream or pursuing a love, like writing.  So for now, declaring it to them is bolder than declaring it to others.  (at least for me)

  71. Before today when people ask me what I do, I told them my job. From today I will tell them “I am a writer….” and then details of my day job. At very least I will declare my profession to be writer. Because I am.

    1. That is a terrific idea, James! I’m going to do the same. Besides, whenever I say “business analyst” it requires a lengthy and tedious explanation. Writer is self-explanatory!

  72. I asked a friend who puts out a newsletter for nursery parents and volunteers if she’d consider letting me write something for the newsletter. Crazy how scary it was to ask even though she’s a very good friend. Crazy.

  73. I’ve been blogging for ten months.  I try to write a new entry each weekday as it is now my official Mon-Fri 9-5 “job.”  The problem?  Well, problems?  Firstly, the writing seems to flow somewhere around 11PM and with my chemobrain challenges, continues with edits and re-edits well beyond 2AM thus blowing the 9-5 gig.  Secondly, I’m waiting for the writing police to show up at my door and arrest me for impersonating a writer.  Or, for a blog reader to call me out in public as a fraud!

  74. I am a writer. If not, then why am I work so hard to finish this non-fiction book before a conference in July. Now, it is declared and the next step is for me to believe it when I declare it. 

    How can I have my comment be a link on this page like others? I am writer but don’t understand how others are doing this…. 🙂

  75. I got on a plane a few days ago to fly from my now home, Hawaii to where my family of friends and my home of the last 14 years was, San Diego.  People ask, “what do you do?”

    I replied, “I am a writer.”

    And then I got more practice.  “What do you write about?”

    “I write about natural remedies for people and dogs.  And I write a lot about how dogs reflect our people behavior.”

    And the conversation continued.  It’s awesome stuff.

  76. Jeff. I’ve been writing for over 10 years. However I always called myself or was called “an academic”. As an academic we teach, liaise with students, complete admin (today I am marking exam scripts), give presentation, collect and analyse data … and write. A big part of our profession is writing. However we don’t focus on this. But we are. I am. A writer. A non-fiction writer. But a writer. How I wish more of the academy would call themselves ‘a writer’ and not an ‘academic’. Thank you for the inspiration to go back to my core and call myself a writer. 🙂 

  77. I don’t think I fully declared it loud enough for my heart to hear yesterday: “I am a writer!  I am researching and writing my first coaching book to inspire other women to love and nourish themselves first & fully! I’m writing my first professional blog because it’s time I had my own rather than always writing for others!  This is happening!” 

  78. I’m a little behind in this challenge, but it is something that I desperately need. 

    I have a hard time saying “I’m a writer.” For the longest time I assumed that to be a writer you have to paid or published. But I write daily. Whether it’s a blog post or a scene in my book. I write. 

    Today I will say: I am a writer. 

    Thank you for this wonderful challenge Jeff. 

  79. This morning I attended a new networking group: Successful Thinkers. In the opening comments, besides telling those 19 business people I’m an artist working mainly in graphite pencil,  I said, “I am a writer”, and went on to mention my completed middle grade manuscript (ages 8-12)  which currently is under consideration with several publishers. I got positive feedback after the meeting.  We each had 30 seconds to speak, so next week I’ll mention more of my writing venues.

  80. I have told people I am a writer for a year or so now, but since my first article was published in Faces Magazine in January, I notice I say it with much more conviction.  I believe it, so others do too.

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